Trend Alert : Pedestals

Trend Alert : Pedestals - roomfortuesday.comHave you been noticing more pedestal bowls, planters, tables, candle holders, etc? Sculptural furniture has been on the rise and I think that’s why we’re seeing pedestals sneak into the furniture & decor market lately. Pedestals aren’t just for gardens and outdoor spaces, by the way! I’ve got a new Trend Alert post for you today and I’m calling this one- pedestals are cool, classic, and we’re going to see a lot more of them in the coming months! Click through for inspiration on how to style them and to shop some of my favorites. The pedestal pictured in the above image lives in our basement media room, so I’m patting myself on the back for being ahead of the curve. Haha! 

Trend Alert : Pedestals -
source : christina cole

If you read the Designer Spotlight post last week, featuring Christina Cole, you already know I professed my love for pedestals in that post. Christina uses them often and I love the way they fill negative space, add depth, and create a layered vignette. Plus, they make your home feel like a curated art gallery.

Trend Alert : Pedestals -
source : cb2

If you’re not sure what to do with negative space, feel like a room is missing something, or want to add height without bringing in a tall plant, adding a pedestal is an easy way to elevate your interior, while displaying interesting objects.

Click directly on the pedestals in the collage to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: laurel pedestal // 02: stander pedestal // 03: concrete pedestal // 04: fluted pedestal // 05: wood pedestal // 06: cement pedestal // 07: square top pedestal // 08: plaster pedestal // 09: geometric pedestal // 10: french pedestal // 11: rattan pedestal // 12: sleek pedestals // 13: marble pedestals // 14: black pedestals // 15: dexter pedestal // 16: vintage pedestal // 17: black oak pedestal

In case you’re wondering what to display on a pedestal, I’m brain storming some ideas below to get your wheels turning:

  • a bust
  • a lamp
  • a stack of books
  • a lantern
  • candles (tapers or pillar candles)
  • upright artwork (with an easel)
  • a stack of magazines
  • a plant
  • a floral arrangement
  • a vase or urn
  • a sculpture
  • a tray or bowl
Trend Alert : Pedestals -
source : sr gambrel

If I still haven’t convinced you to hop aboard the pedestal trend, try starting with a pedestal side table! Or experiment with a small table you already own. Another idea to test the look on a budget (I know some of these are pricey)– go thrifting, tackle an easy DIY pedestal, or create a tall stack of books that emulates a similar pedestal shape. I pulled all five of my pedestals out of a dumpster at Emmett’s work (I’m not joking, ha!) and gave them a fresh coat of paint, and have loved styling them ever since.

Trend Alert : Pedestals -
source : josh yöung

They’re really a fun design element that is often overlooked. I love them styled next to a door, in a hallway, alongside a soaking tub, next to a fireplace, or squeezed into the corner of a room. I think layering is the name of the game when it comes to pedestals. They instantly make your home feel thoughtful and interesting.

Trend Alert : Pedestals -
source : elle mcgrath

What do you think? Are you into pedestals? Would you ever style them in your home? What kind of objects could you see yourself displaying on a pedestal? I love hearing about your home preferences in the comment section below! Chatting with you is the most fun I have all day- humor me, please. Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Gah. Some of those are dreamy! #4 and #9?! They have me thinking that a diy with half-round moulding might be doable (by someone with more patience than I currently possess). Then you could also be on the fluted trend! Hmm. Or maybe something with your favorite plaster? Since your post the other day, I have been on the hunt! I’ll never have a dramatic Calacatta viola fireplace, but I might be able to find a marble pedestal for my plant. Now that you’ve got me thinking of them, I can envision numerous little blank spots in my house crying for a pedestal! How many is too many?😱 Off to continue scouring FBMP…with the many misspellings of pedestal!
    Thanks for the obsession, I mean inspiration!

    1. I know!! Aren’t those beautiful? I would love to see a DIY version of that- I definitely think it could be done. Ahh yes- everything fluted and ribbed is having a moment. I do love the geometric texture it adds. Pedestals really are such a convenient piece of furniture / decor that I never thought I needed until I had some. I feel like I need more to fill some weird negative spaces. Maybe I should see what I find on FBMP in our area. You’ve got my wheels turning! Happy Tuesday, Peggi :) xo

  2. This is great! I used pedestals in my kids’ bedroom as nightstands when I redesigned their room for the spring ORC earlier this year — glad to hear they’re having a moment!

    1. I love that idea… using them as nightstands- genius (especially in tight areas)! They’re definitely having a moment and you’re ahead of the trend, Brianna :)

  3. I must admit, I’m on the fence. They look gorgeous in all the rooms above, and I especially love the look of the ones in your basement, but I can’t envision them in my house right now. I think because there’s not a single room that is finished the way I’d like it to be, and I’m still figuring out how to make each room more functional. I seem to always start with layout and function first. Then comes paint and trim, and styling main pieces of furniture, then comes all the small stuff-which I’m not the greatest at! I do think a pedestal might be ultra cool on the small odd angled wall in my formal living area…that might be a pretty cool solution for an odd space. I love #5, #9 😍😍, and #13 & 14. Gorgeous roundup, and who would have known there’s be so many out there for the finding?! You completely called this one Sarah, and I have noticed the trend popping up! I’ve seen a lot of pedestal plant stands, countertop pedestal trays, pedestal soap dishes, and the like. Way to be ahead of the game as always! Cheers to Tuesday! Is it only Tuesday?? Somehow it feels like Thursday. Have a great one Sarah!!

    1. They definitely feel like pieces to add to a space once you’re finished or to the styling phase. It’s more of a decor moment and not as functional as furniture, so I could see how floor planning takes precedent! I’m excited to see more of these pop into my feed in the coming months- I really do love the look. Your picks from the roundup were among my favorites, too :) Doesn’t it feel like Thursday instead of Tuesday?! That’s the statement of the day… totally agree! Hope you’re having a good (slow) week! xo

  4. I vote YES to pedestals! Ha! Give me #6 & 9. Love the lines on these. I could put #17 in several places in our home. I would put a plant; vase with or without faux stems; books & decor piece on them. #6 or #9 would look great in grouping without anything on them.
    I love your pedestal in the basement. Great score & save on pulling those from the dumpster! Are they made of plaster or wood?
    My mother has a tall metal pedestal that she has had for over 25 years and I think about all the places she has had it in her house. She got hers at a Goodwill….crazy!
    We are having a gorgeous day and I need to get out and enjoy it! Have a great Tuesday!

    1. I love them too, Danna! Now I’m trying to figure out how to style more of these into our house. Ours are solid wood, so they’re HEAVY. I’m thinking I’ll paint a couple more of them- or maybe even try plastering one. Maybe I need to visit our local Goodwill or thrift stores and see if I can get as lucky as your mother! Her pedestal sounds beautiful and well loved :) Get outside and enjoy the day! I hiked this morning at 7am and it was so nice to get out and watch the sunrise. Enjoy!! xo

  5. The links don’t seem to work! Would love to click through a see from where these lovely pedestals are sourced.

    1. Hi KK, I just received an email from RewardStyle (the linking company I use) and they’re having technical difficulties this morning, that could be it… as it’s still working on my end. They should be up and running again shortly! Apologies for the inconvenience. You can also find the pedestal links labeled below where the collage normally lives.