20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comIt has been awhile since I’ve shared recent saves from Amazon, but as I’ve been updating my resource page, I thought it was time for an official blog roundup. There are some beautiful, budget-friendly fixtures floating around that may be a good fit for one of your future projects. Click through to see 20 of my favorite classic & affordable light fixtures from Amazon. Hopefully this post will save you a little time and money. You know I’m all about mixing high & low! I’m sharing some timeless options that won’t go out of style and won’t break the bank. 

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comI can say with complete confidence that the following fixtures won’t be going out of style. Though affordable, these classic fixtures have timeless shapes, finishes, and great reviews! From a designer’s point of view, I know I’d love any one of these for years to come. I’m all about finding items that look like they cost more than they actually do, or finding wiggle room in the project budget.

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the light fixtures to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: antique brass gallery light // 02: polished nickel flush mount // 03: chandelier with pleated shades // 04: desk lamp // 05: hinge arm sconce // 06: outdoor sconce // 07: semi flush mount light // 08: chinoiserie table lamp // 09: pharmacy floor lamp // 10: copper exterior sconce  // 11: double wall sconce // 12: table lamp // 13: antique brass wall sconce // 14: polished nickel pendant // 15: chandelier // 16: buffet lamp // 17: wall sconce // 18: polished nickel wall sconce // 19: double sconce // 20: hinged sconce

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comMy biggest piece of advice when shopping for budget lighting is to pay close attention to the finish. The finish can really make a light fixture look cheap. I usually stay away from brass finishes (unless there are good images or reviews) because that is the most difficult finish to achieve, in terms of a high-end look. Black, bronze, or polished nickel finishes are usually a safer bet and look universally beautiful- no matter the price tag.

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comAnother thing I analyze when sticking to budget fixtures is the specifications. Can a fixture be dimmed? Is it hardwired? What type of glass is the shade, or what is it made of? In addition to aesthetics, this information can help us determine the overall quality. You’d be surprised how many budget fixtures are similar to their designer counterparts in terms of material use. You have to dig for the good ones and have a great eye to spot the classic design options, but not all inexpensive light fixtures look cheap. I hope this post helped to prove that! You can certainly achieve designer style on a budget.

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for more home decor, lighting, furniture, textiles, or pretty much anything else interior related- be sure to check out and bookmark my Amazon shopping page! I’m still updating this every month and I just added lots of fresh finds and resources. Let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to add to my lists or roundups over there. I’m always happy to compile and share resources!

20 Classic & Affordable Light Fixtures From Amazon - roomfortuesday.comBefore I sign off, I’d love to hear your favorites from the roundup! I spent a lonnng time narrowing down my top twenty picks, and filtering timeless options that won’t go out of style. These are all a safe bet and will look lovely for years to come! I hope this post was helpful.

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  1. Good morning! That is quite a round up! I could definitely see any of these living in my home for years. Although I don’t have a single sconce anywhere, I’ve really been taken with examples boasting fabric shades lately like #11, 17 and 19. I also love the curved arm and black shade of #4. And you can’t go wrong with a pharmacy lamp or a beautiful chinoiserie ginger jar! You absolutely highlighted perfectly lovely classics! As someone who has spent hours combing through choices to find a not-hideous flush mount, I can only imagine how long you searched for all of these great options! Thanks for keeping your storefront updated; Amazon is a valuable resource, but it can feel like searching an actual jungle sometimes! We enjoyed a sparkly clear (if windy!) day yesterday, but I think the rain may come today. Sweater season is upon us. Have a magnificent midweek, Sarah!💜

    1. Flush mounts are THE most difficult to source! It’s so tricky to find something that complements a space and is attractive. Amazon most definitely feels like a jungle, but it’s fun to find those treasures that are few and far between. It makes digging feel worth it. I’m so happy you had a sparkly clear day this week. It has been drizzly and snow flurries here, but I’m not complaining :) Sweater season is definitely upon us and I’m embracing it. I hope you had a fabulous Wednesday, Peggi! xox

  2. Thanks for the roundup. This is off topic but lately I’ve been really interested in your kitchen. Like, I’ve been stalking every post and video on it. Lol!
    Mainly the Lissette cabinet door.
    Do you have any regrets on going with the raised panel? I know that shaker is in demand right now but I’ve really grown tired of it.

