New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comThis past weekend was SO much fun- I’m still exhausted, but super thankful. I want to send a big thank you to everyone who visited our warehouse sale- it was really fun to see so many of you in person! I can’t wait to see how you style your newfound items throughout your home. I’ve obviously had all things Tuesday Made on my brain and now that our warehouse sale has wrapped, I wanted to share our newest art arrivals with you. During my college days, (against the advice of my parents) I got degrees in both Fine Art and Art History… I’ve just always had a passion for art. I will never pass up a museum visit, doodling & sketching in my journal, and collecting art for our own home has been the most fun. The same goes for the shop– my goal has been to curate an accessible gallery-worthy collection to share with you. I wanted to fill our shop with pieces that will withstand the test of time, works that have texture, interesting brushwork, classic color palettes, and professional framing. After attending many markets, perusing lots of galleries, and discovering talented artists, I’m excited to share over 50+ new works with you. I just added these to the shop a couple of weeks ago. Click through to see what’s new!

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comLandscape paintings will always be a favorite of mine. I enjoy getting lost in them and dreaming of future travels… wondering exactly what place they depict, while admiring their wispy brushwork. I’m also partial to their color palettes that bring the hues of nature into our home. Here are some of our newest landscapes in the shop:

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comRather than linking all of these, I’ll just put our Tuesday Made collection link here for you! Feel free to browse & peruse at your leisure. I’m always here to help if you need a second design eye!

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comWhen I made these selections, I tried to keep antique and vintage works in mind… timeless pieces we’ll love for years to come, and ones that easily blend with any aesthetic. I really do have the most fun picking out art. I can’t believe this is part of my job! See, Mom- I told you this would come in handy someday. Ha. Next up, charcoal, drawing, and sketching studies.

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comThis might be my favorite category, charcoal and quick sketches, because they look a little undone (perfectly imperfect) and give you a peek into the artist’s process… they always show a lot of movement and their natural palettes work well in any room. I’ve always loved a good contour drawing.

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comJust like I love a good still life scene, floral artwork is another subject matter you can readily find throughout my home. Something about flowers boost my mood. Their colors, their texture, they way they’re painted, sketched, or preserved- they bring the beauty of nature into a vignette and have the ability to add life to a wall, even in their two dimensional format. Floral artwork feels very timeless to me.

New Tuesday Made Art Arrivals - roomfortuesday.comI know this is a short and sweet post, but I quickly wanted to share some of our beautiful new pieces with you. It’s a collection I’ve become quite fond of and I’m really proud to share it with you. If you’re ever in the market for classic artwork, please keep my shop and small business in mind! From vintage art (we’ve got a new batch at the framer’s right now, FYI) to abstract works, we’ve got something for everyone. Click over to see the entire collection! What kind of art are you most attracted to? Here’s to a good week ahead. I’m playing catch up over here this week, but it was well worth it for our warehouse sale! Thanks again for coming- I had the best time!

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  1. Good morning! An amazing whirlwind of a weekend indeed! (I definitely took a nap yesterday.) So many people; so many beautiful items. I’m already excited for next year. Ha. As for this new art collection, all I can say is “wow.” Art is so personal, but I welcome having a trusted, trained eye do some of the curating. I especially love that the works come professionally framed! That is always the toughest part for me. Seriously, so hard. Of the three subjects you’ve featured, I probably own the most florals; they’re a common amateur form I find thrifting. Plus, colorful! Hard to beat a lovely landscape. I adore feeling pulled into the scene, and what a dreamy collection you’ve found! As I’m naturally drawn to color, I don’t typically seek charcoal sketches. I’m learning to appreciate how they add breathing space to my vivid interiors though. Also, those pears are stunning in person! And this Mainer is instantly drawn to the pinecone. I’m going to click on over and peep the entire collection! Meanwhile, happy May! Cheers to a fantastic week, Sarah!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! Definitely a fun whirlwind weekend- now I’m playing catch up over here :) Thank you again for making the long drive… your help was much appreciated and it was so amazing to hang with you in person! Art really is personal choice, but one of my favorite accessories in a home to curate. I love a good charcoal- I used to do a lot of charcoal drawing during my fine art days, so that’s probably why I’m most attracted to those works. I’m glad you got to see the pears in person- they’re SO pretty and it was fun to hear about your friend and her pear artwork. Happy May!! Hope yours is off to a good start. xo

  2. Happy Monday! Sounds like the warehouse sale was a huge success Sarah, Yay! Wish I could have been there. I’m sure everyone scored some beautiful treasures from the shop that will be enjoyed for many years ☺️ So awesome!
    Artwork has always been a huge weakness and love for me. Museums are my happy place, and I encourage every parent to nurture a child’s artistic side, it creates moments to be treasured for a lifetime. And most often incredibly talented and interesting people 😜
    Can’t wait to check out the shops newest collection Sarah! While my house is spilling over with pieces I love you can never have too much art 😝
    I’m back at painting the kitchen cabinets and I’ll be so happy when it’s complete. Loving the dark green color I chose, but still unsure if I’m going use the wallpaper I purchased or paint. I think I’ll experiment with paint and wallpaper swatches to decide 😉 As it’s a small space I’m nervous the wallpaper might be too much and a incredibly difficult to get around the cabinets properly. Would one accent wall of wallpaper be weird? It is peel and stick wallpaper so no big deal to remove if it doesn’t work out. Anyway cheers to a successful warehouse sale and new art collections at the shop. Heading there now 😍
    Have a fantastic start to the week!

    1. It was so much fun and definitely a success- thank you, Colleen! I wish you could have been there as well. Museums are also my happy place. I always make it a point to cram as many in as we can when traveling. How is the kitchen cabinetry painting going? I bet it’s looking amazing! I think the wallpaper would be fabulous, but I know whichever direction you choose will be lovely. Maybe start with a wall and see how it goes. I hope your May is off to a wonderful start! xo

  3. Good morning! I’m still feeling fomo at missing the warehouse sale, but it sounds like it was a huge success! I’m definitely making sure I get there next year. As for the art, I’m still very much a novice when it comes to curating a collection for our home, but I adore so many different types of art. Landscapes used to be difficult for me, but now they’re one of my favorites. I also enjoy sketches of any kind. I like the messiness, and the imperfections. My adoration for abstract art has begun to come alive recently, and I find myself drawn to abstract art more often than not in this season. Your entire collection is filled with so many stunning pieces it would be difficult to pick a favorite. The Central Station sketches are definitely in the top 5. I hope you have a restful week after wild April! Cheers to new artwork, May beginnings and the kickoff of a fresh week!

    1. Hi Lauren! We definitely missed you- hope you and the fam had a good weekend! I also love a good landscape- they feel neutral to me and are the easiest to style in any room. Sketches and charcoal studies are probably my favorite- maybe because that’s what I enjoy drawing the most- or back during my art school days they were always the most fun for me. I like the imperfection and raw quality to them. Cheers to May and a fresh month, indeed! I hope yours is off to a great start! xo