5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comHi friends, how are you doing? I feel like I need to check in to see how everyone is holding up during these crazy times. I know most of us are social distancing and sheltering in place…. spending all this time at home really changes our perspective, doesn’t it? I think it’s so important to focus on ways to love being home right now while we ride this out. Emmett and I have been trying to make the most of this and take it as an opportunity to spend quality time together, tackle projects we’ve been putting off, and focus on better self care. I spend a lot of time at home anyway, and I work from home (I’m so thankful my small business is doing ok- thanks to YOU), but I often think about everyone who is adjusting to a “new normal” these days. It had me thinking about how now, more than ever, home should be our happy and safe place. Maybe you don’t love everything about your home and there are some things you would like to change and update, but here are 5 ways to love your home right now. Click through for my 5 “home gratitude” tips, if you’re also trying to make the most of the situation, while keeping a positive outlook. These really helped my mood… 

#1 // Make Time to Relax and Recharge

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comI know right now home might feel inescapable, but try thinking of your house as your sanctuary. Although we may get tried of being cooped up and feel a strong case of cabin fever coming on, think of this as an opportunity to recharge for whatever comes next. Light your favorite candle, treat yourself to some spa time at home (think a soak in the tub, a steamy shower with new bath products, or luxe new bath towels… support those small businesses!), or just read a book in a cozy spot in your home (for me, that spot is the window nook pictured later in this post). Whatever helps you feel relaxed and recharged, I say do it! I find myself drawn to the kitchen these days, getting out my favorite cookbooks, and finally taking time to whip up some new food and try recipes Emmett and I can enjoy together. We’ve even been making craft cocktails and pairing them with movies on weekends. It’s kind of our new version of date night without leaving the house… but that blog post is coming tomorrow! My point being- wherever you feel most like yourself in your home, spend time THERE doing THAT.

#2 // Clean and Organize

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comCleaning your house and organizing does wonders for loving and appreciating your home. There’s just something about a clean house that always makes me feel good about the space- and proud of my accomplishments, too! If you’re looking for a rewarding task, I’d recommend cleaning and tidying up. Initially it sounds lame and might take some motivation to get going, but I promise once it’s finished you’ll be happier. Plus, it’s the perfect time of year for spring cleaning! If this feels overwhelming to you, start with one space or just one closet each day. We can’t leave our homes anyway, so we might as well tackle things we’ve been putting off. I just ordered a bunch of organizers for our fridge & pantry. I’m planning to organize our kitchen in the coming weeks and promise to share the end result. In the meantime (if you want a quick rewarding project), you can find my spice rack organization DIY here.

And my biggest tip is this: make your bed every single morning. It’s a great way to start the day with an accomplishment, and it always makes me feel good!

#3 // Style a Fresh Vignette or Rearrange Furniture

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comI love to swap out bedding when the seasons change, or “shop” my own home for accessories like pillows, books, or smaller décor items I can move from one room to another (remember my prop closet?). Try rearranging your furniture, restyling your shelves (check out my tips in this post), or just trying something new! Switching things up makes your house feel fresh and exciting again. It’s a nice way to break out of your normal routine and create some visual change if you’re feeling uninspired.

#4// Focus On What You DO Love

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comDo you have a favorite chair or cozy nook in your home that just makes you happy? Enjoy it every chance you get! This is such an important time to think about and focus on the things (and people!) you love. Your home may not be perfect right now, but focusing on the good parts of your house can be uplifting. Admire a project you tackled in the past, reminisce with some before images or past photos to remember just how far you’ve come, and spend time in those spaces you love. If it’s the window nook, add some fresh flowers… if it’s your kitchen, test out a new recipe… if it’s your bathroom, treat yourself to a soak in the tub with a good book. See where I’m going here?

#5// Give Back

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comSocial distancing can be tough for those of us who love to entertain and be around friends & family. Staying connected with loved ones is the best way for me to remember how much I love where I live and my community. We obviously can’t hangout in person right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still connect with others. If you’re in a position to do so, think about ways you can give back to people in your community who need you now more than ever.

