Bathroom Renovation

Things have been a whirlwind lately, but I’m excited to take a quick break to share a recent project with you! I participated in a local designer’s show house that benefits music education for children and I can finally begin sharing the results. The first space I would like to share is the hall bath:

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

Keep in mind all of the show house rooms I’m going to share are apart of a very large historic home; therefore, we tried to keep the integrity of the home in mind when designing each space. The hall bath needed A TON of attention. Take a peek at the before.


This funky tile was damaged and required a complete demo. We removed everything in the bathroom, excluding the bathtub and the medicine cabinet. If you are on the fence about having an old or weird colored tub refinished- DO IT! It is worth every single penny. It turned out looking brand new and matched our oversized subway tile perfectly. If you’d like to see process photos of the reno, visit my Instagram.

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

The high-contrast patterned floor tile is definitely the statement in this bathroom; it’s my favorite aspect of the space. The white subway tile, on the other hand, is classic and remains true to the time period of the home.

Check out the original medicine chest we were able to salvage! I scrubbed this baby with a toothbrush for an hour and it looks as good as new. It has so much charm and I love the white lacquered surface and hardware. It even has the perfect little nook to house and display toiletries.

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

Wondering about that amazing large landscape oil painting? It’s another vintage find. The warm tones really bring this bright and sunny bath to life, while totally fitting the vibe of the house.

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

Above, you’ll catch a tiny glimpse of custom plantation shutters on the left. This is a fantastic solution to bathroom window treatments. They’re easy to clean, provide privacy, and can be opened and closed as needed for natural light.

Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson
Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson
Design: Vintage Scout Interiors | Photo: Sarah Gibson

What’s your favorite aspect of this newly renovated bathroom? You already know I’m digging the floor tile. The homeowners were ecstatic about the refinished tub and new plumbing fixtures (ahem! pedestal sink, I’m looking at you).

Stay tuned for two more spaces from this amazing historic show home. You’ll be seeing a bedroom and an ensuite bath soon!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Love it! what color was used on the walls?

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! It’s Gray Clouds SW 7658.

  2. Hi there….I’ve gone full stalker on your Insta page(s) and can’t seem to find the process photos of the reno. I’m quite taken with this entire room, but mostly curious about the maker of the tile and its name, and the refinishing of the tub. Thanks for any additional info :) ~Amber in WA

    1. Hi Amber, thank you! The manufacturer of the tile is StonePeak. We used a local refinisher for the bath tub, but I would highly recommend refinishing old plumbing items- it was totally worth it and turned out fantastic! They also make kits for DIY refinishing, but we trusted the professionals. Hope this helps!

      1. Kimberley says:

        Hi Sarah, are StonePeak the ones for the floor tile as well?

        1. Hi Kimberly, StonePeak is the floor tile only. The oversized white subway tile on the walls can be found almost anywhere. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Love everything! Do you remember the name of the grout?

    1. Thanks, Lauren! The grout is #61 Executive Gray by C-Cure.

  4. Hi. Beautiful bathroom!
    Love the tile! what is the name of it? having a hard time finding it on StonePeak.

    1. Thank you, Jaime! It is Stone Peak Palazzo 12×24 Deco tile. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Hi! I’m in love with the Palazzo floor tile and ordering samples. :) Which color did you use here? Antique Cotto or Graphite? Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Katie! It’s amazing stuff- we used Graphite. Thanks for reading!

