10 Pins : Beach House Edition

10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via mark d. sikes

How are we already nearing the end of April? Spring seems to be in fast forward! I’m still in North Carolina this week and sadly I won’t have time to hop over to the beach, but being here certainly has me dreaming of future travels, charming beach cottages, and waterfront staycations. Who is up for a virtual vacation charged with design inspiration today? This month’s 10 Pins post is a fun one- I’ve been rounding up my favorite beach cottage inspiration for you! If you’re also dreaming of spring break, a getaway of your own, or planning summer vacations, you’re going to enjoy this one. Click through for my favorites- you’ll definitely want to pin some of these… 

#1 // Modern Beach Cottage Kitchen
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via thomas melhorn

This modern beach cottage kitchen integrates organic materials for a textural and updated look… raw wood cabinetry, wide plank hardwood floors, a concrete sink and countertops, a jute rug, a whitewashed ceiling, and board & batten paneling make this space feel warm and inviting with a minimalistic approach. How amazing are those oversized palms? They double as sculptural art.

#2 // Pool House Bath
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via kirtley cameron design

Someday my dream is to own a tiny beach cottage with cedar shake siding… it’s this random vision I have in my head, but this is kind of what I picture the exterior looking like. It’s classic, right? This pool house bathroom with a semi-outdoor shower and striped cotton towels is the picture of summertime. It will be here before we know it- summer, that is.

#3 // Beach Cottage Breakfast Nook
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via kirsten maltas

Staples of a timeless beach home? Natural materials, woven and textural elements, and bright whites. This breakfast nooks contains all my favorites- bistro chairs, a woven area rug, a window seat, and plenty of natural light pouring in.

#4 // Beach Bathroom with Grasscloth Wallpaper
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via tammy connor

I don’t care if this bathroom exists in a beach house or otherwise- it’s absolute perfection! It doesn’t scream coastal to me, but it nods to it in such a classic way. The custom vanity, the blue grasscloth wall covering, that stunning oval window, the millwork, the polished nickel fixtures, the marble, and even the woven pedestal ottoman… this is what a dream bathroom looks like to me.

#5 // Beach House Bar Niche
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via southern living show home

This fun beach bar nook looks ideal for entertaining, shaking up piña coladas, and it’s so stylishly designed. I love the backsplash wallpaper (timeless tiki design), the inset cabinetry, and the use of the gallery light to illuminate this little niche.

#6 // Beach Cottage Living Room
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via mark d. sikes

We all know Mark Sikes is the ultimate beach house designer. The way he layers a space and mixes materials is effortless and sophisticated. I love this seating arrangement in a Malibu home he designed- it feels eclectic, timeless, and comfortable!

#7 // Outdoor Beach Shower
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via perrone construction

If I ever own that dreamy beach cottage- you better believe I’d install an outdoor beach shower. If you have beach access or a pool, I think these are just the coolest- and they’re super functional. I prefer the simple surrounds with wood slats or stone, with an oversized fixture… even better if it’s surrounded by vegetation.

#8 // White Beach Cottage Bathroom
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via kirsten maltas

White or creamy beadboard is a hallmark of beach house design in my brain. It’s tasteful, budget friendly, and easy to pull to off. This casual beachy bathroom with a marble vanity will still be in style 10 years from now. I love the vanity side with the sliding ottoman- so smart!

#9 // Beach House Pool & Patio
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via david frazier

You’ve got to click through to check out this entire outdoor area… it’s seriously what vacation home dreams are made of. At this point, having a pool feels like a fantasy, but I sure hope it happens for us someday. Ha! I just love being in the water so much. Give me an ocean, a river, a pond, or a pool, and I’m a happy girl.

