Roundup : Marble Mosaic Tile

Roundup : Marble Mosaic Tile - roomfortuesday.comMarble tile is something I’ll never tire of. It’s a classic and timeless material that is perfectly imperfect. From subtle veining to graphic movement, it’s one of those surfaces that screams luxury.  I thought it would be fitting to round up my favorite marble mosaics and share them with you. After all, so many of you asked about the kitchen backsplash tile, and I already had a TON saved that were contenders for just that. Click through for a giant roundup of marble mosaic tile that will make your jaw drop (in the best way possible)

Gosh, I have SO many favorites from the above roundup. Emmett and I have been dreaming of adding a master bath to our house and you better believe, marble is going to make an appearance once again. Check out our existing bathroom (and marble) here. I’d have a very difficult time choosing between numbers 2, 4, 5, 9, and 14. That really didn’t narrow it down, did it? They’re all SO good! #6 is currently the tile in the back of our shower niche, shown below.

Roundup : Marble Mosaic Tile -

Roundup : Marble Mosaic Tile - roomfortuesday.comA classic herringbone tile will never go out of style! I love the way it adds texture, pattern, and depth to an otherwise boring shower shelf.

Click on each tile to shop! 

Here’s a confession- when designing our kitchen, I was 100% sold on #2 for the floor tile. It was happening. I had the sample at home and was ready to place the order and everything! The kitchen would’ve taken on a VERY different look had it manifested as I had hoped. However, after running the numbers and analyzing the budget, Emmett and I opted to splurge on the backsplash marble instead…. but- I’m still majorly in love with that tile. It has to be installed in one of my homes someday. I’m also feeling numbers 5, 9, 10, 12, and 14.

Roundup : Marble Mosaic Tile - roomfortuesday.comHere’s a pro tip when working with mosaic tile on different surfaces: run the tile in the opposite direction to add depth and switch up the pattern. I especially love doing this in recessed areas. Rather than having to buy a different patterned mosaic or single slab, just rotate the tile you have on hand. It will save you time & money! Notice how my backsplash tiles switches from vertical to horizontal in the spice shelf? That was definitely intentional. I love the outcome!

Are there any marble mosaics I should add to the roundup? If you had to pick just one, which one would it be and where would you install it? I’d love to hear if our favorites are similar in the comments below!

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  1. So beautiful! I’m really drawn to the mosaics with two colors – the one with the tiny green squares! They remind me of quilts. The vendors who include grouted images sure help; the light grout softens the graphic quality and really changes the look. If I had to choose one from this round-up (that is totally non-binding 😀), I would say 11 from the top group because I like angles but my guy like curves. (Or 5 from the bottom array…)

    1. The grouted images definitely help! Both of those choices are gorgeous. I feel like I need to add a bathroom, just so I can use some of these. haha! The two color options definitely have more depth than the others. xo

  2. Oooo… Considering #3 (top group) in black marble for my bathroom floors!

    1. I just but black hex in my powder bath and it looks so so good! I totally recommend it

    2. Ooohh, pretty!! Obviously I’m a fan of black marble hex in a bathroom… mine is larger scale, but still- it’s gorgeous :) xo

  3. Number 5 in the top group’s link is going to a different marble tile. Do you have the link to the one shown? Thanks!

    1. Sorry about that, Emma! It looks like it’s now sold out / out of stock… so Wayfair is using that link to auto populate to a different option.

  4. Oooh can you do a mood board of the kitchen design you would have done with #2? I’d love to see what you were thinking just because it’s so different than what you ended up going with.

    1. Sorry, Liz! I didn’t create a finalized moodboard for that one. xo