Maybe purchase items from your local animal shelter’s Amazon wishlist (check out my Humane Society makeover here), or send flowers to a first responder or teacher in your life. Bake some goodies and drop them on your neighbor’s porch (like a nice ding dong ditch for adults!) or ask an elderly neighbor if you can grab them items from the store. Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t connect with one another, from a safe distance of course. Emmett and I have been tackling our neighbor’s porch. We painted it and are just waiting on furniture to arrive before we can share the big reveal! It felt like a fun way to surprise someone and extend their living space while we’re cooped up inside.

Challenge yourself to brighten someone’s day. This is a tough time for everybody and it’s amazing how a small gesture can totally turnaround someone’s day and put a smile on their face.

5 Ways to Love Being Home Right Now - roomfortuesday.comLastly, don’t feel like you HAVE to keep busy and positive all the time. If you’re not feeling up for any of these things, be gentle on yourself. Many of us are working more hours than normal, lots of you are juggling home school, and we’re all just trying to find our pace and do our best. It’s ok to admit this is a weird time and we’re in stressful, uncharted waters. It’s also alright to feel all the feels, have good days, and some anxious ones too. That’s totally normal, but I wanted to share some things that have helped me lately! Am I “getting ready” everyday and checking everything off my to-do list? Nope, but I am taking care of myself, my mental health, and am trying to enjoy this home we’ve worked hard to create! I appreciate it now, more than ever. I’ve also been trying to spend more time in our outdoor areas as the weather permits.

What does your new normal look like these days? Where are you gravitating in your home? The kitchen? The dining room? Your home office? Are you finding ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones? What is something that made you smile or happy lately? I’d love to hear in the comment section! Tomorrow I’m planning to share the first post in a fun new Friday “Date Night” series. Obviously the first few posts will be at home, but I thought it would be interesting to share mine and Emmett’s date ideas. Check back tomorrow for that!

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  1. My 7 y/o daughter, Annette, and I are working on her bedroom – basically a total design job since we never did anything specific for her when we moved in three years ago. Last weekend we painted the walls, she was actually really helpful! (And she’s SO into this design/decorating process, which just makes my heart melt since it’s something I’m really naturally into too.) Anyways, since Home Depot runs are pretty crazy right now and I couldn’t commit to multiple trips for color selection, I went with the crisp bright white we have in most of the house. The walls were a dingy off-white, and must have been painted a long time ago – so the paint is already a nice upgrade.

    Pre-shutdown I scored an amazing antique wood carved twin bedframe for her, which is really the crown of the space. And it sort of kicked off my decor vision – dark wood (antiques) and teal and dark pink (b/c those are colors in materials we already have) – basically some boldness (which is very un-Karen!). Other than buying the bed, most of the other pieces will be items already in the house or minimal purchases. I did promise Annette an antique store visit after the shutdown, b/c shopping for an accent piece or two will be fun.

    The room had pretty teal velvet curtains that we’ll use, and I’d like to jazz those up with tassels or trim. I also have gold polka dot wall stickers that we’ll add to the wall with the headboard. From past houses I’ve done a wall decor piece where I cover 18″ square painting canvases with fabric. Since there are so many fabrics out there, the options to re-cover and change the look are endless. For her room, I’m going to cover six panels total (stacked vertically, 2 across). I looked online for a bit, saw this and fell and love, showed Annette and she immediately said “Oh, that’s pretty!”, so this is the fabric for the panels, it’s fantastic:

    Anyways, this project has been a nice distraction for us both – I’m the kind of person who always needs a “to do” list, that’s all the things I want to do. So between this and planting our garden, I’m feeling as though navigating the home time is not too bad. I’m actually still working too, almost full-time since our business is “essential”, which in many ways I’m grateful for b/c it keeps my weekdays active and when I’m at work, it feels semi-normal (it’s definitely not totally normal). Anywho, crazy times for all of us……

