January Moodboard

January Moodboard : Rust - roomfortuesday.comIt’s Monthly Moodboard time! After hosting more house guests this weekend, I’m easing into the week with one of my favorite series… a post I look forward to compiling each month- a new moodboard. We’re nearly back into a routine over here after the holiday season (I know- it’s taking us forever), but between our living room reveal, the basement bathroom renovation, getting sick, and hosting company, it has felt like a dizzying whirlwind these past couple months. I’m welcoming a fresh week to fall back into our normal schedule and set a new pace for the year ahead. Anyway, back to the moodboard… this month I’m feeling a color you might expect (after seeing pops of it throughout our formal living room last week). I’m calling it rust, but other names that come to mind include: burnt sienna, persimmon, and reddish orange. Regardless of the description, it’s a nice, dark, warm tone I’m really digging lately. Click through to see what I found! 

January Moodboard : Rust - roomfortuesday.com
source : serena & lily

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below to shop… 

01: sofa // 02: alpaca throw // 03: tassel pillow // 04: matte dinner set // 05: isabella chair // 06: rust rug // 07: copper stitch sheet set // 08: jacquard bath towel // 09: office chair // 10: avery throw // 11: ball pillow

I would gladly install any of the items into my home from this month’s roundup, but my favorites include the modern chair (#5), the Persian rug (#6), the office chair (#9), and the ball pillow (#11). Speaking of ball pillows… have you noticed a trend in round pillows showing up in living spaces lately? I think they’re really fun AND functional- I’m honestly liking the trend a lot. They’re more comfortable than they look and you can position them in so many ways.

All of that to say, I wanted to buy one the other day, but priced at $300- I couldn’t justify spending that much for the pattern I wanted. I decided I’m going to sew one myself this week, so look for a neat DIY project coming to the blog very soon!

January Moodboard : Rust - roomfortuesday.com
source : bemz

I like this rich color for textiles, upholstery (like the gorgeous slipcovered sofa pictured above), art, and accessories. I know brown is forecasted to come back in a big way this year, but I think I prefer this tone to chocolate brown. It seems like it has more depth and warmth.

January Moodboard : Rust - roomfortuesday.comI hope you all have a wonderful week! As I navigate my work schedule and fall back into a better routine, I have a lot of awesome things planned for the coming months and I can’t wait to share more! Let’s make it a good one, friends (day, week, month, and year).

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  1. I’m with you Sarah. I love this deep sienna color! Also liking the idea of the little poufs or leather ottomans I keep seeing. My grandmother had a vinyl one in the living room when I was growing up that we all fought over. I wish I had that to this day.
    Glad you are doing better and back to your routine. We are off heading out to go hiking. Need some fresh air & beauty to regenerate the mind!

    1. Thanks Danna! I love the story about your grandmother’s ottoman. It sounds beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful time hiking- that sounds dreamy right now :)

  2. Thank you! I’ve been trying to pinpoint the name of this color :)

  3. Love a good moodboard! Especially one chock full of pretty textiles. At first glance, I would say that rust is not my go-to color, but two of my vintage rugs and my beloved chinoiserie sectional feature it prominently! It really does ground the greens, blues and pinks that I love. And it’s far preferable to brown!😬 Looking forward to all of your fun projects!
    Happy Monday!

    1. I think you need a little rust in your life to go with your greens, blues, and pinks ;) Sending all the healthy healing vibes and positivity your way friend! xo

  4. Sarah! This color is everywhere in my house because I love it so much! The West Elm chairs are awesome, and I think I need that ball pillow and possibly the dishes (as mine are 16 years old and need to be retired). Oh, and the towels. Ah! Great mood board for this month. Love it all!!

    1. You have great taste, Mindy!! It’s a gorgeous hue. So happy you liked this one :)