Roundup : Lumbar Pillows

Roundup : Lumbar Pillows - roomfortuesday.comHey guys! Jacqueline here. Since we started our master bedroom refresh I have been on the hunt for the perfect lumbar pillow to add to our bed. Originally I wanted an extra long lumbar pillow, but couldn’t seem to find just the right one (anyone else extremely picky and indecisive when shopping for their own home?). I decided to settle for a simple striped lumbar pillow with tassels from HomeGoods until I stumbled upon something I loved that worked with our space. Well, I am happy to say I have found some great contenders and I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to save you from doing all the work (sometimes sourcing specific items can take so long…am I right?). Scroll down to see some of my picks for your bedroom, living room, or outdoor living space.

01: aria linen pillow // 02: crosshatch velvet pillow // 03: cusco stripe pillow // 04: cushion cover with tassels // 05: greek key pillow // 06: silk matka pillow cover // 07: midori pillow // 08: fringe velvet pillow // 09: kantha pillow cover // 10: stripe handspun raw silk pillow cover // 11: blakely plaid pillow cover // 12: pom pom bianca pillow // 13: cusco stripe pillow in terracotta // 14: ivory angled stripe pillow // 15: topanga pillow cover // 16: blue kente pillow cover // 17: camille mosaic pillow // 18: addie stripe tassel pillow // 19: nicolette vintage pillow // 20: green indian wool pillow cover // 21: rustic blue woven pillow // 22: bainbridge pillow cover

There are so many pillows I’m loving from this roundup! A few of my favorites are Number 1, Number 4, Number 7, Number 10 and Number 19. The extra long lumbar pillows good great laid across a bed. If you’re into this look, try Number 10, Number 12 or Number 21.

Roundup : Lumbar Pillows -

Roundup : Lumbar Pillows - roomfortuesday.comSarah has used a few of these lumbar pillows in her current and previous homes! I love how she styled this light blue fringe pillow (Number 8) in her old living room (above) and she’s even used a few of my favorites from Serena & Lily (Number 15 and Number 18) on her bedroom balcony and gorgeous backyard oasis (below).

Roundup : Lumbar Pillows -

Roundup : Lumbar Pillows - roomfortuesday.comWhether I’m styling lumbar pillows on top of a bed or in front of a larger square pillow on a sofa, I love adding them into the mix to give variety in shape and to have fun with different prints and textures. Do you have any favorites from the roundup? Share in the comments below!

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  1. These are all beautiful, Jacqueline, and complement each other so well. What a spot on collection! Cheers and Happy Summer, Ardith