Noteworthy : Links, Inspiration, and Updates - roomfortuesday.comTwo Noteworthy posts in the same month?! I’m doing it. I felt like easing into the week after the long holiday weekend and just leaned into writing a more casual post this morning. My father-in-law packed up and hit the road early today, so I’m just getting back into the swing of things over here. Thanks so much for your patience while I took some time away from the blog and social media. It was really nice to unplug and get in some quality time with family. Anyway, this post is packed with links I found inspiring, renovation & project updates, upcoming blog posts to expect, my Memorial Day sale purchases, a little recap of my time off last week, some things I’m looking forward to, and news of an upcoming giveaway I have planned for you guys! Click through to read about allll the things…

First up- a little long weekend recap. Emmett’s dad drove across the country (on his motorcycle, no less) to spend a week with us. Although Utah is back open, we stuck to remote activities that didn’t involve other people, just to be extra safe. We spent the week hiking, fishing, off roading, sharing delicious homemade meals (including the biggest pizza Friday ever… we made 4 pizzas- this BBQ chicken recipe was one of them),and chasing those beautiful Utah views and sunsets. We pretty much spent all of our time outdoors taking in the gorgeous spring weather, and it was just what we needed!

Now that I’m back into the swing of work and all things design, I wanted to share some upcoming blog posts I’m excited to share soon…

  • A complete panel moulding installation tutorial (you guys have been requesting this post for a long time now!)
  • Some more lighting updates in our home + a roundup of new favorites
  • The new (old) art trend I’m noticing and loving… plus my favorites from Etsy (including the one I purchased and styled)
  • An upholstered bed / headboard DIY (that’s going to happen soon for our guest room)
  • A fun little giveaway I have planned with Serena & Lily for you guys (valued at $250)
  • Curated summer furniture pairings
  • Our vintage dining set makeover (before & after)
  • That Adobe Illustrator floor planning video I promised you ages ago (in this post)
  • Our neighbor’s a-frame cabin deck reveal (happening on Monday 6/1!)

There is lots of goodness coming up on the calendar in the coming weeks! As always- let me know if you have any new blog post ideas or want to see something specific… I love adding fresh ideas to the calendar.

Noteworthy : Links, Inspiration, and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI bookmarked this article, sharing 80 Memorial Day weekend grilling recipes, that I know we’ll reference all summer long. We’ve actually been using the grill a LOT lately… and eating outside. In fact, last Thursday I was trying to make fruit pizza cookies for dessert (I had the dough on my cookie sheet ready to go), and the oven wouldn’t start. Emmett and I were equally as frustrated given it’s only a year old (we finished our kitchen renovation in July 2019) and his dad was here visiting. He dug into the issue only to find out the igniter is bad. We ordered the part and are waiting on it to arrive, but in the meantime (without an oven), we’re heavily relying on the grill and stovetop for our dinner.

Next up- my Memorial Day sale purchases. I had to take advantage of some good deals and grab a few things we needed over the weekend! Most retailers have extended their sales, so if you missed out and want to see my finds and the coupon codes- they’re in this post

In terms of renovating and home projects… we’re still working on the upstairs guest bedroom. Our plan is to take it slow & steady so we can enjoy summertime! I’ve also been brainstorming ideas for our dining room, since our dining table should be finished this week. We’re also making our way down the long maintenance to-do list (patching holes, swapping light bulbs, cleaning, finishing millwork, etc). You know- the stuff you really don’t want to do, so you put it off.

Noteworthy : Links, Inspiration, and Updates - roomfortuesday.comIt seems like all of our recent outdoor projects and spontaneous yard & garden tasks have been good for our physical and mental health! I found this article fascinating… researchers have discovered that digging in the dirt and gardening is beneficial for health and immunity. Anyone else keeping busy outside these days?

Am I the only one who is not feeling this? I love the styling and even the green color and greek key pattern, but the freehand, crayon-looking, imperfect edge is giving me anxiety… especially in such close proximity to the perfectly level and ornate millwork. Help me like it, guys… I really want to, but my design brain is saying no for some reason. I will say- kudos to Holmes for boldly experimenting… that’s how the best designs come to fruition.

This article gave me a good chuckle. I feel like between Emmett & myself, we’ve owned and decorated with most of these ugly items at some point in our younger years. Haha! It’s safe to say our style has matured over the years.

