Large Guest Bedroom Design Plan

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comOur entryway project is creeping along and some of our materials are still delayed. I’ve been itching to tackle a project and put my hands to work in the meantime, now that I’m feeling a bit better. With the holidays around the corner, I figured a bedroom would be easy to tackle on my own without Emmett’s help. We have plenty of guest rooms that need renovating- or updating, at the very least. Last weekend, we had six friends stay over after my Halloween / birthday party. It’s pretty common that our guests spend the night and I love being able to host everyone. Rather than worrying about transportation post cocktails, I enjoy having space to accommodate friends & family… plus, it’s fun to wake up the next morning and share a big breakfast or brunch. All of that to say, I’ve decided to get started on our largest guest room this weekend. Click through for my plan and ideas…

We have four guest bedrooms in our home and only one is finished (the marine colored room). In my brain, bedrooms feel easy. The bedroom I want to tackle next is our largest one. It’s the one with the window nook, a king size bed, and definitely sees the most use from our guests. When we first moved in, it looked like this… here are some photos from our real estate agent (sorry fo the poor quality):

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comDoes anyone remember the window nook? It was one of the first things I tackled upon moving in. I had to get rid of the spotlight…

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comIt has since evolved, and currently looks like this…

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comOver the years, I’ve added furniture, ripped down the plantation shutters, and installed window treatments. This bedroom is functional and comfortable, but I’ve yet to demo the corner shelving, paint, or really make it feel cohesive with our home & aesthetic. I spruced it a few years ago before the holidays, but that was really just investing in nice bedding and styling. It’s the closest bedroom to our guest bathroom and I feel like it deserves better. It’s time!

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comBefore you get too excited, I was trying to decide whether to call this project a “makeover” or “renovation”. I decided on renovation because it’s unlikely that once I tackle this room, we’ll update it… aside from the carpet. Eventually we’ll be replacing all of the carpet in our upstairs bedrooms, but I’d like to do it all at once. Maybe that will be a 2023 or 2024 update, but it definitely won’t happen for this quick project. Emmett will also be replacing all of our upstairs doors (going from hollow core to solid with a more classic look) during our entryway and hall renovation. Those may or may not be installed by the time I photograph this project. We’ll see who works fastest… Emmett or myself.

My simplified plan is this…

  • Demo corner shelving
  • Sand & repair drywall
  • Add panel moulding
  • Paint
  • Install a couple new light fixtures
  • Install textiles & layer rugs
  • Hang art & style room

I’d like to work with much of what we have, layer rugs, tackle this room on a budget (but with a big impact), paint, insert some vintage pieces I’ve been hoarding, and breathe some personality into this space in time for holiday visitors. If I’m feeling ambitious, I may even slap up some panel moulding. Angles and math on the miter saw aren’t my jam, but I’ve helped Emmett enough to know that I’m capable. He’s working on the staircase, and I’m not about to pull him away from that project because in my dream world- holiday garland needs to hang from that beautiful railing. Ha! Think I can make it happen? I’m feeling good about it. Take a quick peek at my design idea… most of it should look familiar. I’ll properly link everything once the room is finished, although most items are from my shop.

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’m really going to lean into the textiles to make this room feel cozy and inviting. Amber Lewis generously mailed me a gorgeous rug from her new Loloi collection and it’s super soft underfoot (she integrated what’s called CloudPile™ technology). It’s definitely the softest rug in our home- ideal for a bedroom. I’ll definitely being layering that under the bed. I think guests will appreciate the luxe rug being the first surface their feet will touch upon entering & exiting the bed. It’s so nice and has a nice deep color palette- I’d like to choose a darker paint color from it to use in some way. Here are my top picks from Amber’s new collection… she always selects the best colors- perfect for layering & mixing.

Click directly on the rugs below to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop… 

01: morgan denim multi // 02: morgan navy sand // 03: billie oriental ocean // 04: georgie oriental moss // 05: georgie oriental ocean // 06: morgan spice lagoon // 07: morgan sunset ink // 08: billie ink salmon // 09: billie oriental tobacco

I selected the Morgan rug in Denim (the style is MOG-03 Denim Multi), pictured below. My plan is also to include a neutral woven rug I already own. Perhaps I’ll do some layering, or define a couple different areas within the room: the bed area and the sitting nook section. Here’s a closer look…

Large Guest Bedroom Renovation Plan - roomfortuesday.comAnyway- that’s basically my plan for the weekend ahead. I’m going to dig out our holiday decor (having an interior business means I always have to decorate early… ready or not), begin curating holiday gift guides, pack some Tuesday Made orders, and dive right into painting. I feel like I’ve been traveling and hosting so much lately, I’m surprisingly ready for a productive weekend to really knock some things out around the house and at the office. Sometimes it feels needed to cross things off the list. I hope you’ll follow along!

