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Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comHaving functional and nicely designed window treatments can drastically affect the way a home looks and feels. As much as I love fully custom window treatments, that’s not to say you can’t achieve beautiful drapery or shades on a budget. I think it’s more about how they’re installed, the material choice, and overall design. Today, I wanted to share some budget-friendly window treatment options from Amazon, that could really look higher-end than they actually are- when installed properly. Click through to see a big roundup of my favorites, if you’re in the market for woven shades, roman shades, or drapery panels. I’m also sharing a few window treatment installation & design tips to make readymade options feel more customized. Check out the latest Amazon Finds post.

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comMany of these finds are semi customizable, meaning you can choose the length or width of your window. If you can’t find your drapery panel dimensions, don’t be afraid to order long and hem them yourself. These days you don’t even need a sewing machine- just use fusing tape, which is applied with an iron. The goal is to make the window treatments perfectly fit your window and space.

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds by clicking directly on each item below…

Many of these options look custom because of the following: they’re made from a natural material (100% cotton), they have interesting details (like edge banding or pinch pleats), and they are available in multiple sizes and colors. Hardware also really comes into play, in regards to classic looking window treatments.

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comHere are five general tips, when selecting and installing window treatments…

  1. Hang your curtains high and wide to make your window look larger.
  2. Layer for added function or aesthetic… think of a woven roman shade framed with drapery panels.
  3. Take your curtains to the floor- they should just barely kiss the floor, but shouldn’t float too high.
  4. Avoid grommets if you can… opt for pole pockets, clips, or pleating hooks instead (for a more customized look).
  5. Consider a liner for function and privacy.

Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comI’m a big fan of layering and making the most of natural light. I always try to enhance the room design with window treatments, allowing natural light to flood in, while adding function. Our drapery panels and blinds are always open during the daytime hours, but be sure to consider if yours will primarily be left open, closed, or a healthy mix of both.

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Amazon Finds : Window Treatments - roomfortuesday.comFeel free to drop any window treatment questions for me in the comment section below. I also created an Amazon resource board for you here, if you’d like even more options! What else would you like me to search Amazon for, as I’m planning next month’s post? Let me know what would be helpful for you! Just a heads up… there may or may not be a new blog post on Monday. I’m running behind, but I’ll be sure to make it up to you on another day of the week if I’m not able to pull it together. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend ahead! Cheers to pizza night, my friends.

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  1. Good morning, Sarah! Once again, a remarkably beautiful and classic Amazon selection. For our home and aesthetic, I prefer the look of roman shades. Unfortunately, we apparently have the most non-standard of window sizes! Every time I start to search, I run into issues, get frustrated (bored!) and quit. Frankly, I don’t care enough to spend money on custom blinds. Hilariously, I don’t think I have ever shopped Amazon for them?! Your roundup may be the motivation I need to finally address a couple of glaringly naked windows. Just in case, I do have one question. My problem seems to be having windows that are wider than long. Is there a reasonable way to shorten a bamboo or matchstick blind? I guess the alternative would be to have a weird bunch at the bottom…but this might drive me nuts. I suppose I’ll just have to get the ol’ measuring tape out and see if any of these options come close! As for Monday, I’ll check in like always, but I’ll know not to worry if you’re not here. Happy Pizza Friday and have a glorious weekend, friends!💜🍕

    1. Hi Peggi! Thanks so much! Non standard windows are so tricky- we ran into that at our last house and it can really get expensive. I honestly don’t mind naked windows- especially if privacy or light isn’t a concern. I’m all about bright natural light in a home, and naked windows do the best job of that. We had wider than long windows at our last home and took the custom route because of that. I do know that some of the Amazon options can be cut. A lot of people will cut the excess length, roll, and glue it for a DIY customized look, and I really can’t tell the difference (as long as it’s done in a clean way). Woven wood, bamboo, or matchstick shades are pretty easily to cut! I definitely don’t like the weird bunch at the bottom. As long as it doesn’t have a liner, it should be a relatively easy fix. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday! :) xo

  2. There are actually a couple other great Amazon retailers that make custom pleated curtains (based in China) but they are on break for Chinese New Year till early Feb, which is why a lot of the links have disappeared or say “not available.”

