Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comI accidentally skipped last month’s Facebook Marketplace Finds post, so it was fun to dive in and comb through marketplace for treasures this week. I missed it! If you live in Washington DC or the surrounding cities, this post is for you! I found so many gorgeous things. I hope you know how lucky you are to be living in the FBMP mecca of beautiful (quality) furniture and home decor. Ha! It really is a gold mine on the east coast. I’m envious. Click through to see what I found! 

*Photo disclaimer… I pulled the following images directly from Facebook Marketplace, so the size and quality of some isn’t the best. Ready to see my finds?

Mahogany Corner Storage

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comThis cutie is listed at $125, which feels like a very fair price. Of course I love the tassel detail and how it effectively uses the negative corner space. The curvy shape is also really nice, and it feels like a timeless traditional piece that won’t go out of style.

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Iron & Marble Bakers Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comOk- this is my favorite find from today’s post! The photos are terrible, but you have to click through to see the iron base. I can’t believe this heavy marble pastry table is priced at $315, when these sell for over a thousand dollars. What a steal! Someone grab this thing… if I were closer, I certainly would. If it weren’t so heavy, I’d probably try to arrange shipping. It’s gorgeous!

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Box Pleated Skirted Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comFunny that we were JUST talking about these yesterday (read that post here)! This skirted table is super high end and it shows (helllllo Cowtan & Tout fabric)… and the price also reflects that. I do think it’s still a decent deal, and there is probably some room to negotiate. I’d offer $1500 and see what happens, because FBMP is usually not the market for something like this at that price point. You never know!

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Hickory Chair Bench Seat Sofa

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comFREE!! There are two Hickory Chair (very high-end, heirloom quality furniture) pieces and they are both free. Sure- they could use updated upholstery, but I’m telling you- the frames are in fantastic shape and Hickory Chair pieces are built to last forever. This bench seat sofa would be one I keep for a lifetime (with a change of fabric, of course). These moving sale listings are the best because you can usually find more things when you go to pickup an item!

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Cane Armchairs

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comThese chairs felt really quirky, unique, and special. We see a lot of cane furniture, but these are so cool and designerly! I love the shape, the rounded back, and the contrast frame. They’re vintage Maitland Smith (another high end brand) and again- the price tag reflects that. $825 for all four chairs doesn’t seem too terrible, but I’m willing to bet you can negotiate! It’s a dealer and they’ve already been listed for two weeks. Can’t you just envision these around a charming breakfast nook?

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Marble Pedestal

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comI’ve had pedestals on the brain lately and this marble beauty has a gorgeous shape and would be the perfect base for a special piece of sculptural art, a plant, or floral arrangement. It’s listed at $200, but has been on the market for three weeks. I’d offer $150 and see if they bite. Oddly enough, there was a very similar pedestal at an estate sale I went to last week, and the price tag was $600. Yikes! I wanted it so badly, but wasn’t going to pay that. This feels like a deal in comparison. Ha!

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Duncan Phyfe Demilune Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comYou know I love a demilune! This is a stunning, high end Duncan Phyfe table and what a deal- it’s priced at $150 and was just listed. I’m guessing it won’t last long! I love the little brass claw feet. It’s in mint condition, too.

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Camel Back Settee

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comThis camel back settee just feels happy! Take it out of the loud context and it could fit into lots of places. My mind went to a sweet kids room. Couldn’t you see this little piece nestled in front of a window or at the foot of a bed? I think the creamsicle color led me to that charming vision. It could also feel more sophisticated and chic with a fabric change. It’s priced to sell at $150! I think this is another one that will go fast.

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Marble Top Antique Dresser

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comFor $200, this beautiful marble top antique dresser could be yours. I think this would be perfectly classic if you modified it as a bathroom vanity with a sink. Couldn’t you see that?! It definitely has a timeless aesthetic.

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Traditional Side Table

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Washington DC - roomfortuesday.comLast, but not least… this traditional side table caught my attention. It’s only $10! I love the delicate leg style and warm wood tone. It looks like an expensive piece and would pair well with any aesthetic.

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That concludes this month’s Facebook Finds! I promise to remember to share another one of these next month…. and be sure to let me know which city to scour next in the comment section below. I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead! Our plan is to cross some projects off the list and get some work done since it has been so hot outside lately. Are you feeling the heat wave where you’re located? I’m not cut out for these insane temperatures. Whew! See you back here on Monday? Cheers to pizza tomorrow and a productive & fun weekend around the corner.

