March Moodboard

March Moodboard Black Rattan - roomfortuesday.comThis month I’m feeling a material that’s expected for spring, but a color that’s a little off the wall for this time of year! Click through to see the latest monthly moodboard and shop my decor finds. I’ve already purchased a few things for our place from this roundup… it’s one of my favorite monthly boards to date and has me excited for warmer weather & sunshine.

March Moodboard Black Rattan - roomfortuesday.comYou might be thinking… “Sarah, all I want is spring color, so WHY are you feeling BLACK?!” – don’t worry guys, black rattan is actually pretty ideal for spring and summer. I’m attaching some worthy imagery and examples throughout the post to show you how people are pulling it off, and trust me when I say it looks pretty darn good. The best part? Obviously black goes with everything and can be paired alongside even the brightest of colors. That’s the key… color or bright and airy decor WITH the black rattan. It’s really a classic staple that can be used year round. I also like the fact that black rattan is also dramatic and stands as a statement piece on it’s own.

Here are my best finds this month in the pretty material…

01: rattan pendant light // 02: rattan bar cart // 03: rattan dining chair // 04: rattan coffee table // 05: rattan tallboy dresser // 06: rattan laundry hamper // 07: rattan bistro chair // 08: rattan tray // 09: rattan daybed // 10: rattan side table // 11: rattan ottomans // 12: woven basket

Obviously I’m feeling the brass and black lacquer combo in a lot of the items… it really doesn’t get more glam and sophisticated than that. If I didn’t already have a chandelier for my dining room / kitchen, I’d buy #1 in a heartbeat. It’s SO good and the size / shape is fantastic. I’m also digging #2- because if you’re going to have a bar cart, make is a drop dead gorgeous one. I have a rattan tray exactly like #8 and you better believe summer cocktails will be served up on that thing in the backyard sooner rather than later if the weather cooperates. I’ve been dreaming of adding a daybed like #9 to my home office for awhile now- I’m crossing my fingers that will happen eventually.

Do you guys have favorites from the collage? If you don’t want to be super dramatic, I’d recommend starting with the basket (#12) or laundry hamper (#6). I do like a good lidded hamper to keep the dirty clothing out of sight (and smell).

March Moodboard Black Rattan - roomfortuesday.comBasically, you can’t go wrong with rattan… but it’s even better when it’s black & glossy. What do you guys think? Are you into the moody look even in the spring and summertime? I’m all about it! Bring on orange, pink, yellow, green, and any other color that strikes your fancy to pair alongside it. Happy Monday, guys!

images: erin kestenbaum | art hide co | jean stoffer

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  1. Love it all! Seriously, every single thing is gorgeous. I wonder about rattan and my dog…

    1. Thanks, Peggi! My dogs don’t mess with it, but they don’t really chew or destroy any of our furniture. I’m lucky that they understand the difference between their toys and our decor. haha! xox

  2. I always love black but had never thought about using rattan. I always pegged it as having a casual, outdoor or beach house vibe. I love the pieces you chose. That dresser from CB2 is great and totally glam. Thanks for introducing me to a new way of looking at rattan!

  3. Bamboo is the one thing I cannot pull the trigger on to paint.
    The mood board is beautiful I have to admit.

    1. I also like it natural… painted or not, I’m always on board with bamboo & rattan :)