An Antique Addition for My Home Office

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comThis is a fun and exciting post, my friends. If you love vintage and good stories, you’re going to enjoy this one! Peggi tipped me off that there was a beautiful barley twist desk for sale in her Facebook Marketplace area. Although I already have a desk for my home office, you know my preference is always antique or vintage. I was intrigued, checked out the listing, and discovered the desk would be the perfect size for my space. The only problem? It was five and a half hours away in Boise. I somehow convinced Emmett that the stars aligned and this desk was meant to live in our home (not an easy job). If you want to hear the story, see more of my latest FBMP find & my plans for it, click on through! PS: please excuse my phone images, and photos pulled from the Facebook listing throughout this post- they’re not the best, but you’ll get the point!

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comAfter I discovered the desk would be a good fit for my office (see a peek of the design plan here), I immediately messaged the seller- her listing images are pictured above & below. She responded right away and despite the terrible timing, while our family was here visiting, I went ahead and paid in full to secure the piece. The seller was kind enough to hang onto it for me (a week and a half), until my mom left town and we were able to arrange a 12 hour road trip (there and back).

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comI had grand plans to lunch with Peggi and finally meet her in person, but the pickup time changed and I had obligations I previously committed to here in Salt Lake. However, I didn’t want to give up on the desk, so Emmett volunteered to make the road trip on his own. He drove 5+ hours last Saturday, camped in the Boise National Forest, and then proceeded with the desk pickup Sunday morning before trekking back home. What. A. Guy! It’s moments like this I think, “I truly married a good one!!” To be fair, it sounds like he had fun solo camping, as he sent me some gorgeous landscape photos…

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comHonestly, that’s a long drive for a FBMP find, and I wouldn’t have jumped or asked Emmett to go to the effort of driving and picking it up, if it weren’t such a cool piece. It perfectly fits my vision for the room and I’m daydreaming of work days spent sitting at that gorgeous desk, getting lots of accomplished. The best part? It came with a matching console table!! Check it out below. The seller told Emmett she bought the two separately, but they look like a perfect pair. I bought the pair for $450, which seemed very fair. The seller also noted that these pieces have moved with her multiple times… across 6-7 states. She bought the antique desk in the early 90’s and it has been with her ever since. It was obvious that these pieces meant a lot to her, so I hope we do them proud.

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comBoth pieces are in pretty good shape, and I want them both to live in my home office together. The wood on the desk is alright, but it definitely needs some repairs. I also envisioned a black desk in my design plan, so as beautiful as the wood is- I’m probably going to stain it the same color as our dining table (black), once we make the needed repairs. I think the high contrast will really emphasize the barley twist details and still allow the beautiful grain to shine through. A few drawers need fixed, the stretcher needs new dowels because it sags, and of course it will require a LOT of sanding, as there is surface damage. After seeing the result of our dining set, I’m pretty confident we can make it look as good as new. Isn’t the hardware lovely? That’s obviously staying as is.

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comIt was a couple long days of driving for Emmett, but I think the end result is going to be well worth his pickup effort (bless his heart). Have you ever road tripped for antiques or Facebook Marketplace finds? If so, how far is your limit? I always set the search parameter to 100+ miles, but that can be dangerous. It has to be something really impressive or a piece that perfectly fits for me to make a purchase that requires a long drive or a lot of effort.

An Antique Addition for My Home Office - roomfortuesday.comI need to work on an office renovation update for you! I’ll try to get that together for next week, so you can see where we’re at. Spoiler alert- we’re painting! I hope you all have a happy Tuesday and your week is going well so far. I just wanted to share these awesome finds in real time! Sometimes short & sweet posts are the best, right? Have a good one, and check out more barley twist eye candy below!

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  1. My dad drove his diesel-engine work truck 6 hours each way (from Jersey to Delaware and back) with me in the passenger seat to pick up *the best, most incredible* chartreuse-green MGBW sitting chairs. They are in mint condition and the seller was asking $400 for BOTH. They are to-date my favorite FBMP find, made more important to me by the time I spent with my dad driving through the gorgeous Delaware scenery and chatting about life. <3

    1. Britt, your dad is obviously a peach! Now you’ve got that lovely memory every time you sit in those spectacular chairs!😍 High fives all around.

