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Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comAs we’re in November now, I’ve been receiving a very specific request lately… ribbon resources. I use ribbon year round, but it’s especially perfect for the harvest & holiday season- a time where we’re gathering and gifting. I use ribbon for tablescapes, gifts & packaging, florals, to dress up an ordinary lampshade… and of course for my holiday decor. My favorite easy resource for ribbon is Amazon (it seems like an obvious place to look)– there are lots of beautiful options, it ships quickly, and it’s affordable. I thought it may be helpful to share a bunch of my personal favorite ribbon options with you in a giant roundup? If you’re interested, click on through! I will say- each year I have my heart set on pretty ribbon and it sells out quickly. Last year the ribbon I wanted for my tree sold out before I could grab it. I highly recommend shopping for ribbon early (now), if you’re planning to use it this holiday season. Continue on for my latest Amazon Finds post!

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comRibbon is one of those items that I like to switch out each year… it’s also a big part of how I change my holiday color palette from year to year. Rather than investing in more expensive holiday decor items to trade out (like ornaments), I like to keep things fresh with ribbon because it’s affordable and an easy impactful detail that can totally change the look of seasonal decor. It’s my favorite way to add color to holiday vignettes, gifts, and tablescapes- without having to swap my standard seasonal favorites, like serveware, ornaments, and larger items I’ve spent more money on from previous years.

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comReady to see my finds? There are so many beautiful options to be discovered! I’ll also say- I enjoy keeping ribbon once the gifts have been opened and the decor comes down in the new year, to be reused once again. That’s really how I’ve built up such a beautiful collection over the years!

Shop my finds by clicking directly on each ribbon or spool below…

I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup! This year, I bought #2, #9, #11, #19, and #23. I’m going for a blue, navy, cinnamon, and rust palette this year, which I’m pretty excited about!

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comWould you like some designer ribbon tips & tricks? I’ll share a handful of my favorites below!

  • Experiment with super long tails for a dramatic look.
  • Try a really thin or really wide ribbon to keep things unique & interesting- variety is nice!
  • Use wired ribbons outdoors (if possible) so they hold their shape against the elements.
  • Layer two contrasting ribbons- think varying sizes, complementary colors, or a solid paired with a pattern.
  • Play with bold texture like velvet, linen, silk, or satin.
  • Pair ribbon with a tassel for an elegant look.
  • Use scissors and cut the ends on a sharp angle or fold the ribbon to create a flagged end, for a tailored look.
  • Reuse your ribbon after the holiday season- dress up lamp shades, keep it for future gift giving, use it in the garden or on planters, and in the kitchen when sharing treats!

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re interested to check out more of my Amazon finds, don’t forget my storefront… it’s not actually a store- it’s just where I compile all of my good finds, resources, and recent purchases. I update it often! I also wanted to link up two relevant boards that may be helpful in the coming weeks. Click directly on the image lists below to see my finds for packaging & gifting. There are a ton of ribbon options saved there, as well as gift wrap, tissue paper, gift bags, crinkle paper, etc.

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comYou can also click on the holiday decor list below, if you’re interested to see my current holiday decorating favorites from Amazon!

Amazon Finds : Ribbon -

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comI’m the type of person who loves having things like gift wrap, ribbon, pretty boxes, and packaging on hand… all of those items live in a craft area in my prop closet, and it’s a corner that really sees a lot of use! I kind of pride myself on thoughtful gift giving and beautiful gift wrap- it’s really fun for me, and I enjoy surprising friends and family.

Amazon Finds : Ribbon - roomfortuesday.comI think ribbon really adds a special detail and draws attention to a vignette, acting as a focal point. It’s a timeless touch I use often when it comes to design, decor, and gift giving. Are you a lover of ribbons and bows? I hope this post gets you excited for the season ahead! I’ve had many requests for my gift guide early this year, so I’ll be finishing that up to share early next week- I’m about 25% finished right now. I’d rather have things ready for you to visit and read whenever the timing feels right, rather than late. I hope that’s ok!

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  1. Good morning! What a luscious selection of ribbon! How am I still being surprised at the beautiful items available on Amazon? I love the idea of using ribbon to accent holiday decor. At my house it would also serve as cat toy! I remember when creating a beautifully wrapped gift was part of the fun for me. Choosing coordinating papers and trim was a mini design project! Over the years, I’ve definitely downgraded my present presentation game…maybe it’s time to remedy that situation! Lately I’ve really been attracted to deep colors in unusual or very similar hues. From your roundup, I would choose the combo of 16 & 18 with 17 as an accent. I also dig the contrasting textures of those three. I’m very into the frayed edges too! I look forward to seeing your holiday decorations this year. I can already envision your lovely palette! Here’s to a festive Wednesday!💜

    1. Gimme all the pretty ribbon! I didn’t even think of homes with cats… I could definitely see how that could easily turn into a fun toy. Haha! I bet Sunday would have a blast. I love coordinating trim! Of course I love all of your picks from the roundup :) I’m all about the texture these days and those frayed edges are so beautiful on the silk and chiffon ribbons. The tree is *supposed* to happen this weekend because I need it for a photoshoot, so I’m looking forward to slowly decorating! I have a few spools of ribbon that has yet to arrive, but I’m excited for my color palette this year :) Have an amazing day!! xo

