Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video - roomfortuesday.comLast week, I shared our next big renovation project… the basement bathroom! If you missed that post, which contains before images and the design plan, check it out here. Emmett and I have been so busy wrapping up our formal living room (which will hopefully be done in ONE WEEK), we skipped the renovation intro video last week. This year one of my big goals was to thoroughly document our renovation process for each room we tackle- and that includes video sessions with our goals, design inspiration, challenges we expect to see, products we’re looking forward to installing, etc. I couldn’t end the year and not record a video for this one… especially since we’re both really excited about it! Click through for the video, some sneak peeks of products that have been rolling in, and for a peek into our living room.

*Although this particular post is NOT sponsored, I am a Lowe’s partner. All content, ideas, and words are my own.

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video - roomfortuesday.comI’m going to start with the light fixture I selected. So many of you asked for an update on the true shade / globe color. The image online looks like smoked glass, but the description reads “clear”. It is definitely clear in person and is pictured above. I still love it, but if you had planned to order this fixture solely based on the smoked glass shade- it’s not smoked or mercury glass. It’s beautiful and still right for my design plan, I just wanted to clarify!

Ready for the intro video? Emmett and I share our thoughts on the upcoming basement bathroom project below…

I’ve been using our empty built-ins as an area to inventory products for the basement bath and look at materials together… like an in-person, physical moodboard. In the video, we raved about a couple bathroom renovation products we use and love… the first being the recessed Broan exhaust fan. It looks like a can light, it gives off light, AND it’s a fan / bathroom exhaust. We used this in our guest bathroom and we’ll never go back to installing ugly fans.

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video - roomfortuesday.comNext, the Ditra is another product we’ve used in the past, but this time around- we splurged for the HEATED version. Remember- I’m trying to make this bathroom as cozy as it can be, since it’s in the basement. We’ll have a heated tile floor DIY for you in January! If you missed the design plan or are curious about other sources, I’m going to copy that one last time below…

Our Basement Bathroom Design Plan & Before Images - roomfortuesday.com01: semi flush mount light fixture // 02: beveled wall mirror // 03: towel warmer // 04: single hole faucet // 05: faux floral arrangement // 06: kohler toilet // 07: toilet brush // 08: vanity with marble top and sink // 09: waste basket // 10: patterned floor tile // 11: marble wall tile // 12: shower trim // 13: bathroom hardware set // 14: nero marble floor tile

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video - roomfortuesday.comNow I feel like we can properly start the renovation! Everything on my “must document” list has been checked off and the only thing left to do is pick up the sledge hammer and get started.

Basement Bathroom : Project Intro Video - roomfortuesday.comCash is much more comfortable on camera than Crosby. Ha! I’m joking… he was sunbathing and couldn’t be bothered to join our family renovation video. If you guys have questions about our upcoming basement bathroom project, posts you’d like us to cover, or things you’re interested in learning more about, please let me know in the comment section below! I’m excited to wrap up the living room and start a new project in 2020. Thanks for following along, friends!

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  1. “I know people.” Bahahaha. What a card, that Emmett. I love how you two get excited about challenges and new tasks. Such a positive, learner mindset. The materials for this bathroom are so, so pretty! I don’t see a paint swatch for the walls; will you go white? Also, I’m not sure I have a sense of the room dimensions; I’ll go check in case I missed it. I still like the ribbed globe on the ceiling fixture, but a smokey shade would have been awesome. (I’m kind of into them lately.) And, as usual, you look adorable! I heart your furry accessory.🐶💖 Have a super Thursday!
    PS We are eating all the cookies! I’ve made 2 different recipes so far, and I’ll make a couple more once school’s out.👩🏻‍🍳 Rave reviews!

    1. Hahaha! He’s crazy. FYI- I don’t know who we “know”. lol! I’m not sure about the wall color yet- probably a bright neutral since it’s the basement, but I’m thinking black ceiling trick again (can’t stop, won’t stop)! The room is about the size of our previous bathroom at our old house- on the smaller side, but totally usable and functional. I also hoped the shade would be smoked. Emmett wants to try to DIY smoke it with our torch. I’m not sure that’s an awesome idea. We’ll see how it plays out. Happy cookie eating and happy last couple days of school!!