  6. Thanks Sarah for talking with me earlier. I see here in the comments section you’ve also been very generous with divulging information. I took a peak around your blog and love it, It’s now bookmarked as a favorite. Julie

    1. No, problem Julie! Happy to help. Thanks for taking a peek at the blog!

  7. HI Sarah, I hope you don’t mind me asking another question. I bought the flooring! I’m very excited to see it when it’s all done. The only thing is I live in San Francisco and my bathroom renovation is in Maine so I won’t be able to pick the right white subway tile to go with the floor. After doing some research it seems subway tile comes in a variety of options, shades and quality. I’m not putting the subway tile on the walls instead it’s going onto the shower walls only. I was wondering which tile this is and if you liked the quality in the end. Thanks so much, Julie

    1. Hi Julie,
      No problem! We used a Soho 4×16 wall tile; since this project was for a client, I can’t testify or describe it’s current state. I would recommend discussing subway tile options at your local tile showroom. They can provide specs for you; it is accurate to say not all ceramic subway tiles are created equal. Good luck with your renovation! -Sarah

    2. Hi Julie – where did you order that floor tile from? I can’t seem to find it on the manufacturer’s site. I’m in Maine as well.

  8. Thanks Sarah! I will do some research.

  9. Hi Sarah!

    I am in love with this bathroom. Did you use the same grout for both the subway tile and the floor tile?


    1. Thanks, Heather! Yes, the grout is the same for both the wall and floor. The floor tile was a mosaic, so some of it was pre-grouted. xo, Sarah

  10. Love the floor and the landscape painting is fab and so unexpected in the space!

  11. Samantha Colon says:

    Hi Sarah! I love this bathroom so much I am using the layout and products for the remodel of my 1927 Bungalow bath. Do you happen to recall the room dimensions? My bath is approximately 8 x 7 and I plan on stealing some hallway closet space to accomodate the layout. Thanks! Samantha

    1. Thanks, Samantha! The main rectangular part (excluding the toilet niche) is about 10ft x 6 ft. Hope this helps! xo

  12. Samantha Colon says:

    Thank you! That helps!

  13. Absolutely love this bathroom style, what did you use as the trim above the subway tiles please.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks, Allie! The trim above the subway tile isn’t actually tile. It’s regular wood trim like you would use in wainscoting. There are so many variations of it, we found one that felt balanced and had the contractor install it. xo

      1. Thank you, only been able to find very small rope tiles, will look into this option, thanks for speedy response

  14. Hello Sarah :)
    I’m from France and I’m desperately searching for the brand of the cute little stool on the picture. Would you happen to know where it comes from?

    1. Hi Teddy! You can find the stool here. I know Wayfair ships to Germany and the UK… but I’m not quite sure about France. Hope this helps!

  15. Hi Sarah… Using this bathroom as my inspriation for my 1920’s home bathroom remodel. I have a few questions… Do you recall the brand and model of the towel bar and the toilet paper holder. Lastly do you know who makes the wall sconces.

  16. Oops almost forgot to also inquire about the sink and the toilet. I am loving the rounded edges, but can not seem to find anything similar. Any information would be greatly appreciated. BTW… the mirror is to die for!!

    1. Thank you so much, Robyn! The sink and toilet are both from American Standard. Unfortunately, that particular sink has been discontinued. This one is similar: .

  17. I managed to tack down the discontinued sink, but the toilet does not look like the standard collection toilet, is it possible it is the Champion Townsend Collection?

  18. This is beautiful! I tracked down the floor tile and got a sample today. Thank you for including all the specifics that made finding it easy. Do you remember what size of spacers you used in between the wall and floor tiles for the grout?

  19. Was wondering about the grout on the floor, will the gray cover the white grout that is already on the mosaic tile, I don’t think I would want both colors, help!

  20. Was wondering about the grout on the floor tile, in the photos it looks white but you mentioned the gray was used on the floor and wall tiles. Has anyone done this and used gray over the whole floor, I’m confused!

  21. Javier Antonio Flores says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love this remodel. Do you remember the white paint that was used on the wall. I’ve already installed subway tile in bathtub, should I match walls to the tile’s white color?

  22. Christina says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love the remodel of this bathroom with the Palazzo floor and 4×16 subway tile. I am recreating this exact design in my bathroom. Can you please tell me how you finished the outside corner of the shower wall and the wall that hides the toilet? Also, what did you use for the chair rail/molding around the top of the wall tile? My local tile shops only seem to carry two types of chair rail/molding and they do no look like the one continuous piece I see in the picture. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks! Christina