July Moodboard

July Moodboard : Plaster White - roomfortuesday.com
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It’s already time for another Monthly Moodboard! Perhaps the heat of summer is getting to me, or maybe I’m craving travel more now than ever, but I’ve been really attracted to crisp, textural neutrals, interesting forms & shapes, and all things plaster lately. It should come as no surprise that this month’s roundup includes lots of chalky, plaster white hues. Click through to see what I found and loved these past few weeks… 

July Moodboard : Plaster White - roomfortuesday.com
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After binge watching the last season of The Durrells in Corfu, I’ve been daydreaming of a Grecian getaway. Obviously that won’t be happening for a very long time, so instead I’ve immersed myself in beautifully designed plaster vignettes via Pinterest.

July Moodboard : Plaster White - roomfortuesday.com
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You already know I have a soft spot for plaster lighting, as I’ve shared my DIY plaster table lamp and my beloved faux plaster floor lamp in past posts. There’s something beautifully organic and artistic about plaster that has me smitten these days… especially in the form of lighting. You’ll notice a few new fixtures in the roundup below.

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop my finds… 

01: flush mount fixture // 02: paper towel holder // 03: velvet pillow // 04: dining table // 05: fluted planters // 06: nude vase // 07: plaster sconce // 08: soap dish // 09: cast mirror // 10: framed neutral art // 11: round patio umbrella // 12: plaster chandelier // 13: white canister // 14: cement pedestal // 15: white pedestal bowl

From the collage this month, my favorites include: the pedestal dining table (#4), which reminds me so much of our previous table at our old breakfast nook… the pedestal bowl (#15) is a gorgeous versatile styling accessory, and of course I want allllll the lighting- the flush mount (#1), the sconce (#7), and the chandelier (#12). Some people enjoy buying shoes. I enjoy buying lights. Hah! But really… lighting is my weakness.

July Moodboard : Plaster White - roomfortuesday.com
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I’m already dreaming up more DIY plaster projects because I had forgotten just how much I enjoy working with that substrate. It definitely feels like the material to have and love this summer. It’s cool, clean, crisp, and seems to negate the heatwave summertime has recently delivered.

July Moodboard : Plaster White - roomfortuesday.com
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Are you a fan of plaster and textural materials? Do you have favorites from this month’s moodboard? I’d love to hear in the comments below! I know white in interior settings can feel boring, but I crave it every single summer. I also think the textural interest of plaster, cement, or roman clay adds so much, in terms of design!

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  1. Oooooh these are so pretty!! I want one of each please ;)

  2. Ha! You really have been into plaster lately! Despite my love for color, I do like white lighting. That flush mount and chandelier are crazy awesome! And I immediately thought of your former dining nook table when I saw the one above. I don’t even travel much, but I definitely feel your wanderlust! I’ve always dreamed of a Mediterranean island trip, and that Mallorca home would do nicely. And that Lizarriturry Tuneu project? Whoa. You do find the most inspiring images! (I’m not easily excited by neutrals!😉)
    Happy guest room-ing! I’m off to try and finalize some entry details! (Gulp. Numbers, hardware…😰)

    1. I really have… especially lighting!! I’m glad I was able to share some neutral spaces you actually like- I’m calling that a win :) Good luck finalizing your entry. That is the fun part- house numbers and hardware! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Happy Tuesday! xo

  3. Hubba hubba…those floors in the Elle Decor photo…drool! I like an all white and neutral space. I find it to be relaxing and clean!
    Love the pedestal and want one just don’t know where to put it. Maybe living room.? The pedestal bowl, vases, and trays are my faves.
    I think it is because I can’t that I want to travel more now than ever. I feel you on the Greecian getaway or any vaca!
    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Aren’t those amazing?! I also find neutral environments to be relaxing and clean, Danna. Many of these remind me of tropical getaways. I need a beach in my life. I think we could all use a vacation after this year. Haha! Happy Tuesday :)

  4. The flush mount and the vase are my favorites…I may actually order that vase for the bathroom! You have for sure been on a plaster kick lately, and I’m here for it. Personally, it has never been a fave, but truthfully seeing a medium like this from someone else’s view, actually is like seeing it with fresh eyes; plus I’m all for branching out of my interior comfort zones. Needless to say, you may inspire a wall or two in my home with all these plaster wall treatments! Keep the inspiration coming…I may fall down that rabbit hole later tonight! I’m sorry I’ve missed mornings lately, Sarah. I’m having the worst time viewing your site on my phone now (which is my typical routine). If I can get the site loaded without errors, the pop-ups make it impossible for me to comment. I’m just readjusting until I figure out what is wrong with my phone or internet. I hate technology!!! Anyhow, I’m catching up…need to make sure my comment posted on the panel molding post! Have a happy Tuesday!