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    1. Ooh, that would be a fun one! Thanks Robin

  1. WOW. The east coast really IS the best for antiquing, so I’m not surprised that the DC fbmp is a gold mine. That marble baker’s table is special! The oval shape and intricate base are an obvious yes! I scrolled to the skirted table image and thought I had accidentally clicked over to yesterday’s post! Haha. I am surprisingly not into fringe (sorry, Lauren!), but I love the Greek key and the welt detail-definitely top quality! FREE? Hickory chair pieces? Bananas. I feel like $200 for that marble pedestal is fair; I’ve been searching for ages, and they never come up around here. Can’t go wrong with a beautifully detailed demilune…especially for $150! I’m on the fence about the creamsicle settee; I feel like I could love-or hate- the color! I’d have to see that one in person. I can absolutely see that marble-top dresser as a vanity! Question: do stone yards readily cut pieces brought in by customers? (Not a fan of vessel sinks…) The delicate fluting on that little table is super charming! Even with the repair, I’d snap that up. Lastly, those cane chairs. They might be the most amazing dining chairs I have ever seen. The round, graphic backs are giving me African shield vibes. The contrasting frame and curvy arms. Dead. I would hoard them and search for a home with a breakfast nook just to use them. I’m going to be dreaming about these chairs. And do you spy the 2 barley twist pieces in the back? That warehouse looks like a must-visit! What a spectacular Marketplace selection! Now to go see what mine looks like.
    We leave tomorrow for Memphis, so our pizza Friday will be in the Dallas airport? We are excited for an adventure, though! Even if it might be hot, sticky and rainy. I’d love to hear any recommendation for the area! Stay cool, friends!💜🔥

    1. Right? My thoughts exactly! I want that bakers table so badly. I’m envisioning it in my kitchen in place of our little cart. If only I were closer. I can’t believe those Hickory Chair pieces were FREE! I would’ve snatched those up. You can definitely have a stone yard cut marble for you… most have their own fabrication team, but if not- you’d need to find a stone fabricator. I was definitely thinking an undermount sink (rather than a vessel). I’m with you- vessel sinks are not my jam. Aren’t those cane chairs the coolest?! I loved them. I did spy the barley twist pieces- I actually saved 3-4 barley twist pieces in DC that didn’t make the cut for the post. I should’ve just included them anyway, but it was getting long. I wish we all lived closer so we could have thrifting and antiquing days. Have a wonderful trip!! I haven’t been to Memphis in over a decade (so my recs are probably outdated),BUT- definitely check out this post I found- it seems spot on: https://ilovememphisblog.com/memphischeatsheet

    1. Added to the list! Thanks Maria!

  2. I really enjoy your FBMP posts. Would love if you would do one for the Boise ID market.

    1. Thanks, Joni! I love hearing that :) I just added Boise to my list!

  3. Holy Moses!!! DC does not disappoint! 😩😩 Why do we not live on the east coast?? Does anyone think Jeff would go for an east coast move based solely on awesome furniture selections on FBMP?? 😂🤣 I’m only halfway kidding.
    The corner table is quite unique and that tassel is just the sweet icing on top. This could be placed anywhere! It’s adorable. I thought of Peggi instantly with the bakers table-that is such a unique find. It looks to be in beautiful condition too. My favorite of the entire post…the skirted table! Sarah why do you get me addicted to things I didn’t know I wanted?? 😂🤣 It’s a real problem, lol. How good is this one though?? I’m picturing your entryway- I mean, that blue is your signature, plus the Greek key detail, and my all time favorite, bullion fringe 😍😍 (I still love you Peggi hehe)…It’s glorious!! Did anyone else peep the sisal runner going down the stairs?? This entire photo screams Sarah entryway vibes, right down to the oversized bust. What a showstopper!!
    I think I’ve come to the dark side with Peggi, fantasizing about those cane chairs, and buying a property simply to store magnificent furniture finds. Haha! Seriously though, how cool and unique is that shape? Breakfast nook seating, yes please! The marble pedestal is truly splendid. My area has a ton of plaster pedestals from Palm Springs, never marble. This thing is downright awesome! The demilune table is superb as well. I’m loving the brass feet, and the rich wood tone. I’m in agreement on the settee Sarah; that creamsicle color would be perfect for a kids bedroom. Is it velvet? Mohair? Either way it’s lovely with the camel back. The marble top dresser is dreamy as is, but as a bathroom vanity, hell yes! I’d modify the top drawer to a flip down with a tray, just to have the ability to use a drop in sink. I’m not quite there on the side table. It’s a cutie, and I’m digging the details, but it looks to be sitting wonky. For $10 though? Perhaps taking it to a reputable wood worker to fix would be worth it.
    I’m with you on the heat Sarah-I’m not built for this. Lol. We’re cooling down to 100 today…that feels like a crime to say. I’ll be with you all in spirit for pizza night; no way am I heating up the oven tomorrow. This is a great argument for an outdoor pizza oven in the making. Haha! I hope you all stay as cool as cucumbers this weekend, and I hope it’s both productive and relaxing! I’m off to dream and drool over the skirted table…outstanding finds today!

