My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comFirst of all, I want to shout a GIANT thank you to everyone who took the time to comment or check out my own One Room Challenge space last week… the laundry room. Every single one of you are so appreciated and I wanted to you know that. Now that the challenge is officially finished, I thought it would be fun to share spaces that stood out and inspired me. At the end of the post, you’ll have to let me know how they compare to yours! I also have a VERY important question for you at the end. Click through to see which rooms made my list…

This was my second time participating as a guest designer in the ORC, and it’s always really gratifying to complete the challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed following along and gained some insight into our process, and got to know Emmett and I a little better.

First of all- this post is not affiliated with the One Room Challenge. Now that things are totally wrapped up, I simply thought it would be fun to share 10 of my favorites and why- based purely on design and aesthetic- from both the guest and the featured categories. It was SO difficult to narrow it down to my top 10- after all, that were 229 guest participants, and that doesn’t even include the featured designers. There were so many amazing spaces! Anyone who completed a space in that amount of time should be incredibly proud of themselves and certainly deserves a pat on the back. Here are my faves in no specific order…

Erin’s Master Bathroom  //  guest designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comStop what you’re doing right now and go look at THAT shower. It’s incredibly dreamy. If we had a spacious bathroom, I’d want a shower just like it. My tiny marble shower doesn’t even compare. I like to joke that Erin and I are renovation twins. She and her husband are always taking rooms down to the studs, just like we do. I feel like it’s in our destiny to house swap someday, like the movie The Holiday, just so we can appreciate each other’s hard work.

Nicole’s Nursery  //  guest designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comAside from the soft and calming color palette, this to me, is the perfect nursery because it’s a space an infant can grow into. I was so impressed with the built-in daybed that is the epitome of charming, yet functional. I’m into light, modern wood lately… and don’t even get me started on the subtle color blocked walls!

Joanna’s Backyard  //  featured designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comI know first hand, how challenging renovating outdoor spaces can be. It’s physically and emotionally draining. Joanna and her fiancé poured their heart and soul into their backyard and it absolutely shows! I love their version of the paver patio, using bluestone and pea gravel, rather than traditional pavers. It’s an organic and inviting addition to the backyard. Of course I’m also a fan of their chickens and the cute new coop…. my chore growing up on a farm was always tending the chickens. The entire space is cozy, neutral, and very well done!

Natasha’s Foyer  //  featured designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comFirst of all, Natasha completed two spaces… but I’m most impressed with the foyer / hall / entryway. I’m really digging the classic and timeless look she has going on in here. That color palette is so perfect and of course you guys already know I’m a fan of black doors with brass hardware. The entire thing feels so appropriate for her home and I can’t get enough. I’m also having vintage runner envy over here. Maybe I should swap the one in our bedroom for something Persian instead of Turkish? She might have me convinced.

Cathy’s Daughter’s Room  //  guest designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comI’m honestly not surprised that Cathy created the perfect nursery / girls room for her daughter Daphne. Like me, she’s a details person, and there are SO many gorgeous vignettes in the space to discover thanks to her attention to detail. I’m not sure what I love more… the vintage cane bed (you know I have a soft spot for cane), the crib nook, the pink drapery, or the sweet layered rugs.

Cara’s Guest Room  //  guest designer 

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comI’m really into the soft lilac hue painted on the walls in Cara’s guest room. I’d gladly be a guest and occupy this chic space. I feel like Cara’s artistic personality really shows in this room and it’s SO appreciated and refreshing. I love the mod elements and I think it contains the perfect amount of “weird”. Click through and check out her glam little vanity area… that rattan desk is to die for (see more rattan here)!

Vanessa’s Daughter’s Bathroom  //  guest designer 

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comThis bathroom is so perfect for a young girl or teen- and even more impressive, without compromising style. I have to say- my absolutely favorite thing in the space is the floor tile. That is the most interesting marble basketweave I’ve ever laid eyes on. You better believe I saved that for a future project. I also think this simple bath could easily translate to a beach house or airbnb. It has that transporting factor… which in my opinion, is always a good thing.

Erin’s Toddler Room  //  featured designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comErin’s son’s room is so sweet and mod in the most perfect way! Her vision with paint alone, was pure genius. She mastered color blocking in a way I hadn’t seen done before! The color palette, the styling, the practicality for a young child, and the architecture in the space all have me smitten.

Holly’s Den  //  featured designer

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comOne thing I noticed A LOT of during this One Room Challenge was color, and I can’t say I’m sad about it. I’m excited to see more color this year and the person who does color best is without a doubt, Holly! Oh. My. Goodness. This space gives me all the feels. I want to rent it as an airbnb because it looks like SO much fun. She mixed modern, traditional, and tons of color into her english den with absolute perfection. I was blown away by her talent. I know color isn’t for everyone, but this… this is stunning. Even if you’re not a color person, it’s hard to hate this. VERY well done.

Ashley’s Master Bedroom  //  featured designer 

My Favorite Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces - roomfortuesday.comOn the opposite end of the spectrum, Ashley’s bedroom is perfectly relaxing with a calm neutral palette. I wrote a post on millwork and how to use the integrity of your home to get it right… this is the perfect example of a board & batten style that fits her craftsman bungalow to a tee. Well done, Ashley!

I feel VERY lucky and honored to have participated amongst so many talented individuals… and to have successfully completed another One Room Challenge. It really is just that- a challenge. Were any of my favorites yours? As stressful as meeting a deadline when it comes to your home can be… Emmett and I have already started our next big project, so stay tuned for that! We’re transforming our ugly and outdated carport. Were carports ever cool? I’m pretty sure they weren’t… not even in the 60s and 70s. I’m on a mission to make ours cool until we can afford a garage!

Here’s the IMPORTANT question… which one of my two One Room Challenge reveals was your favorite? The laundry room OR the bathroom? I think I’d have to say the laundry room, but maybe that’s just because it’s fresh & new to me at the moment? Weigh in below in the comment section please! I’d love to hear which one takes the cake for you, and why. Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Wow I thought you were a featured designer. After the laundry room you should be. I think I like the bathroom.

    1. Thanks so much, Gigi! I think overall, the bathroom was more popular. Bathrooms are always show stoppers… it’s hard to dislike pretty plumbing fixtures and lots of beautiful tile :) Thanks again for weighing in. xox

  2. Ashley - The Gold Hive says:

    Awww I’m tickled you’d include me in your list! You’re TOO GOOD TO ME! staaaahp. The love is right back atcha, my dear. <3

    1. Of course!! Loving the bedroom :) xox

  3. joanna // jojotastic says:

    thanks for including mine!! XO