Noteworthy : April Inspiration and Updates - roomfortuesday.comIt’s time for my monthly check-in… who is ready for a new Noteworthy post? SO much has changed in the weeks since my last post in this series, it almost seems hard to believe. I excitedly talked about our upcoming travel plans (which obviously aren’t happening now), renovation projects, and other things that probably won’t come to fruition anymore, but hey- we’re all in the same boat and are doing our best to roll with the punches and keep everyone healthy. Despite lots of negativity in the media right now, I’ve got a fun and honest post filled with some positive points! Click through to read about allllll the things… 

I’ve been spending a LOT of time in our kitchen lately… it is truly my happy place! From cooking and baking to whipping up another batch of my favorite sugar scrub (I’ve had lots of at home spa time, FYI), I’m finding comfort in keeping my hands and mind busy. Is anyone else cooking or baking more lately? I wanted to share some recipes I’m excited to try in the coming weeks…

Emmett has been begging for a homemade pizza night, too- I’m pretty sure he stumbled across this dough recipe and sauce recipe on our friend Chloe’s instagram, and now apparently HAS to have it- on the dinner rotation this week. Looks like I’m running out of time. Haha!

Noteworthy : April Inspiration and Updates - roomfortuesday.comCan you tell I’m on a comfort food kick? I feel like my culinary and baking skills are going to be top notch once all of this is over… I might also gain 20 lbs (oh well). If you’re relieving stress in the kitchen, I’d love to hear your favorite recipes you’ve tested lately!

I’ve also been dreaming of spring and yearning for warm weather and sunshine, and while it has been getting a bit warmer here in Utah- we’ve been pretty stuck in the 50 to 55 degree range this week. I’m really itching to put together our bedroom balcony and the patio. I’m hoping next week brings warmer weather and plenty of sunshine! Fingers crossed. Have you guys been working on any outdoor projects yet… or is it still too early in your location?

Speaking of projects… we’re about to start a fun one! We’re surprising our neighbors with a deck makeover. We’re planning to paint and furnish their back patio deck (with zero contact, of course). We won’t even have to enter their home…. we’ll just sneak over and get to work from their backyard. I’m pretty sure they know we’re up to something. We bought all of the supplies online and they’re starting to trickle in, but I’ve been over a couple times for measurements already. I’m excited to share joy, positivity, and love in the form of a makeover. I feel like that’s what we do best! Plus- you’re going to love their home… it’s a charming a-frame cabin.

While we’re talking outdoors- where are your favorite places to buy plants and seeds online? I’m ready to start ordering and get things going in our own backyard! I’d love to grow some vegetables and herbs this year. Fun fact… Emmett and I used to have a HUGE garden (around 50 ft x 40 ft) at our first home. We grew up gardening, farming, and canning with our families, but it has been awhile since I’ve had the itch to take on more work and plant food. We’ve really only had a couple tomato & pepper plants in pots on the patio (pictured below), since moving from Ohio to Utah. I think the vast climate change intimidated me, but I’m ready to give it a fair try- even at a much, much smaller scale. Given I’m not leaving the house right now… I’d love your online recommendations!

Noteworthy : April Inspiration and Updates - roomfortuesday.comAs a blogger, I feel like I have to stay current and keep up with social media platforms. Although I resisted for quite some time, I finally figured it was time to get a TikTok. If you’re on TikTok, please give me a follow so I don’t look like a total newbie (thank you in advance!). I’m not going to lie though… I had to use my friend Kyla’s tutorial because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m starting to catch on though and am excited to have some fun with it! I kind of feel like the granny trying to fit in with the young kids. My page is basically dogs and design (my two favorite things).

My local friends at Studio McGee just launched their first ever Target collection (congrats Shea!!). It’s absolutely beautiful AND it fits the budget. Want to see my favorites? You can begin shopping for these on Saturday (April 4th)- maybe set a reminder or alarm, because I have a feeling these items will sell out quickly. I’ll be grabbing a few things for sure! I’ll drop my picks in a shopping slider below…

If you’re wondering what Emmett and I have been up to lately… basically working from home per usual (well… he still has to go into the office 3 days a week, then work 2 from home), tackling pesky projects we’ve been putting off (regular homeowner maintenance boring things), planning our next big renovations, and just hunkering down here at home.

Spoiler alert… I started designing built-ins for my home office and wanted to know if you guys would be interested in seeing the process? I’m still in the beginning phases, but I’m having fun exploring my options, floor plans, and layouts! I’d be happy to share if you’re into that idea.

Are any of you going to join me in the #BUILDTHANKS challenge with Lowe’s next week? You can find more info here. I can’t wait to show you what I have up my sleeve, because in addition to a thank you message, it’s really a test for a bigger project in our home.

