Textile Updates in Our Bedroom

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comOur primary bedroom had honestly seen better days. We haven’t touched the space since moving in (other than swapping the ceiling fan), and we won’t get around to renovating this room for awhile. Eventually this space will get new millwork, updated carpet, more character, probably a new set of doors and windows, and a bunch of other details I’m very excited about… but not this year. Things were looking pretty bleak in this space, as it had turned into a hodgepodge and mismatched collection of furniture and textiles these past six months. Emmett & I couldn’t seem to agree on bedding, he decided to swap his bedside lamp, and we had to shuffle furniture. The result was a bedroom that didn’t feel cohesive and it was bringing down my mood. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day last weekend, I decided to give the space a tiny textile makeover. Click through to read about it, see how the room has evolved, and get the sources. Our bedroom is looking better for the time being! I’m a happy gal.

First, this is where the bedroom started when we moved in… we basically picked up our entire bedroom from our previous home and placed it in our current home– same furniture, same bedding, same lighting, etc.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comThis room probably looked its best last summer (pictured below)… we swapped the ceiling fan, the bedding was nice, and I felt happy with this space (without renovating or even painting).

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comEventually, this room morphed into a catchall for furniture and mismatched bedding we weren’t using elsewhere in our home… somehow it made its way into this space (pictured below). It’s not terrible, but it wasn’t a bedroom that felt cozy, inviting, or inspiring to me… which is not exactly the goal in a primary bedroom that we spend a lot of time in.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comMy plan for the quick makeover in this space? FINALLY get rid of the clunky plantation shutters, let some light in, and replace them with drapery panels and woven wood shades. I also wanted to get new bedding- sheets, a duvet cover, and a new matelassé (because clearly the dogs lounge on our bed). I brought our vintage brass lamps back into the space for a cohesive element (since the vintage nightstands are mismatched), and I’m happy to report- this room is once again feeling happy to me.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to swapping textiles and restyling this space, I also gave it a much needed deep clean. Sometimes that’s all you need to make a space “feel good” again. Have you ever fallen out of love with a room in your home? I really wanted to like our bedroom again. Between cleaning and updating textiles, I’m feeling optimistic about our bedroom again. It’s pretty amazing how small changes can drastically impact a room.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comThis is my side of the bed, if you hadn’t guessed. You’re getting some sneak peeks at a handful of new Tuesday Made arrivals. They’re hitting the shop later this week, so I’m not able to link them yet. Soon though!

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comMy bedside dresser is vintage and I really wish I could find a second one for Emmett’s side. If anyone sees one floating around, please let me know! I crave balance and symmetry, so having two matching nightstands would be ideal. It kind of drives me crazy that ours don’t match for the time being, but at least they’re similar in scale.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comDoes the french door and window situation look familiar? It should because it’s the same layout and design we have in our formal living room. Removing the plantation shutters made this room look so much lighter. They just weren’t working well with our setup and existing windows. The drapery panels also help to soften the space.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comI still have my vintage enamel desk in this space. It sits below our frame TV on the opposite side of the room- across from the bed.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re curious about any of the sources, I’m gathering them up below. Click directly on the items to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: ceiling fan // 02: clawfoot pedestal dish // 03: warmth candle // 04: ticking stripe lumbar pillow // 05: marble bijou bowl // 06: curtain rings clips // 07: white curtain rod // 08: leather bed (similar) // 09: linen drapery panels // 10: frame tv // 11: sheet set // 12: duvet cover // 13: animal print pillow // 14: magnolia branch // 15: upholstered bench // 16: pleated desk chair // 17: matelassé coverlet // 18: runner

I have to say- my most favorite new thing in this room is our sheet set. They’re tencel sheets and they feel super silky and cool to the touch That was a big disagreement Emmett and I had about bedding. I love our flannel sheets, but he sleeps hot. If I’m going to do regular sheets, I want them to be silky, smooth, and soft. These feel the most luxurious and we’re both really enjoying them.

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comSomeday it’s going to be really fun to renovate our primary suite! Our bathroom is totally stuck in the 90’s (think racing stripes, bad brass, and a distressed vanity), the walk-in closet isn’t very functional, and I have big plans for the entire thing. However, while we’re saving, I feel good about this room right now. It’s comfortable, functional, and now I’m feeling happier with the aesthetic. What do you think? Is there a version you prefer?

Textile Updates in Our Bedroom - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got a detailed window treatment tutorial coming to the blog for you on Friday, so please save any window treatment, drapery panel, or woven shade questions for that post. Other questions or random thoughts? I can’t wait to hear them in the comment section below!

