The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images)

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comA few weeks ago, I shared goals for all of my outdoor living spaces… both short-term and long-term. I figure there is no time like the present than to start tackling those short-term tasks to make our outdoor living areas more enjoyable this season. The weather has been so beautiful lately, it has really motivated me to get outside and work! If you follow along on Instagram, you already know via stories, that I’m kicking off our outdoor areas with the bedroom balcony this weekend. It will really be a quick cosmetic makeover for now, but I wanted to share the design plan as items are starting to roll in, as well as before images. Click through to read all about it and see how this space will shape up in the coming weeks!

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comObviously this post is filled with all of the before images that sort of speak for themselves… the space is pretty much a blank canvas right now.

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - I’m anxious to get out there, power wash, and give things a good scrub because the railing, columns, and roof vinyl are looking pretty icky. Luckily, it’s just dirt and can easily be cleaned back to bright white.

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comTo recap my goals… obviously I’ll be tackling the short-term ones right now, and in the next couple years, hopefully we’ll be able to rework the space completely.


  • Clean the railings, columns, soffit, and ceiling.
  • Paint the floor.
  • Paint the brick.
  • Add outdoor drapery to the side (to block the view of the neighbor’s porch, pictured below).
  • Buy an outdoor area rug.
  • Add outdoor seating.


  • Structurally reinforce / rebuild the lower columns.
  • Replace the subfloor.
  • Install floor tile.
  • Update railing.
  • Add a ceiling fan.
  • Replace the doors with larger sliding or accordion ones.
  • Install gutters for proper drainage.

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comThis balcony is really a great extension of the master suite, and it’s pretty large (12′ x 11′). I love opening the doors and letting the dogs run in & out. I also envision working from this space. It’s shaded for the majority of the day and I could totally see myself up here with my laptop and coffee each morning… or taking my lunch up here during a busy workday. The views are really phenomenal.

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comThat brings me to my plan. Knowing how this space will function, I wanted to include some lounge seating, as well as a bistro set for working and dining. I opted for a classic, comfortable, and functional vibe. I hope that comes through!

Click on the items below or use the links at the bottom to be redirected to sources.

loveseat // ottoman // black planter // boxwood topiary // dog water bowl // woven tray // throw blanket // tassel pillow // outdoor curtains // bistro chairs // marble table // olive tree // outdoor rug

I’m just waiting on a few more items to show up, but so far- everything has exceeded my expectations and looks really beautiful. The hallway outside our master bedroom is kind of the catch all until I get things painted this weekend. Emmett said he’s used to me just piling things up by now. Ha! I didn’t take that as compliment.

The Bedroom Balcony Plan (+ Before Images) - roomfortuesday.comThis weekend, my plan is to clean the space really well, paint the brick and floor, then next week I’ll start moving the furniture outside and setting it up. It shouldn’t be a difficult project, but I’m hoping it gets me spending more time in one of my favorite spots! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you see my vision? PS: if you’re wondering how I made the design plan moodboard, check out this post for the tutorial!

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  1. Love it! My envy of this sweet space just grows. Although we don’t need more outdoor furniture, I’ve looked at that Target line before. I think it manages to be classic but interesting. And you can’t go wrong with a marble bistro set! Joe might be getting a new outdoor food bowl because I really like the look of that one! I love a fairly small project that yields HUGE rewards! It’s going to be grand.

    1. Aw thanks Peggi! If Joe gets a new outdoor bowl… I’d definitely look closely at the size. Our bowl is perfect for Cash, but a little small for Crosby- I should’ve purchased the medium. I didn’t realize there were multiple size options when I checked out. Yes to small projects that have a big end result- I can’t wait to actually use this space :)

  2. That view is phenomenal! Your short term plan is a great interim step. I’ll be following along closely for inspiration. My outdoor spaces could use some freshening :)

    1. Thanks so much, Brianna! :)

  3. what about stenciling the floor to look like cement tile?

    1. Eventually, we’ll replace the entire floor and subfloor, but for now I’m just opting for a patterned outdoor rug as an easier way to achieve a similar look.

  4. So classic – this will look great!

  5. Michelle | Birds of Berwick says:

    I seriously love this balcony and would have so much fun designing it! You could also have added a stencil on the floor and a hanging bed/swing for lounging (which I would basically never get off of). Just so many options! I love you’re short term goals that that your making time to do a smaller update before you get to the larger items. It’s so important to make time to love your spaces no matter what season they are in. Can’t wait to see how it goes!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Did you see the hanging bed I did for this client project? If not- check it out… it’s one of my favorites! Definitely lots of great options to choose from… and I’m with you- it’s important to love your spaces no matter what stage they’re in :) Wonderful point! xo

  6. I’m so excited to see what you do with this space! The little sneak peeks of the love seat etc have me very excited! I love the outdoor curtains too and have been considering those myself. I have been trying to click through on a lot of your links, and I cannot get them to open and re-direct…I thought it was because I always read on my work computer (and they had a blocker or something) but I cannot open them at home on my computer or on my cell either. Wanted to mention in case I’m not the only one that is having this problem. DYING to know the sources of the outdoor curtains and love seat :)

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! So strange… I did some link testing on different computers / browsers and haven’t had any issues. I’m sorry! I’m not sure what’s going on. Thank you for letting me know! Here are the outdoor curtains and love seat (linked)! xox