Basement Bedroom Design Plan

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’ve been sharing snippets of our basement bedroom on Instagram, as it has been a fast & fun project for me. I really haven’t given this bedroom much thought since moving in. I’m pretty sure it has only seen three separate overnight house guests. Regardless, while Emmett is pushing forward on the entryway, I decided to tackle this sad looking space. Our maroon guest room proved to be a fun creative outlet for me, so I figured I’d repeat the process and knock another big project off the list! Today, I wanted to share the design plan with you. This room may be tiny and located in a basement, but I’m working to pack personality, warmth, and character into the space. Like the last bedroom I shared, I’d also like to use items we already have and tackle this bedroom on a budget. My goal is to create a cozy & inviting room or overflow bedroom (our nieces & nephews often end up sleeping down here) for friends & family who visit. Click through to check out the before images, my design plan, and the pretty new rug I landed on…

To quickly recap, we have four guest bedrooms in our home. Two are finished: the maroon guest room and the marine colored room. The basement bedroom will be the third guest room we cross off the list, then we’ll have one more to tackle upstairs.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comLike every other bedroom in our house, this one also had corner shelving! My first demo project was to remove those, and you have no idea how much joy that always brings me. I’m sad to say… I think I might even miss taking a sledge hammer to these. Not to worry though, we’ve got one bedroom left.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comDespite the low ceilings, this room has a large egress window that allows quite a bit of natural light to flood into the space. While I’m thankful for the light, this space can physically feel cold. My goal is to add warmth with textiles, an updated window treatment, new bedding, and a super soft rug.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comEventually, we’ll replace the carpet throughout the entire basement with LVP or something that is water resistant, but we’ll do the entire lower level simultaneously… so it won’t happen for this project. Instead, I’ll layer the rug over the carpet for the time being.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comAs for the doors and millwork, we’ll be replacing the interior door, but to save money and add softness- my plan is to keep the existing closet doors. However, we’ll hide them behind wall-to-wall drapery panels… much like we did in the basement living room. This will make the room feel more intimate, cozy, and will save us some money.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI thrifted the vintage furniture in this room shortly after moving into our home and I still really love it. Being a smaller space, it fits well and meets our needs. My short-term plan is this…

  • Demo corner shelving
  • Sand & repair drywall
  • Paint walls & millwork
  • Add a reeded glass window treatment
  • Install a fabric Roman shade
  • Install wall-to-wall drapery panels
  • Replace the interior door & hardware
  • Install textiles & layer rugs
  • Hang art & style bedroom

Take a quick peek at my design plan… most of it should look familiar. I’ll properly link everything once the room is finished.

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’m really going hard on the textiles in this room because I want it to exude warmth & texture for a cozy look. Being in a basement, it automatically feels cold. Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Home generously mailed me a gorgeous rug from her new Loloi collection. It’s super soft underfoot, and the best part? It’s made from recycled materials, is water resistant, and it’s washable! If our basement ever floods- like it did when we were in France a few years ago, I can always toss it directly into the washing machine. Here’s to hoping no more pipes burst while we’re away. It would also be ideal for families with kids and pets, thanks to the washability factor.

Click directly on the rugs below to be redirected to the source, they’re all clickable… and these are all machine washable!

My rug is from the Sinclair collection and the exact design I landed on is the SIN-01 Khaki/Tobacco. I think our guests (even the littlest ones) will appreciate the soft rug being the first surface their feet touch upon entering & exiting the bed. Here are my top picks from the new Magnolia x Loloi Collection… Jo always selects the best patterns- perfect for layering & mixing. For now it will layer well on our carpet, but someday it will also look nice atop LVP once we update the flooring. Here’s a closer look…

Basement Bedroom Design Plan - roomfortuesday.comI’m hoping to have this room finished by the end of the month, but we’ll see! As always, I’m currently waiting on artwork. It’s at the framer, but as soon as it’s finished- I’ll be ready to style this room and photograph it for you. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how far it has come. Check back on Wednesday for the reeded glass window tutorial! For now, I’ve got to go see our friends off. Laurie Anne and her husband are headed to their next destination and Emmett & I will be de-winterizing our camper this week in preparation for our own big trip. All good things to come. As always, thanks for being here and for your encouragement!