  2. Yay for pretty ribbon 😍 I love velvet ribbon so #3 is a must have for me #19 is gorgeous and I also love #21 I usually stick with thinner ribbon for gift wrapping and decorating. I love your chosen palette this year, can’t wait to see how it all comes together. It’s quite similar to my fall palette but I’ll switch things up come December. My main Christmas color scheme will be gold, white, touches of emerald green and I bring in a natural tone with elements of birch bark. A few years ago my girlfriend and I were shopping in the city and came across these candle holders made from logs of birch. They were at a small little local grocery store for like 3 bucks each so we bought a bunch at different heights. So they add that natural feel that I love and it’s beautiful paired with my brass candle holders. Ok I’m getting in the Christmas mood now 😉
    Great ribbon roundup Sarah and I’m super excited to see your living room all decked out for the holidays ❤️ Cheers to beautiful holiday decorating 🌲

    1. Yay for pretty ribbon, indeed! Velvet ribbon is my personal favorite too, Colleen! It’s classic and the texture is so nice. I love your Christmas color palette- that’s going to be stunning, and your birch bark candleholders sound incredible! What a find. The weather has been surprisingly warm here this week (in the 60s), so I’m trying to get in the holiday spirit over here… I’ve got to put my tree up early (this weekend) for work, so I’m actually crossing my fingers for some cooler weather and maybe a snow flurry or two. Haha! I don’t think it’s going to happen… it sounds like next week! Cheers to a beautiful season ahead. I hope you’re having a wonderful week, Colleen! xo

  3. I absolutely adore gift giving specifically for the opportunity to package it beautifully. Each year I challenge myself to find a new creative way to wrap or package an item, whether it’s learning a different bow tying technique, or experimenting with adding special extras; so I’m all about ribbons. This roundup is lovely, and timely. I was just shopping ribbon online yesterday to find that everything I loved was out of stock in my city. I’ll definitely be ordering some gorgeous ribbons from Amazon. I love to change up the wrapping palette each year; I generally choose three colors from my main ornament collection and find wrapping that pairs well-it’s the best way for my tree to look different every year, without needing to completely change the ornaments or decor. I love your idea of tying bows on the tree. In the past I’ve purchased sets of decorative bows, but I tend to tire of them within a year or two. I might opt for this trick instead. I was hoping for cranberry, marigold and either blush or khaki this year, but we’ll see what I can find. I love the frayed edges of #16 and 11 paired with a sleek edge like #17 or 3. Varying the widths and textures of ribbon is fun and you’ve given a lot to peruse with this roundup. The blue ribbons you’ve chosen here are stunning! I can’t wait to see how your decor pans out because the palette you’ve chosen this year sounds incredible. I hope you’re enjoying the lead into the holiday season. Have a lovely day Sarah. Xo

    1. Me too, Lauren! I feel like the stock, supply issues, and inventory is also showing up at my local fabric stores. Things have been out of stock for awhile now- including ribbon… such a bummer! I love your color palette inspiration this year- that will be gorgeous! Ribbon has a way of totally changing the look without breaking the budget. I’m also digging all of your top picks. The frayed edges are fun and add a nice organic element. I’m supposed to be putting up our tree this weekend (early, but I need it for photographs and work), ha! We’ll see how things come together :) Have a great day!! xo

  4. Oh yes, a feast to my eyes ❤️ I love ribbons velvet, satin, in rich colors and pastels, just ask my husband 😅

    1. Ha! I’m right there with you. I have a big basket full in the closet :)

  5. You have given us a beautiful assortment of ribbons Sarah. I couldn’t go to Amazon fast enough last week when you linked the gorgeous ribbon you were using this holiday. Love your color palette. Cannot wait to see it adorn your home. I too do not do the traditional colors of christmas. I’m all for the rust, olive green, khaki, gold color scheme.
    Gift wrapping is my favorite! My family gives me so much grief because when they are done opening their gift IF they do not want their ribbon, I kindly ask for it back. Thanks to wire ribbon, it is reusable another time. I just cannot watch someone throw away beautiful ribbon.
    Hope your week is going well. We are getting cooler weather and rain here and I am loving it. Nashville was a relaxing; food exploring; museum touring, exterior house looking, entertaining good time! I drank a hemingway at a restaurant and loved it. Now I want my husband to learn to make me some.

    1. I’m so happy you had fun browsing, Danna! I am just like you- if people are going to toss their ribbon, I’ll gladly take it back. Haha! I’ve definitely been caught fishing ribbon out of the waste basket after gift opening. I’ll always find a use for it. I’m thrilled to hear you had a lovely time in Nashville! I haven’t had a hemingway in ages, but that sounds so good. I love grapefruit! If your husband masters an excellent recipe, please share :) Peggi has a post lined up for tomorrow (as I’m working through gift guides for Monday), so if I don’t talk to you tomorrow- have an amazing weekend ahead! xox

  6. The purple color of #18 really speaks to me! They are all so gorgeous, but if I had to have one it would be that one.

    1. I love that one, Julie!

  7. I also pride myself on thoughtful gifts and beautiful gift wrap and ribbon. I despise gift bags! I get as much joy out of wrapping the gifts as I do buying them.

    I love the ribbon you posted – thank you for taking time to list those out.

    My gift color scheme this year has 2,4,8 and 11. I stocked up on some pretty papers that I picked up locally (Birmingham, AL) from Dogwood Hill.

    It’s a pretty reliable bet that most Southern moms have a card table just for wrapping gifts, like your prop closet. Excited to break mine out soon. Now just need to buy some gifts!

    Thanks again.

    1. I love that, Meg! I’m with you- gift wrapping is so much fun and a thoughtful tradition around here. I enjoy it! I love your color scheme this year- excellent choices. Have a happy gift wrapping and holiday season ahead :) xo