Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! My house is currently covered under a blanket of snow and while my plan was to slowly swap our fall decor for festive holiday items that have been tucked away this past year, I’ll admit- the weather is certainly putting me in the mood for the holiday season a little early. Now that we’re into November, I wanted to share some of the beautiful decor I’ve been packing up and shipping out in the Tuesday Made shop. I’m a bit behind, so I haven’t had time to style & photograph everything yet… but take my word for it, there are so many beautiful goods from talented creatives to be discovered. I spent months curating the collection, and I hope you enjoy it! From classic & handmade ornaments to vintage decor and gorgeous realistic greenery, these timeless holiday finds are ones you’ll love for years to come. I wanted to compile my favorites and give them a permanent place to live here on the blog. Click through for a fun Tuesday Made holiday peek!

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comBefore you begin scrolling, I wanted to say thank you! This has been a difficult year for me (for many reasons), but one thing that remains and allows me to do what I love is your support. The shop has been such a bright spot and continues to bring me much happiness. I truly enjoy curating, connecting with you, and sending lovely packages your way. I don’t say it enough, but thank you so much for shopping small with us and for thinking of Tuesday Made! It means so much to me. This holiday season, as you’re shopping for decor & gifts, be sure to keep small businesses in mind. Even if you don’t make a purchase, engage with us on social media… that helps tremendously.

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comAs for my top holiday decor picks from the shop? I’ll drop them into a collage below. The thumbnails aren’t clickable, so please scroll to the bottom of the collage and click each link…

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.com01: classic gold ornament // 02: oud noir candle // 03: faceted ornament set // 04: small cedar wreath // 05: vintage french horn // 06: sleigh bell ornament // 07: camel houndstooth throw // 08: staffordshire dog ornaments // 09: pine needle garland // 10: pinecone study // 11: pearly white ornament // 12: glass icicle ornament set // 13: gilded frasier fir candle // 14: brass holiday candleholder // 15: thyme topiary // 16: woodland candle // 17: bell cluster garland // 18: real touch cedar garland // 19: vintage stocking set // 20: topaz star ornament // 21: fluted taper pillar candle // 22: pine needle spray // 23: glass hurricane // 24: frasier fir hand wash // 25: forest matchbox // 26: pura diffuser set // 27: mixed cedar wreath

This is really just a small sampling of our holiday collection- so much goodness! A few favorites have already sold out, and sadly- we won’t be able to restock any of our holiday items in time for Christmas. If you have your eye on something, it’s best to grab it early.

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comWe have some really lovely and fun ornaments in the shop this season- and I kept our classics and best-sellers from last year. I’m planning to decorate our home with most of the same decor I used last year. I may switch up the gift wrap and add a few new ornaments, but I love how it turned out and plan to do more of the same this year.

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comOf course I may be biased, but I have to say- our greenery is top notch. We have the most stunning wreaths & garlands! They’re hyper realistic, require zero maintenance, and they have a classic style (meaning you won’t get sick of them in a few years). If you’re looking to invest in greenery that is made to be enjoyed year after year during the holiday season, I’m very proud of our collection and know it will last (because I’ve used it for years).

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comI was video chatting Laurie Anne (we’re headed to Phoenix for Thanksgiving) and she was asking how she can make her newly renovated home feel more festive for the holidays. My top three easy suggestions? Greenery (simple wreaths), candles, and cozy textiles. It’s really that easy and doesn’t take much.

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comI also love the idea of framing a vignette with garland. I like to do this on our mantel, a window, a large piece of furniture, etc. It just adds some festive holiday texture… like in our kitchen below.

Roundup : Holiday Decor from Tuesday Made - roomfortuesday.comI know it’s early, but have you started shopping for holiday decor yet? When do you plan on decorating? I’m going to try to get gift guides finished for Monday… that way they’re ready for you when you need them! I read a crazy study that said 75% of people have their holiday shopping (including gifts) finished by the end of November. I definitely do not fall into that category, but would like to. Ha! It seems more organized and stress-free. Here’s to a wonderful and productive weekend ahead!

