10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via sophie davies

Hi, friends. Happy Friday! We’re headed into the weekend with a new edition of 10 Pins! Somehow, I let a couple months slip by and accidentally skipped this series, so I’ve been sitting on some seriously good pins. This month’s curated roundup of interior inspiration is filled with summer scenes, airy neutrals, plenty of florals & greenery, and vignettes to inspire the season ahead. As always, be sure to click through and check out the designers, extended room & home tours, and pin your favorites for future reference. Also be sure to follow me on Pinterest for inspiration in real time! Ready to see my favorite inspiration I collected and pinned this month? Click on through… 

#1 // Classic Exterior
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mary mcbride

I will never tire of black, white, and brick exteriors- even better if the home is adorned with classic landscaping… you know I love boxwoods. Catch my best tips for growing & care for them here.

#2 // Neutral Bathroom
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via sophie davies

This simple and neutral bathroom feels sophisticated, approachable, and attainable… I love the natural stone and high contrast pattern for a playful touch. Timeless polished nickel plumbing fixtures are also a nice addition.

#3 // Home Office
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via phoebe nicol

This home office is right up my alley… a vintage desk, beautiful upholstery, a sisal woven rug, and soft window treatments. It kind of reminds me of my own home office– or at least the essentials.

#4 // Terracotta Stripes
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via emma ainscough

If there is one pattern I can’t get enough of, it’s stripes. These terracotta striped walls felt fitting for summer, and can you believe the charming shape of that door? Beautiful!

#5 // Layered Living Room
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via nate sheets

This crisp and clean layered living room stopped me mid scroll. From the bench seat sofas to the pleated table skirt and geometric rug, this updated space feels breezy and inviting… perfect for the summer season ahead.

#6 // Hedged Drive
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via vogue australia

A hedge lined driveway of my dreams… what an entrance! Can you imagine the home this leads to? This time of year, I’m always pinning lots of landscaping, plants, and gardening content.

#7 // Modern Marble Kitchen
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via hunt architecture

Look at that veining and gorgeous stone… that’s what initially captivated my attention, followed by the La Cornue range of my dreams, and the impressive millwork (hello crown moulding)!

#8 // Classic Millwork
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via huntley house

Again with the millwork… this is exquisitely done with precise craftsmanship. I also love the hardware and paint color. Sometimes the simple details are the ones that are most effective, in regards to design. Let’s also admire that lovely sconce, perfectly framed within the panel!

#9 // Patterned Pool
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via design anthology

This time of year, I’m always dreaming of pools, water, and swimming. I still wish we had a pool or the budget to install one. Maybe someday! This tile work felt unique and inspiring to me… again, it’s always the summer stripes for me.

#10 // Freestanding Shower
10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via drummonds

Last, but not least… this entire bathroom is worth a tour! Can you even believe the pedestal enclosed shower? Whoa!! It’s stunning. Peep the intaglio artwork in the mirror, too… and the terracotta floor tile. So many details in this bath to admire.

We’ve got a fun weekend ahead- Laurie Anne is here visiting and we’re planning all the fun summer activities. What is everyone else up to this weekend? Whatever you find yourself doing, here’s to making it beautiful, relaxing, a little adventurous, and most definitely inspiring!

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  1. Good morning, good morning! Such a lovely roundup of inspiration today! As usual, I’ve got all the tabs open for extra credit research. Ha. First, a white house with black shutters speaks right to my New England heart! Although that designer is southern, so I know it’s not a strictly northeastern look. What I love about that home office is the lack of technology on that stunning antique table! And the giant vase of daisies. Perfect for dreaming up menus and doodling party themes…the only work I’ll ever complete in a home office! All the heck yeahs to that striped dining room! More rustic woods, a rattan-wrapped sconce, that doorway?! The entire tour is fantastic!! I really, really need to visit the UK. Of course, who could argue with that hedge-lined drive? Those grounds would be a full-time job though! That kitchen? O.M.G. I know that dramatic marble might one day feel very 2022, but…overall the kitchen feels quite timeless. Also, I’d be willing to risk it! I love the simple shelves, streamlined cabinets and unfussy styling. Hello gorgeous mushroom lamp! I’d entertain there! As for the incredible millwork image featured next, I could never live in a home with that kind of detail because dusting, but I can absolutely admire it. I also kinda dig the weird brown shade. That green striped pool?! So inviting! And the arched water-spitting lion? (Dragon?) Here for it. Finally, the freestanding shower bath. Oddly, I’ve visited that website before on some internet ramble. Those units are so gleamy and fascinating! I will always love a classic terra cotta floor, and I’m not mad about the two-tone putty colored walls or the GrecoRoman art. Such a breezy, inspiring collection for this summer Friday! We’re into Maine vacation scheming and maybe an estate sale or two this weekend. And of course, logging a bit of patio time. Have the best adventures with the bestie! You are guaranteed miles of smiles, puppy snuggles and loads of laughs! Enjoy, Sarah! Happiest of Pizza Fridays, friends!!💜🍕

    1. Hello, hello! Kudos on the extra tabs and extra credit research- there were lots of good tours attached to these. Jordan just got back from her New England trip and showed me ALL the charming house photos. I was envious. Ha! Why is architecture so much better on the opposite coast? I love it so much. I knew you’d spy the interesting intaglio art, too. You’re a details person! How is Maine vacation planning going? I’m so excited for you and your bestie! Did you find any estate sales? There is one in our area this week I may try to hit up… though I’ll be toting my teenage nephew along, so I’m not sure he’d be into that. Ha! Idk… that kid loves vintage sneakers, so who knows. Hope you also had the best weekend and are having a fantastic week :) xo

