10 Pins : Kitchen Edition

10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.comHappy Tuesday, everyone! This is a really fun 10 Pins post, because it’s a special kitchen edition! I decided to bring you my favorite kitchen pins floating around Pinterest this month, and believe me when I say they are DREAMY. Don’t get me wrong- I absolutely love my kitchen (pictured above), but some of these have me wishing for another home to design a totally different type of kitchen (just for fun). Click through for endless inspiration in the kitchen department. There is a lot to note, save, love, and inspire packed into this post- of every aesthetic and style. I tried to find a kitchen for everyone to admire! 

#1 // Traditional Marble Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : christopher knight interiors

First up- this timeless marble beauty! It’s clean, classic, and the cool tones really feel fresh paired with the brass hardware (and THAT RANGE). Did you notice the marble material sprinkled throughout? From the floor tile, countertops, and backsplash, to the pretty little pedestal bowl in the righthand side… this is quite an elegant space that feels very cohesive and intentional.

#2 // Warm Wood Toned Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : jake arnold interiors

This kitchen is pretty minimal, but it feels so warm and inviting despite the sparse styling and hard edges. I’m loving so many things in here: the wood tones, the woven bar stools, the movement within the countertop, the beautifully positioned ledge to the left of the pantry, and I also have to admire the lighting. It’s all very well done!

#3 // Sophisticated Glam Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane interiors

I actually photographed the above image at the Alice Lane show home a couple years ago. I was really smitten with this kitchen my friend Emily helped design. I’m really into the deep navy, faceted subway tile, the super light wood tone, the cabinetry style paired with delicate hardware, and the gorgeous floating shelf vignette (check out those brackets). This space certainly has stunning details to discover.

#4 // Green Craftsman Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : tim barber architecture

Obviously I LOVE the cabinetry color- you guys know I’m a super fan of green, but what I really appreciate about this space is the use of subway tile. Remember when I shared how to make subway tile look classic, not basic? This is a prime example of timeless design and beautiful craftsmanship when it comes to tile. Instead of a wooden, metal, or cast range hood, this tiled beauty feels SO much more special. From the bullnose corner pieces that beautifully encapsulate the curves, to the vertical tile that finishes the entire section just below the crown moulding… this is how subway tile should be done.

#5 // Bright Organic Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : amber interiors

The use of organic materials throughout this space feel so cozy and inviting, despite the neutral color palette. From the stone floor to the wood cabinetry, white painted brick, and calcatta marble backsplash, this kitchen is functional and beautiful. I especially love the linear routed beads in the cabinetry, so it doesn’t perfectly match the style of the island. My favorite thing about this one? THE CEILING. It’s absolutely breathtaking and brings in so much natural light.

#6 // Dark Charcoal Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : architectural digest

I’m pretty sure those are soapstone countertops, which are my absolute favorite! The dark moody cabinetry and stone paired with the warm terra cotta floor tile is a match made in heaven. The space certainly doesn’t lack texture. The brass plumbing fixtures also provide a nice contrast with the dark background and the overall space reads very cozy, instead of dark.

#7 // Beach House Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : southern living

What’s not to love about this beautiful, bright, beachy kitchen? The Gracie wallpaper is obviously the shining star of this space, that is perfectly framed in the center of the kitchen. From the plaster hood to the beadboard island, this kitchen is incredibly charming. I also love the simplicity of the basic bar stools, pendant lights, and the balance the oversized urns with palms on the countertop provide.

#8 // Sleek Modern Wood Toned Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : filippa frie / nordroom

I had to throw an ultra modern kitchen into the mix. I think it works so well because of the super warm toned wood, but also because it’s paired with a vintage dining table and textural chairs. Despite having slick, modern, and flat slab cabinetry, this one feels welcoming and warm. I’m digging the double ledge above the countertop that provides functional open storage and a nice styling opportunity. The feminine linen drapery also helps to soften this space and provides a nice contrast to the masculine cabinetry.

#9 // Green & Pink Lacquered Cabinetry
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : alice lane interiors

Lacquered cabinets are always a chic win in my book. I love this green color, and the playful pop of pink inside the cabinetry. What a beautiful, glam look that perfectly pairs with the rustic elements in this space. The dishes behind the glass cabinetry also looks beautiful and well curated.

#10 // Classic White Kitchen
10 Pins : Kitchen Edition - roomfortuesday.com
source : dan mazzarini

Lastly, I wanted to close with a classic white kitchen. In a world where that is totally overdone and in abundance (white kitchens on Pinterest), THIS is how you do it well, my friends. The tonal cabinetry with the paneled door style and nickel hardware feels very timeless. The medium blue island provides a nice break in a sea of white, and the ultra thick countertops with contrasting edge profiles (eased on the cabinetry, and ogee on the island) makes this traditional kitchen read a bit more modern. I also love the lacquered coffered ceiling, oversized millwork (look at that crown moulding!), and the range & hood feel like sculptural art. Well done, Dan!

