Noteworthy : Room for Tuesday Blog PostLast week was a doozy, so I spent the weekend catching up on work and nursing my dog, Cash, back to health after he got into some peaches (don’t worry, he’s almost back to 100%). It was the perfect rainy weekend to cross things off my to-do list without wishing I were outside. All of that to say, I wanted to start the week slow with a Noteworthy post packed with lots of links and inspiration. Click through for all the happenings, updates, and inspiration…

Since it was super dreary here in Salt Lake on Saturday and Sunday, I decided to make my first soup of the season! There’s something comforting about making soup this time of year when it’s chilly and icky outside. I love spending time in the kitchen these days, so it was great to get in some “me time”. I made this white bean chicken chili, per Emmett’s request and it was delicious. If you’re looking for a good chicken soup, I’d definitely recommend that one. Other favorites include this low carb buffalo chicken soup, and on the other end of the spectrum (aka- high carb) creamy potato soup.

In addition to cooking, I went on a mega online shopping spree at Loft over the weekend. I hate shopping in person, and only go crazy about once a year- which is usually during the fall. That’s my favorite time of year for updating my wardrobe and clothing! Want to see the haul I ordered? Everything is 50% off with code OMG through Wednesday, so I had to take advantage…

I told you I went crazy! I don’t shop often, but when I do- I go hard. Haha! Loft is one of my favorites. Speaking of shopping, I also made a lot of updates to my Amazon Storefront over the weekend… I’ve added curated lists for the following topics:

I have a lot of fun putting together these collections and honestly do most of my shopping on Amazon, so if you’re in the same boat or want to put your Prime shipping to use- definitely give them a look! You just might discover some new cool things.

I spy lots of familiar bathrooms in this article… including my own! I’m really into color lately- if my basement makeover didn’t tip you off. The bolder, the better. Thanks for all of the love in regards to our basement, by the way! You guys sure know how to make Emmett & I feel special. We’ve been cramming a lot in lately, but that’s what makes it all worth it.

I’ve been to Venice… in fact, I used to live in Italy back in the day (Florence), but I wasn’t that into the city of canals or “floating city” as the locals call it. I just favored other Italian cities more. Sure, there were many beautiful moments and I think everyone should visit Venice once, but it was so crowded and touristy- it was honestly a little off-putting for me. I loved it, but it’s not a place I wanted to return… UNTIL seeing this hotel. My jaw hit the floor and I’m suddenly trying to figure out how to make an Italian getaway happen- Venice included.

Trust me when I say, I’m a major Harry Potter fan, but I don’t think I can get behind this. Who is buying this stuff?! Probably my brother, if I had to guess. Haha! Love you, Brett.

I have some fun things coming up and collaborations with a couple designers and brands you guys already know and love- I promise to share ASAP, but I think I get to announce one of them this week! Stay tuned.

The Pinterest board I’ve been spending the most time on recently is my “Garage Designs” board because we just pulled the trigger on purchasing new garage doors. It wasn’t something we wanted to tackle anytime soon, but hey- our existing doors are 25+ years old and they are broken and can’t be repaired, so we had to go for it. Between my fall shopping (yikes) and garage door dilemma, September is turning out to be an expensive month. Don’t tell my bookkeeper (Emmett).

If you’re in Salt Lake City, or the surrounding areas- I wanted to share five Facebook Marketplace finds! I just thought it would be fun. I hope someone can grab them, because they’re too good to pass up and I have too much on my plate right now to drive around picking up pretty vintage furniture!

  1. awesome, modern cane bar stools
  2. vintage brass umbrella holder
  3. blue oriental rug
  4. burl nightstands
  5. black buffet cabinet

Alrighty, well- that’s all for today! I have a fun week planned as far as blog posts are concerned. I’m trying to put together and share a really awesome outdoor fall dinner party, but the weather keeps messing up my plans. I’m hoping to squeeze that in this week if mother nature cooperates! Guess what else?! I FINALLY get to announce my One Room Challenge space in a big blog post on Wednesday, so please come back for that. Everyone have a wonderful week. PS: how is this the last day in September?! Time is flying.

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  1. Where did September go? I came home to 49 degrees! That white bean chili looks perfect for book club on Wednesday; thanks for helping a sister out! And your FB Marketplace looks amazing. Those burl nightstands and black Asian chest make me weep. You know I’ll be back for all the collabs and inspiration you’ve got coming! Happy Monday!

    1. I know… it just flew by! Let me know what you think if you make the soup for book club :) Have a great week Peggi! Hope you had an amazing and relaxing time in AZ.

  2. I love that knit duster from Loft! Wow, that hotel in Venice is gorgeous and so unique! I am totally on board with Pottery Barn’s Harry Potter collections! I didn’t realize they had released new stuff for Christmas already. I really want that Happy Christmas banner and the Hogwarts snow globe (but it’s $250! yikes!).

    1. I know! I’m excited about the duster… I feel like that will be perfect for travel, and I think I might layer it over the plaid shirt dress with some boots. And yes- the HP collection is so pricey for what it is… otherwise, I think I could get on board for a fun themed fall / holiday party!

  3. I do the big fall clothes & home accessories spend too (trying ThredUp this year for the first time since my usual habit of hitting all the thrift stores is getting harder with a homeschool schedule and living farther out from the city now). My husband might have a word with me about it… but I’m so not spendy most of the time I just feel the guilt and do it anyways once in a while!
    Dying that you got to live in Italy for a while. I tried to do a semester in Florence during college but the $11k price tag ended up being out of my reach so it’s still on my bucket list. I did live in Australia for a year after graduation though, and have visited Scotland, Japan, and Turkey, so yay :) There will be more international travel when I’m over 40 and the kiddos are older, for sure. I’m so content with this season of life but sometimes I get hit with that reminder of travel and man I miss it!!

    1. Same here! I haven’t heard of ThredUp, but I’ll have to check it out. You’ll have plenty of time for travel once your kiddos are older- and how much fun will that be to bring them along and show them your favorite places :) I always try to remind myself to enjoy whatever phase of life we’re in and be in the moment… that’s easier said than done though. xox

  4. I didn’t know Cash had been sick ,I am so sorry! Glad he is feeling better.

    Are you coming to Paris on your trip? I’ve really gotta get back on Insta, but my personal phone is dead and I don’t want to put stuff on my work phone!

    have a great week!

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes… he got into a bunch of peaches in the backyard and the pits are extremely dangerous for pets (as they contain toxins and cyanide). He gave us quite the scare, but is on the mend. Whew! We’re not visiting Paris this time around… we’ll be in the French Riviera :) xox

      1. Goodness, so glad the vets were able to help!!

        Sorry to miss you but have a great time in the south!

  5. Um OK so I went to The Loft and bought the poncho you purchased and a lovely merlot duster sweater. And THEN I made the white chicken chili. Yum!

    1. Yay and yay!!! I love hearing that :) Enjoy all the fall things, Karen!!! xox