Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday! We’re one week away from Christmas and I wanted to leave you with some easy holiday gift wrap ideas, using what you probably already have at home. This year, all of my gift wrap is reused… paper from years past, collected ribbon from previous holiday seasons, and even dried fruit from my kitchen counter is making the gifts under our tree look extra festive. Gift giving is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I really enjoy picking out, baking, or wrapping thoughtful gifts for loved ones- the entire process feels creative and special to me. I’m also a big believer that presentation accounts for at least 50% of how a gift is received. Taking the extra time to add special touches just adds to the magic and appreciation. Click through to take a peek at my gift wrap this year, and to brainstorm some easy ideas for your own presents as we head into the holiday next week…

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI didn’t end up buying any new ribbon this year, but I have plenty stashed away in a box for gifting purposes. Silk and velvet ribbon happens to be my favorite. If you’re saving ribbon to reuse for later, be sure to roll it or wrap it around a spool so it lies flat and doesn’t crease. Whenever you’re ready to use it, it will be in pristine condition with no wrinkles or creases.

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing I like to find is ribbon with two different sides. The blue ribbon pictured above came from our tree last year. One side is velvet and the other has a thick cotton backing. Both are slightly different colors and textures, which make it extra versatile. Last year I used the velvet side, so this year I decided to switch it up with cotton. Ready to brainstorm some gift wrap possibilities?

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comConsider this a quick brainstorming list of things you can use to enhance & adorn your gifts this season:

  • Add dehydrated citrus
  • Use a variety of ribbons & bows (bonus points for reversible options)
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match gift wrap & paper
  • Use recycled materials like newsprint, sheet music, or kraft paper
  • Snip a bit of greenery from your yard for a natural touch
  • Grab items from your pantry or kitchen… like freezer paper, baking twine, or a tea towel
  • Add to & from gift tags
  • Try your hand at calligraphy directly onto the package
  • Paint or stamp plain kraft paper
  • Tie multiple gifts together for a tiered look
  • Use scrap fabric or leftover wallpaper in place of traditional wrapping paper
  • Add a sculptural element- like a cutout snowflake, oversized bow, gift charm, ornament, or 3D star
  • Tie on a food element or treat, such as a candy cane or cocoa mix sachet
  • Use a wax seal or monogram
  • Incorporate a mini wreath (think fresh rosemary or cedar)
  • Add a tassel or pom pom

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI also like to make an evening or afternoon of gift wrapping! Much like my holiday cards, I really enjoy a good gift wrap session. I’ll pour myself a hot beverage (maybe an Irish coffee or cocoa), put on some Christmas music or a holiday movie, and knock it all out at once. It ends up being a fun and festive event that I very much look forward to.

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI’m a fan of decorating with pretty packages as well. My Nan used to wrap tiny styrofoam blocks that looked like little gifts and sprinkle them throughout her tree. I’ll tuck small ones into our tree, style them on the coffee table, prop them on the windowsill, or use them as sculptural holiday decor. It’s also fun to play scavenger hunt and make loved ones find their packages scattered throughout. They don’t always have to live in a stocking or beneath a tree.

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI’m the queen of hoarding pretty boxes to reuse- especially the ones with magnetic closures. Having the Tuesday Made shop has really fueled this habit, but nice boxes come in so handy during the holidays. Often times they only require a ribbon for a festive look. The green box pictured above is what our wholesale Culti fragrances arrive in, so not only is it beautiful- it smells incredible!

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas - roomfortuesday.comI hope this post helped to get your wheels turning, if you’ve yet to wrap your gifts this season. I’m happy to say- mine are all finished, wrapped, and nestled under our tree and around our living room. I’m off to do some skiing this weekend before my surgery on Monday. I’ll be taking time off work next week to recover, heal, and enjoy the holiday! I wanted to wish you all an early Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. I’m so thankful you’re here! As always, I’ve appreciated your support, encouragement, and friendship this year. I feel so lucky! I’ll see you back here on Monday, December 26th with an update on our kitchen shelving. Cheers friends! Sending you lots of love this season.

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  1. Mandy Garig Davis says:

    Hope you’ll have a swift recovery Sarah. You’ll be in my thoughts. Take good care of yourself!