  2. Good morning! The tabs did not disappoint this morning and I’ve had a lovely perusal. Like you, I will never tire of black, white and brick. Especially with well manicured landscape and perfect patina copper gutters with a gorgeous lantern to match…drooling. I enjoy this high contrast rendition of a timeless tile application- the bathroom as a whole, evokes simple elegance. The home office is a favorite this morning- the entire tour was bananas and I was thrilled to see such a collected and curated home. These terracotta stripes give me life. Who wouldn’t want to know what lays behind such a fantastic door? I’m certain the gardens of this home were featured in another 10 pins post, and having a peek at the interior is a treat. The hedge lined drive takes the top spot. This landscape tour was packed with elements of my outdoor dreams. A koi fish fountain? Swoon. I can appreciate the beauty of the marble against such a lovely shade of cabinetry. I love the wood tone grounding the space and being carried up the wall with the open shelving. Peggi brings up a point that I’d like your take on: is graphic marble trending or trendy? I definitely feel as though I’ve seen a growing movement towards these more dramatic stone applications, and I can’t help but wonder if it will be short lived, despite the timeless nature of natural stone. I thoroughly enjoyed the millwork featured throughout the Huntley House project. Exquisitely done at every turn! A freestanding shower?! Mind blown. I’ve never seen anything like it, and the bathroom as a whole is outstanding. You know I’m in love with terracotta floors- this bathroom is joyous! We have a couples date night at a food festival tomorrow, but the majority of the weekend will be pool setup in advance of the high heat coming next week. It’s finally feeling like summer and I’m not mad about the late night swims in my future. Cheers to a marvelous morning of inspiration and a fun weekend ahead; I hope you have so much fun with Laurie Anne this weekend! Puppy cuddles and bestie adventures abound I’m sure. You deserve the rest and relaxation. Xoxo

    1. Hi Lauren! Something about a classic brick exterior and English style landscaping… it gets me every time. SO pretty! Isn’t that home office tour incredible? The freestanding shower was mind boggling. I don’t know that I’ve seen one like that either. It’s also beginning to feel like summer here, too… no complaints because we’ve had such amazing mild spring weather. How was the food festival? That sounds like the perfect date night! Definitely something we would enjoy. We end up at food trucks often. Laurie Anne and I had the best time- I’m bummed it went so quick, but we made lots of good memories and were able to unplug. Hope you and the fam are having a fabulous day! xo

  3. Wowza! You have ended the week on interesting pins. The enclosed shower is incredible! I’ve never seen one like it! I too love the hedge entrance and the anticipation of what is beyond them. In 2 of the pins I noticed tables with beautiful tablecloths. The Huntley House was my favorite due to the millwork and floors. You definitely had me diving into seeing more of several of these.
    Enjoyed the entire post on recent pins. Hope you & Emmett enjoy your house guest and the weekend. We are trying to survive this extreme Texas heat! Happy Friday!

    1. Isn’t that shower beautiful? I loved that one too, Danna! I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and are staying cool! We’ve been having cooler than normal weather, which has been so nice- but I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to really heat up here in Utah this week. Have a great day, Danna! xo

  4. The 10 pins are definitely what daydreaming is all about Sarah! A classic black and white exterior is forever timeless and I love the gas lantern on this home 😍
    The neutral bathroom is incredibly pretty, what type of flooring do you think was used, it looks like it might be terrazzo? I do love the marble grey/white check tile, the drapes frame the tub so elegantly and I also prefer polished nickel for bathroom fixtures.
    I could also be very happy working in that home office, but I think your home office Sarah is a step above this one for me.
    The striped wallpaper is very eye catching entrance/dining room a fairytale cottage indeed. I love the floors actually and I’m hoping we can do floors like that at our cottage someday. I’m trying to determine if they can hold up in a three season with no heat in the winter. With the freeze and thaw, I’m not sure?
    That tree lined driveway is gorgeous. I’ve been trying to convince Andrew for almost 10 years to move out to wine country. I’ve dreamed of a custom home on acreage with a driveway just like that. Ugh! Home prices have skyrocketed so much here my dream is fading but who knows life works in mysterious ways sometimes ☺️
    That modern marble kitchen is killer but I’m questioning the decision of a shelf above a range under a range hood? I would gladly take everything else.
    Pools definitely scream summer and this one is super sophisticated and screams Luxury. Wow! We have been enjoying ours tremendously for the past month and it dials us down when stress levels are elevated. I did much dreaming of pools over the years and to now have one is amazing! You will have one someday Sarah , I’m sure of it 🥰 Have a fabulous weekend with your bestie! I’m on baby shower duty this weekend for decorating and attending. Should be fun 🥳 Happy Pizza Friday everyone!

    1. I totally agree, Colleen! I’d also love to have gas lanterns- so classic. I’m not sure about the bathroom floor… it could be large format stone (like tumbled limestone), terrazzo, or something else that is textural. It’s interesting! I thought the home office was super charming, though you know I love my own space so much. Ha! I bet the wood flooring would definitely hold up. It would warp and expand, but that just adds character. I think you’d just have to go in knowing it would take on that rustic, aged look. I love hearing about your dream of owning a home in wine country- such a gorgeous and dream area. Who knows what the future holds! What is about pools that instantly melts stress? I’m still making my case over here to Emmett, trying to convince him we should save up for one. Ha! Again… who knows what the future holds. Hope you had a fabulous weekend :)

  5. Are you even kidding me with the size of that shower enclosure? No real human could comfortably shower in that space. Beautiful? Yep. But never sacrifice function for beauty. Ever.