Idyllic Moments : June 2020

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday! I have a little surprise for you… I wanted to create another reoccurring monthly series that was a bit more personal, similar to my Noteworthy posts, but focused on interiors and all things home. I thought it would be fun to share small vignettes around our house each month that make me smile. Idyllic means happy, peaceful, or picturesque, and there are so many moments in our home that bring me those feelings. My plan for this series is to be quick, casual, and lighthearted, sharing the everyday, ordinary, and simple moments throughout my home that bring me joy (and hopefully you’ll like them too). This series will also give me an opportunity to spend some time with my camera being creative, which feels a lot like getting back to my roots. Anyway… I’m very excited for it! These will change each month, seasonally, and highlight different areas that feel fresh and inspiring. One last note- there may or may not be news of a giveaway in this first post, so definitely click through to read about that, too! 

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comThe first few snapshots into our life lately begin in the kitchen. We’ve been cooking up a storm this year and my new favorite cookbook is Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone. It’s categorized by season, and all of the food I’ve prepared so far has been spectacular AND beautiful. I’d highly recommend, if you’re looking for some fresh recipes and enjoy spending time in the kitchen.

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comMy friend Marina (the brains behind The Clay Maven account), sent me this beautiful bowl for the kitchen. She’s an incredible ceramist who throws pottery locally here in Salt Lake City. I mentioned I wanted something organic, yet modern and she totally came through. I have a couple other pieces she made- including the tray that my pot scrubber rests in beside our kitchen sink. I also got a new soap set that smells incredible and is the perfect light fragrance for summertime! I know, I know… I’m a self proclaimed soap snob, but this is another tiny thing that makes me happy…. plus, we’re all doing a lot of hand washing these days.

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comI love all of the different shapes that are happening in this countertop vignette… from the cookbook stand to the tiny vintage ginger jar, Marina’s bowl, and even the wooden doorstop I’ve been using as a page turner (to keep my cookbook from falling closed). It’s a nice little moment in our kitchen I’ve been liking lately. Something about traditional elements mixed with modern really does it for me.

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comMoving upstairs, we’ve been using our balcony a lot lately. The weather has been incredibly nice and I often work from my laptop out here. After work, Emmett and I like to sit outside and watch the sunset over the mountain range. It’s quickly turning into my favorite evening ritual, and is also helping me step away from work at a decent hour (instead of 10pm, which used to be my norm). If you read this post about working from home, you probably already know this has been a real struggle for me. I have trouble “clocking” in and out.

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comIf you’ve been reading for awhile, you already know of my love for throws… year round. In Utah, it gets chilly in the evening, so I keep blankets and throws nearby (even in our outdoor spaces). There’s something comforting about them, and I just enjoy being cozy and covered. I’ve been working on some reader appreciation giveaways for you guys, and the first one is going live on Instagram today! I partnered with Serena & Lily to giveaway a couple of their beautiful Milo alpaca throws. It’s the softest throw I own, is perfect for all seasons, and it comes in multiple colors. Check my IG feed in a bit to enter. It’s really easy… you just have to tag a friend and follow along (so that you can both win a throw, if you’re selected). I’ll share details in a couple hours!

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comAnother summer ritual we’ve started (in addition to homemade pizza night once a week), is enjoying a nice glass of wine or making craft cocktails on a weekday… like black bean flautas and margaritas for “Taco Tuesday.” It gives us something to look forward to on a weekday, feels like we’re celebrating summer vacation (minus the vacation & travel), and the weekend seems to get here a bit faster.  Lately, it has mostly been wine because we’ve been super busy.

Idyllic Moments : June 2020 - roomfortuesday.comWhat moments in your home have been making you smile this summertime… now that we’re officially into the summer season? I think this new series will be fun and another casual, creative way to really connect. Although we’re still “stuck” at home and our travel plans have been cancelled, home honestly feels like a pretty good place to be right now. Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to enter to win the beautiful throw on Instagram later today, if you’re interested!

