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January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Good day, design friends! Peggi here. How have you been? I hope you are feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready(ish?) to tackle 2022! Today I’m sharing a January moodboard that might surprise Room For Tuesday regulars accustomed to the blues and greens we all favor. This month I’m feeling burgundy! The deep, dark red offers a vibrant counterpoint to the snowy white and foggy gray of early winter. Folks born in January may recognize the hue of their beautiful garnet birthstone, said to balance energy and promote courage and hope. Sounds perfect for a new year, right? The rest of us can incorporate this powerful color for the warmth, richness and dignified drama it brings to interiors. Are you ready for a little bold January inspiration? Click through for lots of burgundy goodness!

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Burgundy, maroon, wine, garnet, brick, ruby, claret…puce? Whatever name you use, this strong, brownish red works in many contexts. Dark, glossy library built-ins and a perfectly-warn Persian rug are a winning combination. Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book? Burgundy wainscoting could offer a new slant on the traditional red dining room; just add candlelight and your favorite people. What about a sumptuous burgundy bedroom, complete with glorious drapes and an extravagant canopy? While these spaces want the cozy cocooning quality of this shade, burgundy adds to other areas, as well. It provides a grounding element in large open spaces or a striking focal point in lighter rooms. Just look at the luxurious velvet sofa and the stunning French range in these images to see what I mean.

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Now for the fun part! Check out my moodboard and then see which items I’m coveting!

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… 


01: burgundy range  // 02: dutch oven // 03: embroidered pillow // 04: ming chest // 05: wallpaper// 06: vintage vanity set // 07: appetizer platter// 08: velvet chair// 09: bath towels// 10: leather and brass lamps// 11: floral hand towel //

Phew. For the record, I would own every single item in this collage, but I will narrow down my favorites to three. Wait, four. We’ve been discussing ranges lately, so I had to include this smashing example. If you would like to see it in an actual kitchen, check out Shavonda’s instagram. The incredible pair of lamps is more traditional than my typical taste, but the leather shades grabbed me. (See previously discussed lampshade obsession.) I have yet to use wallpaper in my home because indecisive, but I can’t resist a classic William Morris print. That palette! The piece I’m craziest about though is that grasscloth-covered chest! I envision it in an entry, a dining room, a bedroom-such a versatile size, and the texture! Eep. Does anything strike your fancy?

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Full disclosure: my home sings with color, and I’m naturally fearless about embracing new shades. I get most excited about interesting pairings, so let’s delve into that! The simplest mix is probably white, ivory, gray, brass and light-medium toned woods like the kitchen and bar images above. Burgundy integrates seamlessly with neutrals. In fact, I think its darkest iterations can act as a black or brown substitute. For a more vibrant look, try a complementary scheme with blues or greens. Note the blue books on the library shelves and the soft blue of the Gil Schafer bedroom. Pretty, right? The wallpaper from the collage has both a dusty blue and muted sage tones. Those of you old enough to bear the scars of 90s burgundy and hunter green, have no fear! Olives and muddier shades are the modern antidote. Although I adore a burgundy/blue match, the ultimate combination for me is burgundy, tomato red and orange. The subtle tension and zing in this analogous arrangement is glorious! See the burgundy sofa, orange rug and nutmeg pillow? How about the canopy and coverlet situation above? Dreamy. Honestly, burgundy plays well with everything.

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Maybe you’re not *quite* ready for the commitment of burgundy walls. I hear you. Luckily, this gorgeous shade packs design power even in small doses. In the image below, I count six hits of burgundy that really animate the design; can you find them all? (I wish I could put the answers upside down at the bottom of the post. Ha!)

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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If you’re still a little hesitant about such an audacious choice, create a luscious (but fleeting) floral arrangement! The single specimen bouquet below could not be simpler, but what impact. Also, note the lovely burgundy tablecloth and chair cushions for temporary burgundy flair-again with the dazzling blue accents. I also spy a delicate burgundy sconce on the wall!

January Moodboard-roomfortuesday.com
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Well? Do you share my burgundy crush? Can you imagine a spot for it in your home? I know shades of red can seem intimidating, but I find the deep tones more forgiving. Do you agree? Color fascinates me and can be so polarizing! We’re all friends here, so share your thoughts in the comments! Reading them always makes my day. Until next time, friends.

