Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your Walls

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. How has April been treating you? She’s delivered her signature showers (and a few errant hailstorms) in these parts, but we’ve flung open the windows regardless. Between the burgeoning blooms and mounting mercury, I’m feeling energized. I’m especially stoked about today’s post! Who gets excited by ribbon trim and wallpaper borders? This girl. I first beheld ribbon used to accent walls in this tour over a decade ago, but Sarah’s recent guest room reveal reignited my embellishment enthusiasm. If you’re seeking a bit of design diversion, click through for details on my affection for this look, material and layout recommendations, and of course, a passel of inspiration!

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Let me explain what I love about festooning walls with ribbon. Everything. For starters, installation could not be easier. Miter saw and caulk gun begone! You will need sharp scissors and a level, but ribbon can be attached with double-sided tape, various glues, teensy finish nails or decorative tacks. Another advantage of these attachment techniques? Removal is a snap. Making this a perfect project for renters, skeptics and serial redecorators alike. The vast assortment of ribbon also lends itself to myriad styles. Whatever your aesthetic, the perfect complement awaits. My favorite aspect though is how this application appears timeless yet unconventional. Subtle and impactful. Honestly, what else could you want?

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Now, we should discuss suitable ribbon. Although a determined DIYer could make anything work, for ease, seek opaque, non-directional, flexible tape trim. I’m partial to humble grosgrain. Available in a variety of widths and colors (even patterns), it offers delicate texture, ready accessibility, and a reasonable price. The original example, and still tops in my book, employed studded jute. That delicious tactile duo can’t be beat. Smooth metal plus coarse fiber. Yum. For a refined, elegant take, consider the broad range of luxe velvet and embroidered drapery trims. While these offer countless sophisticated colors and classic patterns, they do rank as the priciest option. Simple, edgy, or opulent. You decide! 

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Click right on the images to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds.

01: black & white stitched grosgrain // 02: brown gingham // 03: gray & red jacquard // 04: brown & tan jacquard // 05: black & white celtic chain // 06: schumacher wallpaper border // 07: solid grosgrain // 08: wide neutral embroidered trim // 09: green satin organza // 10: neutral swirls // 11: palest pink basketweave // 12: brass tacks //

Since the selection of ribbon seems nearly infinite, I chose only a small sampling to get your wheels turning. I’m imagining #3 in a sophisticated dining room. Number 11 is positively begging to outfit a posh closet. And ignoring my own advice, I want to use #9 on pale blue or sand walls to create soft strips of stripes! Many of these come in additional colors, so click through to find something just right for your project. Several are sourced from the same Etsy vendor (4, 8, 10 and 11) who features a phenomenal selection of jacquard trims at great prices. One point to note is that this type of application can require a lot of ribbon. I’ll let you complete your own calculations. Ha. For reference though, my modest-sized undertaking required almost 100 yards, so this may necessitate more than a trip to your local craft store.

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Since we’ve tackled uncommon wall adornments, let’s address traditional wallpaper borders. I hear your groans, and I understand. As a person who removed unappealing examples from four rooms, I did not immediately embrace their resurgence. However, seeing beautiful, modern patterns helped reduce my resistance. Although designer offerings remain somewhat limited, trusted companies like Schumacher, Cole & Son, and Salvesen Graham have released classic, graphic motifs. If a more conventional route interests you, these merit consideration.

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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So you’ve selected a ribbon (or a border)! Now…to determine the placement. Outline everything! Frame a few wallpaper panels. Run a length along the door casing, crown and chair rail. Affix a sliver just at the ceiling. Use a wider ribbon or border to create broadly-spaced vertical stripes. So many ideas! For my bedroom refresh, I created boxes to mimic panel moulding and ran an additional strip at the ceiling and baseboard. Currently eyeing all the humdrum walls in my house.

Using Ribbon And Borders To Accent Your
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Well? What do you think? I’m always anxious to hear your opinions! Can you imagine adding this sort of detail to your home? I was hoping to share an image or two of my own ribbon adventure, but my “quick, fun DIY” morphed into drywall repairs, light fixtures, window blinds… Can you relate? I’m excited about the results, just not the timeframe. I’d love to hear how your home renovations are progressing. Who’s ahead of schedule? Lol. Pop into the comments and say hello. Until next time.

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  1. So sorry Peggi I missed your post yesterday 😱 life has been super hectic since our return to Canada. I didn’t get to the blog til later in the evening and I’m taking it all in this morning with my coffee.
    Wow! I honestly didn’t know ribbon were used on walls and the examples you provided are quite unique and decorative. Im definitely not quite as adventurous or creative as my DIY skills are somewhat lack luster but what a way to add an extra detail and pizazz. I honestly lack patience for projects ( my kitchen project still in progress 🙉) but am totally amazed you are adding this interesting embellishment to your bedroom. I’m sure it’s going to be gorgeous 😍 Projects take time but are totally worth it in the end. I bet your bedroom will be finished before my kitchen, I’m double guessing myself on the wall paper but I love the green on the cabinets I’ve painted so far. I need to hear more about your bedroom… you’ve created a paneling effect with ribbon? And also added to ceiling and baseboard? What kind of ribbon did you choose? Color? I’m totally intrigued. I must confess I’m just getting introduced to peel and stick wallpaper. I used it for the first time last summer in the bathroom at the cottage with my husband’s help. My struggle was aligning the pattern as it was a large and detailed, not perfection but the bathroom does look much better as the walls were a mess. I can’t imagine doing a wall of ribbon but a smaller project like around a doorway I could handle. A little girls bedroom or nursery would be adorable or even a small powder room would be fun. Thanks for the DIY inspiration I need a boost to get back to the kitchen 🥰 Life is getting in the way of that project. But hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of May. Good luck with your bedroom, sounds like you are almost complete and you can see the finish line. Woohoo!
    Have an awesome day! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already 😳 sorry kitchen, its sunny here and the garden awaits 😎💐😜