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  1. Good morning! Yay for bedroom designs! I love the vintage bed and nightstands, such a great starting point. Oooh! I really dig the modern sconce, too! I’ve been trying to work one (or a pair?) into my own bedroom plan… How nice that you’ve got room for a little seating area. Having a place to perch-that’s not the freshly made bed- is such a thoughtful amenity. I’m intrigued by the art, also; can’t wait to hear all about it! We’re obviously fans of vintage wool rugs, but a washable one in a basement guest room makes a certain kind of sense! Flooding basements. Shudder. Speaking of horrors, I am really examining the eight (!) corner shelves. Eight?! Mercy. This space is getting such an upgrade! I can’t wait to see it all finished. In my own project, I’m attempting to remedy some drywall taping issues. Gulp. I did thrift a lovely antique headboard, choose a paint color and order bamboo shades. Trying to keep myself motivated through the difficult parts! Ha. I hope you guys enjoyed your bestie weekend. Wishing Laurie Ann & company safe travels. My friend has been posting lots of wildflower pics from AZ lately, so I’m especially envious of your upcoming trip. Springtime in the desert. Sigh. Cheers to a busy week ahead! Happy Monday, Sarah!💜

    1. Hi Peggi! Yay for crossing off these bedrooms, indeed. I’m excited about this one! The vintage bed is actually a sweet story… I found it on marketplace when we first moved in and Emmett & I went to go pick it up together. The seller lived on a horse farm and we hit it off chatting about horses. It turns out her husband had just passed away and that was his hospice bed frame- she wanted to part with it and try to move forward but was emotional about it. I promised I’d put it to good use and take good care of it. Anyway, it was/is a special piece. I’m also excited about the art! It’s part of a new collection we’re about to launch in the Tuesday Made shop. This is my first washable rug, but I think it will be practical in case flooding happens again (hopefully we’ll never have to deal with that again though). I’m still team wool and vintage rugs 99% of the time. Ha! Eight corner shelves!! It was fun to rip those out. Good for you for tackling the drywall tape issues. Those little details make such a big difference. I’m so excited to hear about your antique headboard, paint color, and shades! That’s huge progress. We had such a fun bestie weekend. I’m sad it went so fast. I’m trying to convince Laurie Anne to drive back this way and stay for another couple nights. Haha! We’re excited to head to Arizona later next week… I can’t wait to get out of this snow. I need some sunshine and spring desert in my life. I hope your week is off to an amazing start! xox

  2. Good morning! Talk about an upgrade! This little room will no doubt pack a punch. I’m still stumped as to why all the bedrooms had those weird corner shelves, but I know you’re happy to see them go. A washable rug is such a smart idea-let’s hope for no more basement floods! I am loving the art selection and can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m also anxious to see what color you land on for the walls. I’m intrigued by the wall to wall drapery panels in front of the closet doors- will the drapery panels stay after you’ve replaced the doors later on? Your relaxing weekend with Laurie Anne looked magnificent and I hope they have a safe trip home. Here’s to a lovely week ahead!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I’m excited about this one. The corner shelving was everywhere when we moved in… still not sure what those were about. This is my first washable rug and I’m hoping I won’t have to wash it. Ha! Fingers crossed for no more flooding- though all of this snowmelt is definitely a concern. The art is part of a new collection for the Tuesday Made shop we’re launching- I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to share! The drapery panels will actually stay (permanent solution) as we won’t be replacing the closet doors… just the main door. Laurie Anne and I had such a fun weekend! It went way too fast. I hope you guys had a good one, too :) xo

  3. Love the super sweet bedroom design plan Sarah! I’m always in awe of the gorgeous vintage furniture you somehow find. You definitely have a system that works. I think a previous owner had a seriously odd shelf fetish 😨 What the heck?
    I say YAY to the rug and how fabulous to get such a beautiful contribution to inspire such a pretty color palette. I’m all for the functionality of a washable rug, especially in a basement or a high traffic area. I honestly don’t have many washable rugs but I definitely get that appeal. Im so envious and excited you have space for a little seating moment. All our guest bedrooms are too small to make that work but such a nice detail for your visitors. Super sweet! Love the artwork, window treatment and your lighting selections. Can’t wait to see it all come together. It’s of course going to be another stunning makeover 👍 Will you be repeating the color blocking technique? It’s turned out so fantastic in your last bedroom, such an interesting treatment.
    Wishing you a productive day Sarah! And safe travels to your friends. I bet they had an amazing visit ❤️☃️🥂

    1. Thank you, Colleen! I was serious when I said the corner shelving was EVERYWHERE. Haha! I’ve never owned a washable rug before, as I typically go for 100% wool or vintage options, but I think this will be great for our basement (given we’ve had flooding issues in the past). My plan to is to nestle the swivel and seating in the corner, so I’m hoping it doesn’t feel too tight. Fingers crossed. It’s a small scale chair, so I think it will work. No color blocking in this bedroom- I decided to just keep it simple. I’m going to rely on the textiles and drapery panels instead. I hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xo

  4. I’m always in awe at the designs you come up with, whether spendy or budget-friendly because they are always so pretty- and you can’t tell which end of the price range you’re on! That is a gift you have. That bed is a looker, and I think your design really complements it in a really nice way and let’s it be the star that it is. How the heck do you come up with a solution to make glass panes look reeded? I’m sitting here thinking “where does this girl find this stuff, or even think to look for it?!” Awesome job!

    1. Thank you so much, Brittany! Your comment definitely made my day… such nice compliments. I appreciate that! I hope you’re having a good week :)