If you could use a little good news in your life, check out these Instagram accounts I enjoy following: @tanksgoodnews // @goodnews_movement // @somegoodnews (just launched by John Krasinski a couple days ago!)

Noteworthy : April Inspiration and Updates - roomfortuesday.comI get sooo many questions about my brass footed pedestal dish. It’s typically always sold out, but I just received word that Alice Lane received more stock. They only have a few left (since I shared on IG stories yesterday), which will probably sell out quickly, BUT- if you’d like one, I’ll link it here. It’s $19 and a really versatile dish I use often for styling (great for candles, jewelry, perfume, whatever).

Before I sign off, I wanted to ask you guys what blog posts YOU want to see in the coming weeks? Is there anything in particular that would be inspiring? It can be interior design related or otherwise (projects, recipes, roundups, whatever…). I’m all ears and would love to adjust the calendar to provide the best inspiration, information, and helpful topics during this odd time.

Okie doke… I think that’s all for now. I hope you have a great day and are staying healthy, safe, and mindful out there! Sending lots of love. -Sarah

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  1. Thanks for the near daily posts, I know it’s a lot of work but I love visiting your blog in the mornings. I have to work from home for at least the next month (I normally work only in the office), so now I do some web browsing before I log into work.
    I’m in Michigan, and I keep forgetting it’s technically Spring! It’s been so gloomy and in the mid-40s here for weeks. My favorite thing to do this time of year is visit nurseries and buy new plants, so I’m bummed out that I can’t do that yet.
    I’ve been painting rooms in my house to pass the time (and I find it meditative). I personally am interested in color story posts and DIYs.
    Also, loving that limestone knot figurine and I totally bookmarked it!

    1. I wish I had it in me to do 7 a week, but 5 is pretty much my max in terms of time. haha!! Thanks so much for showing up everyday to read, Lexie. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! I hope working from home is going alright for you… or as best as it can! My brother lives in Michigan and has also shared that he is over the gloomy weather right now. I also enjoy painting walls and find it relaxing- that’s such a great idea to keep busy right now. Hope you’re staying well and healthy! xox

    1. Homemade burrata?! I think I need to buy that cheese kit RIGHT NOW. Haha! Thanks for sharing, Karen. These are right up my alley :) xo

  2. Hi- just wanted to say thank you for the fun content and much needed distractions!

    I am fairly new to your blog but I’ve loved anything what you’ve put together that’s art, round up or mood board related. You have great style and I appreciate that you provide affordable and attainable design and diy inspiration.

    1. Happy to help, Lisa! I’m glad to hear it’s a nice escape… writing the posts is for me too, so we all win :) I really appreciate your feedback! Hope you’re staying healthy and are having a great day. xo

    1. THIS IS SO HELPFUL!! Thank you, Sue. I’ve used Johnny’s Seeds in the past and had good luck there, but the others are new to me. I can’t wait to explore our options :)

  3. I love these posts! They are jam packed with the best goodness! Where to start…tonight I’m trying a new take on spaghetti thanks to you! My kids requested spaghetti and I thought it would be fun to mix the Alfredo and the spaghetti sauce…I even went out to by a loaf of sourdough bread for fresh garlic toast…If you’re a Costco member look for Inked Organics butter spreads! They had a roadshow at Costco not too long ago where I scored the absolute best garlic spread…they also have a cinnamon butter spread that is delectable!
    We are doing a TON of outdoor projects: currently having our wrought iron painted; bye bye 90’s faded blue, hello classic black! It’s packing a powerful punch so far; our Mediterranean house is FULL of wrought iron in our landscape! Next will be replacing the post lights along the back fence; we have 14 brick pillars, each with a post light, and they’re all badly oxidized and weathered. Lowe’s for the win! I was exploring their site after one of your reveals and was able to find our exact lights in black! I was shocked as the current lights are original to our house which was built 20+ years ago!! So that’s on the docket…plus our side patio is getting a facelift: we ordered an amazing pergola from Costco that’s pretty huge and arriving Friday. It was kind of a necessity as a result of another project: removing two overgrown palm trees from the container beds on that side, and repairing the brick that’s damaged because of them. With them gone, there will be no shade for our triple digit summer weather, so pergola here we come! I’ve been clearing out and cleaning up those beds (six on that side), and creating a landscape plan that will bring this house back to its Mediterranean glory. Think snake plant privacy walls, blue agave show stoppers, mixed with lavender, grasses, society garlic, and succulents…ALL the pretty textural plants you’d typically see. I can’t wait to get started!
    Building a garden is the next outdoor project, which will be extensive. The other side of our yard has container beds that are overgrown with bird of paradise and more palms (yuck!). So I’m trying to brainstorm what I’d do. I’m thinking of that orchard feel…dwarf citrus, fig and pomegranate surrounded by leafy greens, veggies and herbs. I haven’t grown a garden since I was seven, so…this could get interesting!
    And Studio McGee for Threshold…that’s a huge YES PLEASE!! I saw that email from Target and it was the highlight of my week! I have their shopping tab open now! Sorry for the long-winded comment…I’m lacking anyone to talk to about projects and design and my husband could care less about my excitement lol. Happy Thursday Sarah! Hope your asthma is doing well, and you’re staying as healthy as you can through this. Love and hugs friend! -XoXo Lauren

