Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comI feel like I should declare this week all things holiday. I’m back today with another Christmas related post! It’s funny… even before moving, we never put up a Christmas tree the entire time we lived in our previous home. It’s not that I’m a grinch- in fact, I’ve always loved the holiday season… it’s because I never felt like a tree fit the small space very well. Sometimes that’s just how it goes- but you know what? I never really missed having a tree in that house. Some spaces lend themselves better to a tree than others- and that’s ok. There are plenty of ways to decorate for the holidays that feel just as festive as a traditional Christmas tree. If you’re rocking the holiday season sans tree this year, click through for some ideas on decorating without a tree! Trust me when I say, your house will look just as cheerful. 

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comSince we’re in the kitchen… let’s start here. I’m a big fan of adding a wreath or garland to the range hood, window, or backsplash. Think about how much time you spend in the kitchen- it’s really the ideal spot to admire holiday decor. I pretty much only use non-damaging command hooks to install things like this. It takes about 5 minutes and comes down even faster- without showing any evidence it was ever there, post holiday.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comIn addition to greenery, swapping textiles and small decor items can also create a festive vibe. I’m all about classic Christmas colors. I swapped my regular gray tea towels for red striped ones. In case you missed my hot cocoa bar, check that out here!

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree -‘If you don’t have room for a regular Christmas tree, it can also be fun to play with tiny potted trees. I planted this small spruce in a modern vessel and it looks lovely sitting there on the countertop. I also think a cozy holiday home begins with a feeling. Try baking some Christmas cookies, listening to your favorite holiday music, or burning your favorite seasonal candle. Sometimes it boils down to mindset. That alone can make your home feel extra inviting during the holidays!

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comI also enjoy restyling my coffee table for the season. I’ll swap out the coasters, books, a scented candle, and add something holiday related- like this cute ski dish! I also prefer to add cozy blankets and throws to the sofa- bonus points for the fur or faux fur variety. Cuddling up under a heavy blanket during the holidays is one of my very favorite things! Extra bonus points if you are cuddled up with a glass of hot mulled wine in your hand.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comI’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… you can still display your ornaments without a tree! I love collecting ornaments, as I feel like most people do. I like to arrange them in a dish or cloche for everyone to admire.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of shelf styling- this year I reworked our built-ins for the holidays using red books. Check out that post here.

I’ll also try to thrift books that have a holiday theme or title. I scored the “Deck the Halls” book shown below a few weeks ago. Some of my favorite winter / holiday book content? Cabins, skiing, the north pole, classic carols, etc.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comWhile you’re out shopping, don’t discount holiday objects. I found these brass deer that don’t necessarily scream “Christmas”, but they certainly have a holiday vibe about them. I’d honestly take the vintage deer over a tree any day. Other items to keep your eyes peeled for… bells, sleighs, snowflakes, ski items, etc.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comYou’ve heard me preach my admiration for a holiday wreath on the front door for some time now. I’m excited to share an exterior holiday decor post (featuring our NEW house) tomorrow! In the meantime, this is the last image I shot of our previous front door. I’m going to miss that view!

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comRibbon is another great way to add festive color and pattern. You can’t go wrong with red, green, buffalo check, or classic plaid. Tie it to a wreath and call it a day- easy peasy!

Greenery in a vase is always a good idea, shown below… and it’s SO much faster than messing with a full size tree. It’s a simple and sophisticated option.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comI also wanted to touch on art really quickly. I’ve been known to swap art for the holidays (ahem, remember Halloween?). Although I live with my vintage ski prints year round, they’d also be lovely as a seasonal application. It’s all about thinking outside the box when it comes to holiday decor! You don’t have to take it so literally.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comLastly, if you’ve tried ALL of that… you can always dress your pets in cute holiday attire. Haha! Joking (kind of). Cash entertained my idea and was such a good model. He actually enjoys wearing his Christmas sweater.

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comI promise, I don’t have anything against trees- in fact, now that we’re in a larger home… I might even go to the extra effort of putting one up this weekend, but I wanted to share alternatives. They’re not necessary in creating a cozy holiday home. Emmett and I have survived the past three Christmas seasons without one, and I don’t even feel a tiny bit bad about it.

If you’re still itching for MORE holiday content, check out how my lovely friends interpreted Christmas decorating this year….

Sara // Angela // Annie // Jess

Decorating for the Holidays Without a Tree - roomfortuesday.comEveryone have a wonderful Tuesday! Meet me back here tomorrow for a gorgeous post featuring our new home’s exterior- I AM SO EXCITED! I seriously can’t wait to show you.

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  1. We stopped putting up a tree 20 years ago. I do not miss the mess, but I do sometimes miss the ritual…and the scent! I’m kind of a forager, so we have pine cones and sometimes rosehips on the mantle. And twinkle lights! Maybe I’ll try a front door wreath or that fab mini tree. Joe in a holiday sweater though-hahahahahaha! Cash is such a gentleman.

    1. Twinkle lights! How could I forget those? I also love the smell of a fresh tree. Perhaps a candle substitute might be the solution? I would give anything to see Joe in a holiday sweater. Haha!!

  2. Beautiful ! Those white ornaments are particularly gorgeous. Are they vintage?

    1. Thank you Gaby! Those actually came from Crate & Barrel years ago (maybe 6 or 7 years?). Sorry! I wish I had a link, but I’m fairly certain they don’t make them anymore. Happy Holidays! xo

  3. Where did you get that beautiful greenery? Did you make the garland in your kitchen yourself? I feel like I’ve searched high and low for real or faux garland that looks like that and haven’t had any luck!