My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale

My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale - roomfortuesday.comThere are some BIG sales happening today and tomorrow, as you might already know! One brand I’ve been shopping and perusing a lot lately is Birch Lane- which feels very classic and lasting to me. You can currently grab up to 50% off during their Sitewide Sale– but only for 48 hours! The sale lasts two days only- today and tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of savings if you’re tackling home projects this summer. During the sale, everything also ships for free! I combed through their ENTIRE site this week to share my personal picks. Click through if you want to see what items caught my attention (they usually sell out quickly)… you’ll also notice quite a few things in my house are on major sale in the roundups below.

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Ready to see what I dug up? Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale

01: colonna fountain // 02: outdoor lumbar pillows // 03: planter // 04: outdoor sectional // 05: patio umbrella // 06: exterior lantern // 07: outdoor chaise // 08: outdoor loveseat // 09: monogrammed doormat // 10: concrete fountain // 11: exterior porch light // 12: exterior light

You know I love a classic monogrammed doormat (#9). I also didn’t realize I wanted a fountain for our backyard or garden… until now! Both fountains (#1 and #10) have me smitten. They’re so charming and have a Tuscan feel to them. I’m convinced everything in this roundup will withstand the test of time- classic and timeless outdoor pieces you’ll love for years to come. That’s always the goal!


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale -

01: widespread faucet // 02: towel set // 03: marble vanity set // 04: mosaic tile // 05: wall mounted faucet // 06: cotton bath robe // 07: faceted wall mirror // 08: double vanity set // 09: shower trim // 10: bath mat // 11: brass mirror // 12: soaking tub // 13: shower curtain

There are also lots of beautiful bathroom items on sale. Some of them you’ll notice from our guest bath (like #1 and #9). There were some beautiful readymade vanities that look pretty high-end… give me all the marble!


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale -

01: widespread faucet // 02: utensil set // 03: counter stool // 04: french kitchen island // 05: all clad cookware set // 06: blue & white pitcher // 07: storage cabinet // 08: tuscan dinnerware set // 09: bridge faucet // 10: marble kitchen cart

The kitchen section was REALLY good. Our beloved All Clad cookware set (#5) never goes on sale, so it was great to see that on the site (with free shipping). I’m also tempted to pull the trigger on either of the kitchen island carts (#4 or #10). The shape and size would fit our kitchen really nicely!


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale -

01: upholstered bed // 02: sheet set // 03: nightstand // 04: dresser // 05: down pillow // 06: down comforter // 07: memory foam pillow // 08: duvet set // 09: vanity set

Bedroom furniture and decor was another success! I uncovered some really gorgeous pieces. The one that pleasantly surprised me? The vanity set (#9)! The lines and details are stunning… it looks like a high-end designer piece of furniture. I’d probably reupholster the vanity stool, but it’s functional and incredibly beautiful. That set would be lovely styled in a bedroom, large primary bath, or walk-in closet.


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale -

01: armchair // 02: footed bowl // 03: wool rug // 04: wood coffee table // 05: pattern sisal wallpaper // 06: stoneware vase // 07: grasscloth wallpaper // 08: striped throw // 09: coffee table // 10: wool rug // 11: floor vase // 12: oversized basket

As for furniture and decor, I was excited to find two really great wallpaper options (#5 and #7). There were also some beautiful textiles and accessories to be found. The scale of the floor vase (#11) also intrigues me- it’s such a good size.


My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale -

01: pleated sconce // 02: chandelier // 03: arched table lamp // 04: table lamp // 05: modern sconce // 06: pendant // 07: polished nickel sconce // 08: task lamp // 09: hinge arm sconce // 10: double sconce

From floor lamps & chandeliers to sconces & pendants, the lighting section was another gold mine. I’ve found Birch Lane to have some really sophisticated lighting profiles with nice finishes. They rival the expensive designer brands!