    1. Hi Lauren, all of your home projects sound so exciting. Anytime you want to share updates is fine with me. Cheers, Ardith

      1. Thank you for that Ardith! I always enjoy reading your comments and Peggi’s…it’s the first thing I look for when I get to that section. I saw a meme that said “There are now only three days in the week: yesterday, today, and tomorrow”. It couldn’t be more true right now. Cheers to today friend! I hope yours is lovely!

        1. That is very kind of you, Lauren, and ditto!

        2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my friends and our sense of community here. Thanks to all of you for commenting and supporting each other. Makes my heart incredibly happy!! xo

    2. I love hearing that, Lauren! Let me know what you think of mixing the sauces… we love doing that!! Sometimes I’ll even add extra onion or tomato to make it more hearty. I love that garlic spread from Costco- we definitely have some and use it often :) I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying and tackling some fun outdoor projects. I wish the weather would hurry up and change here so I could spend more time outside. Your Mediterranean home sounds gorgeous. I’m also lacking human interaction over here, so I’ll take all the conversation I can get. Ha! No apology necessary! Hope you’re also staying well and healthy. xox

  4. I would absolutely love to follow along your design process for built-ins!

    1. Yay!! Can’t wait to share :) Thanks for the feedback, Danielle!

  5. Tiktok?! Crosby’s dance routine was legit.🤣 I’m definitely resisting technology these days because I loathe myself on video…oh vanity. Our weather had warmed up nicely, then the rain and hail arrived. Ah spring. The surprise deck project sounds like fun; something we could all use right now. I’ve been cooking a ton, as well. As I splattered curried red lentils on the subway tile the other night, I reminded myself why I don’t have marble counters.🤷‍♀️They were delish though, and I found a 4-ingredient naan recipe that was amazing! I’m thinking that pizza dough is on my Friday list now, too! I think I’ve said it before, but I love all your posts! I definitely want to see what you’re cooking up for your office. I love the Pinterest posts, color and material round-ups, Etsy finds, recipes…it’s all great and so, so appreciated. Sending virtual hugs and healthy vibes on this…Thursday?💖

    1. That literally took me an hour, and he probably ate an entire bag of treats in the process. HAHAHA!! I also hate seeing myself on video- I feel like that’s pretty normal (unfortunately). We had more snow today. Curried lentils… yummm!! It’s probably a good thing you have quartz instead of marble. Haha! I might need your naan recipe. Thanks for the blog post ideas- those are all right up my alley and have me excited :) Hope you’re staying healthy and happy! xox

  6. Good morning, Sunshine, and thank you for this smile-inducing post. What you are doing for your neighbors is a lovely gesture. And, of course, we watchers can’t wait to see what you and Emmett pull off.

    Regarding what type of topics people like might want to see covered here, quite honestly you seem to have your finger on the pulse of what is timely and interesting. Peggi and your other readers also come up with great ideas. So, I’ve got some brainstorming to do it seems. Off the top of my head, your baking and cooking extravaganza sounds worthy of note.

    If there’s something I wish I could offer people in terms how to truly wrangle anxiety and fear, and turn all that yucky energy into feelings of zen and creative yet practical ideas to navigate our new reality…that is what I’d like to do. On that positive note, there is innovation taking place. Sow the Land posted a video the other day about an Ashville, NC farmer’s market that uses social distancing and technology to bring local producers and buyers together in a very good way. There are other silver linings emerging as well. This is the kind of news I want to read about.

    So on that note, thank you again for this cheerful post and for helping out your neighbors as only you and Emmett would. Cheers and hugs, Ardith

    P.S. McGee and Co at Target! What! So cool.

