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August Moodboard

Good day, design friends! Today, I’m sharing my August Moodboard. This month I was intrigued by tortoiseshell. Do you remember when Sarah revealed the uniquely beautiful tortoise switchplates for her office renovation? I was captivated! I had never encountered the pattern in this application; I wondered what other novel examples awaited discovery. Spoiler Alert: Lots! Click through to see why I love tortoiseshell and some of my favorite finds.

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July Moodboard : Smoked Glass -
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July Moodboard

Hello, RFT friends! Peggi here for another post. This time I am trying my hand at a moodboard. I always love Sarah’s, so the bar is set high! This month’s design infatuation began innocently enough with a lovely candle…

Peggi Posts : Snakes in Design -
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Snakes in Design

I have a very fun blog announcement this morning! A reader and friend we have all come to know and love has agreed to guest post… any guesses?! I’ve always admired Peggi’s writing, creativity, design conversations, and have loved…