    1. DC was a goldmine, for sure! I’m asking myself the same thing… why don’t we live on the east coast? At least we don’t have the humidity (silver lining), ha! I wish the bakers table was closer- I feel like it would make a great island in my kitchen. The skirted table addiction is real… I’m in the same boat (sorry). I like alll of the fun trim details: greek key, appliqué, fringe, etc. More is more! I also loved that entire image. Those chairs felt really unique and special to me. Ooooh, a plaster pedestal sounds beautiful too! I’m not sure what the settee material is, but how cute would that be in a girls room? Darling! I was definitely think an undermount drop-in sink on the marble dresser. It’s so gorgeous! Sorry you’re in the heatwave, too. Our dogs didn’t even want to go outside today. Ha! I don’t blame them. It’s a furnace out there. Confession- we actually ended up having pizza yesterday… it was celebratory pizza for Jordan’s birthday (our right hand Tuesday Made team member)- her pick and I will never argue with pizza! Sooo we may do something else tomorrow, or who knows- double pizza week if we’re feeling wild. Ha! Hope you have an awesome weekend! Here’s to hoping it’s a little cooler. xo

  4. Elizabeth says:

    You have the best eye! I love all these, especially the cane chairs and the skirted table. I vote for Westport, CT or NYC next..

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Aren’t those cane chairs so beautiful? And you already know I love the skirted table. Thanks again for such a fun design chat yesterday :) Adding Wesport and NYC to my list. Have a good night!

  5. I love the FBMP posts and this one did not disappoint (especially because DC is my city – I was so excited to see it featured when I opened my inbox today!!) Now, which piece to go for :)

    1. Yesss!! Let me know if you’re able to snag anything, Amanda :) Have an amazing weekend ahead! xo

  6. Unfortunately, many of these items are pretty far outside of DC… the three items that I clicked on were in Delaware, West Virginia, and then more than two hours southwest of DC. Do you set a mile radius on your searches?

    1. I always set the max radius for my searches so it encompasses surrounding cities. If there is something amazing, I’m always willing to drive for it! I believe it’s a 100 mile radius.

      1. That’s helpful to know, thank you!

  7. Gah, what an incredible post to come back to! So excited you searched one of old haunts, but I would give up alllll the FBMP to not have the dripping humidity I grew up with so I’m VERY happy to be out here! I SO wish you could score that bakers table-that would be an incredible island and so, so beautiful in your kitchen, Sarah. It does make me wonder what something like that would cost to ship, I’m assuming freight…? And I totally didn’t like the color on the settee until you called it creamsicle. Now I love it. I’m with Lauren, you really need to stop getting me to want things I didn’t know I’d ever want! 😂 Ugh, yes, this heat wave is the worst. We went out last night with friends (yea, for going out!!!) and it was a “chilly” 88 degrees out and it actually felt glorious. Here’s hoping for a bit cooler temps soon!

    1. Hi Anne! I’m with you on the humidity. Haha! You can hire a transport company (usually freight), sometimes the sellers can also use Greyhound and you just pick it up at your local station. I’ve done that with dining chairs in the past and it’s usually pretty cost effective for big items. I think the settee sold- I had a feeling that little creamsicle cutie would go fast ;) Yay for going out again! We’re currently in quarantine because we leave for vacation next week, but it has been fun to catch up with friends, eat out, and really enjoy the summer in ways we missed last year. Here’s to hoping the temps cool a bit. I did see next week we’re going to be in the 100s again. Ooof! Like Colorado, we usually have cool nights here thanks to the altitude. The afternoons have been blistering though. Hope you’re having an awesome weekend!! Good to hear from you! xox

  8. Well looky here, this is my neighborhood! Off to look at these posts! Thanks!

    1. Yay!! I hope you were able to find some fun things, or at least help the algorithm for your next search, Ashley :)