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  1. I’m totally with ya Peggy! Woohoo 🥳 Honestly I love all jewel tones and have to live with color. I totally dig the burgundy 😍 For me red represents life, passion, excitement, celebration and of course love ❤️ ☺️
    In our last home I had red accents in pillows, rugs and throws. But I’ve always dreamed of having a dining room drenched in red. Burgundy would also fulfill that dream but we have never lived in a house with a enclosed dining room with beautiful French doors (oh yeah French doors were in my dream too 😉) you’ve ignited me this morning, ha! I brought all the red stuff to our cottage because it looks amazing against all the wood walls there.
    All the pics in this post floats my design boat and you know I’m a lover of blues and greens. They keep me calm but red I also adore. It creates energy and gives me a boost when I see it. Thanks so much for reminding me of my love of red. I’m recovering a chair from the cottage that red would be perfect for. Yay! Have a super amazing and energetic day 💃

    1. Good morning, Colleen! Glad to know I’m in such fine company with my love of color! I’m swooning over your dream of a red dining room with French doors; I can envision it perfectly! (I think the French doors in Sarah’s office put them on my radar again!) Every time you mention your cottage, I wish I could see it! I bet the red looks fab with the wood. Now you’ve got me curious about the chair you’re recovering! I have a terrible time making decisions about fabric (too many amazing options!), but I sure love to look. Ha. Thank you for stopping by this morning! I hope your day is spectacular, friend!!

  2. What a fine day for a mood board by Peggi! I have quite the love affair with burgundy-especially it’s deepest iterations. The jewel tone version in the library is stunning, and who would be able to resist the bedroom with that canopy? I am partial to warmer toned burgundy paired with a deep navy-a palette previously featured in our primary bedroom. This house lends itself best to an overall light and airy color experience, but I can envision pops of burgundy and burnt sienna featuring well. You have my wheels turning this morning! The roundup is stupendous by the way, and I’d be thrilled with the Ming chest, the burgundy and brass lamp pair, and the velvet chair. The hand towel quite speaks to me as well. I hope your year is off to a fantastic start Peggi. We’re all sidelined in quarantine over here, waiting on test results to come back. It’s been a sore, sleepy, temperature riddled week so far, but despite that we are well, and counting our blessings. Have a great day! Xo

    1. Good morning, friend! I’m SO sorry you guys have been sick! I hope you are able to get lots of rest. I, too, love the deepest burgundy accented with multiple shades of blue. In fact, I’m toying with adding burgundy to our currently dark blue bedroom. Pops of burgundy and burnt sienna seem tailor-made for a Spanish style home…am I remembering correctly that your home has a Spanish flavor? I love that we dig some of the same collage items; I’m giving you a virtual design high five. So far, my January has been quiet, and I’m not mad about it. Thanks for taking the time to stop in! Sending you strong, healthy vibes, Lauren!💜

      1. Your memory serves you well Peggi! We always have quite a few collage matches, so the virtual high five is coming your way too! I love the idea of you adding the burgundy into your blue room-and those deeper toned hues just remind me so much of leather. I can picture it. Ahhh…soothing. A welcome mental retreat from the current status quo. It hasn’t been too bad-it comes and goes in waves. For the most part, we’re all functional, until we’re not. lol. Tons of rest this week. And online shopping😉Ha! Thank you for the healthy vibes friend!💜

  3. I couldn’t love this color more, Peggi! You’re making me want some burgundy in my life. Naturally, I’m digging all of your finds. Thanks for a stellar roundup and fun January moodboard packed full of inspiration. I hope everyone has an awesome day! xo

    1. Good morning and thank you, Sarah! I’m so pleased you like the post. Once I started searching for burgundy inspiration, I couldn’t stop! Ha! I hope your Wednesday is amazing!💜

  4. I love this post Peggi! Your writing just makes me so happy. First it was snakes and now you have me looking for ways to incorporate burgundy. You are quite persuasive. Lol.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hello, Traci! Aren’t you the sweetest! I’m so so pleased you enjoyed the post. I sincerely love being able to share ideas that excite me. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I promise to only use my powers of persuasion for good. ;-) I hope your day was lovely!💜

  5. I apologize for responding late to this good roundup. Nothing like a stomach bug to take you down for a day.
    Once upon a time burgundy was thriving big time in my home, wardrobe, car, etc. and then it disappeared. Interesting! Nowadays, I am looking for it in collegiate form since both my kids go to colleges with burgundy as their color. If I was to pull the color back into my home I would have to go with #4 the gorgeous ming chest. Its stunning! I do not own a dutch oven but have wanted one for some time and the Staub grenadine one is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, The Makerista’s library is just that.
    Great roundup Peggi. Again, sorry for late response. You have me thinking about burgundy in a new way again. Hope your week is going well and the kiddos are treating you kindly.

    1. Hello Danna! Ugh, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Not the nicest way to begin a new year. Isn’t it funny how colors come in and out of our sphere? I enjoy lots of color, but I do find my tastes meandering. Seasons of the year, seasons of life. You know. I also had a burgundy collegiate experience (Sun Devil!); surely you can rock some Mom gear! As I mentioned, that chest is my favorite from the round-up, so I applaud your fine taste:-) I also adore the grenadine color of the Staub. Honestly, all of the enameled cast iron lines these days have the dreamiest colors! I would have a difficult time choosing. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in, and I hope you are well on the mend! 💜

  6. I love the color of the library! what is the actual color and where do I get it?? I was looking for inspiration for our new farmhouse study. it reminds me of the color of prickly pears that grow on the cactus.