Nightstand and Sconce Pairings

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Emmett spent the majority of ours dealing with plumbing issues in our basement and we ended up having to replace our water softener on a whim. I hope your week is off to a good start! I created a massive list of your requested blog post topics and I was very surprised to learn that the majority of you asked for more roundups- specifically design pairings. I usually try to compile no more than 3-4 per month because I never want the blog to feel too product heavy, but I’m all about helping you find the things you’re looking for when it comes to furniture, home decor, and fixtures (which hopefully saves you some time and helps you discover resources). Since refreshing our primary bedroom, I’ve been scouring the internet for a vintage nightstand that matches my own… for Emmett’s side of the bed. While I’m having zero luck with that, it has definitely kept nightstands and bedside tables at the top of my mind (and FBMP feed). I also received a LOT of lighting related requests, so I figured I’d mix what is currently on my mind with what’s on yours, and share some fresh nightstand & sconce pairings for every aesthetic. Click through to chat about the combinations with me and see the pairings!

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comThe above image is the nightstand I’m currently try to find a match for. It’s vintage. I actually found it on Facebook Marketplace. I’m convinced it will appear right after I purchase two matching nightstands to replace it someday. Haha! That won’t be happening for awhile though, because as of now we have zero plans to tackle our primary suite this year. After my home office renovation, I’d like to jump to our laundry room, and cross things off the list for our main level. I digress, back to nightstands…

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comLast month, I parted ways with my navy vintage nightstands. Those traveled with us across the country from Ohio to Utah when we made our move. After renovating our guest room, these ended up in my prop closet and were taking up valuable space, so I decided to pass them along to someone else who would love them.

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comI really like having a bedside sconce, and that’s probably the direction we’ll take when it is time to renovate our primary bedroom. They’re really functional- especially in small spaces where real estate on your bedside dresser is precious. If you have room to spare, I’m also a fan of using a table lamp or floor lamp as a source of bedside light. Today we’re talking sconces though and I hope this roundup helps you think of your bedside in a fresh way if you’re on the hunt to make some updates!

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: amira double sconce // 02: carved wood nightstand // 03: white and gold task light // 04: textured blue nightstand // 05: shiny brass sconce  // 06: small black nightstand // 07: gold flower sconce  // 08: white 3 drawer nightstand  // 09: long swing sconce // 10: maeve burl wood nightstand // 11: clear glass gold sconce // 12: adeline wood nightstand // 13: clove double sconce // 14: reverie wide nightstand // 15: swing arm sconce // 16: charging nightstand // 17: reflector sconce // 18: declan dresser nightstand

There are some really fun, unexpected pairings packed into this one! My favorites include: 5 & 6 … 9 & 10 … 13 & 14 … and 15 & 16. It was difficult to narrow it down, though.

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I’ll leave you with a few nightstand styling object ideas, if you’re stumped on what to add to the top of your bedside table. I like to keep it equal parts functional and beautiful, but it really depends on what you prefer- pick and choose what works best for you! Emmett’s side is always more minimal than mine…

Nightstand Styling Object Ideas
  • a tray, catchall, or pedestal
  • books
  • a water glass or decanter
  • coaster(s)
  • a candle and matches
  • a bowl or dish
  • flowers or a plant
  • room spray, linen spray, or fragrance (this is my new favorite!)
  • a wireless charger
  • a table lamp
  • artwork

Nightstand and Sconce Pairings - roomfortuesday.comWhat type of light do you currently have at your bedside? A sconce or a lamp? Perhaps both? I’d also love to hear which pairings were your favorite. Here’s to a great week ahead!

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  1. Oh, these are distinctive! You know I can’t resist a good table lamp, but I have always been intrigued by the idea of bedside sconces. I appreciate that some are plug-in because…commitment issues. My favorites from your round up would be 1&2 (that carving detail!), 9&10 (burl plus the Mouille style-swoon!), 15&16 (blonde & blocky are a win in my book!) and 17&18 (metal! and that magical reflective sconce?!). I love your bedside table styling list. I had the most fun curating just such a set for a friend’s birthday! I scoured thrift and antique stores and settled on a stunning vintage tray, a unique old brass catchall, an etched crystal water decanter and glass set, a delightfully scented candle and some pretty matches. Now that I’m remembering how gratifying that was, I need to start imagining who else might enjoy a similar gift!
    Despite your plumbing issues, the office demo seems to be moving along swiftly! Here’s to a productive week!💜

    1. Have you been noticing sconces WITH a lamp by the bedside? Double the lighting- I think I dig it. I’m all about layering, so it feels like it works. I knew those would be your favorites :) Ok- that is the BEST birthday present. What a lucky friend! That’s huge and amazing gift idea. Office demo is going well so far. I’m picking out stain colors this week for my custom credenza and I’m super excited with how things are progressing. Cheers to a productive week, my friend! Hope you had a good Monday, Peggi. xo

  2. Good morning! 9 and 10 are the definite favorites! I’m also a sucker for blonde wood, so 15 & 16 are the standout #2! Currently I use a table lamp on my side, and the lovely lamp from FBMP graces Jeff’s side- although not immediately near the nightstand. (He doesn’t read so there’s no need for immediate bedside lighting for him). Speaking of…I can’t seem to figure out how to post a picture to show you all how lovely it is. I’ll have to try on my laptop later today. Styling is a stumbling block for my bedside tables-I may have to try out your list and see what I can come up with.
    I must be missing out on your stories and the office progress- I’m off to see what I’ve missed. I hope your week turns out to be lovely and productive! Happy Monday Sarah!

    1. I loved those too! I like that you put the FBMP lamp in your room- I bet it looks amazing! As for the photo- I’m not sure there is a way to upload to the comments (sadly). You might have to message it to me and I can try (since I’m the blog admin), or post it on your IG and send us a link :) I hope your week is off to a wonderful start Lauren, and you had a good Monday! xox