How was your long holiday weekend? Did you do anything out of the ordinary or fun to celebrate? I’m excited to get back into my regular work routine now that our house guests have left.

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  1. Oof! – that green greek key is categorically not for me either. It looks as though it’s waiting for the hidden masking tape to be peeled off to reveal lovely crisp edges! I agree that sometimes you just have to go for it in order to uncover new things, but this is not working for me – although, of course, isn’t it great that we all like different things?!

    As far as the list of decorating ‘mistakes’ goes, I still actually quite like a top-quality, well-filled beanbag! I currently have a shaped and deeply-quilted one that is surprisingly supportive and ridiculously comfortable 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Could I point out one small housekeeping thing – when you (and many others) link to something from Sephora, those of us in the U.K. get sent to the French site’s homepage and so cannot see what you’re recommending ☹️

    1. Haha!! I had to laugh about your masking tape comment, Sally. I thought the same thing. I do think it’s really wonderful they went for it and tried something new! You’re right… the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. I also agree with the beanbags- they are honestly very comfortable and I have seen them done well in media rooms and other lounge spots. Your quilted one sounds awesome! So sorry about the Sephora link. I wonder why it does that or how I can fix it? I’ll do some investigating. I’m sorry! Thanks for the heads up though. Have a great week Sally :)

  2. I think if the greek key design was more faded and distressed, like it had been outdoors and weathered, it would be attractive with the right decor. And maybe more carefully painted…lol I agree it doesn’t work as it stands.

    1. I agree… like a vintage plastered kind of look? lol! I want to love it, I really do. Ha!

  3. Good morning, friend! I think two noteworthy posts in a month is a treat, as were the glimpses of your adventures last week. The weirdest end of a school year ever, but I am officially switching to summer mode…of course, that’s looking different, too. We’ve definitely been puttering in the yard and crossing off long overdue house projects- kind of randomly productive. That article about the benefits of soil microbes was fascinating, and gives me a new perspective on weeding.🤣
    FOUR pizzas?! Queen! You do need that outdoor pizza oven. (Especially if your inside oven is on the fritz!😲)
    I wasn’t inspired by any of the sales this year, but I love your lighting selections! Can’t wait to see where they’ll live. Your blog calendar looks packed with awesomeness! I’m here for it! (Unlike that greek key frieze; that’s a hard “no” for me.) Dining room, guest room, Etsy art, A-frame reveal!! Yay summer!☀️🌸

    1. Good morning, Peggi! Last week was such a treat to be outside so much. I really needed that. I hate that you and your students had such a weird ending to a year that probably started off so wonderfully. That’s bittersweet, but I hope you can enjoy your official start to summer vacation! I’m serious about the little outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven- that would be a dream come true. Ha! The four pizzas we made were: southwest BBQ chicken, classic margarita with basil from the garden, blistered tomatoes with pesto / mozzarella / & pine nuts, and a basic pepperoni. Our oven stopped worked the next day (whew!!). I’m glad I’m not alone with the greek key frieze. I really wanted to be into it because it feels bold and hip, but the application was a miss for me. Yay for sweet summertime, good food, tackling a few projects here & there, and wonderful weather :) Have a great day!! xo