#10 // Beach Cottage Daybed & Reading Nook
10 Pins : Beach Cottage Edition - roomfortuesday.com
via house & garden uk

Last, but not least- I think one of my favorite architectural elements often found in beach cottages are tiny unexpected spaces with odd angles. Nooks & crannies just belong in cottages and cabins, don’t you think? They make them feel cozy and interesting! I love this daybed reading nook with the contrast trim. It makes an otherwise weird space make total sense. Wouldn’t this be the ideal spot to read a book during a thunderstorm?

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 Pins post! I know I sure did. Curating this one had my brain reeling and dreaming. If anyone has a beach cottage they need help designing, you know who to call! I’ll come out of client design retirement, ha. But really… have a great day, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Well, if I didn’t already have an escape on my mind (I did), I certainly do after this dreamy scroll! I can practically smell the salty breezes. Ahhhh. The funny thing is that I’ve only really spent time on northern beaches (Maine, Cape Cod, Oregon, Alaska), so palm trees rarely appear in my beach house reveries. Take away all the tropical fruit, and #1 is my hands down favorite. I know lots of white is de rigueur, but I prefer light or raw wood tones. Number 2 is quintessential New England, so my smile is immediate. And absolutely YES to an outdoor shower. The setup in #7 is ideal. Pretty certain I’d only use an outdoor shower if that were a possibility. Ha. Numbers 6 & 10 round out my beach house perfection. That Mark Sikes seating area recalls the cool wicker set you found on FBMP a few weeks ago. Casual striped upholstery, a frosty beverage, sandy feet…can do. And definitely all the cozy nooks for reading and napping! I’m also in favor of that breakfast nook situation. I can easily envision leisurely mornings there. Give me all the nooks. These pins are not helping me focus for the work week ahead, Sarah, but I’m not mad about it! I hope you’re enjoying your NC time; you’re certainly going to have a whirlwind of a week! The weather report for Saturday in SLC says sunny and 73! A perfect day for a warehouse sale! (If we can’t all meet at a beach house somewhere…) Safe travels. I’ll see you soon!💜

    1. Right? I need the ocean in my life sometime soon. Something about the salt air and calming landscape really does it for me. I thought the same thing about the furniture in that space looking like the FBMP find! I love it. It’s going to be such a pretty and warm weekend here, I’m super excited!

  2. Good morning! Immediately I want sand in my toes, and a drink in my hand, ha! #1 is exactly what I picture when I think beach house kitchen. The natural wood against the white is dreamy. I always think of cedar shake cottages when I think of beach houses, and when we drive the coast highway they’re always my favorite ones. #2 is a fantastic example- I’m definitely here for it.Breakfast nook dreams being served in #3! I love everything about this setup and the white beams…yes please. Mark D Sikes can do no wrong, and #6 is what beach house living room dreams are made of. I love the woven sofa, the louvered door panels, and all the shades of blue layered in the space. I personally don’t want to own a beach house if I can’t have an outdoor shower- examples like #7 are the cutest- I’m certain I’d never shower anywhere else, haha. #8 reminds me of a boutique hotel beach bathroom, and the floor tile immediately is a yes. Not the biggest fan of the flat wall mirror, but overall I love this bathroom look for a beach house.#9 is outdoor space goals, beach house or not. The separation of spaces, smooth white stucco, and the mix of light tone wood, beige and concrete…drooling while dreaming. This courtyard vibe is it for me! Nooks and crannies, daybeds and reading areas are a must. The use of space here is fantastic. Every beach house needs a daybed in my opinion, and I love this built in look. Now, whee is our teleportation device to transport us?? Ha! Scheming and dreaming beach houses on this misty morning is not a bad way to kick off the week. I hope your stay in NC has been a joyful respite. Cheers to Monday friends!

    1. Yesss!! It sounds like we could all use a nice beach vacation. Maybe someday I’ll have a beach house to enjoy… I just want to decorate and design one (serious goal over here). I hope you have a fun weekend ahead, Lauren! Sorry I’ve been MIA- playing catch up and scrambling with the warehouse sale over here. We’ll miss you!