    1. Ahhh that makes sense, Jen! Thanks so much for the heads up.

  3. Good morning Sarah! I love this roundup-that first Roman shade is exactly what I’m looking for to grace our primary bathroom windows. I’ve gone back and forth for months, searched endlessly and questioned every choice, only to keep coming back to Roman shades. I’m going to measure today in hopes of ordering these. They’re perfect! I’m also pretty excited that my favorite drapery panels ended up in your roundup. (#17). This has also been a several months long search for panels that are more affordable but have the look and texture I’m wanting. I found these awhile back and can’t stop thinking about them. I feel more confident selecting these knowing they caught your eye as well.
    I’m not sure if I’ve asked already, but do I need to keep all the window treatments in my primary the same? We have two windows flanking the bed, a slider, and two windows in the bathroom. I’m thinking fabric Roman shades for the flank and bathroom windows (matching), and woven Roman shades for the slider, layered with drapery panels. Is that too much? I still love our idea of framing the art above my bed with drapery panels, but I’m questioning that art placement too much to pull the trigger. Thoughts?
    As far as mounting goes when layering, one would be inside mount and the other outside mount, correct? All the ideas rattling around in my head for window treatments seem to be streamlining themselves. I’m so happy I haven’t jumped on anything and have taken the time to sit with it. Window treatments are overwhelming because of the vast amount of choices, price, etc. I frequently find myself unable to make a decision for fear of being unhappy. These posts tend to be very helpful with that; thank you for imparting your wisdom and sharing affordable options. Have a happy Friday!

    1. Hi Lauren! I love hearing that this post was helpful in your search! I’m also happy to hear your favorite drapery panels ended up on the list- they have awesome peer reviews. You do not need to keep all of your window treatments the same. I actually enjoying mixing it up and layering- even within one space- as long as they look intentional and have some thread of consistency, you’re good to switch it up! I hope that’s helpful. I think your plan sounds great. I love the idea of the addition of drapery panels to soften the space- especially in a bedroom setting. You can also mix and match the mount (inside vs outside) depending on the window depth. There are definitely so many options and configurations to choose from- I totally understand how it can feel overwhelming. I hope you and the fam have had a wonderful weekend! Happy Sunday! xo

  4. sandy huffman says:

    Hey Sarah, I currently have 2 windows in the master bedroom on either side of the bed. I have no molding on the windows and I am currently having a hard time deciding if I should just go with the Roman style shades or if I should just do curtain panels or if I should do both. I understand the concept of going with both from an aesthetic perspective – layering can achieve something that will look put together . I can’t help but wonder if the fact that there is no molding on the windows might be something I need to address…your thoughts?

    1. I love the idea of layering both, Sandy! I don’t think the lack of moulding will make a difference… it’s just a more streamlined look. You could either do outside or insight mount shades, since you don’t have casing. I hope that helps!

  5. I apologize for commenting late on several posts these last 2 weeks. Window treatments used to be so daunting for me but over the last couple of years you have made it easier. Thank you. I love pinch pleats and layered with a woven shade makes them look even nicer. Your custom curtains are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them in your completed office. Amazon has nice velvet curtains that I put in our daughters room. They are a creamy white and it softens the room. Need to find some for our sons room. He would request total blackout…boys! Ha!
    Completely understand about trying to catch up. I am behind on so much and not sure how it happened. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. No apology necessary, Danna! It has been a crazy couple of weeks over here, too… whew, what a January! Thanks for the tip about the velvet curtains from Amazon! I’ll have to add those to the list. They sound beautiful in your daughter’s room! Happy blackout drapery hunting for your son’s room. I know you’ll find something beautiful that makes him equally as happy. I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! xox

  6. Heather Osborne says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I LOVE your suggestions! I really like the look of the picture of the black rod that appears to go into the wall. I’m trying to figure out a way to hang a long rod under a vault that would span the width of the room. But I think we will open and close the drapes often so I don’t trust using c rings. Do you have any suggestions? Is the rod attached to the wall in that photograph?

    1. Thanks, Heather! That rod is in my living room, and it does connect or dead-end into the wall (on both sides). It takes a specific type of hardware that has fittings on both ends. I had the rod custom made locally (to fit the size of my wall). I’d shop around locally or visit a window treatment workroom and see if they can help make something to fit your space exactly! I hope that helps :)

  7. Caitlin Onorato says:

    Hi Sarah, Im looking for the link for the cream and grey ticking curtains with the black curtain rod. I can’t seem to find your link!

    1. Those are in my living room, and I actually had those custom made! I’m sorry. I wish I had an easy link.

  8. Can you share a link to the striped curtains that appear in several of your photos? Thank you!

    1. Hi Meghan! Unfortunately, those are custom- so I don’t have a link. I’m sorry! The fabric came from Fabricut though, if you’d like to take a similar route. I could try to track that down for you?

  9. Oh, that’s okay! I appreciate your response! I love the fabric but I have a new baby and I’m just looking for a quick curtain purchase 😂 thank you so much for the info!