Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting

Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting - roomfortuesday.comOur house has plenty of builder-grade boob lights left to replace and my office has zero overhead lighting (definitely something we’ll add when it comes time to renovate). Once the sun goes down, it’s a bit like working in a cave. Ha! We’ve slowly been updating the lighting throughout our home a little at a time, and I knew taking advantage of the Memorial Day sales would save me some money. I ended up grabbing a few new fixtures for our house! Click through to see what I bought and where my new lights live within our home. I also have a GIANT roundup of my favorite fixtures from Serena & Lily

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Since we have yet to renovate my office (aside from the flooring), my goal was to find a floor lamp that would be appropriate for the space now, as well as post renovation… whenever that happens. I have loved this vintage looking “plaster” lamp (pictured in the intro) for YEARS and knew it would withstand the test of time throughout the various phases of my home office.

Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting - roomfortuesday.comLong story short- the lamp lived in my office for a few days, before I decided to test it in the basement living room (just because). My brain kept thinking about how the high contrast navy and white would look, so I pulled a little switcharoo, just to see. Now I feel like I need to order another lamp because I love seeing it in my office each day, but it looks incredible in the basement… like it was made for that space. Decisions, decisions.

Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting - roomfortuesday.comThe stairwell that leads to the basement also got a lighting upgrade. Another boob light used to live right there, and we replaced it with a very classic semi flush mount fixture. Are you surprised to see that I opted for a polished nickel finish instead of brass? I’ll share more on my reasoning later in this post, but first- the giant roundup of my favorite Serena & Lily lighting.

Click directly on the light fixtures below to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop. *Most of these fixtures come in multiple finishes, if you’re searching for a different color!

01: bryant table lamp // 02: preston floor lamp // 03: goodman pendant // 04: mason swing-arm sconce // 05: finley pendant // 06: capiz flush mount // 07: atwater pendant // 08: hastings table lamp // 09: breton flush mount // 10: rosecliff chandelier // 11: harrington floor lamp // 12: tinsley table lamp // 13: cumberland sconce // 14: whitman pendant // 15: brighton floor lamp // 16: flynn wall sconce // 17: everett two-arm sconce // 18: amherst swing-arm floor lamp // 19: fairmont chandelier // 20: beachside table lamp // 21: kentfield pendant // 22: clark flush mount // 23: limantour table lamp // 24: yorkville table lamp // 25: melrose pendant // 26: waverly sconce // 27: edgehill table lamp // 28: midbrook table lamp

I wish I had an endless budget to update all of our lighting right now because there are SO many good options. As for my new polished nickel fixtures (#9 and #22), I opted for that particular finish because we have a lot of brass happening in our formal living room. Rather than adding another brass fixture to the equation, I prefer a mixed metal aesthetic… so nickel made perfect sense bridging the gap between the living room and the basement. I also wanted the hall light and the basement stairwell fixtures to match, in terms of finish.

Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting - roomfortuesday.comPS… ignore the fact that the stairwell has yet to be finished. We basically stopped at the edge of the formal living room, but still need to continue the millwork and paint that area someday. At this point, I’m just happy to see a stylistic flush mount there instead of a boob light… baby steps.

Roundup : Serena & Lily Lighting - roomfortuesday.comI’m always amazed how lighting updates can totally impact the look of a home. When moving, do you update the lighting all at once or a little at a time? We usually do it in phases. Since we have a LOT of house left to renovate, I’m trying to be smart about sourcing fixtures that work well now, but can also be used once we finish renovating. I don’t want to buy or replace a fixture twice. That’s always the goal! If you are on the hunt for beautiful lighting, I hope my roundup was helpful. Happy Thursday, friends.

