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Trend Alert : Tapered Empire Lamp Shades

My plan was to have the monthly moodboard post ready to go today, but I fell down a rabbit hole of lamp shades. Yes- lamp shades & lighting. It’s more exciting than it sounds, I swear! This is kind of how my brain works… I find a vintage piece of furniture, I think of where it will live in my house, then I source things that go with it. In a roundabout way, I found a cheap (amazing) vintage desk and a chair- and now since the kitchen is done (REVEAL ON MONDAY!!), I’m craving a *tiny* project. My plan is to paint and repair the desk because it’s in rough shape, and that led me to a desk lamp. Yeah- that’s how I got here. Crazy, I know. Fast forward to three hours lost searching the internet, the moodboard post isn’t finished, and I have 15+ lamps saved instead. I guess that means, Friday has become a “Trend Alert” post instead of a moodboard, and I’m ok with that! Click through to see what I found and what is inspiring me right now… tapered empire lamp shades. Continue Reading

Trend Alert : Waterfall Edge -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert : Waterfall Edge

This really isn’t a new “trend”, but it is a feature I wanted to highlight if you’re building or renovating a kitchen or bath anytime soon. If you’re remember wayyyyy back to last August, I had just finished the…

Trend Alert: Checks & Plaid -
interiors & styling

Trend Alert: Checks & Plaid

Happy Hump Day! It’s Jacqueline again with a new trend alert post. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…what we see on the runway sometimes goes hand-in-hand with the trends we see in interiors. This article from Harpers…

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Trend Alert : Ceramics & Stoneware

It’s been a bit since I’ve shared a Trend Alert post and there has been one specific material on my mind lately- I’ve been noticing it everywhere. I’m far from tired of ceramic & stoneware pieces, and am predicting…