Did you enjoy this 10 pins post? Do you prefer when my images and inspiration is more random (all types of rooms packed into a post), or do you like when they’re categorized by room? I’d love to know in the comment section below! If you’re interested in more Pinterest kitchen inspiration, I have an entire board with hundreds of pins right here. Have a great day, friends!

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  1. Heck yeah! What a kitchen bonanza! Where to start? I’ll profess my somewhat surprising love of the ultramodern oak kitchen! The flat cabinets with the very simple eased edges and the way the wood continues up the wall is amazing; I also love the cone pendant, the extra splashy marble and the herringbone floors. Plenty to love in the Amber Lewis kitchen, but that ceiling! I bet it almost feels like cooking outdoors…on an enormous fancy French range…and a pizza oven! The green and black Craftsman kitchen feels so homey! And yes to everything about their use of subway tile! My love for the green and pink Alice Lane kitchen will never die. The marble in the Jake Arnold kitchen is mesmerizing; I would try to not sling curried lentils around for that marble. Holy moulding in that classic white kitchen! I also kind of can’t take my eyes off that shiny charcoal and brass range and hood. Swoon. I think the kitchen that steals my heart though is the black beauty! The chalky charcoal cabinets and their simple profile sing. The soapstone glistens-the rounded corners on the sink?! The terra-cotta floors remind me of AZ, and if appliance stores ever start accepting kidneys as currency, THAT is the stove I’d purchase. The size also really appeals to me; I can imagine myself padding around in there happy as a clam. Bonus, I think all those surfaces would be impervious to my messy kitchen ways.😀 Thanks for a lovely, inspirational start to my Tuesday!💖 Can’t wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

    1. A kitchen bonanza!! What a day! This was a fun one to compile. I also noticed that pizza oven. I think when Emmett & I tackle our outdoor kitchen on the patio, we HAVE to include a pizza oven (now that we have a new hobby, thanks to you). Ha! I also love the charcoal kitchen… I’m a sucker for a moody kitchen with lots of depth. The texture in that space is incredible. It’s very well done, approachable, and seems super functional too. Hope you have a happy Tuesday! We’re having nice weather here today, so I hope you are too :)

  2. I like them categorized by room. I guess its because maybe I compare them or find what I like in each one…i don’t know. Im rambling. Any who, love the Jake Arnold kitchen. White kitchens were my favorites but over the last year or 2, I am loving the colored or wood tone cabinets….Sarah…yours is the best!
    Its an overcast day, out to find something to plant some herbs in. Have a good one!

    1. It’s the easiest way to talk about them on the blog… I think (by function)! That Jake Arnold kitchen is brilliant. Such a beauty! Thanks so much for your kind words Danna. I hope you’re having a good week :) xo

  3. These are fun to look at, but all a bit grand for me (given our tiny apartment kitchen and even if it were to be redone to be nice, it will never have the space to be so luxe!).

    My favorite is the vignette from the Alice Lane home show that your friend Emily designed — love that vignette with the Champagne bucket on display. It’s funny — as many open shelves styling photos as I have seen, I have never noticed one with a silver Champagne bucket . . . and to me that vignette just sings! My husband is a sommelier, so wine plays an important part in our life — I love the idea of having one of our special seaux and some of our glasses right there.

    1. I have a bunch of tiny, casual kitchens saved on my Pinterest board too! Maybe I’ll do another one featuring small spaces :) Great idea you sparked Kim! I vote yes to styling with a champagne bucket. How fun that your husband is a sommelier and you get to enjoy many delicious wines. That sounds like a dream come true! I’m thinking you need a styled wine vignette in your kitchen. xo

  4. Hello kitchen palooza!!! I don’t even know where to start! First off, I would HAPPILY cook in any one of these; there’s such uniqueness and so much to love about every single one! I have been dreaming of that terra-cotta tile in the charcoal kitchen for months! If Jeff would allow it, I would use that somewhere in our home. I just love the depth and dimension and warmth it brings! But my fave kitchen of all of these is the warm wood. It is bright, airy, and the tones of the wood seem to be reflected perfectly with the countertop! Those stools are stunning, and speak to a classy yet casual style…but those pendants!!!! That’s art right there! I adore little niches for storage and decorating, and who can live without seeing what’s behind that beautiful green door?? I mean, speak to my Mediterranean dreams over here! I’m going to wipe the drool off my face and try to do something productive today…maybe I’ll reimagine my kitchen while I’m at it! Great roundup Sarah! These were perfect inspiration!! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Right? So many stunning kitchens to admire. I also love terra cotta tile- I feel like you live in the perfect place for that, Lauren! Hope you had a great day :) xo