    1. Good morning, Colleen! Oof. Glad I’m not the only one who’s feeling the hectic lately. I can’t even pinpoint why. Ha. I confess that my ridiculous overconfidence sometimes does not serve me well in the DIY department, but I can’t help being adventurous! For my bedroom I used a 3/4 inch grosgrain in a forest green; my walls are a deep blue. It’s the subtle contrast I envisioned. I definitely learned a few things during the process! (Cats are NOT helpful with ribbon projects.🤣) I already considered Sarah and Emmett superheroes, but I’m doubly certain of it now. How do they complete such major renovations while working?! I’m sure your kitchen will be gorgeous when done, but I know kitchens take a TON of work. Painting the cabinets alone is a journey! Can’t go wring with green though!😍 You’re ahead of me for having hung wallpaper. I love it but can never decide on a pattern. My project is in danger of being interrupted by garden season too. We’re finally getting some sunshine, but I’ve given myself a deadline. Of course, nothing will be accomplished this weekend because I’ll be in SLC visiting Sarah and the Tuesday Made Warehouse sale! I am SO excited. Sure wish the whole gang could be there! Cheers to project progress, garden goodness and sunny times ahead! Have a great day, friend!

      1. Ooh your choices of color, love it! Up my alley indeed. Just dreamy! Im always amazed and in awe of Sarah and Emmett, your right, its astounding what they achieve while working full time 😳 I’m pretty sure they do better work than the contractors I’ve hired over the years. Definitely the dynamic duo!
        So over the moon happy you are going to the shops warehouse sale 🥳 so incredibly fun! Ugh wish I could join ☹️ Ah well, maybe next time 😃 Enjoy 🥂 and safe travels! Have a super day, friend 😎 and to crossing the finish line on all our projects whenever that may be 😜

      2. I’ve done this in the past. Grosgrain with upholstery tacks. Corners are difficult at the baseboards. Could you direct me to a glue for a pure Grosgrain look? I’ve tried hot glue gun, not so great.

        1. Hi Matthew! Yes, I tried the glue gun for a hot second. *wink* It did not work. For my entire room, I used Command poster strips and spaced them every 2-3 feet. I also used just double-sided Scotch tape in places. So far, both are holding perfectly and are completely invisible! I experimented with plain ol’ Elmer’s in the beginning. It wet through at first, but dried invisible. I can’t say how it might have lasted though because I decided the tape was much simpler! I hope that helps. Have fun with your grosgrain project!

  2. Good morning Peggi! I too had outdoor fantasies to tend to yesterday, and missed conversing with you in the moment. So this morning over coffee it is! How do you do that? How do you come out of left field with an amazing “duh” realization I’d have never considered?! To say I’m delighted, intrigued, and inspired is an understatement. It’s very likely I’ve seen examples of this and thought it was paint or wallpaper. My mind is blown, and now I’m scheming. Im imagining the possibilities I could do in B’s room. As much as I’d love to do a classic inspired look with all the layered florals, she’s a wild child begging for a room beyond the norm. Her room is much too large for me to tackle a wallpaper application- although I must say, this type of trim, over a pleasantly patterned wallpaper is stupendous. I adore the powder blue room you’ve shown here- that’s right up my alley (albeit in a different color). You’ve got the wheels turning on this sunny morning. I must confess, I’d love to see your bedroom refresh! I definitely need more details, lol. The more I hear the more intrigued I’ve become, and I’m so happy for you that you’re on track. My front room however, is the slowest going renovation in the history of renovations. I’ve had to talk myself out of starting other projects in the meantime- but hopefully the big push to the finish line will be more fruitful. If I can just make it through the drywall issues. I know you know my pain! Lol. Cheers to a lovely midweek and lovely inspiration for a Thursday morning! xo

    1. Good morning! Gads. Do not mention drywall. The. Worst. But ribbon trim on walls is THE best. It hits the right spot for me: innovative but not wackadoodle. I also adore how it can be edgy, cottage-y or sophisticated. And it sounds like a perfect option for one decidedly original youngster! Just imagine the spectacular room you could create for her!! I agree that it looks fab on top of wallpaper, but I think the patterned jacquard trims could add a lot of drama by themselves. I’m kind of smitten with the idea of vertical stripes with a wide ribbon…or even several widths. I also love the outline effect in the top image. Seriously, what’s more fun than the dreaming phase? Which is why we get to the “stuck” phase and want to start a new fun project. LOL. We got this though! RFT peeps get stuff done. *raises fist* Speaking of, did you talk yourself into a road trip this weekend? It would be so fun to get together! I’m hitting the road at oh dark thirty in the morning! If not this weekend, we’ll make it happen sometime. Still manifesting an RFT MeetUp! Cheers to being inspired and productive! Happy Thursday, Lauren! XO

      1. I tried very decidedly to talk myself into it, even tried coming up with solutions to pesky inconveniences that would thwart said plans. Sadly, it won’t happen for me this time. I will live vicariously through you and Sarah, and pray that the items I truly love and have been saving for, aren’t in the sale. LOL Did you see the peak at all the marble though?! Dying. I hope you have so much fun Peggi! Give Sarah and Emmett a big hug for me! XO

        1. I’m playing comment catch up over here! I wish you could teleport here, Lauren! We’ll miss you :) xox