    1. Karen, your daughter’s room sounds like a young girl’s dream come true, and an amazing gift from the coolest mom.

      1. Totally agree with Ardith!! You are most definitely a cool mom :)

    2. I love that you’re updating your daughter’s bedroom- that is SO special and I bet she is over the moon about it :) What a fun quarantine project to tackle together. It sounds like it’s going to be beautiful! I love the fabric you two selected, Karen. I also like to keep busy and we’ve been finding projects to tackle too. I hope you have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. Smart and thoughtful, as always. We are walking every day, and that’s definitely been a game-changer. I’m also spending plenty of time in the kitchen; yesterday I discovered a new vegetarian cookbook I impulse-bought back in January! Our local grocery stores have definitely had shortages, so that’s a bit of a bummer. Strangely, I bought a new mop/bucket and some special floor cleaner, and I’m like a new person! (I had hoped to be a more interesting adult, but nope, shiny floors give me a boost.🤷‍♀️) I will say my WFH situation is just me spread out over the dining room table. Not ideal, but even that offers the occasional bright spot. Joe has crashed several meetings, and yesterday one of my students just chatted with me for 25 minutes. I’m not the only one missing people! And of course, coming here every day for beautiful inspiration and friendship helps immensely! Thank you for working so hard and being a ray of sunshine!💖

    1. Peggi, thank you for being that person whom your student needed at that moment. Appreciate teachers like you who go above and beyond. Have a wonderful day.

      1. 100%!! These are the type of teachers I remember, who impacted my life. You are incredible! Keep it up, friend :)

    2. We need to get back into our walking routine. The weather really cramped our style this week. The dogs are ready to get back out! I’m laughing at your mop/bucket buy… that’s something I would get excited about. Haha! I bet your students LOVE when Joe decides to crash meetings. I also love hearing that one of your students took the time to chat- that was probably much needed. You’re such a good, thoughtful teacher :) I hope you have a sunny, wonderful weekend! xo

  3. Thanks Sarah! Such a wonderful list of great ideas and sweet suggestions during this difficult time. This week has actually been a productive week in our house with a few little changes here and there. Last year was such a crazy year for us, so many big life changes like big-time downsizing, very stressful renovations ( very difficult contractor woes) in a very short timeline and the passing of my mother in law at the end of last year 🥺 While 2019 was a full of changes and loss for us which was a bit tough, this world situation has brought a perspective that makes me feel really grateful to be settled in our home with most of the hard work behind us. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to move in a time such as this with so much uncertainty.
    This past week I worked on some small things in our home that brought me so much joy. Putting up artwork I hadn’t gotten around to doing, I created a decorating moment in a hallway with a console table I wasn’t sure I could use but realized it was perfect. And refreshing our master bedroom with new bed linen I had previously purchased. These small little changes kind of feel like big victories to me at the moment as I sit back, relax and take a moment to appreciate our home. Right now I’m enjoying our living room which also is our family room in this little super cute little house. It has plenty of natural light, I absolutely love the wall color SW Aesthetic white as it’s so calming and I’m pretty happy with how the room has been furnished and decorated. The silver lining for me is all the tough decisions I turmoiled about last year I’m really enjoying this year. Stay healthy and happy and Have a super day 🥂🥰💐

    1. Oh, Colleen, congratulations to you both for reaching this point with your home (which sounds lovely), and your lives. Thank you for sharing your experience, so beautifully and candidly. My husband and I empathize with you totally. Cheers, Ardith

      1. Thank you so much Ardith for your sweet words and kindness 💗
        Big Hugs 🤗

    2. I love hearing that you’re having a nice, productive week Colleen! I’m so sorry to hear about last year (and your MIL, especially)… my condolences, but I am very glad that despite everything going on, you’re finding bright spots and are enjoying the fruits of your labor! Your home sounds stunning and all of those victories should be celebrated. Yay for using one of my favorite paint colors- Aesthetic White is so dreamy. Enjoy your home you worked so hard to create and have the best weekend! Hope you have good weather to spend time outside :) xo

  4. Oops 😬 I said little twice in the same sentence I just realized 😅🤪 I should have proof read more thoroughly 🙉

  5. Yesterday around dusk, I turned to Mr K with surprise and said, “it’s been a perfect day, hasn’t it?” And it had been. The sun shone, not a cloud in the sky, with a slight breeze and a high of around 66 degrees. “Can we go for a drive?”

    After feeling like hibernating bears for so long, we ended up driving all over town, and to some areas we hadn’t seen before. Everything is so green and lush. Most houses have good sized and newly mowed lawns. At one point we found ourselves just outside of our small town’s pretty and surprisingly spacious cemetery. It was open so we lost ourselves in history and homage, fresh air and cut grass. It was both humbling and spiritually lifting.