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  1. What a sweet new series and a positive practice! #softy Even for homebodies like us, the past few months have been…taxing. Focusing on the small, beautiful moments helps flip the script. (And, of course, your images are lovely!) I’ve also been happily spending a ton of time in the kitchen; my new painting still gives me a happy little zing when I see it (just propped on the counter… #amateur) I don’t have Athena’s book, but watching her cook on IG is great! The bird’s eye view and those curtains on your balcony really are dreamy! What an amazingly generous giveaway! Those throws look luxurious. We, too, have been enjoying a cocktail in the shade before supper. Maybe a benefit of all this time at home is becoming more intentional? I shouldn’t have need a pandemic… Another positive is that I seem to be tackling all of the tedious little projects I have avoided; patched ceilings and freshly painted trim isn’t exactly camera-worthy, but it’s a treat for my eyes!
    Happy Shed-ing!🤣💜

    1. I’m so glad you like it, Peggi! I’m actually really excited about this series. The past few months have definitely been taxing (to say the least, haha). I still can’t believe you picked that painting- it was one of my favorites and I bet it looks stunning in your kitchen! Isn’t it crazy how new art can make a big difference and bring you joy? My fruit painting is still making me happy, too! I love that you’ve been having cocktails in the shade before supper. I’m with you on becoming more intentional and tackling the projects we’ve been putting off for far too long. Same story over here! Happy Tuesday :)

  2. What an awesome series to wake up to! I especially like it because I get to see all the little things close up. That soap set LOOKS like it smells delightful! Sometimes it’s the little things. Awhile back I painted a feature wall in our living room on a whim, and hung some shelves for artwork, plants, etc. The shelves still aren’t fully styled (trying to purchase more intentionally), but I love that space of our house. It’s the one space that gives me inspiration, allows me to dream about the rest of the space with endless ideas, and just feels comfortable. Another one that I love lately is our bed. When you did your bedding roundup in the winter, I bought an oversized duvet…then ordered a cover (which I hate), but my hate for the cover forced me to shop our home to make it look a little better. I ended up using two throw pillows from my formal living room, and added a new lumbar from Target…it’s amazing how much softer and intentional it feels. I still plan on replacing it eventually, but right now it feels a lot better. And that’s giving me hope as I continue on the bathroom. It reminds me that even if I can’t get exactly what I want when I want, I can still make it feel comfortable in the meantime. Those throws look lovely!! I especially love the navy and charcoal colors!! I think that’s one of my favorite items to spot in your photos…all the throws! Lol. Definitely planning on entering that giveaway! Have a happy Tuesday, and have fun with the shed! Can’t wait to see the progress. Quick question…are you always supposed to lay a layer of gravel under a concrete pad?? I’ve never actually seen the process, so I’m fully intrigued!

    1. Yay!! I’m so happy you like it, Lauren :) It really is the little things. Your shelving wall sounds beautiful… and your bed, too! I’m a big fan of layered bedding that is soft and inviting. Our bed is currently a work in process because we’re shedding the heavier bedding for summer. Ha! I definitely have a weakness for throws (and soap). Some people buy shoes, I buy throws. To answer your question about the shed- yes, gravel first, then rebar, then concrete. Once the pad is poured, we’ll start building. Our current shed doesn’t have a concrete pad, which is nice because we can easily lay sod once we remove it, but the bottom has kind of started rotting because of the moisture. I’d definitely recommend a concrete pad if you want it to last longterm. I’ll be sure to share the process. Have a wonderful Tuesday, friend!! xo

      1. Lauren, your question reminded me of when my Dad poured a concrete pad for our backyard shed when I was a kid and let it sit for a few weeks before adding the shed so my brother and I could roller skate on it. So fun and such a wonderful memory, so thank you for asking it! 💗

        1. That is awesome! I wish I had roller skates to recreate that. hah

        2. Awww, how fun! I haven’t ridden skates in years! What an awesome memory; I’m glad my question brought it up for you!

  3. I like this series. I’ve always admired those who can take beautiful have an eye for it.
    For several years I have disliked our home and was pinning pictures of our future home but since the pandemic, I have pushed through what I was disliking and made myself change it with what we had. We have decided to stay a couple more years and then make the move. I have mixed emotions but know it is the right choice. With the little changes, I am inspired and have plans of more changes once our 2 go to college in August. So what I am trying to say is this had made me look at our home differently and appreciate what I have now.
    Your friend Marina’s pottery is beautiful! Love the bowls. It’s hard for me to pass up a bowl or vase with feet. Ok, that sounded funny! Admire her craft!
    I love a beautiful throw. I have one on the back of my office chair that never gets used. It stays there because it is a pretty green and I love the color it adds. Hard to choose which color with the Serena & Lily throw. The clay color is one I am drawn to lately. Whether it be in clothes or home accents. You can’t go wrong with any of the colors.
    Black bean flautas….I’m hungry now for Mexican food! We have a new pizza place that opened and it is delicious. I could not make it as good as theirs.
    Hope your Taco Tuesday is great!