    1. Awww, I’m so happy to hear that Ardith! I’ve definitely been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately, so I’ll try to squeeze in some more of those posts. Teach me your ways of turning anxiety into a zen state-of-mind and creativity! That sounds like something I need right about now. Haha! I love hearing about the positive things happening around the world right now- including the farmer’s market you mentioned. That is incredible. Silver linings are definitely emerging! I can’t wait to share more on our neighbor’s deck project- it’s going to be beautiful. Have a great day! xo

  7. Thanks for your daily posts – I enjoy starting my day reading them. Yes I’d love to follow along on the design for the built-ins as we will be planning the same this summer. Keep doing what your doing – you bring joy during these scary times. Stay Safe!

    1. I love hearing that, Lynn! Thank you. Built-ins are always really fun and exciting to plan. I’ll share soon! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy too. xox

  8. I forgot to say that I would LOVE to see the entire process of your office built-ins! At some point I’d love to add some to my formal dining room and do away with my chunky china hutch! I’ve never done it😬but your tutorials are always the best! Xo

    1. Woohooo!! Can’t wait to share. The first and the last stages in the process are always my favorite (drawing, sketching, design itself, then styling at the end). This will be fun :)

  9. Enjoy seeing the process, dilemmas, layouts, etc of redoing/remodeling a room. Yes, to your office!
    TikTok would be so uncomfortable for me. Only if my son helps me. Have you seen Reece Witherspoon’s son & her doing Tiktok dance moves? Reece is good!
    I have just started using Zoom. Love seeing my friends. I talked with my good friend in Amsterdam this morning…miss her soooo much!
    John Krasinski is my favorite! You have to check out his Lip Sync Battle video where he sings a Tina Turner song. I am laughing out loud now recalling it. My husband and I are going to watch the Youtube video of him and Steve Carrell tonight.
    I have been cooking so much. The homemade pizza sounds really good! Must check out your recommendations for some ideas.
    My favorite right now is ‘Sheet pan dinner’. We put a meat (chicken, steak, etc) and then any vegetables (mushrooms, asparagus, potatoes, onions, etc) on a sheet pan and cook in the oven. I love it because its easy and we empty the refrigerator of any unused vegetables. Also there is a website that you input all the items in your pantry and refrigerator and it gives you recipes. Genius!
    Have a great Thursday! Hope you get warmer weather soon!

    1. Thanks to you, Danna… I’m now following Reese on TikTok! haha! I have no idea what I’m doing on there, but I’m enjoying watching everyone else. Zoom is really cool! We’ve been having game night with our friends once a week. I’m so glad you got to chat with your friend in Amsterdam! I hope she’s doing ok. I need to go watch John’s lip sync video- I have yet to see that one! I’m also going to try one of your sheet pan dinners this weekend :) Thanks for the tip! Happy Thursday :) xo

  10. Of course, we want you to share every step Of planning &creating your built-ins for your office! Bless you for continuing to post during these challenging times. Honestly, I am so grateful for this “extra” time to re-set, pivot my life! Getting things done that I never had time for (I am currently laid off from work) I hope we all emerge from this as “better/more grateful” people with all the organized drawers!Thanks for asking about resource for heirloom seeds, because we are planning a garden too! (Thanks Sue D.!) OMG Studio McGee at Target ! Yaaas! Alarm set!

    1. I love this comment, Lori… that is SUCH a positive way to approach this situation we’re all living. I also hope that we can emerge as better, grateful, and kind people! I’m sorry you’ve been laid off work, but I am glad to hear you’ve been productive and are taking this time to re-set. I love your attitude. Sue D definitely helped us out and came through with the seed websites :) Happy gardening to all!! xox

  11. Hi Sarah. I always enjoy your Etsy round ups. Maybe a few of those. How about some fantasy type posts. Like what your beach house would look like or cabin or loft etc. thanks for providing great content.

    1. Thanks, Liz! I love the Etsy roundups too… I’ll add some of those to the list :) I also love your idea of dreaming of future projects / houses post. You can catch a lot of my inspo on my Pinterest boards, too: Have an awesome weekend, Liz! xo

  12. If people give you online recommendations for seeds/plants for your garden, will you please share?? My husband and I are also using this time to start a large garden in our yard (we also grew up gardening/farming) and are so excited to finally have some time to do it!
    Thank you for the continued beautiful design posts daily. We all know that life is crazy right now, but I appreciate that you acknowledge it and keep moving on to design content! Constant emphasis on it by content creators, the news, social media, etc can be hard on the anxiety levels some days so I love your beautiful distractions! Thank you!! Stay well!

    1. Absolutely! There are already quite a few recs here in the comment section worth checking out :) Happy garden planning, Lauren! And thank you for your kind words about the blog and design content… I really appreciate you showing up to read and comment. Means so much to me- especially now. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

    1. Yesss! Thank you SO much for this, Jennifer. Amazing! Have a great weekend. xo