How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets - roomfortuesday.comI’m a big believer in details… they make or break a space. I notice all too often plumbing fixtures or hardware being an afterthought or nuisance to purchase, using what’s left of the budget at the end of a project. As a designer, I’m hoping to change that outlook. Plumbing fixtures really bring a space to life, add character, and should be paid careful attention to. Today I’m tackling common questions about widespread faucets, professing my love for them, sharing shopping tips, as well as a giant roundup for every budget, style, and bathroom. Click through!

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets - roomfortuesday.comI think of faucets as sculptural pieces of art for your bath or powder room. I prefer wide mount faucets because they are one of the most common types of plumbing fixtures and you have lever controls for BOTH hot and cold (rather than a joystick). They also feel a bit more timeless. Single hole faucets in a bathroom can often read ultra mod if you’re not careful.

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets - roomfortuesday.comQuestions to ask yourself prior to purchasing a faucet:

  • What aesthetic am I looking for (modern, traditional, etc)?
  • What type of sink will be installed with the faucet (under mount, vessel, a certain shape, etc)?
  • What is my budget?
  • Is this faucet efficient or am I concerned about water conservation?
  • What does the installation process look like? Will I need extra plumbing fittings or are they included (valves, drains, overflows, etc)?
  • Who will be using this space? For instance, a children’s bathroom might require a faucet that temperature can be monitored or set.
  • Will splashing be an issue? It’s important to consider the angle of the spout, the height of the fixture, the shape of the sink, etc.
  • What finish am I looking for? Does this finish require maintenance (like living brass)?

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets - roomfortuesday.comFor the first roundup, I’m sharing the budget friendly and super affordable options. Just because you might not have a ton of wiggle room in the budget, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. Many of these come in at UNDER $100!

01: brushed nickel faucet // 02: bronze faucet // 03: dyconn faucet // 04: kingston brass faucet // 05: deck mounted faucet // 06: moen faucet // 07: polished chrome faucet // 08: emery widespread faucet // 09: chrome widespread faucet // 10: black faucet // 11: danze faucet // 12: mini widespread faucet

I will say- the budget friendly faucets tend to have less finish options. There aren’t many “value” widespread faucets that come in a good brass finish. You can easily find chrome or nickel, but sourcing a cheap matte black or antique brass is more difficult… that just comes with the territory and price point.

A good way to mix the budget options is by juxtaposing a more expensive material elsewhere- like a marble countertop or statement tile.

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets - roomfortuesday.comIt’s honestly difficult to shop for faucets online…. it’s a little like hardware. I recommend ordering a faucet online that has an easy return policy. Sometimes I’ll order two or three in a variety of finishes, compare them in person, and send the unfavorable options back. Check out some of my favorite faucets on the market below… they’re all in the mid-price range.

01: satin nickel faucet // 02: trinsic faucet // 03: hansgrohe faucet // 04: odin faucet // 05: litze faucet // 06: tall lavatory faucet // 07: kohler faucet // 08: roman widespread faucet // 09: purist faucet

You can also visit a showroom to scope out the finishes in person. If you’re not an interior designer, it’s sometimes easier to work with one and take advantage of their swatches and resources. Oftentimes designers have finish swatches in their library and can offer ‘to the trade’ or discount pricing to their clients. I saved a lot of money buying my bathroom fixtures using my ‘designer discount’. One of the few perks in working with a professional!

How We Choose : Widespread Bathroom Faucets -

If you’re wondering what brands to search when faucet shopping, check out the list below… just to name some off the top of my head:

  • Rohl
  • Newport Brass
  • Delta
  • Hansgrohe
  • Kallista
  • Kohler
  • Brizo
  • WaterWorks
  • Moen
  • Rejuvenation
  • Axor
  • DXV
  • American Standard
  • Watermark
  • Newport Brass
  • Signature Hardware
  • Pfister
  • Kingston Brass

Lastly, I’ll share my favorite “splurge-worthy” options. If you have the budget for an amazing and beautiful piece of “art”, you can’t go wrong with these. Someday hopefully one of them will live in my dream home…

01: tolson faucet // 02: axor faucet // 03: matte black faucet // 04: gooseneck faucet // 05: axor widespread faucet // 06: blair faucet // 07: brizo faucet // 08: brass faucet // 09: cross handle faucet // 10: connor faucet

Personally, in regards to “trends” and widespread plumbing fixtures- I think we’ll be seeing more traditional options in the coming years, and can without a doubt answer that things are moving back toward the classics.

I love the vintage look of bridge faucets and cross bar levers. I certainly think the ultra modern fixtures (like joystick faucets) are moving out quickly.

Bathroom - roomfortuesday.comFor more variety and options, check out my “Plumbing Fixture” Pinterest board. For more of my bathroom (including resources), click here! For more ‘How We Choose’ posts, click here. This “Bathroom 101” post is also helpful if you’re in the process of renovating, updating, or designing your bathroom.

Do you guys like the ‘How We Choose’ series? I hope it’s helpful! If you’re into it- comment below and let me know what other items you might like shopping tips for!

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  1. Thanks! I love this series as well as the sources series that you offer. I’m learning so much. Although I like the mod faucets they can sometimes read cheap or too trendy. The ones you have posted are timeless.

  2. Unfortunately, I need a ceiling fan for my guest room as it gets too hot in the summer. I’m so reluctant to install one but I want my guests to be comfortable. I would love a post about them. Thanks!

  3. Thanks! It was very helpful!

  4. This is so helpful! We’re in the process of buying our first home and I’m so excited to renovate. Budget options (of all sizes) are extremely helpful!

    One resource that might be helpful is DIY or cheaper kitchen cabinets. I know of Ikea and doors from Semihandmade but am wondering if there’s anything else on the market.

    Maybe not for everyone, but I’m a huge DIY person.

    1. So happy it was helpful, Jessica! Ikea and Semihandmade is definitely the most cost effective way to go in the “cheap” cabinetry department. I’ve used both for budget client projects in the past. Hope this helps! xo

  5. Oh I’m so happy to find faucets on your site. We are doing a bathroom redo on our own. My coveted faucets are discontinued. So I spent hours searching. I said where else could I get ideas? And I thought of you because your aesthetic is similar to mine, plus the green love.

    So thank you I was really stressing this one. Doing it alone as an amateur is a challenge but I’m up for it. And the vanity will be Olive Grove green, of course.


    1. So happy this post was helpful, Pamela! Good luck finishing your bathroom renovation. It sounds like it will be beautiful- especially if Olive Grove is in the space ;) xo

  6. Hi! I love your sink faucet! But your link is not working. Where is it from?

      1. Hi! This link doesn’t work now either. Do you have a way to view your vanity faucets? Thank you

  7. Jacqueline hannum says:

    Where did your find your kitchen faucet? Im looking for that exact champagne bronze. The others are more yellow gold.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Kitchen faucet? Or bathroom faucet? I wasn’t sure if you meant to comment on this post or another one!

  8. Love these recommendations! Did I miss a link for this specific faucet shown in the bathroom? That one is my personal favorite. Thanks for the help!

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thanks Michelle! That’s the Brizo Litze faucet… sadly, my link no longer works, but maybe you can find it elsewhere!