My Picks from the Birch Lane Sitewide Sale - roomfortuesday.comIf you grab anything from the big sales, I’d love to hear what you score! I spent the past week pulling all of these finds together and I’ll definitely be doing some shopping myself. I’ll be sure to share my haul with you. I hope you’re having a good week so far! It has been a busy one over here, but it’s flying by. I’m wrapping up some fun photoshoots I can’t wait to share with you! They’ve been good exercises to stretch my creative muscles. I’m finally feeling motivated to finish my home office design plan!

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  1. Whoa. That’s a lot of great finds! I forget that Wayfair has a group of outlets; I’m not even sure I have ever looked at Birch Lane? That classic outdoor loveseat looks like a match for the chairs you made over. Cherish my All Clad! Ooooh! That marble-topped kitchen cart is dreamy! Look at all those shelves. I’ve really been attracted to that style of armchair with the sculptural frame. Similar to a barley twist, but not. Does it have a name? Would that be British colonial style? Or am I way off? That patterned sisal wallpaper is amazing! A quick search of the site yielded a new Sunbrella chaise cushion for me. My current one was given a Jason makeover…grrr. (You better believe it’s coming out of his allowance!) Another morning in the garden for me; got to figure out the drip system, but the plants are nearly all in! Here’s to a fabulous Wednesday! 💜
    PS How about that spectacular Scorpio moon?!

    1. I feel like it’s one most people don’t think of first when it comes to Wayfair. The outdoor patio furniture really would fit so nicely with my thrifted chairs! All Clad truly is the best. I think we’ll have our set for life, and we use it every single day. I’m not sure about the name of the chair, but now I need to dig in and do some research. I feel like that’s something I should know. Ha! Yay for your new Sunbrella cushion, but boo for Jason giving it makeover. Lol!! Tell him he has to start earning his keep or stop destroying your stuff. We discovered that a large section of our grass in the backyard (from the sod we installed last summer) is not coming back thanks to Cash & Crosby ripping around and chasing each other so fast. Ugh. I feel like we’ll never have a pretty, lush yard. I hope the drip system is going well today- amazing work on getting all of your plants in. I’m loving the Scorpio moon!!

      1. The chair style is called “Jenny Lind” I believe :)

        1. Ahhh!! Thank you, Shar! I loved learning that today :) I appreciate you taking the time to share.

  2. I was scouring the site last night wondering if we would see a roundup this morning! I’m in love with both of those fountains! And the outdoor loveseat and chaise look like the perfect match to the set you refurbished! I adore the classic shape of them both! I’m adoring that chic shower curtain-so subtle and beautiful! The French island is gorgeous!! Had I the space, something like this would be my preference for our kitchen. The blue and white pitcher is also stunning! The floor vase takes the blue and white cake though!! 😍😍 I’m so smitten with that arched table lamp (way beyond my price point), but you better believe I’ll be looking for a shape like that to add somewhere in our house. Stunning roundups! I’ll be sure to share what I score! Most likely it will be a new dresser for Brooke, but still fun to shop for all the things! Have a wonderful Wednesday! PS Peggi: that Scorpio moon is gorgeous but it’s putting me through the ringer mentally this week!

    1. Yes! I’ve been slowly saving all of these things onto my wishlist. Aren’t those fountains incredible? I didn’t think I was a fountain person until I stumbled across those. I think I’m going to grab one of the islands for our kitchen… I just can’t decide which one. I also really liked the scale of the floor vase. I think the table lamp is the smaller version of the one I have in my formal living room. Maybe I can find something close with a similar shape! I hope you’re able to find a dresser for Brooke’s room! I’m loving the Scorpio moon (but I’m a Scorpio, haha). I feel like I’ve had good energy all week. Ha! Hope you’re having a good day, Lauren :)

      1. I’m putting in my vote now for #4 in your roundup! I can easily see that sitting in your kitchen. None of my favorite picks for Brooke are included in the sale-so I’m now pounding my head against the wall for curtain rods. Lol.

  3. Jennifer Laura says:

    These are such stunning pieces- that outdoor sofa is gorgeous!

    1. I loved that one too, Jennifer! Hope you’re having a great day :)