Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday, friends! I’m sure you’ve heard the news, but one of my favorite designers, Amber Lewis, just launched a new collection with Loloi yesterday! It’s perfect for fall, is filled with timeless textiles, and I wanted to share a handful of my favorites with you. The collection contains both area rugs, pillows, textiles, and art… so I’ve rounded up some classic options from each of the main collections. Click through to check it out, and for a peek at my temporary home office setup looking clean & well styled (a rare occasion these days), while my current office is under construction!

*While this post is not sponsored, Amber Lewis x Loloi did gift me this rug. Given the quality, aesthetic, and overall collection, I decided to share! 

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi RugsI ended up selecting the Zuma rug in sand / stone for my temporary home office- or the extra room (as I call it). It’s neutral, has a super soft low pile, is stain-resistant (which is great for homes with dogs), fade-resistant, and carries the Okeo-Tex® label, ensuring the rug’s materials do not contain harmful substances like many poly rugs. I was quite impressed after unrolling it.

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi RugsClick directly on the rugs to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: billie (ink / salmon color) // 02: zuma area rug // 03: billie (ocean / brick color) // 04: ojai area rug // 05: georgie (bordeaux / antique color)

These were my top five favorites from Amber’s rug collection. It was a tough choice, but eventually I landed on the Zuma in the neutral color way, because I’m not entirely sure what this room will look like once I move into my finished office. This rug will provide a nice neutral backdrop, flexibility, and pairs with the existing wall color well enough to be a chameleon for whatever the immediate future holds for this space in our home. For now- I’ve really been enjoying the luxe feel underfoot! Who knows- maybe it will even move across the hall with me.

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi RugsI’m hoping to move into my new space before Christmas (if all goes as planned), and I’m wondering why it took me so long to make my temporary setup feel a bit more cozy and styled. I suppose I never anticipated to be in this room as long as I have been, but it’s really a great space… no complaints here during our slow renovation! I’m happy to have finally found a rug that fits the room and my aesthetic- even if things are in limbo.

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs - roomfortuesday.comOver the weekend, I took the time to deep clean our house, finish pulling out our heavy textiles for fall & winter (it snowed here for a bit last weekend!), and I’m feeling a renewed energy in our home. This time of year, I’m always finding quick projects and giving this room a little zhuzh was just I needed to finally settle in. Anyone else do that once the weather cools?

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I wanted to share a few of my favorite picks from Amber’s accessory line. I snagged a few classic pillows!

Click directly on the accessories to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: cardiff throw // 02: carmel pillow // 03: diego pillow // 04: montara pillow // 05: larkspur pillow // 06: delphine art

I got numbers two and three (pillows), and they’re currently living on our basement sofa for the time being. I thought they would look cozy downstairs against the navy paint. The entire palette of this collection is really nice for fall and winter!

Roundup : Amber Lewis x Loloi Rugs - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… my favorites! I’d love to design a rug and textile collection someday- just putting that out there into the universe. I love patterns, and that sounds like a dream come true. Congrats to Amber on a job well done! I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far. It has been a good, but very busy one over here. I’m trying to remember to slow down and enjoy the everyday…. especially during my favorite month of October!

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  1. Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Lots of beautiful, neutral textural offerings with that Amber Lewis vibe. I really like the floral/botanical motifs on the rug you chose. I’m also partial to the graphic look of #4. And definitely give me all the throws this time of year! It was ultra windy and cold at the dog park last night!🥶 I’m glad you gave your temporary office a little glow up. I can imagine holding off “for just a bit longer” made sense. Who could have anticipated so many delays? A rug to keep your feet toasty arrived at just the right time. What really caught my eye is that cute little clover ottoman! Has that made an appearance before? Also, if your desktop is always that neat, I’m in awe. Here’s to enjoying another grand October day! We’re supposed to have sun shining on today’s birthday celebrations. Cheers!💜🍁🎂

    1. Happy Tuesday! It has been chilly here this week, too. It snowed this morning! Our dogs were pretty excited about it, but now the muddy boys needs baths. Haha! My temporary workspace definitely got a little glow up and I’m feeling good energy in here now. I wish I would’ve styled it sooner, but hey- better late than never. That ottoman is new(ish)- I bought for my office renovation 4-5 months back and it has just been sitting in my prop closet waiting. I figured I might as well pull it out and use it! My desktop is usually not this neat, but for the sake of photos- I decided to get organized. I’m sure the stacks of books and papers will find their way back soon. Ha! I hope you enjoy celebrating today’s birthday celebrations. Cheers friend!! xo

