Noteworthy - Dreaming of a Beach Home - roomfortuesday.comHow is everyone’s week going? I’m gearing up to leave for a work trip to North Carolina and have a million things left on my to-do list. It feels like this summer is just flying by! I’ve been saving a lot of inspiration lately, so I thought it was time for a new ‘Noteworthy’ post. Click through for life updates, inspiring links & images, favorite products, and things I’m looking forward to.

First of all, I resurrected the newsletter! I sent the first one out last week and am vowing to get back into the routine of bi-monthly email- delivered straight to your inbox. You’ll notice they look a lot different this time around. I’m trying to dig deep, get personal, be super honest, share my favorite content from the month, and host secret giveaways & surprises for those on the mailing list. I’m actually pretty pumped about it! I’ve got some fun things up my sleeve. If you’re not subscribed and don’t want to miss out on the action, add your email to the righthand sidebar titled “newsletter” to be added to the list.

Noteworthy - Dreaming of a Beach Home - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re wondering about all the gorgeous images you’re seeing throughout this post- they belong to the uber talented Brooke Wagner Design! I’ve been on a realllllll beach house kick lately. I feel like I’m being called to design a beach cottage and I can’t force it out of my mind. The only problem? I have no idea how to fund one to renovate. Who has a beach house that needs a total reno? I’m dead serious. Haha! Anyway, she is my go-to lady for design inspo when it comes to coastal living. Every single one of her projects is drool worthy. You have to go check her on on Instagram. I swear, you won’t be disappointed.

Noteworthy - Dreaming of a Beach Home - roomfortuesday.comOn a more serious note, I’ve been doing more Insta live Q&As and a bunch of you have asked about our future plans. Before that… do we like IG live, IGTV, IG stories? Tell me what to do- there’s just so much to choose from and I’m not sure what’s worth my time (or yours).

Back to the future (plans… not the movie), it’s honestly our favorite thing to discuss on the regular (basically every night). Emmett and I LOVE dreaming about what the future holds for us and my business. We’ve brainstormed an addition to our existing house, a RV or camper reno, obviously a beach or lake house (I prefer beach & he votes lake), or maybe a mountain house (that seems too easy because we already live in the mountains). Most likely, another Utah home reno will happen before we can afford a cool destination. Maybe we’ll end up there, maybe we’ll stay here… who can say. I love this article on what my friend Cathy calls “house hacking”.

I can’t shut my brain off when it runs wild with so many ideas, so naturally I made a Pinterest board for each: beach house // mountain cabin // camper flip // garage (Emmett’s dream add-on)

Regardless of what’s to come, I thought it would be fun to ask what YOU would like to see us tackle, just for the sake of curiosity? We’re in no place ready to buy another home right now, but the dream is exciting! Outside of renovating, I think designing a product line would be WAY fun. After all, my degree includes all sorts of design mediums. All of this to say, who knows what the future actually holds, but I’m optimistic that it will be fun & fulfilling (I hope).

Noteworthy - Dreaming of a Beach Home -

Onto my favorite shopping links! I put together this little grid of 4 purchases I’ve been loving…

  1. I’ve been living in these sunglasses. I get tons of insta messages about them and thought they were worthy of linking. They’re polarized and are as functional as they are beautiful!
  2. This is my favorite minimal clock. It’s a great size, the typographic numbers are on point, and the color is perfect. It doesn’t look “heavy” on the wall like similar options.
  3. I had a client order this budget friendly chair and wondered how it would be in person… the verdict? It’s amazing!! Especially for the price tag.
  4. These pedestals are my biggest styling hack right now. If you need to add height to an object, plant, vase, etc… these are super handy! I have them on my laundry room counter right now.

As for our current renovation update, the next reveal will be the hallway! Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later. We’re stilling living with a half finished hall, but you can catch a peek here. We’re waiting on those damn doors that went MIA to arrive. This just confirms two of my biggest reno tips for newbies… #1: always expect the unexpected, #2: add padding to the timeline because the renovating schedule always shifts. Needless to say, I’m growing impatient with this room. Our last hallway went much more smoothly.

Next up will be my home office. I’ve been brainstorming design ideas (finally), and they’re sort of all over the place. You can see what it currently looks like in my “No Makeup Home Tour“.  Not gonna lie- it’s the most embarrassing room in the house, but that’s part of it, right? No judgements, please!

Noteworthy - Dreaming of a Beach Home - roomfortuesday.comLastly, let’s wrap this post up with links I’ve been saving and thinking about…

Alright, that’s all for now! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Everyone have a great weekend! I’m off to NC for the week, but come back on Monday for a full week of fantastic content I have planned.

images: brooke wagner design

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  1. I just returned from a week in a Maine lake house, and I spent oodles of hours dreaming of redecorating! So, I ‘m Team Lake House.😜 I’ve never signed up for a newsletter…I’ll give yours a try! Thanks for all the inspiration and have a lovely trip. (I might have to choose the Practical Magic kitchen- with a little more light. Because, magic!)

    1. Thanks, Peggi!! I wouldn’t be sad about being near any body of water. Haha! I almost went with the Practical Magic kitchen- I LOVE it :) xo

  2. Where in NC are you going? We are headed to Asheville, NC in October and are so excited! I’m also team Lake House or something with a cabin feel.

    1. I’ll be in Charlotte. Asheville is wonderful- I love it! xo

      1. I live on the Outer Banks in NC, if you want to design a beach house you can design mine ;) I’ll pay you in seashells… it’s only a short 6 hr drive from Charlotte!

        1. That sounds dreamy! Haha! xx

  3. Fish tacos are my fav all year long! Love that Target arm chair as well, good to know it actually looks great in person Sarah. Thanks for sharing & enjoy your time away!

  4. Camille Thomson says:

    Do you know the paint color of the cabinets? I love it!

    1. I wish I could be more helpful in that department, Camille… but that’s a question for Brooke- the designer. xo

  5. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home says:

    Your garage Pinterest list is everything! Scott’s big plans are to add a garage to replace the shed at Tree House. It’s down the road, but your board has me thinking…

    1. Were your ears burning?! I just had the best conversation about you with our pal Daniel K, haha :) We also want to add a garage. We’ll help you if you help us? Haha!! That would be dreamy (and super fun). xx

  6. Can you share the kitchen cabinet color? We’d love to paint our kitchen the same color!

  7. Marianne Robards says:

    I’m another fan who would like to know what color … is that fantastic … “slate-type” blue on your kitchen cabinets? It’s so perfect!

  8. Ashley Lloyd says:

    Hi! I was actually wondering what color the kitchen cabinets were lol! Just bought a new home