Floral Foraging Challenge

Floral Foraging Challenge - roomfortuesday.comIf you follow along on Instagram, you already know… yesterday, my plan was to put together ONE floral arrangement. I ventured around our yard with my gardening shears, a bucket, and a vase to fill. I came back inside with wayyyy more than what would fill my single vase, so I ended up putting together multiple arrangements. What was supposed to be a quick 15 minute creative break in my afternoon turned into today’s blog post. Why? Because it was really fun and much needed. We may be stuck at home right now, but spring is here and it’s beautiful out there, my friends! I thought it would be fun to challenge you guys to join me in foraging your yard or outdoor space to pull together a little vignette that makes you smile today or this week. You in? Get out there, get some fresh air & sunshine, and take a little creative break sometime today. I promise it’s good for the soul. Click through to see my arrangements and get some quick tips! I also share a bunch of favorite vases at the end of this post, if you happen to be on the hunt…

Floral Foraging Challenge - roomfortuesday.comI went outside without a specific plant, branch, or flower in mind. My goal was to look around, snip some things I liked that felt inspiring, bring them back in, and fill up my vase. I’d definitely recommend doing this because you never know what you’ll find! I ended up pulling together both large and small arrangements. Branches work well for large, sculptural arrangements, while flowers or smaller blooms are easy to drop into a bud vase.

Floral Foraging Challenge - roomfortuesday.comI snipped a hydrangea from our front porch planters for a small bud vase I styled on our living room coffee table. Many people feel guilty cutting flowers from their yard, garden, or planters, but my philosophy is this… flowers only live for a short amount of time before they begin to wilt. Sure- they may last last a tiny bit longer on the plant, but where will that flower make you smile? It’s ok to clip one or two and bring them inside- it’s all part of the beauty to enjoy while it lasts! Now I get to see my hydrangeas outside on the front porch, and in our living room. It’s a win / win.

Floral Foraging Challenge - roomfortuesday.comIn our kitchen, I opted for delicate branches. Sometimes a little greenery is all you need! I promised a few foraging tips, so you can find those below:

  • Grab your gloves, a bucket or basket, and a sharp pair of scissors or shears.
  • Cut your stems and botanicals at a sharp angle to make them last longer.
  • Look for stems that have just started blooming (or are almost ready to open)… these will last longer.
  • Wipe off any excess dirt, trim stray bits, remove blooms that are on their last leg, and shake out any bugs.
  • Quickly get your stems back inside and submerge them in cold water to keep them from wilting.
  • Change the water every couple days.
  • Have fun with it! There is no right way to do this… wild, asymmetric arrangements often end up looking the prettiest.

You’ll quickly figure out what holds up well inside and what doesn’t. I’ve learned what plants & botanicals in my yard do better as arrangements, and those I can expect to only last a few days. The branches in our entryway, pictured below, are BEAUTIFUL… but the flower petals will start dropping in the next day or two. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

Floral Foraging Challenge - roomfortuesday.comMy challenge for you is this… 

  1. Get outside today and forage for some branches or flowers.
  2. Create an arrangement.
  3. Take a photo of it and tag me @roomfortuesday. I’ll share my favorites on Instagram today & tomorrow! 

Have fun and enjoy some creative time outside today, friends! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I’ll also link some of my favorite vases below…

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  1. Foraging florals is my favorite! Our spring arrives earlier than yours, so my best blossoms, lilac and cherry, are already past. I did notice on our walk yesterday an amazing viburnum hanging temptingly over a fence; it reminded me of you! I can picture all of the places around town that have the prettiest posies; I constantly covet my neighbors’ gardens.😀 This is a fun challenge! I’ll have to cast my eye about for something untapped. BTW, all of your arrangements look lovely, but the green especially glows in your kitchen! And you know my heart can’t resist those pink petals in your entry; even just a few days would be worth it!
    Happy middle of the week!💖

    1. Mine too! I LOVE viburnum… ours are so so close, but are still green. I’m thinking they’ll lighten up in a few days. Fingers crossed. I do love the green in our kitchen. It feels so springy! Hope your door & window painting is going well. Happy middle of the week :) xo

  2. I saw your stories yesterday and it got me thinking that I really should cut a few photinia stems and put them in my oversized vase on the fireplace! The delicate white puffs and the deep greenery would be so pretty. Those are our only flowers, and now you have me planning out the landscape design to include more. I love seeing all of the vases you have around your house, and that vase roundup you posted awhile back has me seriously wondering why I haven’t bought vases that go with my decor…🤔 So much to wander off and ponder this morning! It’s beautiful today, and the pergola is finished and in place. Now to hunt for the perfect patio dining set and style that space over the next month or so! Cheers to Wednesday friends! Happy flower hunting!

    1. Yesss, you totally should! I have a hoard of vases in my prop closet- they’re one of those things I can’t resist buying. Ha! Congrats on finishing your pergola- I bet it’s beautiful. Happy Wednesday and foraging :) xo

  3. Kerri Hansen says:

    Great minds think alike, I did this a few weeks ago and I created 6, count em 6, floral arrangements from some stems I trimmed from along my neighbor’s fence! The lighting just happened to be perfect that day, so after I was done arranging, I whipped out the camera and got some really good photos…I just redesigned my website and I used the photos for my main landing page. I had no idea that a simple and free activity would lead to such a result. I posted some pictures on my instagram account, and one of them got a like from both Emily Henderson and Joanna Gaines! Ack! I will post a photo today and tag you. Love your arrangements and photos!

    1. That’s amazing, Kerri! What a fun day. Everything turned out so beautiful- great job. Thanks for tagging me! Have a great day :)

  4. Your vases of flowers look beautiful! I love that just a vase of green stems is just as pretty as one of flowers.
    Enjoyed the post. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks so much, Danna! I love those stems in the kitchen too… sometimes simple is best :) Have a beautiful day! xo