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  1. Sigh. Every time you post a beautiful lighting round up, I think, dang, I want to change half of our fixtures! (Replacing something “that works perfectly fine” is not a popular move at my house. #chagrin) For some reason, I don’t think of Serena & Lily for lighting. Now I know better! I had noticed that you chose polished nickel; I heart that finish! I laughed that you moved the floor lamp around and liked it even better; I love it when that happens! The eye-catching shape really plays to the graphics in the rug. BTW, is that a new coffee table in that shot?
    I’m still adjusting to summer mode over here, so I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I’m looking forward to your ice cream recipe because we’re going to hit (an unseasonable) 99 tomorrow! And I was kind of hoping to work in the yard…☀️🍨💜

    1. Haha!! I’m sorry for that :) Serena & Lily definitely has a LOT of choices when it comes to lighting. The lamp is back in my office now because I actually needed it for light (go figure), hahah!! I really will have to shift things around or buy another one. Emmett keeps laughing at me carrying it around the house. The coffee table isn’t new, but Emmett is making me get rid of a bunch of furniture I’ve been hoarding (we’re trying to create more storage space and simplify). Long story short- I grabbed that coffee table a couple years ago at an Alice Lane Warehouse sale and I refuse to part with it. I ended up getting rid of our round marble table to keep that one. It doesn’t fit our current space / layout at all (too large), but someday when we renovate the basement… I think it will be perfect. So all of that to say, it’s new to the blog, but not new to our house. It has just been hiding in the prop closet. Ha! I totally should’ve posted the ice cream recipe (sorry), but I ate it before photographing. You can find my chocolate, wild berry lavender, buttermilk strawberry, and buckeye recipes here though (well, technically they’re Jeni’s recipes and she is THE QUEEN of ice cream). xo

  2. We usually update lighting in phases as well. I love every single one on your list! I think I’ve decided that our upstairs hall needs a few beautiful flush mounts and currently trying to decide on the lighting plan in the bathroom. Sconces next to the mirrors or over the mirror vanity lights…decisions decisions! The lighting in this house is terrible…way too many recessed lights on the main level, with the exception of the great room…there is one light on a switch (???); fans in the wrong place, ugly fans, lol…I could go on for days! I’ll be so happy when I can get all these fixtures added/replaced. I always love your choices Sarah! And you’re right, you totally need another floor lamp! That one is gorgeous in the basement!!

    1. I feel like that’s the best way to do it (at least for our budget). So happy you liked my selections, Lauren! So many decisions in your house- that’s exciting though. Our switch placement doesn’t make a lot of sense either, so I feel your pain. Hope you’re having a great week :) xo

  3. Goodness, there are so many beautiful lights on here! The white floor lamp looks so good in your basement. Like Peggi, I noticed the coffee table….heart eyes!
    When I was in Home Economics in high school, we got to cut pictures out of magazines of what our homes would look like someday…so much fun! If I had endless money & options I would pick most of these fixtures. #2 & #11 are my favorite floor lamps. Wouldn’t you know #2 is my son’s name…ha! Does the name of an item (like paint) cause you to pick it?
    #13 &17 are beautiful brass sconces. How do you choose?
    Happy Thursday!

    1. Thanks Danna! Preston?! What an awesome name… also- no wonder that one is your favorite. I really do think a name influences your decision to pick something. I always felt like naming paint swatches or nail polishes would be a really fun copy writing job. Ha! Emmett is making me get rid of some of the furniture I’ve been hoarding (ugh) and I refused to part with that coffee table (I grabbed it at an Alice Lane warehouse sale a couple years ago), so I decided to get rid of our round table and keep the rectangular option… even though it doesn’t really fit the space right now. I’m trying to think longterm over here. Tricky stuff!

  4. Barbara Baker says:

    Can you share thoughts on lightbulbs? I find it so confusing these days with the lumens and the K options. It’s always either too cool or too yellow. What do you find to be perfect warm but not yellow lighting for your home?

  5. Allllll the heart eyes. SO many beautiful options. We generally don’t replace lighting all at once, because well, #budget and lighting can get so pricey. But, man can it make a huge difference.

    The lamp does look fantastic down there, especially with that rug and in front of the navy drapes. Beautiful. Yes, LOVE that coffee table – did we miss that in another post?

    1. Thanks Anne! The coffee table is a couple years old, but it was hiding in storage. Emmett is making me clean house and get rid of furniture we’re not using, soooo I decided to part with our round table and keep this one instead. Compromise. Haha! xo