    I have no idea how long we drove around, then again it didn’t matter. We gained a new appreciation for where we live, a new perspective. We spent more time outdoors around home and briefly checked out the complete remodel going on with an empty house across the street.

    Mr K and I played some pinball in his beloved self-built arcade, including a machine he custom built himself (it’s beautiful and great fun to play). Rock music blared from the juke box (I kid you not). Later we ended up watching Wayne’s World for some intellectual stimulation. Ha.

    This all brings me back to dusk, and why this was a perfect day. I realized it had been downright “normal.” I in particular felt no anxiety or dread, there was no underlying terror about how the weather might turn. The day just unfolded. The utterly glorious sunshine came and with it brought the first real ray of calm I have felt in a couple months. I can only wish this exquisitely normal day for everyone.

    Honestly, coming here to Sarah’s place and visiting with all of you has been a respite that I appreciate beyond words. Thank you all, Ardith

    1. Ardith, little envious of your ‘perfect day’! Especially your words….the day just unfolded! I enjoyed reading about it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

      1. Oh thank you, Danna, very much. And to you as well.

      2. Same!! I felt like I was reading a book, and LOVED it. So beautifully said.

        1. You lovely, lovely being, Sarah. Thank you.

    2. What a beautiful day so perfectly described, for a moment it felt like I was there in your car ride adventure cheering you on from the back seat 😉 sometimes the simple moments in life are truly the ones to be greatly appreciated ❤️ You made my heart grin from ear to ear, thanks Ardith xoxo

      1. Colleen, your very kind words are making me cry. XOXO

      2. Same!! Big smiles over here too :)

    3. This sounds amazing!! I adore long drives, and reading this made me realize that I can still do that!! Sounds like a magical “normal” day; and yes! I wish that for everyone amongst all of this uncertainty; most of all I wish that we all can experience that sense of calm and joy that helps us forget momentarily about the true magnitude of what is going on and what is to come. Being here, sharing with all of you, this has become my morning ritual that brings me a sense of peace, purpose and joy; like you, I am so very grateful for all of you and for Sarah!

      1. Yesss, exactly! We an still have those beautiful, normal days… and a sense of certainty with them. I love that point, Lauren! Thanks again for showing up to hangout, read, chat, and start your day here :) xox

    4. THIS. This just made me SO happy. That really does sound like the most perfect day. This is definitely teaching us to slow down, gain a new perspective, celebrate the little things, and soak up the sunshine & fresh air. Finding beauty in the normal. I’m yearning for one of those calm, normal days. Thanks for sharing this lovely recap of your day, Ardith! Can we also talk about your husband’s custom pinball machine?! That is so cool. I hope you have a “perfect” weekend :) lots of love!

  6. The past few days have been the perfect distraction! The suns has been shining and all things spring are happening in the immensity of my backyard. We live in what is considered the “country” to most Southern Californians. Our backyard is nestled up against a neighbor’s acreage, and his cows and horses graze in the area just behind our wall. The wrought iron between our brick pillars offers his animals the option to come to the fence for a little love and attention. Yesterday I taught the kids how to feed apples to the horses; a tougher task than I imagined…and as I was priming our drawer boxes and fronts for the bathroom, I could hear their stomping hooves as they ran the expanse of the yard. That sound. Horses running…that’s my favorite sound. Jeff and I always talk about how our yard is like a National Geographic film. At any given moment you can witness the wonders of the animal kingdom: hawks mating in their usual trees; crows and ravens building their nests together; rabbits and squirrels running through the fields; and in a few short weeks there will be a fresh batch of cows to observe as they graze. Typically we name them since they generally take a liking to us; this round will be named after breakfast cereals. As I was looking around me, watching the kids play, I was grateful for this particular home (one that I wasn’t thrilled with at the time of purchase). I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that this home offers my kids such an amazing distraction to enjoy each day. They are super struggling with all of this; being able to connect with nature has been our family favorite pastime, and yesterday I could see they were at peace. Because of THIS house. We are continuing our various projects, most outside, but the weather has permitted much headway to be made in the bathroom, and I’m anxious to get that finished. We are taking advantage of our home time to rejuvenate our home to some of its former beauty, and it’s starting to show. The post lights for the pillars will arrive soon, and the yard will have such a different feel and look than before! I can’t hardly wait! Happy Thursday friends! It’s a glorious day to love where you live!

