Black Bean Flautas

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comI was serious when I said I’ve been on a spree in the kitchen… I’ve been cooking and baking up a storm. Given it’s Friday, we like to keep it festive around here- even though we’re just staying home and are rocking our comfy pants. Tonight we’re having black bean and poblano flautas for dinner, with pineapple jalapeño margaritas (YUM!). We’ve been trying to celebrate the little things and I’m pretty sure Friday counts! This recipe has been one of our favorites at home ever since receiving it in our Hello Fresh box last year. I kept the recipe and have adapted it a couple times. It’s an easy Mexican dish that frequents our dinner rotation- and it’s meatless! Click through for the recipe and pin it for later. I’m telling you- it’s a keeper!

Many of you asked how I’m liking my new kitchen utensils… so far, I’m loving them! I ordered The Iconics Collection from Material a couple months ago. They look great, are working very well, and best of all- they’re sustainable and eco-friendly.

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to this recipe being meatless, it’s easy to adapt for your dietary needs. If you’re gluten-free, swap the flour tortilla for a corn tortilla and turn these into taquitos! If you’re vegetarian, leave out the chicken broth and use vegetable stock instead. It’s an easy and versatile recipe!

Black Bean Flautas -

Black Bean Flautas -

Black Bean Flautas

with Pobalano, Pico de Gallo, and Gauc
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 2


  • 1 red onion thinly sliced
  • 1 poblano pepper cored and diced
  • 13.4 ounces black beans drained
  • 1/4 cup chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tomato diced
  • 2 scallions (green onions) chopped
  • 1 lime quartered
  • 3 tablespoons southwest seasoning
  • 6 flour tortillas (6-8" round)
  • 1/2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese
  • 1/4 cup guacamole
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • olive oil as needed
  • hot sauce for drizzling on top


  • In a small bowl, stir together the diced tomato, a large squeeze of lime juice, the chopped scallions, a drizzle of olive oil, then season with salt & pepper. Set aside.
  • Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a large frying pan over medium/high heat. Add the diced poblano and the sliced onion, cooking for 6-8 minutes, or until softened. Add 2 tablespoons of southwest seasoning, and half of the drained black beans. Cook the mixture, stirring frequently, for around 5-6 minutes. Season with salt and pepper, then remove from heat.
  • In a small pot, over medium/high heat, add the other half of the black beans with a drizzle of olive oil, cooking until softened (around 4-5 minutes). Stir in 1/4 cup of chicken broth and 2 tablespoons of butter, until well combined. Remove from heat and mash the beans with a masher or fork until mostly smooth. Season with salt & pepper.
  • Assemble the flautas. Evenly spread the mashed black beans onto one half of the tortilla. Sprinkle with pepperjack cheese, and divide the filling between the tortillas. Roll up the tortillas, starting with the filled side, and place them seam side down on a plate.
  • Wash out the pan you used to cook the filling, then drizzle olive oil into that same pan over medium/high heat. Once it's hot, place the flautas in seam side down. Cook them carefully, rotating until they're golden brown and crispy on all sides (2-3 minutes per side).
  • Plate the flautas (3 per serving)... top with the prepared pico de gallo, sour cream, gaucamole, and hot sauce. Enjoy!
Keyword black bean, flautas, mexican, taquitos

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comIt really doesn’t get easier! These are always a hit in our house and take less than 30 minutes to make. Sometimes we’ll even make them for breakfast too, adding scrambled eggs to the filling- or topping with an egg instead of the gauc.

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know we’re a household that likes margaritas, and although my recipe is by far the BEST… sometimes I get lazy and enjoy a pre-made marg.

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comIt’s fun to mix it up every now and then, and these are a close second. On the Rocks makes some pretty delicious pre-made cocktails and the Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita is one of my spicy favorites (not sponsored, just really tasty!).

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comIn terms of Hello Fresh (also NOT sponsored), we’ve been using their meal kits since 2016. That seems crazy, but it’s true. We’re usually pretty busy working on the house in the evenings and it takes the guesswork out of dinner. We typically do 3 per week. Emmett and I have pretty much tried all of the meal kit brands and this one has remained our favorite.

