Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week

Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! How has it been four months since I’ve shared a Friday Favorites post?! Since I’ve spent a decent portion of the last couple weeks resting (trying to get well), I’ve had ample time on my laptop to shop and save fun home decor finds. Click through to see what I’ve been saving, and a few things I’ve purchased this month… 

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below… 

01: upholstered bed // 02: brass sconce // 03: faux floral arrangement // 04: zebra print rug // 05: marble table // 06: modern wall sconce // 07: vintage calligraphy brush // 08: backcountry ski art // 09: floor lamp // 10: marble candle holder // 11: velvet cushion cover // 12: marble soap pedestal // 13: linen arm chair // 14: art or book display lamp stamp

There are so many fun finds packed into this one! I’ll admit, I even bought a few things. When I was styling our formal living room, I ended up purchasing two faux floral arrangements (to see which one would work best), #3 was one of them. It’s super convincing in person. I also added a new (vintage) calligraphy brush (#7) to my collection. Have you ever noticed them in our kitchen? I wanted to add one to the new built-ins in the living room. I also ordered the marble soap pedestal (#12) for our basement bathroom renovation. Other things I just think are really cool? The amazing art display lamp (#14), which would be a beautiful solution for a cookbook stand on a kitchen countertop! I might have to treat myself for that one.

Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week - roomfortuesday.comI’m also digging the zebra print rug (#4). It would be fantastic layered on a larger area rug… then again, I have some sort of zebra print addiction right now (proof below). It’s such a high-contrast, graphic pattern that feels very timeless and designerly to me.

Friday Favorites : Top Home Decor Finds This Week - roomfortuesday.comWell, that’s all I have for now! We’re actually hosting MORE house guests this weekend. Our college roomies are in town and are staying with us for a few days. Fun story… my college roommate married Emmett’s college roommate. We were all dating back then too. Our college years were basically like an episode of Friends. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Thanks again for the love this week in regards to our living room reveal!!

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  1. So, based on these finds, I would guess you are sourcing for your master? Or maybe, like me, you start looking for one random thing and end up pinning (buying🤷‍♀️) something completely different! I saw an actual zebra hide recently while thrifting. I passed, but it was stunning…and a little sad. (Insert the guilt of an animal lover who also digs hides and fur.) The cowhide you linked is a great price, though! And those bougainvillea make me miss AZ. Have a super weekend with your friends! I am home sick today, so maybe I’ll do a little online shopping…

    1. I’m just looking at random things. Haha! I wish I were sourcing for our master, but we’re just rolling with what we have for now :) It’s pretty far down on the must-renovate list. lol! An actual zebra hide? That would’ve made me sad too. Mine are just printed. I can relate as to being an animal lover who likes hides, furs, and taxidermy- buying vintage makes it a little easier since they’re already around.

  2. That bed though!!!!! True story, Jeff and I have never had a proper headboard or footboard. We’ve been in our current home 3 years now, and I think it’s time to find one! Ha! I love this one, something about it just looks so regal! It would definitely be an eye catcher in any space. Thank you for sharing your awesome finds! I always love your roundups!!

    1. Isn’t it pretty?! I vote yes- time to find a proper bed :) I’m all about creating a peaceful and beautiful master bedroom that you can retreat to at the end of a long day. I swear it makes a difference in my happiness! So happy to hear you enjoy my roundups. xox

  3. So many beautiful finds! I’m actually kind of obsessed with 1,2,3, and 5 together. I have no idea if the scale works in real life, but in the collage it’s a gorgeous combination! That bed is a steal. We actually almost bought a nearly identical one for our master bedroom from a high-end retailer for about triple the price. I would have been a bit peeved to have done so and then seen this beauty for less than $900. :)

    1. Those do work really well together. Good eye, Julie! I also thought the bed was very reasonably priced for what it is :)

  4. Hi:) totally wondering what you use the calligraphy brushes for??? They are gorgeous, but I like to have a practical use for most things in our home! Wondering if you use it as a pastry brush?
    Oh, and love the entire line-up!

    1. Great question, Janae! I just use them for decor… I love them too much to actually use them (they’re vintage / antique). Haha! Emmett has tried to use one as a barbecue brush during grill season and I quickly shut it down and directed him to the actual barbecue brush. lol!

  5. I am in love with that art lamp but not that price! Just can’t justify it. I wonder if anyone else makes something similar for cheaper?

    1. I’m not sure, Patti! Sorry about that. I wish I had a budget-friendly alternative to share. I can say- I’ve seen this one in person and it’s heavy, beautiful, comes in multiple finishes, and is made by a reputable brand. I’m not sure if that helps justify the cost for you. I know we all splurge on different things.

  6. Melissa Howell says:

    What is that backsplash in the kitchen? I love it!