    1. Hey Lauren, can I move in with you guys once quarantine is lifted? Your home sounds magical. I’ll earn my keep, I promise. OK, so that’s not really practical, but it sure sounds like fun. So glad you have fallen in love with your home. Cheers, Ardith

      1. Ardith you are welcome anytime!! We always welcome guests here; although I don’t have a proper guest room! If you’re ever in California you have a friend to visit! Cheers to you darling!

        1. You are so kind, Lauren, and the same holds for you, here in Texas. :)

    2. Nature certainly is inspiring and so is this post Lauren! Animals have such a calming effect and your home sounds dreamy 😍 and you are so right, it is a glorious day to love where you live 💓
      Happy Thursday to you too! Xoxo

      1. Thank you Colleen! I think the biggest take away from this entire experience is that none of our homes are perfect in our eyes; there’s always work to be done…but somehow they are exactly what we need aren’t they? It reminds me of what Dorothy says to the wizard at the end of the Wizard of Oz…we never have to look any further than our own backyard. I love hearing about your home too; it sounds delightful!

    3. I’m so glad you’re having a good week and great weather, Lauren! Your property sounds PERFECT. Emmett and I would love to have acreage and animals again someday (that’s what we both grew up with). What a perfect place- I bet your kids love it. I had to laugh at the cows with breakfast cereal names- DAY MADE. Haha! It’s tough to remember where you started when it comes to home updates, but every little bit of progress counts. You’re doing an amazing shop and it sounds beautiful! Keep at it and don’t forget to look back at where you started :) Happy Friday, Lauren! xox

  7. Your post was very positive and encouraging. My daily schedule has changed but not as drastic as most. I feel for those who have had to completely change; add; or lost their jobs.
    We are about to gain our oldest from college back to our house. It will nice to see her more. She is cooking more. I cannot wait to have her with me in the kitchen.
    Some days I want to tackle the long list of ‘to-do’s’ and other days I just want to sit and enjoy the slower pace. My husband and I have noticed that without all the traffic, the scenery from home to the grocery store is more pleasant. I am sure our air quality has improved.
    Couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to slowly get back into painting. I though it would be therapeutic so I purchased a paint by numbers kit to find out that it is shipping from China…arriving in June! Ha! I will just have to try water colors or something.
    Have a great Thursday Sarah!

    1. Hi Danna! I just wanted to say how much joy it brought me to read about your hopes to be in the kitchen with your daughter. I didn’t experience much of that with my mom when I was young, and it’s something I cherish with my own daughter. She’s 5, but oh so curious about what happens in the kitchen, and your comment made me fast forward and think of what it would be like to share that space with her as she grows! What a happy time for you! Have fun with your daughter and maybe share a recipe or two here? Have a great day!

      1. Lauren, thanks for your comments. My grandmother taught me to cook.
        You have no idea how much I would love to have my kids be 5 again! Every stage is wonderful and challenging but I miss them when they were young. I love it that you are teaching your daughter to cook now. Like the saying goes: “The days are long but the years are short”! So very true!
        Will try to share a recipe some day soon.

    2. I’m in the same boat, Danna…. and feel the same way. Enjoy time with your daughter in the kitchen and make those memories count :) That will be really nice! I think it’s wonderful to do both- tackle the to-do list when you feel like it, and listen to your mind & body when you need some R&R or downtime. It’s the perfect balance. It has been astounding to see the environmental impact shelter in place has had on our planet. It’s pretty crazy to see! I love that you ordered a paint by number- those used to be my favorite. Such a relaxing and fun activity. My artist friend Laurie Anne and I are hosting a fun (free) IG Live on Tuesday April 21st (1pm MT)… if you’re interested in learning to draw a botanical. Laurie Anne is teaching the easy drawing and I’m going to teach how to style it! If you feel like getting creative before your paint by number arrives :)

  8. Hello, Sarah. I just wanted to pop in again because I am so impressed with the community you have created here. Today’s post and comments vividly remind me of publicized letters from U.S. Civil War soldiers. So many of them were like beautifully crafted essays, full of insights and raw emotions. I’m a bit gobsmacked by it all.

