Monogrammed Gift Ideas

I’m a big fan of sharing personalized gifts- they just feel really special and thoughtful to me. Inscriptions written inside the cover of a meaningful book, a vintage item someone has been on the hunt for, a sweet food gift that transports you to another place or time, or something that shows you’ve taken the time to curate something customized and intentional. Monograms have always seemed timeless and heartfelt to me. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite monogrammed gift ideas, since we’re in the heart of holiday gifting season. I hope it inspires some ideas for loved ones or maybe one or two of these will make your own wishlist!

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Why Personalized Gifts Are the Best

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Perhaps it’s the designer in me, but I probably own way too many monogrammed items (all of which I use and love). Is there such a thing? I’m not convinced. To be fair, many of these goods were gifted to me by sweet friends & family members. From bags and pouches to keychains and towels, there is something really fun about personalizing your belongings, home decor, and travel essentials. It feels like a high-end, extra special detail… and if you’re into typography, that’s an added bonus. That’s most likely why monogrammed gifts have become my go-to- because I appreciate them myself.

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Top Picks

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Do you have any favorites from the collage? Others I didn’t include, that would be fun to gift- wax seals, address stamps, monogrammed doormats, stationery, coffee mugs, journals, the list goes on.

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -


What’s one monogrammed item on your own holiday wishlist?

I oddly want this men’s tech folio because I just got a Kindle and it looks super functional… I’m always into the more masculine colors, anyway.

Have you always been into monograms?

Yes! I really got into them during design school (as a self proclaimed typography nerd). I took a graphic design class and we had to create a bunch of monograms and learn the history behind them, which was quite interesting! That’s when I really began looking for things to include my personal mark.

What’s your go-to retailer for monogrammed goods?

Mark & Graham! I’ve shopped with them for years and their quality & craftsmanship is excellent.

What are your favorite monograms?

The vintage ones I find in the wild! You have no idea how excited I get to find an S, G, or SG while thrift or antique shopping. I once visited an estate sale and the homeowner’s initials were SRG (my own), and I felt like I hit the lottery!

What’s your favorite part about ordering a monogrammed gift?

Getting to be creative! It’s fun to choose the type, color, placement, etc. It’s your way to put your stamp on someone else’s stamp, per se. Ha!

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Thanks to me, Emmett also has his fair share of monogrammed goods. I usually gift him something monogrammed every so often. His favorite item is a monogrammed wallet I gave him over a decade ago. One of my practical favorites happens to be a wireless phone charger my mother gifted me 3-4 years ago. It lives on my desk…

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Towels are another great home item to monogram. Have you seen these oval stamped soaps? I would love to grab a set of these for our guest bathroom! They’re so charming.

Monogrammed Gift Ideas -

Here’s to hoping this post got your wheels turning, if you’ve been contemplating what to gift some of the more difficult people on your list. Monogrammed goods are always a good idea! Here’s to a lovely week ahead. We’re still enjoying vacation here in Thailand! I hope you had a great weekend, friends.

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  1. Good morning! Classic and personalized, monograms really do make a thoughtful gift. My New England heart loves the look. An LL Bean tote with embroidery emblazened initials is the height of preppy gifting. 😉 I don’t actually own anything monogrammed, but I adore scoring vintage items with stitched script. Finding our actual initials is a hoot, but I also just enjoy any beautiful typography. (Does that make me a nerd too?) I’ve found monogrammed tea towels, silverware, and handkerchiefs while thrifting, but you know the most commonly marked item I spy? Vintage fur coats! I appreciate the three letters expertly sewn on the satin lining and imagine the Edith or Emily or Elizabeth who received such a perfect present! If we’re talking new items though, you can’t miss with a fluffy robe or guest towel. I’m digging the look of a single bold letter on a cozy throw blanket too. My favorite from your roundup though is the set of soaps! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. A fun selection to peruse on this December Monday. Cheers to more beach adventures for you and holiday decorating for me! 💜

  2. Good morning! Monogrammed items have been on my radar over the years, and Mark & Graham does have the best quality items! Now that I’m married I’m hard pressed to find a monogram font that makes our initials look good- and the same goes for my own personal initials. I always forget that other people have better initials than I do, ha! You’ve sparked an idea or two for my sister and BIL, so thank you for this gentle reminder. Your travels look incredible; diving really is a completely new world to explore. Soak in every last drop! Cheers!

  3. Good Morning!
    I don’t own anything monogrammed but it’s definitely an elegant way to amp up style to any object. I think the luggage tags are so pretty and useful, as well as an iPhone case, and the soap would make such a sweet gift 💝
    Andrew gave me my iPad for Christmas one year and personalized it with a sweet message “Happy Surfing xoxo” which I loved 🥰 so yes personalized items as gifts are so very thoughtful indeed.
    Not sure when you are scheduled to return Sarah but whatever time you have left, enjoy 🥂
    We are in the holiday spirit here, the house is decorated, and the Christmas tunes are playing 🎄 Have the happiest of Mondays!

  4. My sister once found a craftperson that made key chains from monogrammed silverware handles. Thrift and antique stores are full of monogrammed silverware – individual serving pieces as well as full place settings make great gifts.