  4. We spent Friday and Saturday repairing that container wall where the palm trees used to sit…wow! That was much more time consuming than I anticipated. For first time brick layers working with a huge rounded container, I’d say we did a damn decent job…and learned a ton along the way! I can’t say that project is completely crossed off the list though. Jeff failed to remind me about our “mystery pile”- the bricks that had already broken off years ago that we couldn’t account for their living space on the top edge…needless to say, some of those were tapered to accommodate the curve and got placed elsewhere which honestly doesn’t look bad, but it’s one of those “I can’t unsee it” things. It’s likely we’ll tear down that section and fix it but for right now we are content to have a full wall for the first time since we moved in! I’m super excited about all of those posts in the plans Sarah! And those grilling recipes…bookmarked!! We love summer grilling season! Those fruit pizzas got bookmarked as well. That really stinks about your oven though! I bought a huge outdoor rug for under the pergola, a bunch of citronella candles from World Market, bulbs to plant, and a ton of summer shorts for my kiddos! I agree with the green hand painted trim…I can see where it offers an eclectic vibe to the space, but I can’t love it. I do love the color though! And every single one of those dorm decorating elements I can remember seeing in friend’s dorm rooms! So hilarious! I never lived in a dorm , but I do own one of those prop up pillows…it’s my all time favorite pillow to lounge with. Today we get to celebrate my son officially being out of Kindergarten, and my daughter officially going into Kindergarten, so it should be a fun day today…the official start of summer for us! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Soooo time consuming, Lauren! Masonry work is no joke, and it sounds like you guys did an incredible job :) Way to go!! I like that you refer to it as the “mystery pile” haha! We’re also big into grilling and eating outside during the summertime. Grilled food is our favorite and I appreciate that it’s essentially zero cleanup. The fruit pizzas can be made in small individual cookie forms, or a large pizza- we’ve made it both ways and it’s delicious no matter how you slice it (lol- I couldn’t resist). World Market has the most beautiful citronella candles right now!! I’m so glad you snagged some too. Happy celebrating Kindergarten graduation for your son and your daughter beginning K! Such momentous occasions and fun ages your kids are at. Hope you and your fam have a wonderful summer! xo

  5. Your long weekend sounded so good! I am missing seeing our extended family so much! This week is going to be so many things…hard, sad, happy, relief! Our youngest is finishing high school classes on Friday and picking up his cap & gown via drive by. No ceremony till July (crossing fingers).
    I had to scroll down when I saw the hand painted greek key. The designer tried. That’s all I’ve got! Did you see the article about the designer who designs doll houses? I loved mine growing up and would have loved to do that with my daughter when she was little.
    I laughed out loud when I read the dorm room article! We are literally in the mist of selling our daughters dorm stuff and buying stuff for our son. He is very much against all things with monogram! Between the 2 of them, we have at least 10 items on that list! HA!
    Give me all the dirt and outdoor planting! It is so rewarding! I spent 9 hours outside planting, repotting, transplanting, cutting, etc on Saturday! I am still feeling the exhaustion but love going out and spending time even just watering the plants. If only we could escape allergies!
    Looking forward to the panel moulding; Etsy art; giveaway; outdoor makeover; dining room set makeover! I’m excited for all your calendar posts!
    Have a terrific Tuesday Sarah!

    1. It was really such a wonderful week, and gave us a sense of normalcy again. I have all the feels for your youngest… that is so tough! High school graduation is such a momentous occasion, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. I am sad for all the seniors, but I have no doubt you’ll find ways to make it incredibly special and memorable. Crossing my fingers for the official graduation in July! I did see the doll house article- SO cool. Hey, everybody goes through that “college design” phase, right? So funny that you’re in the thick of it with your kids! 9 hours outside working?! That’s a lot of work, but well worth it (and hopefully healthy & immunity boosting, as well). Allergies have been bad here, too. Cottonwood floats through the air so thick it looks like snow. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday Danna :) xo

  6. Nope, not a fan of that green paint! Looks sloppy!

    1. I know… it’s not for me either. I tried to like it!

  7. Ha, yeah, big fat N-O on that Greek key. I agree w/ Deb that if it was more faded and cleaner edges it might work, but as is, I just can’t get behind it. Sorry I can’t convince you otherwise since I’m not a fan either! I do think it’s great to see designers pushing their creativity though. I, for one, get tired of seeing the same kitchens & baths over and over. I’m all for mixing it up and doing what makes *you* happy in your space.

    Our holiday weekend was great! It was wonderful seeing our family, especially our nephews after five long months AND getting to pick up our girl, Callie. She’s getting settled in although the place is NOT ready for a very curious and smart, kitty so we’ll see how that goes. So happy the weather in SLC turned around after we drove in Friday night so we could enjoy some great hiking up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Next time, camping will hopefully be on the docket!

    SO glad you were able to take some much deserved time off and enjoy it with family, Sarah!

    1. lol!! I can’t get behind it either, but kudos to them for doing something different that hopefully makes them happy. That’s a win! So happy to hear you had an awesome holiday weekend with family… and Callie! The weather last week was crazy and cold, so I’m glad you were able to find a window :) I love hiking in the Cottonwood canyons… we were up there over the weekend, too. Hope you’re having a good week, Anne :)