    1. Totally 100% agree, Ardith. I truly feel blessed to be able to be here (virtually) with you all. Love and kindness, integrity and respect-can often feel in short supply these days, but not here, thanks to you all and to Sarah. 💗

      1. Aww lots of love to all! Thanks for showing up to read and chat- love our little community and group here! You all make my day :)

    2. I love you all! This is the best part of my day… logging in, seeing that people took the time to read my post, and went a step further to comment, share, and lift others up. The sense of community here is my favorite. You guys are really the best, and truth be told- I’m also a bit gobsmacked by it all too. :) Thanks for making my day!! xo

  9. I love these tips, Sarah, especially #4 Focus on What You Do Love. Because we’re still airbnb’ing it and not in our new place, with our surroundings and our things, it’s been difficult to feel very settled, especially given the unprecedented difficulties we’re all facing right now. While I desperately want to be in our new condo, your post today has helped remind me how grateful I am that we’re able to be in the home we are. SO many things have had to fall into place for us to be here and I’m trying not to take any of it for granted. Out of all the Airbnb’s we’ve stayed at here locally while our condo has been delayed, this one by far is the one I’d want to be “stuck” in. It’s helping me to not stress as much about the actual closing & moving in process that will (hopefully) be taking place next month (happy birthday to me?!) during this crazy time. (Side note: if you or your readers know of anyone who has had to close & move during this crisis, I’d love to hear some tips or insight as to how it went.) In the meantime, I’m trying to placate my designer mind with Pinterest boards for the new place.

    I’m very lucky since I’m a homebody by nature and also work from home so while I’d love to be in “our” home right now, I know this quarantine has been much, much harder on others and not just for reasons that they may be going a little stir crazy. But you’ve created such a sense of community here and it’s inspiring, and even a little humbling, learning how others here are making it work.

    I agree with everyone’s comments thus far about what an amazing “home” you’ve made for all of us here. Especially during times like these. Thank you for checking in on us all, Sarah. ❤️ I cannot wait to see tomorrow’s date night cocktails & movies post. Cheers to that and cheers to you & E!

    1. Hello, Anne. You and your husband are troopers and deserve the happiness your new home will surely bring you. I don’t personally know anyone currently moving, but just earlier I watched a video from Josie of Fashion Mumbler. She and her fiancé are smack dab in the middle of a move in the UK. Perhaps what they are experiencing will feel familiar. Today was the formal announcement of the move, so more related videos are to come. Here is the link to the YouTube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSFrL6Vi2Uo.

      1. Thanks so much, Ardith. I don’t know her, so I’ll definitely check that out!

      2. Thanks for sharing, Ardith!!

    2. Hello Anne! I am sending you warm and thoughtful hugs! I can’t imagine what this must be like being in a home that isn’t technically home. I hope and pray things move along swiftly for you and the condo. That would be a wonderful birthday present indeed! For now, I’m glad you’re able to find the silver lining and appreciate where you are. So much gratitude to be had in these times and you all are daily inspiring me to connect with that positivity. It is so helpful and brings so much hope to the situation. I’m glad to be here virtually with all of you, sharing and connecting from our various scattered locations!

      1. Thank you so much, Lauren. It really would be an incredible birthday present. Sending you warm, virtual hugs, too! 💝

      2. Same! My thoughts exactly, Lauren. Hang in there, Anne! You have lots of celebrating to do once you’re in!!! It’s just around the corner :)

    3. I don’t know how you’re doing it, Anne! That would be SO hard. I’m happy to hear your airbnb is nice and you feel comfortable there at least. My friend Sherry (from Young House Love) is in the process of moving right now. She has been sharing her tips and her experience given our current climate. I’d look there for good insight! She has been sharing lots of reader suggestions who are going through the same thing, too!

      I hope you guys are hanging in here and have a good weekend filled with sunshine. You’re so close… keep in mind, it’s only temporary and you’ll be in your beautiful new place very soon. Lots of love! xo

      1. Oh, right, of course – John & Sherry are moving to FL right now. I’ve gotten to chat with her over the years – we’re SO excited for them and hope all goes well with everything. The inspiration pictures she posted, especially the one she put on IG, oh my gosh – makes me kinda wish we weren’t moving into a condo building!

        Thanks for your kind words and well wishes, Sarah. Fingers crossed May will be our month!