    2. THIS. I loved reading this story, Britt. Thank you so much for sharing! Your chairs sound stunning and the best part is your lifelong memories you’ll have of that trip with your dad. My sophomore year of college, I moved out of the dorms into an apartment and needed a desk. I couldn’t afford much, but I’ll never forget my dad drove a couple hours with me to pickup a secondhand Ikea desk and he surprised me by paying for it, too. Even though it wasn’t an amazing vintage find, I still fondly remember our little road trip to grab that desk- especially since he’s no longer with us. AND- the best part of the story I definitely should have thought to include in this blog post, Emmett spontaneously ran into his dad during this adventure! His father is a truck driver (based in Indiana) and he was randomly on a route through Idaho. They were on the phone chatting and realized they were going to cross paths and ended up stopping to get lunch together! What are the odds? I feel like the entire situation was kismet. Thanks again for sharing this beautiful memory with your dad in Delaware. xox

  2. I **love** and admire this level of design and vintage commitment (one of the many reasons I {heart} this blog):

    “Peggi tipped me off that there was a beautiful barley twist desk for sale in her Facebook Marketplace area.” is followed up by “…we were able to arrange a 12 hour road trip (there and back).”

    And this desk was TOTALLY worth the drive! It’s gorgeous.

    This past weekend I scored an awesome MCM end table off Craig’s List – drive 40 minutes (the other side of our county!) at 8am on Saturday, saw it in person and right away bought it. It’s going to be perfect for my shop’s new lobby, resting between two vintage Steelcase chairs. I also love going second(or more)-hand for furniture b/c it’s earth-friendly.

    1. Aw, thank you Karen!! It’s all part of the fun and my passion for design. I have trouble letting things go once I get a vision and there was no way I could let these two beautiful pieces slip away. Emmett really made my month by volunteering to make the trip solo since I had other obligations. I’m incredibly excited to restore these to their former glory and put them to good use in my home office. It’s going to start moving along more quickly now and I’m excited to share the process with everyone. Kudos to you on your MCM end table find- it sounds like it will be perfect in your shop lobby! And excellent point about vintage furniture being sustainable and earth friendly… that’s another reason why I love it. Have a great day, Karen!

  3. Three cheers for Emmett!! The barley twist, that hardware and the V trim under the keyhole?! Love, love, love!! Of course I was bummed our lunch date got scuttled, but my main focus was that you secured that perfect desk! I’m glad you scored the console table, too. Your office is going to be magical. Unique vintage items make a space, imho; certainly worth a beautiful drive.😉 Because I always have to arrange truck assistance from a friend, I haven’t ever travelled farther than the hour to Boise for a treasure. I’d probably be dangerous if suddenly Portland, Seattle and SLC came into my search range! As your story illustrates though, the adventure and associated stories are an important part of the vintage experience! Here’s to Tuesday and painting progress! Vegetable harvesting and a giant batch of vegan enchiladas are on my agenda.💜💪🏻

    1. Yes!! Amazing teamwork all around, and thank YOU Peggi! Emmett is going to see if anyone in the cabinetry industry he knows can make us a custom skeleton key for the desk. The seller didn’t have the original key and the lock function is really cool. Here’s to hoping we can have a future lunch date and go thrifting together someday. Emmett was very impressed with the beautiful landscape in Boise and said he really enjoyed camping there! Vintage items really do make a space and I’m over the moon about these two. You’re smack dab in the middle of the best cities! Can you imagine the thrifting danger you’d be in if you expanded your search parameter? Haha! If you ever spy something in SLC, you let me know and I’ll pick it up for you. Have a super fun day in the garden and kitchen making those delicious vegan enchiladas. I might need that recipe :) xo

  4. Yaaaass!! This is exactly what I pictured you’d land on for a desk-Peggi, great work moving on that tip so quickly! It’s stunning-every last detail…the hardware😍, the perfect twist legs😍😍, the detail on the drawer fronts😍😍😍…Emmett is the real MVP. I’m excited to see this piece take on a new life. Honestly the furthest I’ve traveled for a FBMP find was for the lamp from your Riverside post—three hours round trip after school, and before a few appointments, but it was worth it! We use that lamp daily, and despite Jeff’s initial hesitation, he loves it now. I’ve been meaning to check FBMP this week-this post has me itching to dive in. I’m equally excited to see the office come together. What an exciting story time this morning! It’s a stormy day over here; here’s to Tuesday and hoping the cool weather has made its way to you as well!

