Pumpkin MookiesIt’s sort of been a crazy couple weeks making the transition West and moving into our new home. Luckily the time difference is only 2 hours, but the part that has been most challenging is the condition of our new home. Moving is stressful in general, and even though this place will eventually be amazing- it feels like a kick in the pants, as we are temporarily downgrading. I’ve been bleaching the floors, kitchen, and bathroom, while simultaneously unpacking and struggling to squeeze everything that once lived in our garage into the house. It’s been cramped, chaotic, and as always we’ve run into roadblocks already. The bathroom faucet broke, the hot water wouldn’t work, and until Emmett can begin reworking the electrical… I’m trying to figure out how to plug in my office equipment because there aren’t many 3 prong outlets in the house. Ha! Luckily I’m finding comedic relief in all the faux pas, because really what else can you do?

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

  • Since it’s September, I’ve already bought the ingredients to make pumpkin mookies. It’s tradition!
  • Fun things I accomplished last week? I bought this ceiling fan for our bedroom, a sofa, Emmett requested this man chair (I might actually love it more than he does!) , and I found a greenhouse that dreams are made of. Considering some of my plants didn’t survive the move (SO sad about that), and I backed over a box of my small planters and succulents with my SUV (true story), it’s probably a good thing my new favorite plant store is less than 10 minutes away from our new place because I’ll need to replace some of my plant babies.
  • Something I’m working on… anyone else out there a major people pleaser?
  • One of our next house projects will be a custom built-in around the fireplace in our living room (because a certain someone MUST have surround sound). I’ve been sketching and brainstorming- check out my inspiration!
  • The exterior of our new place is very unfortunate looking. I can’t wait to paint the brick next spring and enhance some of the architectural features. This is the first time I’ve ever had mail delivered to my door… to a house mounted mailbox, actually. At our old home in Ohio, I had to walk to the post office everyday to retrieve our mail and packages. Long story short- the current mailbox has an engraving of a horse and buggy (ha!), I’m considering buying this one right now, even though my plans to transform the exterior won’t happen until next year.
  • These comfortable, chic tennis shoes (in grayish white) are my go-to this season. I’ve been running around like crazy, trying to settle in here in Salt Lake- so lately I’ve been living in these babies.
  • Too bad I didn’t choose this option. Ha! I’m currently living in chaos.
  • This talented lady is making me question my decision to refinish all of our hardwood floors. Her painted dining room is really amazing.
  • Speaking of, stay tuned for a complete guide on how to refinish hardwood floors (the professional way) tomorrow… I’m sharing every little detail, the dos, don’ts, and of course the before and after images.

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    Love these posts. I always fall down a rabbit hole when clicking the different links lol. Sorry about the stupid things you’ve had to deal with when just having moved in! And you are right trying to find humor in it bc there is nothing else you can do. I would be broke ALL THE TIME if that greenhouse was close to me WOW! I need those Nikes. And I also need to refinish my hardwoods so I’m looking forward to that post 😉

    1. Ha! I’m glad you like them. It’s sort of the same for me- like a rant / random outburst of what’s happening in my life. lol! Thanks so much for the sweet words, and yes- you would LOVE the greenhouse. It’s amazing! Hardwood floor post is live ;) xo

  2. Fingers crossed for you and Emmett that the move in goes more smoothly from hereon in. Almost two years in, we’ve found some surprises in our house, but we cannot love this home enough. Plus, we know we’re giving it the love and attention it’s needed for some time. Can’t wait until we can fix the lame exterior back wall and install a dining room window while we’re at it. It’s difficult to grasp the concept that no one ever installed one since 1979. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much, Ardith! You’re totally right- that’s the fun part of the process and where the memories are made. It’s also so rewarding giving a neglected house the attention it deserves; I can certainly relate! xo

  3. Oksana @ says:

    Oh girl, I can relate so much! We too just moved into the 1930 bungalow that we had been gutting/renovating for the past 13 months, and although it’s not a cross-country move, I totally feel your pain! We are still finishing SO MANY PROJECTS, and living in chaos definitely takes its toll. And to make matters worse, we’ve sold/given away 99% of our furniture, so I’m in this catch 22 predicament, where I can’t unpack because there’s no furniture, but yet I can’t buy new furniture because the entire house is filled with packed boxes to the ceiling… What has helped me stay sane is dedicating one corner of the house, and going ahead and decorating it as much as possible and keeping it clean. If I start to feel overwhelmed by the chaos, I just pour myself a cup of coffee and go sit in my corner. :)

    1. Yes!!! My thoughts exactly. Too bad there’s not a magic genie that can make things happen overnight. Ha! For now, I’m with you, and will embrace living amongst a cluttered mess. xo