Noteworthy Post - Room for Tuesday BlogIt’s been a crazy busy year so far! I feel like my goal of self care and “clocking out” of work each day isn’t off to a great start and we’re already well into March. How are you guys doing with your goals? Despite the fact that things are busier than normal, I can’t complain. I thought it was time for a giant Notewothy update because it’s been a long time (2017 to be exact) since I’ve done one of these. Click through for the latest updates, inspiration, and some things I’m looking forward to. We have lots to catch up on!

I’ll start by staying, I’m pretty sure I haven’t been in so many images / showed my face this much on the blog in a year, and here I am 3(!) times this week. I’m not a fan of being on the other side of the camera, so don’t get used to this guys! haha!

Obviously, you’re up-to-date on the kitchen reno. Things are trucking right along and cabinets are being installed next week. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for three months. That means we’ve been eating carryout and haven’t had appliances for 90+ days… that’s insane! How are we still alive? That’s real life renovating for you though- it’s never quite as easy, quick, or cheap as HGTV makes it look. Ha! I know we’ll get there eventually and everything will be worth it. Good things take time.

Speaking of HGTV, Emmett and I have been watching some binge-worthy home improvement TV on Netflix lately. He got me hooked on Grand Designs. It’s a European series that features people who build their modern dream homes in an unexpected way. I’m actually really into it because it’s more about the creative process and project footprint as opposed to the final outcome.

All of this led Emmett to sketch MANY variations of his dream garage that he thinks we’ll be adding to our home this summer or fall. I’m not sure that’s in the budget, but who knows. We definitely need storage space and a garage makes perfect sense, but we have some number crunching to do… not to mention, a kitchen to finish. I’m not going to lie- I do love brainstorming with him and looking at his sketches though. He also sketched out a “dream home” that he wants to build when we’re 50. Haha! Another fun fact- he keeps a running list of “dream home” ideas on his phone in the notes section. We’re constantly adding to it. I love that we both share the same passion of design, building, and renovating. We have a lot of fun ideating the possibilities and bouncing ideas back and forth. That’s actually our ideal Saturday night: pizza, beer, and brainstorming house plans.

In other news, I stumbled across this article and I’m not on the same page. I have to disagree… I think this is more of the direction we’re headed this year. What do you guys think? I won’t be offended if you disagree!

Ever since returning home from vacation, I’m been craving spring. I want nothing more than to sip margaritas, have barbecues, hike, kayak, and invite friends over to enjoy our backyard. Last spring and summer, we spent the entire season renovating the backyard and didn’t have long to enjoy it. This year we’re vowing to use it at least once a week. Emmett suggested an “open invitation” to our friends for backyard hangs and cookouts on Fridays. We’ll see if it happens! That’s exactly why we designed the space, so I’m looking forward to making lots of memories back there.

Right before leaving for vacation I bought new foundation. I tan pretty easily and knew my face wouldn’t match my body while on the island (don’t you hate that?!). I felt compelled to tell you about my new find because I’m officially obsessed. I’ve been using this primer and this foundation and my skin has never looked better. I had been breaking out and switching formulas immediately solved the problem. Not to mention, it makes my face look flawless. I have really large pores and the primer smooths them right out, fills tiny lines, and makes my skin look dewy (without being oily). Is anyone else on the Charlotte Tilbury train? I’m never going back, and am tempted to buy more of the line. If you’re interested in the rest of my beauty routine, check out this post (everything else has stayed the same).

Last week everyone was talking about “Vero”, supposedly the latest and greatest social media app. I have to say, I’m not into the idea of adding another outlet of that nature. I personally don’t think it’s going to take off and I still prefer Instagram of the two. These days, I’m more into Insta stories than browsing through the feed or still images anyway. Does anyone else feel the same way? I will say this- I’m most inspired by Pinterest and have spent 80% of my social media time over there this year. I feel like it’s inspiring, less pressure, and maybe more valuable? It’s probably just my design mentality and OCD personality for organization. In fact, I just reworked my entire page! This board is my new fave…. but then again, it’s been on my mind.

Back to Instagram for one second… have you seen the story questionnaires that people have been filling out? I actually think they’re really fun and a more personal way to get to know someone! I’ll do mine below- I borrowed the templates from Liz Franco… they’re on her Insta profile under “temps”.

