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Trend Alert : Skirted Tables

I’ve been in design mode planning and laying out our entryway- I’ve even got new cabochon tile samples on the way to me! As I’ve been pulling together moodboards for the design plan, there is one thing that is non negotiable for our entryway… a skirted table. Don’t get me wrong, I love our marble entryway table, but one traditional and classic trend I’ve been loving is skirted furniture. When it comes time to dive into the entryway renovation, I’m definitely going to order (or perhaps even DIY) a table skirt. It’s an easy way to update an existing entry table, side table, or console, if you’re itching to switch things up. I wanted to bring you along for the ride and share lots of gorgeous inspiration and a big roundup of the ones I’ve saved so far. Click through to check them out!  Continue Reading

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert : Woven & Wicker

Let’s talk all things wicker and woven on this fine Tuesday! Shall we? I’ve loved rattan, wicker, cane webbing, grasscloth, and all the pretty woven materials for just about as long as I can remember. They add such a…

Trend Alert : Bouillotte Lamps -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert : Bouillotte Lamps

These have been around forever, so I don’t know if I’d necessarily classify them as “trendy”, but I have been noticing more of them styled into the homes of designers I follow in my feed. Let’s talk bouillotte (pronounced…

Trend Alert : Pedestals -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert : Pedestals

Have you been noticing more pedestal bowls, planters, tables, candle holders, etc? Sculptural furniture has been on the rise and I think that’s why we’re seeing pedestals sneak into the furniture & decor market lately. Pedestals aren’t just for…

Trend Alert : Sculptural Vases -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert : Sculptural Vases

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I let a YEAR slip by without sharing a Trend Alert post. I professed my love for drip rails last August, and apparently didn’t catch any notable trends worth sharing between…