  2. Yay! I’m selfishly so excited that you’re doing another bathroom. We have 2.5 bathrooms to renovate (and one to add in an unfinished space that has roughed-in plumbing) in our house, so I will take ALL the tutorials I can get from you guys! I’d especially love to know about installing the heated floors, making the custom shower pan, and installing the frameless shower glass. Actually, even the process if moving the shower drain is interesting to me, as we may need to do that for our master bathroom tub. Also, I LOVE your finish choices for this space. I’m on team polished-nickel-for-life, so I love seeing it used in pretty ways. Thank you so much for all of the substantive posts you do – they are always so helpful and inspiring!

    1. Yay!! I also like designing bathrooms, so even though this wouldn’t have been the room we probably would’ve tackled next, I think we’re both secretly pretty excited about it! I hope you’ll be able to find some helpful posts or inspiration for your own bath renovations :) We’re eager to wrap up the living room and get going! xox

  3. I’m super excited that you’ll be doing a heated floor DIY! I need to gut reno my terrible tiny master bath, and the floor in there is always like ice! Nobody seems to install heated floors in Central Texas, so I’ll be on my own.

    1. Me too! This is our first one and I can’t wait to put it to good use. It doesn’t seem like a difficult DIY. Stay tuned and we’ll share allllll the details :)

  4. Sarah Hina says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Can you talk a little more about your nero shower tile. In the product description it says not to use it in a shower area but I also have seen similar products used in wet areas so I am feeling a little confused.
    I definitely trust you, I’m just hoping you can share a little insight. Happy Holidays

    1. Such a good question, Sarah! I’ll start by saying- marble in a shower is not for everyone (whether it’s the floor tile or wall tile). Because marble is a porous stone, it absorbs and can stain… bath products, water, etc. It’s more of a staining and patina issue, which is why it’s not the “preferred” choice for showers. People have been using natural stone in bath and shower settings since the beginning of time, and I don’t mind a good patina- so I’m perfectly content (and very happy) to use it. Eventually it will dull over time. Nero marble doesn’t stain as easily as carrara since it’s black, but it will absorb bath products, causing it to dull over time. In terms of water proofing and durability- it’s perfectly fine to use marble on the shower floor. The water proofing and barrier actually happens a layer below the tile, so the tile selection doesn’t really matter there. Like any natural stone, I will need to seal the marble tile from time-to-time. One last thing to consider… slipping. I’m always careful to choose a floor tile with lots of grout lines (small hex tile, penny tile, etc) so that you have good traction underfoot in the shower. Marble can be slippery when wet and large marble tiles wouldn’t be optimal on a shower floor for that reason. Hope this helped to answer your question :) happy holidays!!

  5. I enjoyed the video with you & Emmett talking through all the plans, processes, and choices. Looking forward to the living room reveal and demo of your basement bathroom. I was curious what the size of the basement bathroom is? Our kids bath is in need of a redo and want to remove their bath and just make it a steam shower!
    Off to wrap a bunch of presents! Happy Thursday!

    1. So glad to hear that, Danna! The bathroom is around 8ft x 5ft… just guesstimating, but it’s close. Happy Friday!!

  6. Omg Cash is so adorable 💓 Such a cutie!
    And the bathroom design looks beautiful. I’m really loving the hexagon marble tile for the shower. What color grout will you use? Black or grey?
    Heated floors totally makes sense for the basement too. Very smart! Can’t wait to see another stunning transformation by the dynamic duo 😁 so fun!!

    1. Thank you Colleen, he’s a sweetie! I’m thinking probably a dark gray grout… so we still have a little bit of contrast. Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend :)

  7. I CANNOT wait for the heated floor DIY!!! My house is gutted right now and I will be installing Schluter Ditra, too, the same one you got! Oh my gosh I am so excited to see you guys do it! I’ve been watching videos and I feel I can do it. Not close to that step just yet, so it’s perfect you will be doing it in January! Thank you for all your hard work and awesome things you do and teach us on this here lovely blog of yours!! Thanks, Sarah!!

    1. Yay!! I love hearing that, Jennifer. Perfect timing. Can’t wait to share our DIY heated floor journey! Hopefully it will be helpful for your renovation. Thanks for the kind words! Have an amazing weekend :) xo