    1. Hi Lauren! I love that vase! How is your bathroom coming along? I really have been on a major plaster kick lately. Hah! Summer is always a busy time… over here too. No apology needed at all :) So sorry you’re having trouble viewing my site! I just checked my phone and didn’t have any issues, but I can have my web developer look into it, if you give me specifics. I am not tech savvy at all (also hate technology), so this has always been a struggle for me. Let me know if something isn’t working properly. I’m sorry! In terms of pop ups, there should only be one (that you can exit out of), two max. I intentionally keep my site low on ad spots so it’s easier to navigate. My goal is usually 2, so I can make a tiny bit of money to keep things running and keep everyone happy while they’re reading, too. Does your phone do this with other blogs? Happy to help if I can. Hope you’re having a great week so far. xo

      1. The bathroom is at a temporary stand still; just because I’ve been busy with pta training and planning for the year…it’s been a lot! Plus I fell down a cleaning rabbit hole last week, lol. I am planning on carving out time to get more progress in there this week, so I’ll keep you updated! As far as the issues I’m running into, the two pop-ups that you have are never an issue, I can close those with no problem. I think the pop-ups I’m getting are generated by the browser on my phone; they pop-up mostly when I go to comment, and it send me back to the top of the page. Even if I close them, they come back shortly after; and I have ads turned off!! So I don’t really know why this is happening all of a sudden. It never did this before. Every other day or so, they will pop up as I’m reading, and it will send me to the top. Again, I think it’s my phone, not your site. But hey, I’m managing to work it into my day regardless. I just miss my mornings with everyone. Haha!

        1. Give yourself a break and don’t forget to sneak in a little you time… I know that’s easier said than done! The bathroom will get finished whenever it happens. I totally feel being busy this month. Thanks for letting me know about the pop ups and site… I was hoping it wasn’t something on my end. Still annoying for you though- ugh technology. I’m sorry! Hope you had a great day (despite being crazy busy), Lauren! xo

  5. Ah, this post was like a breath of fresh air, Sarah. Whites are so crisp and clean – I’m with you, totally crave them in the Summer even though I’m definitely a color girl. They just make it seem so much cooler, life feels more relaxed and effortless surrounded by them. I’m a fan and agree that texture is everything. I recently got a white sweater hoodie and I’m dying to wear it. Just needs to get, well, a lot colder! So maybe white is great in the Fall, too? 🤷‍♀️😂

    1. Yay!! And same… give me all the crisp whites during the summer months. It has just been SO hot here- although today we got some much needed rain, which was the BEST EVER. Funny how living in a desert will really make you appreciate that. Bring on the cooler weather so you can wear that cute hoodie :) Or maybe travel up in elevation where it is nice and cool! xo

  6. Yum yum yum! I too am loving the anti-heatwave effect of these chalky textural whites. I’ve worked with plaster a couple times in my past and now have it in the forefront of my mind if I come across something suitable in the next couple months. Also… thanks for the tv recommendation! I am totally checking out that show- it sounds right up my alley. Did you ever read the old midcentury suspense novels by Mary Stewart? There’s one set in Greece – it’s called This Rough Magic (featuring, yes, English people on Corfu). I wonder what it’s actually like to look around Greece these days? Hope I get to visit when my kids are a little older! I heard that much of that traditional architecture has been getting bulldozed the last few decades. My mom has a Greek artist friend who paints the classic white buildings there among other things and he has some stories to tell about them being demolished as he works. Ugh. I’m sure there are tourist sections they won’t do that to but there are definitely fewer than there were.
    Practical question: cleaning plaster? it’s so porous!

    1. Right?! My thoughts too. It feels so cool and crisp. I am here for it during the heatwave that has been July. You’ll live the Durrells in Corfu… it is one of my favorites and perfect for summer! I’m off to try to find This Rough Magic book, thanks to you. That sounds awesome. I wonder if this show was based on that book?! I know the tv series was based on a book… I’m just not sure which one. Greece is also on my must visit list someday. I’ve really been missing travel lately. I had to hear that the traditional architecture is getting mowed over. That is so upsetting. To answer your plaster cleaning question- no idea. Haha! I use the vacuum wand or keyboard cleaner to “dust” my plaster lighting. Ha! I wish I had a better answer. Hope you’re having a great week Julie :)

  7. I love this post! I’m a huge fan of clean, crisp white spaces especially in the summer. I have a question that may be a completely stupid question. 🥴 When you are talking about plaster is that Venetian plaster? If not, what is the difference? We are doing our vent hood in Venetian plaster and we were wanting to do something else with our fireplace.

    1. Thanks Halley! There are no stupid questions here :) There are many types of plaster (plaster of paris, venetian plaster, roman clay, etc). I was just talking about the chalky, white, textural look that embodies plaster as a whole. Hope this helps! Your range hood sounds gorgeous.