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  1. Good morning! I busted out my beloved Woodland candle on November 1st. Deep sigh. (And I was burning the oud noir the other evening! Thanks for making my home smell amazing!) I adore the frosted faux bois and the little green present candles you showed on IG! So, so pretty. Even though I’ve lived in the desert for many years, the Pine Tree State has my heart. I love love love all of the coniferous offerings! That pine cone charcoal study is gorgeous! Eek! I’m so tempted by the new match boxes…just need to devise a plan for preventing Sunday from playing “knock it off.” 😹 Speaking of keeping my cat entertained, does the bell garland actually jingle? Those teeny little bells are adorable. I don’t usually decorate for the holidays, but this summer I thrifted a red berry garland and some giant ornaments for the mantle. I even got a tiny tabletop tree…not entirely sure what overcame me! At the moment though, my mind is focused on Thanksgiving! We’ve got our theme and are working feverishly on a menu and tablescape. (While still peeling wallpaper and hoping to texture/paint before the big day!😱 Is Emmett free? HA!) I’m so excited you’re going to PHX for the holiday! Laurie Anne’s new house is looking grand, and their outdoor space is phenomenal!! How fun! All this holiday talk has me thinking today’s the day for baking some cranberry bread…in addition to pizza! (Not the most appetizing combo though. Ha.) Happiest (rainy) Pizza Friday, friends!
    PS I did not heed your warning to put away my outdoor furniture…all of my cushions are currently sitting in the pouring rain.😭 Oops.

    1. Hi Peggi! I’m burning my Woodland candle right now- thank you for the reminder :) I just love that one this time of year. Pine really can’t be beat during the holiday months. The bell garland actually does jingle. It’s funny, I packed up a bunch of bells and bell garlands to ship out over the weekend, and our FedEx guy Ferdinand asked, “What in the world are you shipping that makes these boxes jingle?!” Actual BELLS! Ha. He got a laugh out of that. I can’t wait to see your thrifted berry garland and tabletop tree- I’m so excited for you. I ordered a bunch of tabletop trees for the shop last year and they have yet to arrive… oof. I’m with you on focusing on Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to hear about your theme. I love that you do this each year! We’re excited to do a Friendsgiving in AZ. Our patio was a complete sopping wet disaster. Emmett tackled it over the weekend and I’m thinking come spring, everything will need a good power washing. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t mold. Yikes. Have an amazing Monday! xo

  2. Ooh early snow can be so fun Sarah! It always puts me in the Holiday spirit early. It’s super hot in Florida but we are enjoying our stay. This is the first time we visited October/November months and as much as I love heat I’m kinda missing the weather wind down to Winter. We will have a ton of leaf cleanup when we return 😬 and I will have to run like crazy to get ready for the holidays 😨 and no headway is being made on our kitchen as we are here. Ha! Andrew really needed this trip as it’s been an incredibly hectic year. And we were both very fatigued, so sunshine to the rescue 🌞
    The shop has some incredibly lovely decor again this year. I purchased #9 garland last year and it’s gorgeous. I got some many compliments. I was so glad I ordered the wood beaded garland already as I didn’t order enough last year. I hope 8 strands will be enough for the tree, it’s not a big tree, 6 feet. Do you think it will be enough? I was going to order 10 but you just had 8 left so I jumped on it fast.
    And the woodland candle of course is heavenly ❤️ I burned mine all season long last year and my daughter loved hers too 🥰 #21 That fluted candle is gorgeous, and I’ve always loved those small cedar wreaths #4 so many beautiful things 😍
    I wanted to say I’ve love all the beautiful items I’ve ordered from Tuesday Made since you opened and it’s my pleasure to support your store. I appreciate every sweet handwritten note and my orders are always packed to perfection. I love the quality and unique items. The wedding gift I purchased this year was also received with such delight, so thank you 💖
    I’m in the holiday spirit and getting my shopping going as time will be tight when we arrive home. I anxiously await your shopping lists next week 😜 Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I can’t believe we got so much early snow. We still have it on the ground with more in the forecast this week! I can’t complain, because we really need the precipitation, but it feels too early. It’s probably just because we’re behind on our winter to-do list. Ha! Sometimes you just have to take the trip and live in the moment… that has actually been my philosophy this year. I’m with Andrew on this feeling like an incredibly hectic year. Here’s to hoping 2023 is better for all of us! I hope you’re enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. That sounds incredible right about now. How about a house trade? Haha! Thank you again for supporting our shop- I’m so happy to hear that you’ve loved everything. The wood garland sold SO fast this year. I think 8 strands should be sufficient, but if you need more- let me know. I think I have 3-4 here at my house that I use on our tree… I’d be happy to send you mine if you need it :) I’ve got my woodland candle burning right now. I just love that one. I hope you enjoy the gift guides today… those are always so much fun to compile :) Have a great Monday! xo