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  1. Good morning! “Before you get too excited…” Snort. Sarah, I can get plenty excited even if it’s just paint! In fact, especially if it’s a beautiful, deep color! Plus new art and oodles of textiles?! I’m in. Of course, I’m extra curious to see all the cool stuff you’ve been hoarding. (Based on IG, I feel like your area has some epic estate sales; is that true?) I adore that nook-so luxurious for a guest room. I sort of can’t believe you haven’t yanked those corner shelves down before now. Ha. What a relief that will be. Also, I’m so enamored with the idea of incorporating curtains and sconces with the canopy bed! I can’t wait to see what you do! Plenty of fun changes to make! Speaking of fun, your Halloween stories looked amazing! My heart burst when you said you’ve been friends with the movie mastermind since preschool! And you certainly host the most elegant post-party crashpad! 🤣 Cheers to a lovely and productive November! 💜🔨

    1. Ha! I’m secretly pretty excited about it, too! I also love the window nook in the guest room. I can’t believe I was able to find that armless sofa that perfectly squeezed in there. I’m going to have to do some brainstorming on the canopy bed curtains, but I’m going to try to make it happen and figure out how to install them in a clever way. We’ve definitely been having some good estate sales around here. Most of the really epic ones are in Park City, but I’ve definitely been known to make that 40 minute trek. I missed a good one last week (ugh doctor appt got in my way), and my designer friend said it was the best one of the year! I’m bummed I missed it. Halloween was SO fun this year. It’s fun every year, but especially this year. Dru went all out, my friends brought out a birthday cake at midnight (since my birthday was on Sunday), and we stayed up way too late. Yes- lifelong friends are the best. Our moms were friends, we grew up together in Indiana, went to preschool, elementary, & high school together… once Emmett moved to our school in middle school, the two of them also became friends. They ended up being college roommates. It just so happened that Dru married an amazing gal we met in college, and now the two of us are best friends- now all living in Salt Lake. We were visiting them multiple times each year to ski before they helped tip our decision to finally move here. Anyway, the four of us (and their sweet toddler) are like family away from family. We’re so lucky to have them close by! Post party crashpad is always fun… I love having everyone stay over :) Cheers to November, indeed! Have a great day! xo

  2. Yay for a small scale renovation! I had almost forgotten you hadn’t removed the corner shelves. I’m ecstatic that you’ll be using a deep color in this room- it will look stupendous against the rug you selected. I’ll be curious to see what you end up doing with the curtains, and I love the balance and contrast they’ll bring to the space. Can we talk about the bench?! All the heart eyes for that little number… I look forward to following along with this one. Your party looked like so much fun! You should do a post about throwing a Halloween party. I’d love to know your pointers on such a bash. Cheers to a productive start to November and kicking off the holiday season. Have a lovely day friend!

    1. Yay for a hopefully quick project! That corner shelving is REALLY in there good. Ha! Idk who engineered those, but we always have to cut them out, patch drywall, sand, the works. Whew! That bench is an oldie, but a goodie! It came with us from our last house. It used to live in my previous home office. It was pretty inexpensive, too. I still love it. The Halloween party was a hoot. We do it every year :) It’s a lot of fun! Here’s to November and kicking off the season indeed. We’ve got 4 inches of snow and counting. Oof! I’m not sure if I’m ready! xo

  3. Would you say your rug is primarily blue and orange in color? I’m interested in trying one of these “cloud pile” rugs since in the past the Loloi rugs have been printed and not cushy at all. I don’t want blue and orange but wondered what colors stand out in this rug. Maybe the oriental tobacco would be better ?
    As always, love reading your blog and enjoy your talented design projects! Your traditional aesthetic with color is more to my style and I appreciate seeing your home rather than the sea of white on many of the blogs I read.

    1. I’d say mostly blue… the CloudPile isn’t really thicker or more cushy underfoot- just super soft to the touch. I hope that helps to clarify! Thank you so much for your kind words, Teri! I’m really excited about this space and can’t wait to add some color :) Have a good evening!

