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August Moodboard

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had an amazing and relaxing weekend. I’m ready to tackle a new week and am finally feeling like I’m back into my normal routine. Our friend who was living with us, moved into his new house over the weekend (which is gorgeous- look for a tour soon!), our house guests flew back home, sickness that plagued our home is nearly gone and everyone is on the mend- plus I’m finally feeling more caught up with work priorities. Whew! All of that to say… inspiration struck and a new monthly moodboard felt appropriate. Emmett and I sat down and brainstormed what projects come next and I’m feeling creatively rejuvenated. Click through to see this month’s moodboard and what I’m liking lately…  Continue Reading

July Moodboard : Textural White -
interiors & styling

July Moodboard

Ok, ok… I know what you’re thinking when you scroll through this post. White?! What a snoozefest. I know we’re all kind of over bright white, monochromatic spaces, BUT hear me out… this white moodboard is anything but boring…

June Moodboard : Chinoiserie -
interiors & styling

June Moodboard

If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed a particular furniture style I’ve been thrifting lately. I’m on a MAJOR chinoiserie kick lately… kudos to those of you who called me out. Haha! I definitely don’t hate…

May Moodboard : Moody Teal -
interiors & styling

May Moodboard

How are we already into May?! This year is flying by. This month’s color selection shouldn’t be a surprise because it’s a BIG part of our kitchen renovation. Ever since choosing dark teal colored cabinets, I’ve been really craving…