Get to Know MeA few more good Q&A’s (home & decor related):

  1. The last 3 home purchases you’ve made? table lamp // woven throw (love that color!) // floor tile
  2. Your favorite room in a house? The kitchen. Everyone gravitates toward the kitchen. I cannot wait for mine to be finished. People used to come over and hangout in our old crappy kitchen, and it was embarrassing!
  3. What is one item on your home wishlist? Oh, definitely this. It’s been on my list for awhile now, but it’s spendy for a mirror. It looks SO good though!

Copy the above three and paste in the comments, so I can hear yours too! This is me procrastinating, by the way. Do you guys also do this? I hope so.

Last bit of info I need your help with… Emmett and I are going to Nashville in May! Would you guys send me your recs for food, fun, whatever?! We actually have family in Nashville, but we’ll be on our own for a couple days, and would love to explore some cool shops, restaurants, and the local scene. Check out the beautiful hotel we’re staying at. This is the trip I won for winning the Domino Awards, so thanks to YOU for voting and making this possible!

Well, it’s been fun taking a “break” from reality, but it’s back to work for me. Thanks for listening to this month’s ramblings! Do you guys still like these types of posts? Let me know if I should keep doing them or nix them altogether. xo

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  1. Caryn Lecca says:

    Nashville food spots- you will love Lockeland Table in East Nashville and Butcher Townhall in Germantown Neighborhood (still Nashville!) the best places for smokey meats and beer.

    1. You’re amazing!! Thanks, Caryn. I’ve added those to the list- they sound amazing :)

  2. Yes, I like these posts. Keep doing them! That mirror you have linked is pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing your kitchen and laundry room when its done.

    1. You got it! I’ll keep them on the rotation. Thanks so much for weighing in! I’m pretty pumped to complete the two spaces- it’s taking forrrrever. xo

  3. I enjoy these posts my dear, keep sharing. That hotel looks amazing, enjoy your holiday you two deserve a bit of R&R!

    1. Thanks so much, Holly! I’m really excited to check out the hotel- I’m not going to lie… I picked that one out of all the options solely based on the aesthetic. haha! xox

  4. Thrive on Grand Design too!

  5. Hi! Congrats on earning your fun trip! Make resi’s at Rolf & Daughters in – you will not be sad. And Emmett will love The Pharmacy; burgers and beer.
    I do kind of agree with the ElleDecor paint trends… all except the metallic. Not getting into that at the moment. Also not quite so sure about those reds. But I also love the greens in your picks. Ahhhh it s all so subjective. I think the trend is: we’re all ready for some color and contrast.

    1. Thanks! You always have the best food recs- I’ll definitely check out both places. Totally agree- not into the metallic and I like the “reds” that are more salmon or rust colored right now… but definitely ready for COLOR! xox

  6. Hi Sarah. I had a great time in Nashville, but haven’t been there for quite a while, so I’m glad you got some great feedback from other commenters. P.S. I’m also a fan of Grand Design.

    Here are my responses to your three questions:

    The last 3 home purchases you’ve made: an area rug, large glass containers for the kitchen pantry, a set of bendable cutting boards

    Your favorite room in a house? This changes for me daily. Today it’s the kitchen, because I baked a killer homemade loaf of Ciabatta bread, artisan style.

    What is one item on your home wishlist? Can I say an entire house? Once we sell our current one we need to quickly find another that I will be happy to call home.

    Cheers to all, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much, Ardith! So happy we’re not the only ones watching Grand Design. I need to know more about these bendable cutting boards- they sound amazing! Your homemade bread also sounds pretty delectable right now. Good luck selling your home! xox

      1. You’re welcome, Sarah, and thank you. Here is the link to the cutting boards @ FYI, it turns out they should be hand washed only (I checked directly with the company, which was very responsive). I like having so many at hand. They are bendable but not as much I originally wanted. Another, older version I have bends in half completely, which is awesome for maneuvering chopped veggies into storage bags. Nonetheless, I really like these cutting boards. They are easy to use, clean, and store. Cheers, Ardith

        1. Thanks so much, Ardith! The cutting boards / mats seem like they’d be super added- added to the Amazon cart. I appreciate you sharing the link :)