    1. I’m happy to hear that Danna :) I really enjoyed creating this first one and spending time behind the camera. I get so excited hearing you decided to update your home, so you could really love and embrace it. From little changes to big ones, it’s pretty awesome knowing that we’re in control of our happiness at home (especially when so many things are out of our control). Yay for more changes once your two go to college this fall. Super proud of you for creating the space you want to live in and for appreciating it! Amazing job. I’m in the same boat with footed or pedestal pottery- it’s so beautiful. Sometimes throws are the perfect accessory- even if you don’t use them often. I do that too. I love that clay color! We’re definitely having Mexican tonight- enchiladas and margaritas. Is it dinner time yet? Haha! Hope you get to enjoy the new pizza place this week. It sounds fantastic! xo

  4. What a terrific post! You have such a level of sophistication in every thing you do Sarah. Love, love, love 💗 the pottery housing fresh apples. The contrast in color and texture is stunning. I love handmade pottery I purchase a sugar bowl and milk container from a local pottery shop about twenty years ago and I still love it and looks beautiful in my kitchen. It’s such an amazing talent and craft.
    I think I may have too much stuff in my counter 😕 I have lots of counter space but I need to edit I think. It’s such a fine balance of practical use versus pretty. My kitchen isn’t large or customized like yours so I don’t have space to hide coffee maker, toaster, kettle, etc. And I have a corner sink with lots of space behind the it. Kind of an awkward spot for styling too. I have to remove everything and start over I think. For now I will admire the gorgeous objects and styling you have done in hopes it might reinvigorate some new ideas.

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I really appreciate your kind words… day made :) Pottery is one of my favorite things- it’s even better when you know the ceramist and they’re a wonderful person. I love that you also appreciate and style it into your kitchen. It’s so beautiful! I feel you on the counter space. I used to be super minimal, but now I like to add functional AND beautiful objects. It definitely helps having all of this storage space, but in our previous homes- it was a bit more challenging to strike a balance. I think your idea of removing everything and starting over is awesome. Sometimes it just helps to have a blank canvas. That sounds like a fun summer project! Hope you’re having a beautiful day. xo

  5. Entered and fingers crossed the throw gods smile upon my friend and I! I’m with you on the throws over shoes, Sarah, although I’m sure Bill would say I have enough of BOTH. 😆 Cook Beautiful is absolutely gorgeous and I wasn’t familiar with Athena so thank you for sharing her! Do you have her latest, Live Beautiful, as well? Looks like another beautiful one to display, but also fun to learn about other designers. May need to add both of those to my wishlist. As for vignettes, since we’re still surrounded by too many boxes (do not recommend downsizing-0 stars), I love the idea of focusing on little slices of our spaces that move us, inspire us or lift us up in some way. I put some of our bath items on a round tray on your long vanity and I really do appreciate it the simpleness of it. Just adding a tray to corral really does make the items and vignette more intentional. Cheers to Taco Tuesday and al fresco drinks!

    1. Yay!! Fingers crossed :) I’m sure Emmett would agree with Bill and say that I also have too many of each. Haha! I do not have Live Beautiful, but it’s on my list. It looks like another great one! Ahh the box phase. We’ve been there many times. I feel for you! Definitely focus on small areas or tiny vignettes to make you happy and make it seem more manageable. A little at a time :) You can do it! Happy Tuesday- I think we’re having margaritas and enchiladas tonight. Woohoo!! xo

  6. Beautiful as usual, Sarah. Have you found the bistro table to be functional? I’ve been eyeing the same one to use as a dining table for my small apartment. The 24″ diameter will probably fit the space yet I wonder if it’ll be too small to be practical for eating. Most of the time it’ll be just me. If I have a guest, I’d like to be able to fit a dinner plate, glass, silverware, and either a salad plate or bowl (half of a place setting?) for each of us on the table. Do you think this table could accommodate that?

    1. Thank you so much, Tuere! The bistro table is definitely on the small side, but we get a lot of use from it. If we’re eating on the balcony, it’s usually just an appetizer or drinks. Emmett and I can both sit down and enjoy a cocktail, but it’s perfect for one person. Two dinner plates would fit, but it would be tight. I think it’s a beautiful table and you can’t beat the price! If you’re hosting another person, I’d recommend using salad plates for dinner, just so you have additional room for drinks, flatware, a candle, etc. You might even try taping it out (with painters tape), then put your existing dishes in the center to see how they fit. That might give you a better visual :) Hope this is helpful!

      1. Yes, super helpful. Thanks, Sarah!