  4. Love the “small” renovation you are planning. It’s a bit refreshing to see a project that is doable in a short amount of time, pending any ordering that must occur. I am excited to see the deep, rich hues in this space. Feeling a bit inspired to tackle a smallish project that will satisfy my need for creativity and using yours as a starting point. Absolutely love what you do and how thoughtful you are when choosing materials – not jumping on trends, but letting your home speak to you.

    1. Thanks, Traci! I’m really excited about it. Somethings those smaller, quick projects are just what we need. I’m looking forward to getting creative this weekend! Thank you again for your kind words. I hope you’re having a great week :)

  5. May I say Sarah, your friends and family are the luckiest people! Wow, you really are the most thoughtful host. They better appreciate you 😉 Love the plan and the wall color! So nice of Amber Interiors to send that rug 😍 That’s fantastic! I never heard of cloud pile technology. Does that make there rugs thicker? The rug you chose is very rich in pattern and color. Love it!
    I hope your entryway gets completed before the holidays as you entertain so much. All these product delays must be frustrating. I know it’s going to be stunning once it’s completed but the in between part is always the toughest. Especially when items selected are on back order. Ugh!
    Did you catch the reveal of CLJ kitchen. It was insane how long they waited for their refrigerator. Crazy! The kitchen is so gorgeous isn’t it. The biggest galley style I’ve ever seen, so much detail. Jean Stoffer cabinetry is so beautiful 💖
    On another totally unrelated topic have you watched the series on Netflix “From scratch” with Zoe Saldana? Maybe you read the book? Your trip to Italy inspired me to watch (not completed the season yet) but OMG what an amazingly beautiful story. I’m so enjoying it! If you haven’t seen it, I think you will love it.
    Anyway good luck on all the fun stuff you are up to and as always I look forward to bedroom reveals and Christmas decorating of your beautiful home 💖 Assuming you share it again this year 🥰 Have a super day!

    1. Aw, thank you Colleen! Ha! The CloudPile doesn’t make the rug thicker, just super soft. I definitely like the darker color palette. I’m also crossing my fingers on the entryway. I may have ordered wallpaper- hopefully it gets here soon! Julia’s kitchen turned out so beautiful. I’m envious of all that space. It’s gigantic. I don’t even know what I would do with that kind of square footage. I’d love to use Stoffer Cabinetry for our laundry room or something- it really is gorgeous and super high quality. Thanks so much for the recommendation for the Zoe Saldana show- I love her! It sounds like one we’d really enjoy. Emmett & I are currently watching Drink Masters on Netflix… it’s all about craft cocktails, which has been a fun and easy watch. My doctors currently have me on a super strict diet for a month and I feel like I’m torturing myself by watching all of these food & beverage shows. Lol! I’ll definitely be sharing holiday decor, just as soon as I have it all decorated. It snowed here today… 4″ and counting. Oof. I’m not ready! Soak up some FL sunshine for me :) xo

  6. I’m excited to see this all come together, and especially to see the paint color you choose! I love the rug. It’s so gorgeous and will be a showstopper! It’s so nice that you’ll be able to reuse a lot of what you already have for this room. Your guests are in for a treat.

    1. Thank you, Brittany! I didn’t have time to get started over the weekend (thanks to compiling gift guides), BUT it’s definitely happening tomorrow. I’m eager to get going! I love being able to have a nice place for guests. I’m going to try to use 90% of what we already have, so it *should* be pretty quick. Woohoo! Have an amazing week :)

  7. The Morgan Denim Multi area rug looks beautiful – what are your thoughts about placing it in a dining room? I have travertine floors – dark wood furniture-chair cushions upholstered in white – Swiss Coffee paint on the walls -crystal chandelier- originally I was going with a sisal look to tone down the vibe in the room-sort of rustic luxury- but this rug has definitely caught my eye-I love and trust your design process and love style aesthetic.

    1. Thank you, Sandy! I don’t think I’d install it under a dining table. Reason being, it’s very soft and with the texture, I can imagine any food that drops would be difficult to clean. I’d opt for a vintage wool rug with less texture and more durability instead. Those are usually my picks for dining room rugs! I hope that helps.

  8. This room is beautiful! In decorating this guest room, you used the Duchess semi flush mount. I wondered what size you used for this light. Was it the small, medium or the large size? Thank you so much for the information.

    1. Sarah Gibson says:

      Thank you so much, Ruth! For the Duchess semi flush mount, I went with large… and for the Duchess pendant, I went with medium! Use code LIGHTING20 for 20% off that fixture this weekend :)