  3. Good morning! I am so behind with the holidays this year! It feels like November is almost over, but we’ve just gotten started. I can’t believe all the snow Sarah! Winter wonderland ready or not hahaha. I’m trying to hold off decorating until I make more paint progress…We typically put our tree in the front room, but we shall see. I’ve been eyeing garland from your shop because yours look so realistic. I’ve never used garland so it feels intimidating. I also adore the matchbox sets, your candles of course, and all the lovely ornaments you stock. The ginger jar ornaments I bought last year are my favorite. I can’t wait to get started on my shopping. Cheers to kicking off winter. We’re in the 40’s overnight and high 50’s this week…I hope you’re all staying warm. Happy Friday friends!

    1. Me too, Lauren! I’m just behind on ALL things lately, ha. Whew! There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I feel you. Garland is probably my favorite holiday greenery to style. I like it even better than our tree or wreaths. It just feels so timeless. I’m glad you snagged the ginger jar ornaments last year. I restocked for this season and they’ve already sold out. Those always go super fast! I just love them. I’m always envious of your perfect CA winter weather :) enjoy!!! I’m freezing my buns off over here. Haha! xo

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Do you have suggestions on how to style/decorate with the small french horn?

  5. Oooooooo, cannot wait to check out all the new holiday goodness at the shop! You source the most beautiful, quality made items. How DO you do it?! My beloved Woodland candle kicked this past Winter so that is definitely on the Must Have list. We got a little snow here overnight, but the clouds parted and the sun came out late this am so it’s all gone. I’m ready for a good long snow day! Happy belated birthday and halloween, Sarah. Cannot wait to see your buying guides—yours are always my go to! Cheers to Friday and have a wonderful weekend, S&E!

  6. Mandy Garig Davis says:

    Sarah! Where did you get the stand for your calligraphy brushes? I need one to hold my collection of 5 and have struggled to find anything i like.

    1. We used to carry those in my shop, Tuesday Made… but sadly, they’ve been discontinued. I’m sorry! I’ll keep an eye out for more :)

      1. Mandy Garig Davis says:

        Thanks for the follow-up! I ordered some items from your shop last week. I cant wait to receive them. Sending warm wishes from Japan.

        1. Thank you so much for supporting my small business, Mandy! You’ll have to let me know what you think! Japan?! I’m envious- I’ve always wanted to visit. Hopefully someday soon. Have a lovely holiday season.

          1. Mandy Garig Davis says:

            Hi Sarah! My order arrived today and I’m truly blown away by the careful wrapping and personal touches added to my already beautiful order. The quality and size of the ginger jar ornaments is outstanding. The bell garlands are going to be so perfect mixed in with our other holiday decor that we’ve collected from our travels around the world. Even the vintage sugar and creamer set made me so happy to unwrap. I can’t wait to use them tomorrow when I have my morning coffee. My guy just commented that i should send you some photos once I get everything styled. I might just do that. Sincere thanks to you and Emmett (who signed the enclosed card). I will certainly be a devoted customer from here out. ~ Mandy
            Oh, and if you ever decide to pull the trigger on traveling to Japan, please feel free to hit me up for recommendations and more.

          2. Hi Mandy! I am SO excited to hear that. Your message truly made my day. I’m thrilled that everything arrived safely and you’re liking the beautiful home items you picked out (all of my favorites). I always love seeing how people style and use their Tuesday Made goods in their homes, so I welcome all photos. My husband, Emmett, must have penned your note… typically I write all of them, but I’ve been dealing with some health things these past few weeks and he has been wondering at stepping in! Thank you again for supporting my small business and for taking the time to share. You are so sweet! I’ll definitely reach out whenever we’re reading to book those flights to Japan- hopefully within the next couple years… thank you for offering! Have a good evening!

  7. Mandy Garig Davis says:

    Sending healing and strength vibes your way. Hang in there – you got this!

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy!! I appreciate that more than you know :)