    1. I’m all about your excitement, Lauren!! That was my level of stoked. Hah! It really is exactly what I had pictured for the space, and I think it’s going to be stunning in black. Kudos to Peggi for sharing the listing, and giant thank you to Emmett for spending his weekend to road trip for these beauties. It was a long haul, but I really didn’t want to let them slip away. I love hearing that you and Jeff are both really happy with that gorgeous lamp of yours- it’s so cool. I haven’t had a good FBMP find in awhile, so this felt like a big win. Enjoy your stormy weather! It’s still hot here, but I’m crossing my fingers we get a cool front soon. We’re actually headed to the CA coast this weekend to celebrate our anniversary, so maybe it will stick around for us! Have a fantastic day :) xo

      1. When you say the coast do you mean Northern, Central, or Southern? Because if we’re talking Central Cali coast—-you’re going to be in the GOLD MINE of vintage/antique/boutique shopping…and the art galleries😱😱 Do tell lady!!

        1. SF and then Moss Beach area! I wish had time to go thrifting and vintage shopping, but we’re just hopping a quick flight. We were supposed to celebrate in Alaska, but it got cancelled, so we improvised with a quick trip to Cali :) I feel like I need to make a list of your favorite CA stops and plan a future trip!!

  5. Wow! What a find 😍 Those pieces will be absolutely stunning in your office. I’m quite enviable of the gorgeous antiques that can be found in the US, here in Canada you would have to pay a small fortune for pieces of that caliber. Yo definitely wouldn’t find them on FBMP they would be attainable through a high end antiques shop and would be selling for big bucks. I’m so thrilled for you and way to go Peggi for that amazing thrift tip. But major gratitude to Emmett for making that drive to get that amazing desk for you ❤️ You are one lucky lady 😉 But I’m pretty sure you know that already. And to come back with a bonus piece too! Amazing 🤩
    The anticipation for this office reveal is building, I’m getting super excited 🥳
    Have a Super terrific Tuesday!

    1. Thanks, Colleen! I’ve always wondered what the antique or vintage scene is like in Canada. It’s a bummer you’re not able to find as much secondhand… or at least without a really high price tag. I’m definitely sending a big thank you to Peggi for finding these two pieces for me. They’re so perfect for my space. Emmett really took one for the team making that drive… I really appreciated that. He’s definitely a keeper. Haha! We’re going to start installing the office built-ins in mid September, so I think things will begin to take shape here shortly. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  6. Wowzers! These pieces are going to be awesome in your office!! Even more special that Peggi knew they would be such a good fit for you.

    I found a 100 year old secretary for my daughter’s room makeover that was a five hour trip one way. Too far, but my husband and I made the trip together. The piece is just what we wanted for her space. She loved it, and we met a nice couple who were happy to see it come live with us.

    Kudos to Emmett! He’s definitely a keeper!

    1. Thanks so much, Mindy! I love hearing that you took a similar trip for your daughter’s secretary- which sounds stunning, by the way :) The special pieces are worth it!

  7. Jennifer Laura says:

    Such a beautiful piece and amazing that he was willing to make that long drive for you! I just posted a REEL on instagram about this very thing today- my husband is usually still willing to pick up my finds “on his way to work” in quotations because it’s never actually on his way- haha!!

    1. Thank you!! Husbands who don’t complain about our thrifting habits and are willing to do the heavy lifting… what more could we ask for? Haha!! In all seriousness- it’s so sweet of them. I love that you have a partner that is willing to do the same :)

  8. Melissa D says:

    Oh my, that desk is STUNNING. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I love the matching end table too. The farthest I’ve travelled for FBMP was 5 hours round trip – but it was worth it to get the antique settee for our front entry/hall. That piece 100% makes the room and we snuck in a lunch date with one of my old school friends too, so it was totally worth the drive! Emmett’s photos from camping are beautiful. Don’t you just love it when things (like meeting his dad for lunch) seem to work out in ways you wouldn’t expect?

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I’m definitely with you- it’s the best when things have a way of working out and the trip includes fun memories, in addition to a great find :) Your antique settee sounds gorgeous! Hope you’re having a great week! xo

  9. Cheri Walker says:

    Hi – can you please share where the horse art in your office is from? Gorgeous room!