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January Moodboard


Good day, design friends! Peggi here. How have you been? I hope you are feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready(ish?) to tackle 2022! Today I’m sharing a January moodboard that might surprise Room For Tuesday regulars accustomed to the blues and greens we all favor. This month I’m feeling burgundy! The deep, dark red offers a vibrant counterpoint to the snowy white and foggy gray of early winter. Folks born in January may recognize the hue of their beautiful garnet birthstone, said to balance energy and promote courage and hope. Sounds perfect for a new year, right? The rest of us can incorporate this powerful color for the warmth, richness and dignified drama it brings to interiors. Are you ready for a little bold January inspiration? Click through for lots of burgundy goodness!

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Roundup: Holiday
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Roundup: Holiday Tablescape

Good morning, design friends! Peggi here. Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? We’ve experienced a few blustery days, but the trees are still holding onto their leaves for the moment. Fall giving us her all. Today, I thought…

September Moodboard -
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September Moodboard

Good day, design friends! How are you faring this fine Tuesday? I’m back to share a September Moodboard. This month marks the much-anticipated changes of fall, but warm days still follow chilly nights in our area. Lingering on the…

August Moodboard : Tortoise Print -
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August Moodboard

Good day, design friends! Today, I’m sharing my August Moodboard. This month I was intrigued by tortoiseshell. Do you remember when Sarah revealed the uniquely beautiful tortoise switchplates for her office renovation? I was captivated! I had never encountered the…