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  1. Ahhh. A breath of fresh air. I love the chambray set; so pretty! And what a difference the woven shades and drapes make. I remember when plantation shutters were a major upgrade in window coverings, but every time you remove them, it’s such a relief. I feel you on the nightstand symmetry. I admire designer spaces with expertly mismatched bedsides, but then in my home I think, “Oh look, random castoff furniture.” At the moment, my nightstand is a puppy crate, so…maybe I should just move Joe’s to the other side and call it good!🤣 A textile refresh might be a worthy notion. We just got about eight inches of snow though, so no swapping out the wool blankets just yet. (Sad face.) A super Wednesday to you, my friend!💜

    1. Thanks, Peggi! Textiles for the win. I honestly don’t mind plantation shutters- in the right space. They definitely weren’t doing any favors for our home. It probably doesn’t help that they were installed in 1996. Haha! I wholeheartedly agree with you on the mismatched furniture. I LOVE the look, but I just can’t do it in our bedroom. Oohhh, how I remember the puppy crate bedside table days. We had two in our bedroom for a short time, and they weren’t small. Lol! It sounds like you’re getting dumped on with snow, too. We’re just over a foot with more in the forecast this Friday & Saturday. I kind of love it though! Stay warm and have an awesome, snowy Wednesday :) xo

  2. Your bedroom refresh is lovely Sarah! I never liked plantation shutters so replacing them with drapes and blinds made a significant difference. Shutters are so heavy and block natural light, so your bedroom felt so much brighter and now can let the sunshine in. The new bedding is gorgeous 😍 Love it! And of course all the Tuesday made additions really elevate the space too.
    I also like symmetry and matching nightstands, I know you will find the perfect solution soon. Usually when I stop searching for something I find it. Lol. Great job on the refresh Sarah, it looks wonderful! Enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! The shutters were clunky and really didn’t work with our windows. I’m feeling much happier with the space, and I think a big part of that is because it looks lighter and brighter! New bedding was definitely a winter mood booster- I’m happy I decided to make those changes. Maybe I need to stop the search and my nightstand twin will magically appear! Isn’t it funny how that works sometimes? Haha! Hope you’re having a happy Wednesday :) xo

  3. Sometimes a deep clean works wonders, yet I would guess many of us put off doing the main bedroom for a list of reasons. Those are awesome lamps. I agree with you on symmetry…for some reason it calms my mind. I can not wait for Friday window post. I already have questions.

    1. Definitely, Paige! There is nothing better than a clean house. I pulled those lamps out of some guy’s garage, haha. I went to buy a vintage rug, and it turned out he an entire garage stacked full of vintage things that were his parents. I ended up with a lot, and those two lamps were a couple of my favorites :) I’m working on Friday’s post right now! Have a great day!

  4. The bedroom refresh did wonders for your space! I can’t believe the difference in light from removing the shutters! I think that’s the most impactful change, but the bedding you selected is beautiful! All the Tuesday Made touches really elevate the feel, and I think it looks great. I’m also team nightstand symmetry-I can buy into dressers not matching nightstands but I feel you on craving symmetry bedside.
    To answer your question-I fall out of love with a different room in my house everyday, lol. Last week I must have been feeling your vibe, because I replaced our bedding as well. Now that I have a direction of how I want our bedroom to feel, it was easy to select new bedding. I was able to shop the house for decorative pillows, and I can’t believe how much happier I am! I’m on my way to figuring out what we need and want to fill our little retreat, but I’ll admit, I’m still stuck on paint direction. For now though, it’s much cozier and a space I enjoy being in again. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through those phases. Thank you for sharing Sarah!

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Ditching the shutters really was the most impactful. Here’s to hoping I can find a matching vintage nightstand someday because I really love mine. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who temporarily falls out of love with rooms in my home from time-to-time. We’re on the same page with the new bedding- it’s an easy update that instantly makes you feel happy and fresh. I think we all go through those phases. Hope you’re having a good week so far and are enjoying your new textiles, too!! xo

  5. Isn’t it nice how new bedding can make you feel? Even new sheets! Your bedroom refresh is beautiful! I am hoping the architectural print on your side makes the Tuesday Made shop! Love the lumbar pillow. I’ve been eyeing a few. I completely understand the need for symmetry. Your beside nightstand is my favorite and I understand why you would want to find another.
    We have been in our homes since Saturday and really looking forward to warmer temps this weekend. It’s been a rough week. Hope your week is going well.

    1. It really is! New bedding is the best. I sketched that architectural drawing in art school when living in Italy. Maybe I’ll have to figure out how to turn it into prints for the shop! That’s an awesome idea. I hope your week gets brighter and warmer, Danna! I’m sending all the sunny, positive vibes your way :) Big hugs!

  6. This is a great update! Love the bedroom! Sorry, I have a question about old project (bathroom from ORC). – did you use real marble or marble-like imitation for subway tile and did you have to seal it? Thank you!

  7. Much nicer, especially because it has more light. I am in process on a new quilt designed by me. It is dramatic in deep green, teak, blue, purple. Already painted the walls pale sage, aka Dried Lichen. I have cotton batting already, but my old quilt just did not keep me warm during our blackout this blizzard week, so I ordered wool batting, great timing. Come to think of it, I made that quilt with cotton batting in Texas :)

    1. I love how bright and cheerful it is, Rebecca. Your quilt sounds beautiful! What a perfect project for a cold blizzard week- perfect timing.

  8. Melissa D says:

    I love the update! That indigo chambray is beautiful, and it’s so nice to have a quick refresh to help you fall in love with a room all over again! I have one (probably dumb) question – how do you keep the comforter from just getting all scrunched up at the bottom of your duvet cover? My husband flat out refuses a duvet because he’s had so many problems with them in the past, and I don’t know what to tell him or how to try and fix that. Any suggestions?

    1. Thank you, Melissa! There are no dumb questions :) The duvet has a ties in each corner that keep the insert in place. If you have a duvet without ties, you can also buy clips that hold it in!