    1. I hope it’s helpful, Traci! Ha! I love hearing that you’ve been analyzing our kitchen. I prefer a raised panel (just my personal preference)- especially given the architecture and style of our home. Shaker styles are great for farm houses and other homes that have a more simplistic aesthetic, but it just didn’t feel right for our kitchen. Our first home had shaker style cabinets and they were great, but this space called for something different.

      1. Thanks Sarah! I appreciate that explanation. It’s very helpful in such a major and expensive decision!

        1. Of course! So happy it was helpful… it’s definitely an expensive decision.

  3. Erin | List in Progress says:

    Great roundup, Sarah! I love Amazon for affordable lighting, but you sure are right about having to spend time digging for the best options. I like the brass globe pendant you shared here, but the best part might be the ceiling medallion! I assume you added that detail, which really moves a simple light fixture into a class of its own. Love it.

  4. This was a good round up of lighting on Amazon. I really want a picture light in our next home. I love them. #9 was the best purchase for my husband last Christmas. He reads a lot and didn’t have good lighting at his chair. When I saw it, I knew it would get good use. I can see #5 next to a bed. #13 allows you to manipulate the lighting direction and I would love to put one above some in a mudroom above built ins or windows. Yes, brass can be tricky. We replaced the light over our dining room table last year and it looks like one from Restoration Hardware. I was so nervous it would look cheap. It turned out great..shades and all. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08GCWC3JT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
    Have a great weekend & week.

    1. Thanks, Danna! I’m so happy you liked this one. I love that you already have #9, and thank you so much for sharing your awesome find. It’s also an awesome dupe from Rejuvenation. I love that fixture! Such a beautiful light :) I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead with your mom! xo

  5. Melissa D says:

    This is a fantastic roundup! I’m definitely saving it (and your Amazon storefront) for future reference. One question though… you say to be careful with brass fixtures, but there are quite a few in your selections. Is it safe to say that they should all be decent brass finishes if they have made your list?

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I’m so happy you like it and are saving :) Amazon is a good resource. I’ve found so many great deals there. Awesome question on the brass- yes, the ones on my list are safe bets… I like either an antique finish or a living brass look. The only one that could potentially be iffy is #15, but based on the seller’s photos, it seems to be ok. I wish there were reviews on that one for a closer look. Another way to check is to look at other fixtures within the same brand and finish, and see if those have any photo reviews. I do that often!

  6. Lighting has been majorly on my radar lately. I’ve been narrowing down exactly what I want for our primary bedroom. Realizing that my bedside table lamp, while lovely, is not proper scale, has reinvigorated the search. I have already found a wonderful set from a local vintage haunt and can’t wait to share with you when they arrive. This roundup is exquisite-so on to the favorites. #1 will forever be a favorite shape for picture lighting; bonus points that this one has a variety of sizes to choose from. Who would be able to resist #8? I mean, really…I can’t wait to find the perfect iteration for a space in my home. #9 for a reading corner-all day everyday! This one is stunning! #15 is quite similar in shape to what I have in mind for our front room-but I love that this one is all brass. Lastly, #19 is the sweetest pair of sconces I’ve seen in quite awhile. I love these for a hallway, going up the stairs, or flanking a fireplace. I will never tire of browsing light fixtures. Question: I’m blending traditional and modern shapes in the lighting for our primary. Any suggestions on how to do this appropriately? I think of the cohesion you’ve discussed in several other lighting posts, and it seems to me I should have fixtures in one general shape, while lamps and ambient lighting in the other. Is that correct? Or is it ok to vary the fixture shapes between the two styles? Sadly this may negate my lovely selection of vanity lighting for the bathroom…but for the sake of being more appealing to the eye, and cohesive in the space, it may have to be reconsidered. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m late to the game on yet another post from last week, but it was well worth the wait! Have a lovely day!

    1. Mine, too! Lighting is always on my radar though. Haha! It’s one of those home items I just love. Peggi has a fun lighting post coming to the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned for that! It’s an awesome one- especially for vintage fixtures. So many beautiful options! I’m rally happy you liked this one. I always enjoy mixing traditional and modern lighting- I feel like that’s the easiest way to blend styles and add some contrast or a nice design juxtaposition. I’d say make sure there is enough contrast, in terms of style. Better to fall super traditional or super modern, so it’s intentional and there is a nice tension or difference. It’s totally fine to use varying shapes… in fact- that’s best. It has been busy over here, too- no apology ever needed! Hope your week is off to an awesome start, Lauren! :) xo