Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI’ll be sharing our little living room refresh very soon- we did some furniture swapping around the house and office this month and it has me quite pleased! Two new swivel chairs and a BLUE sofa later, resulted in me hunting for an updated area rug because our formal living room was starting to look like a big blueberry there for a minute (and not in a cool kind of way). At one point we had our navy area rug, the new blue sofa, and our existing blue swivel chairs. Yikes! I’m happy to report I have found an amazing rug that I really love (and it’s holding up well to the dogs), so I figured my hours of scouring the internet were worth sharing. I saved 20 neutral rugs and considered all of them for the space. Click through to see my options and which one I eventually landed on. I’m sharing some close up shots of the living room, so I don’t give away our beautiful new furniture quite yet, but you can definitely get a good sneak peek. Neutral rugs are such an easy investment because they go with everything and can evolve with your aesthetic, as it changes over time. They’re easy to layer, are always in style, and disguise dirt and debris. 

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comMy criteria for the living room rug was pretty simple. I was looking for the following:

  • low pile
  • durability (because we have dogs- and this room sees a lot of foot & paw traffic)
  • neutral color palette (specifically in the tan family)
  • nice texture

I spent way too many hours trying to find the right rug, but it led me to LOTS of incredible options (that I’m sharing in this post). I even pulled vintage rugs from our shop, but none were the right size for the space. Eventually I landed on this geometric bamboo rug, and I’m very happy with the end result. Ready to see the other contenders?

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comThe following rugs range in price from budget-friendly options to luxury, higher-end options. They’re all beautiful, neutral, durable, and would easily define a space while adding texture.

Click directly on the area rugs to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: kadira rug // 02: tulum rug // 03: dove rug // 04: woven bamboo rug // 05: handwoven jute rug // 06: eco rug // 07: dots area rug // 08: modern rug // 09: natural jute rug // 10: khloe rug // 11: camel rug // 12: geometric rug // 13: wavy rug // 14: neutral tones rug // 15: freya rug // 16: carson rug // 17: seagrass rug // 18: girona rug // 19: ita rug // 20: viscose rug

I obviously purchased #4 for our formal living room, but number #7 and #10 were very tempting and close seconds. I also have #19, which can be seen in our basement media room, pictured below.

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI really like these durable, neutral, and natural area rugs because they’re versatile and incredibly functional. In our previous laundry room (pictured below), we had a rug custom cut and despite the fact that the dogs went in out from our backyard through this space– it held up beautifully and wasn’t too busy for the space.

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comThis color palette is also quite forgiving and hides dirt and debris like a champ. That medium neutral is really great at disguising imperfections and wears nicely, in my experience.

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comThese type of rugs make an amazing foundation piece for layering and styling other more colorful or heavily patterned rugs in a room. If I’m going to layer a vintage rug- this is the type of rug I’d install underneath it. I’m hoping to do more of that in our home as renovations unfold! In the meantime, I’m enjoying our newest neutral rug in the living room. I’m looking forward to showing you the entire space with the updates we’ve made.

Roundup : Neutral Area Rugs - roomfortuesday.comI’d be happy to answer any rug questions you may have! I’d also love to hear which rug from the roundup was your favorite? Did you like the one I selected for our space, or would you have picked a different option? Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I love a neutral rug for all the reasons that you cite, and blues and tans are just made to go together! Now my only request would be for you to replicate all your research for sources for U.K. stockists, please! (& for all future posts as well, of course!) 😉

    1. They really are a beautiful combination- one of my personal favorites! I so wish I had more hours in the day, and I would do that for you Sally :) It’s too bad everything isn’t universal. Maybe you can find some similar things! Hope you’re having a beautiful week. xo

  2. From nude art to neutral rugs! What a range you have, Sarah. You know I’m all about color, but I can see the utility of a beautiful neutral. Of course, if I can’t have color, I definitely want amazing texture and pattern. From your round up, 4, 7, 15 and 19 catch my eye. #7 is reminiscent of the Stark Antelope carpet which I’ve always loved. One characteristic I’m noticing in the images is all the shades of beige! Pink, green, golden! Even neutrals aren’t so neutral. Excited to see your new living room sitch! (I kind of wish you photographed the blueberry version just for kicks.🤣)
    Here’s to a mellow Tuesday! (I was awakened by puppy barfing at 1:30, so I’ve had my excitement for the day…)

    1. Nude art to neutral rugs… two of my favorite things. Haha! I was *so close* to choosing the Stark animal print rug, but it just wasn’t working with the tone of our hardwood floors. I wanted it to work so badly though. You’re definitely right about all of those neutrals with interesting undertones. I kind of wish I would have photographed the blueberry version because it was looking very random and very blue there for a bit. Even Emmett asked if “we were keeping it like this?!” and was questioning my design plan. Lol! Awww I hope that cute little pup of yours starts to feel better soon. Waking up to that barf noise is the absolute worst. Here’s to a mellow Tuesday!