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday week :)

  2. Good morning! Wrapping packages is definitely part of the fun of gift-giving. Although if I’m honest, I’ve often defaulted to the simplicity of the gift bag in recent years. Don’t hate me. Whether I use a box or a bag, I love the addition of ribbon! I also have pretty great luck thrifting it. I’m taking special note of your tip for storing ribbon; sometimes mine gets unceremoniously shoved into a bag.😱 One area where I could raise my game is with toppers! You’ve given me the idea for baby wreaths this year; I might go forage in my frozen yard when the sun comes up. I also bought an ornament (from my own roundup, haha!) for my bff’s package. And speaking of thrifting, I recently grabbed a brand new pair of the teeniest black tassels! Now they’re just waiting for the perfect gift to adorn. I love idea of a little food treat, as well, but *ahem* dogs…and cats! (I will say that so far the faux garland and tree seem mostly unappealing to my pets!🤞) So many great ideas! I need to start giving random gifts throughout the year just for the fun of wrapping! Ha. Who couldn’t use more celebrations? Have a spectacular weekend of skiing! Sending you loving, healing energy for next week. Rest and have a most wondrous holiday, Sarah! Let’s start the party with a chilly Pizza Friday!🍕

    1. Hi Peggi! Gift bags can be cute, too! I’m just not very good at them. I finding wrapping gifts and using ribbon to be easier because my tissue paper always looks like a mess, ha. I’ve seen some really cute mini wreaths made of rosemary that look so charming. I’m tempted to try those next year. I’m glad we were able to sneak away from a quick road trip and skiing before I started my post surgery bedrest. It was really fun! I hope you’re having an amazing week :) xox

  3. Good Morning! I spent most of my day yesterday wrapping so I could get my care packages in the mail. Phew done! They should make it in time for Christmas. Lots of fabulous wrapping tips Sarah. I really never thought of putting dried orange slices or snips of evergreen but that would be beautiful on Kraft paper which I have a ton of. I still have plenty of wrapping to do so I just might give that a try. I usually purchase new gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon and gift tags every year as I love to change the theme. This year for the kids gifts I purchased reusable fabric little sacks, they were really cute. Those who sew could make them too. So many wonderful ways to present a thoughtful prezzie 😊 I also created little treat bags for all the pups too, basically everyone in our family has a dog so your previous post tip of doggie treat bags were incorporated ❤️
    Good luck Sarah on your surgery, big HUGS for a quick recovery ❤️‍🩹 have a beautiful skiing weekend and cheers to time off over the holidays 🥂 🥳 Merry Christmas everyone 🎄And happy pizza Friday! Yum 😋

    1. Ps. No snow here, so enjoy your winter wonderland. Fingers crossed we get some for Christmas ❄️ The kids in our neighborhood are itching to use there sleds and toboggans 🥰

      1. I’m crossing my fingers for you! The neighbor kids were out sledding all morning- it’s so fun to watch them :)

    2. Woohoo!! Doesn’t it feel good to check it off the list? Your reusable little sacks sound amazing- so cute! Now you’ve got my wheels turning in regards to a DIY version that could be fun for next year. The dog treat bags are always well received and such a fun touch… I love hearing that you made some of those! I’m already starting to feel more like myself after a couple days of bedrest. I’m glad we were able to escape to Aspen for some skiing beforehand. I have trouble sitting still. Ha! Hope you’re having an amazing week, Colleen! xox

  4. Good morning! One of my absolute favorite things to do is wrap gifts- especially at Christmas. I typically buy three or four rolls of paper that look beautiful all together. This year I have a bunch on hand from years past that thankfully look gorgeous with each other. It’s been slim pickings in the way of beautiful ribbon in my area- I was only able to find one spool of velvet ribbon this year! Luckily I do have some ribbon on hand that may work. The silk ribbon you use is gorgeous- and I can never find any out here. Next year I’ll be ordering all my ribbon on Amazon. I have just a few gifts left to wrap that haven’t arrived yet, and I still haven’t sent out my cards- hoping to tackle that today. A weekend in your winter wonderland enjoying yourself sounds like the perfect way to mentally prepare for surgery. I’ll be sending all the healing, comforting vibes your way for a smooth and fast recovery. Have a delightful and rest filled holiday Sarah! Pizza Friday indeed! Xo

    1. I love wrapping too, Lauren! I haven’t been as impressed with the gift wrap options this year… at least in my local area. I’m glad I had plenty of leftovers from years past to use. Slim pickings, indeed! All of my silk ribbon comes from Amazon. I can never find it here in person. I’m so glad we were able to sneak away to Colorado for a quick road trip / skip trip. It was a lot of fun before bedrest started. Ha! Thanks again for checking in on me and for the prayers. I appreciate it! Hope you’re having an amazing day! xox

  5. Thinking of you and E…and hoping for a quick recovery AND some answers for you! Take care of yourself Sarah and do allll the resting and relaxing that your body (& mind) needs. Sending you all best wishes for a cozy and quiet Christmas in your winter wonderland! xoxo…

    1. Thanks, Anne! I’ve definitely been taking it easy over here :) I hope you and Bill have a wonderful Christmas and get some snow. xox

  6. All so pretty! I love using old house plan blue prints from past projects. I’m sitting here listing to my husband laughing in the other room – he is wrapping presents and it must not being going well. He’s a great carpenter but a terrible gift wrapper. I’m like you and enjoy the craft and beauty of it!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I hope you and your husband had a lovely holiday season :) I loved reading about your gift wrap styles! xo