Roundup : Flannel Bedding for Fall & Winter

Roundup : Flannel Bedding for Fall & Winter - roomfortuesday.comI’ll begin by saying, I haven’t slept on flannel bedding since I was kid. I fondly remember loving a cartoon-printed flannel sheet set growing up and for some reason- in my mind, I always associated flannel bedding as a children’s product. Let me tell you… that was SO DUMB. There is gorgeous flannel bedding out there (for adults, haha!) that feels like heaven and I’ve been missing out all these years. Why didn’t someone tell me?! From first grade to thirty years old, I could’ve been living my best life sleeping in super soft flannel. Definitely a mistake on my part! All of that to say- Emmett and I have been sleeping between our new flannel sheets for a week now and there is no turning back. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to bring myself to swap these bad boys for percale or linen once spring and summer rolls around. THEY’RE THAT GOOD! So good, I felt compelled to share a big roundup with you guys. Trust me when I say, if you aren’t sleeping on flannel this fall & winter, you’re definitely missing out. Click through for a giant roundup of my favorites in every color and price point. 

Roundup : Flannel Bedding for Fall & Winter - roomfortuesday.comSince upgrading our mattress in June, I’ve been taking comfort and sleep to a whole new level. I actually styled our bedroom, made it feel more cozy, and invested in better pillows and bedding. If you follow along on IG stories, you also know we started demo on one of our guest bedrooms, so I moved the enamel desk from that space into our master bedroom (just for fun, while we renovate).

Funny story… Emmett is NOT into the asymmetrical look of having the desk on one side- even though it’s my side of the bed. He said he prefers balance (matching nightstands on each side). I believe his actual words were, “you effed up the feng shui”… to which I replied, “do you even know what that means?” and then there was a lonnnng pause. Haha!! Me on the other hand- I’m loving it, but back to the flannel sheet sets. I found so many good options!

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links at the bottom to shop.

01: gray plaid flannel sheet set // 02: floral flannel sheet set // 03: rose flannel sheet set // 04: navy flannel sheet set // 05: black and white flannel sheet set // 06: classic flannel sheet set // 07: blue plaid sheet set // 08: light blue sheet set // 09: green flannel sheet set // 10: classic gray flannel sheet set // 11: striped white flannel sheet set // 12: striped flannel sheet set // 13: pinstripe flannel sheet set // 14: chamois flannel sheet set // 15: neutral flannel sheet set // 16: gray pinstripe sheet set // 17: black and white sheet set // 18: grey plaid sheet set // 19: beige flannel sheet set // 20: cream sheet set // 21: navy pinstripe sheet set

I’ve partnered with Boll & Branch in the past, and I went with a sheet set from them once again. Our new sheets are #1 in the roundup, but if you like any of the other options from the their flannel collection, feel free to use my partner code for $50 off your first order! That includes options #1, #4, #6, #8, #9, #10, #13, and #15 in the above collage. Just use 50ROOMFORTUESDAY on orders over $200 and you’ll automatically get $50 deducted at checkout. I love their bedding because it’s 100% organic and gets better as it wears. I swear it feels softer the more you toss it into the wash. However, I also included some super budget-friendly options too! I’ve got links for Amazon so you can put your free prime shipping to use, and even deals at Target.

Roundup : Flannel Bedding for Fall & Winter - roomfortuesday.comPer usual, the dogs are also on board with the new bedding. They’ll take any excuse to jump on the bed for a nap or belly scratch. Although I haven’t let them touch the new flannel sheets! They have to stay on top of the duvet- that’s the rule. Ha!

Roundup : Flannel Bedding for Fall & Winter - roomfortuesday.comDo you recognize some of those items on my side of the bed? The Utah prints can be seen in our previous guest bedroom… plus I added this new one from Juniper Print Shop. I shared the enamel desk DIY last month. The table lamp and brass frame, I pulled out of some guy’s garage 4-5 weeks ago (seriously). I did update the lamp shade though! That just came from my local Lowe’s. Our leather bed has been with us for a long time now and I still love it as much as I did the day I bought it!

Anywho… flannel sheets for the win! Does anyone else love sleeping on flannel in the fall & winter? I need to know if I’m the only person who thought they were for kids. I called my mom this morning to ask about that sheet set from my childhood and she went on for 20 minutes about how much I LOVED those sheets. I guess some things never change?

*full disclaimer- the sheet set was gifted, but I’d buy them a thousand times over… seriously!

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  1. Bahahaha. Emmett. Feng shui. I personally love the asymmetrical look; and we have a nearly identical lamp in our bedroom! Funny that I was just looking at a flannel sheet set the other day wondering why I haven’t bought them in a while. I did have a bad experience with a low quality sheet that pilled and shed everywhere; I tossed it. I especially love the vibrant colors and PLAIDS usually offered. Such beautiful options! We’re still in the 80s, but, as they say, winter is coming!
    And…those pups of yours do not take a bad picture! The smooshiest faces.😍

    1. Hahah!! He was cracking me up. I can’t believe you have the same lamp- they’re so cool!! I hope it cools off in your area soon so you can enjoy all the cozy things :)

  2. I had a flannel sheet set when I was a kid and loved them. They were red and had a tree pattern on them, so I think I mostly liked them because they felt Christmas-y. Now, I live in the deep south and it does not get cold enough to switch to warmer bedding in the fall/winter. I sleep on cotton percale all year round! And, I’m with Emmett on liking the balance/symmetry, haha.

    1. I love that you also have happy childhood memories associated with flannel sheets! ha :) Don’t worry- once the guest room is finished, the desk is moving back into the space and we’ll have matching nightstands in the master once again. I’ve gotta keep the hubs happy.

  3. Love a good bedroom desk! Beautiful, bookish and cozy. Will have to check out your duvet…wondering if it is cool temperature-wise…I couldn’t get away with flannel sheets and my current duvet. Such pretty plaids!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m into the side desk too. We’ll see if Emmett will let me keep it in our bedroom. Hahah! xo

  4. I love flannel sheets! I’ll give these a look. This view of the room looks very nice.

  5. Good morning! My first thought when I saw that picture is, “That desk isn’t there anymore!” Then I wondered if you’ve found a chest for the other side of the bed to address E’s feng shui issues.🤣 We cooled down suddenly, so flannel and wool are the name of the game over here! Gimme all the plaid! I actually need to purchase a new mattress which I find wildly stressful! I wouldn’t mind upgrading our whole bedding and pillow situation. You give a mouse a cookie… Have a stupendous Thursday, my friend!💜

    1. Good morning! You’re right- the desk moved to the other wall in our bedroom (under our frame TV). I still have my large thrifted marble top nightstand, and Emmett still has his small one. I’ve been hunting for a better option for his side of the bed, but haven’t had any luck. Ha! I’m all about flannel, wool, and plaid season! Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the cool, fall temps today :) Happy Thursday to you! xo