Black Bean Flautas - roomfortuesday.comWhat are your dinner plans tonight? Please let me know if you try these at some point! What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m hoping the weather warms up and we’re able to get some sunshine and work done outside. Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Can’t go wrong with Mexican food and margaritas! (Although, I am hilariously strict about sticking to Pizza Friday!) One thing I haven’t done yet with all of my extra time is make a special cocktail pairing with our meals. That would be fun! Of course, making sure I have all of the ingredients on hand is trickier than it used to be.😢 I’m still figuring out this whole work from home/distance learning situation, so I’ll probably be noodling on that this weekend. Plenty to do; I just need to work on focus these days. Here’s wishing you some warmer weather and weekend fun!💖

    1. Oh Peggi, you should try a Manhattan or a dirty martini with your pizza tonight! Winning combinations for sure! Instacart whatever you need, and have it delivered to you…then you’re winning on both fronts! Cheers to Friday Peggi! I hope you’re able to get some R&R this weekend…my thoughts are with you. And you’ve got this on the distance learning thing! I have no doubt!

    2. Pizza Friday!! I love that! You should test out some cocktails with dinner this weekend after figuring out and setting up your work from home situation :) It might make it more bearable? Ha! I’m also finding focus to be difficult with everything going on right now. Give yourself some grace, friend! Hope you have a really awesome weekend! xo

  2. This sure looks yummy, especially via such beautiful photography. Have a wonderfully cozy weekend, you two. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks Ardith! I hope you have an amazing weekend :) Happy Friday! xo

  3. These look amazing!! I love versatile recipes that can be modified in a pinch! And btw…your spaghetti twist was a huge hit!! Dinner last night was absolutely perfect! Of course the kids still opted for butter on their noodles🤦🏼‍♀️But hey, we can’t win them all right? Needless to say I’ll definitely be making that again! Next time I plan to add some onion and mushroom, and maybe switch up the Italian sausage for some shrimp. You’ve got me wanting to cook haha! I’m excited to get some progress on the bathroom this weekend. Vanities have been sanded and primed, but due to some plumbing issues we had to do a bit more work on them than expected. So more touch ups in prep for paint. The walls are painted with just a few touch ups to make it right, and then the fun part…priming and painting the drawer boxes and fronts! If the rain stays away until Sunday I might be at a decent progress spot…fingers crossed! Guys the wrought iron looks AMAZING!!!! It’s all done and the transformation is incredible! Jeff’s birthday is tomorrow and I’m wondering if he’ll hate me for getting him all the outdoor light fixture replacements for the backyard (the ones that attach to the house). Is that a terrible gift? Maybe a selfish one lol. Cheers to the weekend Sarah! I’m sending California warm vibes your way for the weekend. Oh! And if anyone ever wants to pick my brain about cocktails, I used to bartend! Yours always look incredible Sarah! Enjoy those spicy margaritas; you have my brain on fajitas this morning!

    1. So glad to hear your fam liked the spaghetti twist last night!! Hope you have a fun weekend working on your bathroom, Lauren. It’s going to be finished before you know it. I have to laugh about Jeff’s bday “gift”. lol! Maybe pair it with a homemade dinner and cocktail or something, for balance? Ha! Happy Friday!

  4. 😂🤣My thoughts too Sarah! But to be honest it’s not out of the ordinary for us. We have always gotten each other practical things that we wouldn’t necessarily spend the money on otherwise…home improvement things mostly. Lol. He’s the guy that has every tool, every gadget; every “thing” he wants he buys himself along the way. But yes, homemade dinner, cake and cocktails is definitely on the list!

  5. Fridays are for Mexican and Margaritas for us! I am missing our mexican restaurant we go to every friday. They have the best chips and salsa. I am cooking tacos with guacamole and of course my husbands margaritas. Your margarita sounds delicious. I have never seen this brand. Big fan of pineapple and with the jalapeño I bet its a good combo.
    Hello Fresh has popped up in conversation, etc a couple of times in the last week. Need to try them out. I am running out of ideas and if it’s easy & delicious….I am game!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Again, thank you for your positive posts and encouragement. We can do this!

  6. I love this pan you’re using! Any info on where I can get one?

    1. Ours is over a year old, and I don’t think they make the white enamel set anymore, but it’s Masterclass brand. Here is the same set, just speckled color:

  7. Kimberly S. says:

    5 stars
    Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! I will keep this in my rotation for meals. Nice alternative to having them meat filled. Surely do not miss it lol.

    1. Yay!! Love hearing that, Kimberly! I’m glad you loved these as much as we do. They’re in our dinner rotation often, too :)