  2. Good morning Sarah 🌞
    Your temporary office is perfect! A new rug really does transform a space and I love the one you chose. It’s so very pretty, I adore the pattern and the color. While your new office is under way it’s nice to have a lovely place to work and inspire all your creativity.
    I also caught up this morning on yesterday’s post and your front porch is so very fall festive and looks so charming and inviting. Candles really do add a beautiful glow and ambience.
    I was busy this past weekend with Thanksgiving celebrations and hosting my family on Sunday and yesterday. We had lots of food and fun here with Turkey dinner and beautiful weather. Yesterday was so warm we all went swimming after lunch and took turns in the spa 😎 We ate outside and sipped bubbly rose. So fun 🥂
    Your ginger pumpkin pie was a hit and it was so delicious. It was pretty easy to make though I accidentally used pumpkin pie filling instead of purée but it still turned out amazing. Yum!
    The Amber Lewis roundup of rugs are stunning 😍 and I will definitely checkout her collection. I could use a new rug in my sitting room but it’s an odd size so I don’t have a rug that fits properly there. It is a very small space so maybe a round one would work. I’ll have to check out her collection. Have a super day!

    1. Hi Colleen! Did you have a happy Thanksgiving?! I’m so glad you were able to celebrate with family and had lovely weather for the occasion. How fun that you were able to enjoy your gorgeous backyard and be outside- bonus points for bubbly rose… so delicious! I wondered if you made the pie. I’m so glad to hear it turned out delicious. I’m looking forward to making it for our Thanksgiving next month. I’m feeling good and organized in my temporary office- no complaints here! I wish I would’ve made it look a little more beautiful before now. Ha! The front porch was fun to pull together, too. It has been a creative month here so far, which is my favorite kind of work. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday :) xo

  3. What a good combo…Amber Lewis and Loloi! I have several Loloi rugs and love them. Your office rug is beautiful. The pattern and color will go in so many rooms. It’s getting closer and closer to the finish line. Pillows and blankets are my weakness and she has some really pretty ones too. I like the blue pillow for your basement. I am sitting on my hands so I do not go onto her shop because it will be so hard to resist.
    Here’s to hoping you have a great Tuesday Sarah.

    1. I’m with you, Danna! Pillows, throws, and rugs are my design weakness… I love swapping them out for a new look or season. You’ll be shopping for your new house before you know it :) Until then- you’ll have plenty of fun inspiration to get your wheels turning. I hope you’re having a good Tuesday! xo

  4. Your temporary office space is looking super cozy! I love the rug choice-it’s the perfect classic option to brighten up the space and bring a fresh new vibe. I’m also really loving the clover ottoman-was this a new addition as well? Amber Lewis is a favorite and her rugs with Loloi are incredible. My favorite picks from your top five are #3 and #5. Both have the rusty terracotta tone that I love, and I can envision either one in our spaces. Every pillow option you selected for the accessories roundup is appealing. I am especially drawn to the tapestry looking pillows lately, and #5 looks like the perfect light neutral with just a hint of dark tones to pair well with our charcoal sectional! I love the shade of our sectional, but it is difficult to select pillows that brighten the deeper color. I also wouldn’t mind the artwork-although these are becoming increasingly “trendy”. I was hoping to make it to the barns today for some antiques hunting, but sadly pumpkin patch goers have come for miles and made it impossible to get through. Looks like vintage/antique hunting will have to wait a few more weeks. Hope your weekend is enjoyable! Xo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! I wish I would have styled it a little sooner, but hey- it’s feeling pretty good now :) The clover ottoman is new-ish… good eye! I got it awhile back for my office renovation and it has just been sitting in the basement prop closet waiting. I figured I might as well pull it out and put it to use in my current setup while waiting on the office renovation. It’s really just a pretty sample, swatch, and paper collector at this point. Lol! I totally agree with you on that type of artwork feeling trendy right now. We’re noticing a lot of that at market right now. I’m with you on vintage shopping… we went through the antique section of market and it made me wish we had drove a truck or something instead of taking a flight, so we could bring things back. Haha! It was kind of torture to see so many beautiful things and not be able to shop. Lol! I’m itching to go when I get home.