  3. Hahah!! Peggi has me laughing this morning! The one you selected is my absolute favorite-the color tone and geometric pattern are killer on this one! However, number 19 and number 12 are my next two options-so beautiful!! I’m excited to see the new living room setup-I spy a denim blue sofa! Perhaps that means the old swivel chairs will end up in the office?? You have my brain spinning with excitement! I love neutral area rugs, and I love the look of them layered with a beautiful vintage over top. How do you know when you’re searching that they’ll be durable? Or do you just filter by indoor/outdoor? I know I’m going to need a sizable neutral option at some point, so this roundup is extremely helpful, thank you! Cheers to Tuesday!

    1. Lol! I’m really happy with the one I purchased- the color is so much better in person. The Overstock image had me a little worried, but it worked out better than expected! The sofa ended up at the office and the swivels are in “the dog room” which is my temporary office (future laundry room) while we demo the home office. It’s pure chaos over here. Haha! I definitely want to do more rug layering in our house- neutral on bottom and a colorful vintage on top :) For durability- I look at three things: the pile (looking for a low pile), how it’s woven (looking for a flat weave or something similar), and the material (durable natural materials). I also like using outdoor rugs inside for added durability. Cheers to Tuesday!! Have a good one, Lauren!

  4. I love the rug you chose Sarah! It works beautifully with your stunning hardwood floors. Can’t wait to see the changes and the living room in its entirety. So fun! In our last house I had two beautiful wool rugs 😍 one for fall/winter and the other for spring summer. I swapped them out every 6 months and it was so incredibly fun have two distinct looks for the change of seasons as of course all the pillows and throws would have to change too. I did that for 15 years and my husband was such a champ about it as it was a fair amount of work. I’ve kept it simple with this smaller house with one neutral rug and I just change out the pillows and throws seasonally now. But, it’s amazing to see how a rug and totally transform the vibe of a room. I’m loving the one you chose and also #5 and #16. Of course the one in your basement is lovely too ☺️ You have exquisite taste Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! Rugs really do have such transformative power :) I love your idea of swapping them seasonally- if you don’t have too much furniture. What an awesome husband you have to help with that! #5 was up there on my list, too. Have a great Tuesday!!

  5. Melissa D says:

    What a lovely collection! The rug you chose is stunning… that geometric pattern really makes it pop! Also, that blue sofa?!? I can’t wait to see the full view of that room – you always have perfect style! My favorites from the roundup are 14, 17, and 18. I’m bookmarking this list for the lobby in my husband’s business. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! :)

    1. Thanks Melissa! I was a little worried about the rug, based on the thumbnail image on Overstock- but the color ended up being much better in person. I love when that happens! I’m hopefully sharing the entire room next week :) I love all of your picks. Have a wonderful week! xo

  6. I think the rug you chose for your living room is perfect! I also love the one in your basement. I’m curious what your thoughts are on layering two neutral rugs? If you were to layer a wool rug over a jute rug, do you think that could work?

    1. Thanks, Anne! I’m really loving it. The one is our basement will forever be a favorite- it’s so beautiful in person. When layering rugs, I like to have a contrasting element of some sort (color, texture, material, etc). I think you could definitely layer wool over jute- you just have to make sure they’re different enough :)

  7. Rugs are so hard to decide on. We too have dogs and must get ones that can take the constant traffic. I prefer neutral rugs that lean more light beige but its not conducive with dogs that shed and have dark hair or their humans. I get them anyway. Ha! My favorites from your roundup are 1,2,4,8,15,19…see I like neutral rugs! Hope your Tuesday is going well.

    1. They really are! Luckily our dogs are both medium brownish colored and are “non shedding”, but they still make messes and drag in dirt. You should try some outdoor rugs inside! It’s so easy to power wash them in the warmer months, and they look brand new. Of course I love all of your selections, Danna. Cheers to a productive and beautiful Tuesday! xo

  8. Thank you so much for all this area rug info! Getting ready to look/purchase so this is just what I need!

    1. I hope it was helpful, Carolyn! Happy rug shopping :)

  9. Beautiful rugs! Thank you for all the info. Any suggestions for a round rug 8 or 9 ft to go under a gray wash round kitchen table? Thanks

  10. Jennifer Laura says:

    These are beautiful- great roundup!