Best Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover)

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got a fun tiny modern table lamp makeover for you in today’s post… along with a sneak peek of our guest room (which I’m finally ready to reveal in a week or so), and some new favorite colors- the best spray paint colors. I’ve tested a LOT this year and have found some beautiful hues. Click through to check it out!

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Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comWorking with Krylon this year, I quickly discovered that spray paints have evolved quite a bit over the past few years. There are more colors, textures, and finishes than I ever remembered! Since I’ve been testing and exploring a lot of those this year, I thought it would be helpful to share eight of my favorites. “What color is that?!” has been my number one most asked question since starting this blog. Whether it’s our wall color, furniture color, or another project we’ve painted, hopefully saving some of these swatches will come in handy for your next spray paint project!

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comFor my lamp project, I ordered a tiny table lamp that would fit on a small nightstand in our guest room. I found the perfect metal, modern shape, but the color was BRIGHT. The sunshine yellow was a bit much for our space, didn’t fit my vision or the design plan, and felt far too loud for the room. I knew I wanted to use a bold, warm tone. My top two options were Krylon’s Satin Brick or Satin Terracotta. I ultimately landed on the one that skewed more red, but tested both options and it was a tough choice, because they were both beautiful.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comThis is what we used for this quick and simple DIY paint project…


Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comStep 1 // Sand it. Since the lamp is metal, with a glossy yellow finish, we decided to quickly sand it with 320 grit sandpaper… just to rough up the surface a bit, so the paint could bond better.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comStep 2 // Clean it. After sanding, we proceeded to wipe and clean the light fixture and all of the painted pieces that accompanied it, making sure the dust was adequately removed.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comStep 3 // Paint it. We used Krylon’s Fusion All-In-One for this project because it contains primer AND paint. It bonds to any surface and we’ve had excellent results with it in the past. After multiple thin coats, the lamp was looking beautiful.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comStep 4 // Allow it to completely dry. Once you’ve painted, it’s important to allow the piece to dry completely before styling it. I usually leave our projects out for 24 hours, just to be safe.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comDidn’t it turn out cute?! Are you surprised by my color choice? You’ll soon see my entire vision for this room- I wanted it to have COLOR, lots of depth, character, and some unique designerly interest. I love the way the brick color works with our wall color and the textiles within the space- like the grasscloth wallpaper and drapery.

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re curious about some more of my fast and easy past spray painting projects, I’m going to link some favorites below…

Good Spray Paint Colors (+ A Lamp Makeover) - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got one more spray painting project coming to the blog in a couple weeks- a beautiful holiday tablescape! I thrifted some gorgeous finds and I’m looking forward to showing you. Out of curiosity, do you use spray paint often? If so- what is your favorite thing you’ve painted? I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

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  1. That lamp is so stinking cute! I love, love, love the shape, but that original yellow?🤢 The brick is awesome! And the sheen is a bit toned down, isn’t it? So much better. And what a great price! I confess that I really resist spray paint projects. Maybe because I’ve seen some real fails at the thrift store? I might need to get over my trepidation because that lamp looks fab! And you with the little sneaky peeks of the guest room! The texture on those drapes and the nightstand! And the little ruffles on the linens? Squeal! Can’t wait! Happiest of Tuesdays to you, my friend!💜

    1. Thank you! I thought the shape was so great and the size was perfect for the small nightstands… a mini lamp! The yellow was ick. I’m really liking the brick color though! I *almost* went for terra cotta, but changed my mind at the last minute. There are some serious spray painting fails (epic fails) out there. You’ll have to give it a try this spring or summer- I love how it provides instant gratification and a totally different look. We have way too much spray painted in our paint closet. Ha! Can’t wait to share the FULL guest room in a couple weeks :) Happy Tuesday!!

  2. Good morning Sarah! The lamp is super sweet in the guest room. The color you chose is lovely and yes the yellow was a bit bright for the space. I have used spray paint in the past but had trouble with running, dripping. I was excited to see the product you used seemed to promote no drips, runs or errors. I definitely used the wrong product cause I had all three problems 😂 In my project I sprayed too close, it was a windy day so my paint kept blowing away. If I can find this paint here I will definitely give it a try as I will have a few paint projects in the spring. I have a couple of end tables to makeover and the color options are quite nice 👍
    BTW, I received my Tuesday made order last night. Yay! I love everything ❤️The dog blanket is beautiful 😍 tell Emmett I love it too 🥰 so sweet of him to write a note. And the artwork is stunning, the colors work perfectly in our home. So happy! The veggie brush is beautiful too! Love everything 💗 The quality of all the items are wonderful! You chose such amazing products for your store 🥳 can’t wait for the guest bedroom reveal, as usual I know it will be fantastic! Have a Super Tuesday!

    1. Thank you, Colleen! Yes- you can do it… the end tables sound like the perfect project to try this spring :) Slow, thin, even coats. I am super excited to hear about your order!! We’re really glad you love everything and it made its way to you safely. I was worried about our Canada orders (how they would ship). I told Emmett he probably should work on his penmanship, haha!! I hope the note was legible. We’ve been switching off and he grabbed your order before I could. Lol! Regardless, enjoy all the beauties and thank you again for supporting us. I can’t tell you how much that means. Have a lovely Tuesday!! xo

      1. Everything was packaged beautifully and yes Emmetts penmanship was great 👍 I read it no problem 😉 I appreciated the note very much. So incredibly thoughtful 🥰
        As it was shipping to Canada I ordered items that were pretty much unbreakable but with your expert packing I imagine fragile objects wouldn’t be a problem. We love everything thanks again 🤗

        1. Aw wonderful :) I will let him know. Haha! Hope you had a great Tuesday. We’ve been getting snow here all day here :)

  3. The lamp is adorable!! I love the red brick color in that room. It’s such a fun and bold contrast that just works well on the space, and it makes me excited for the rest of the room. I see that lightly fringed blanket and I’m digging the vibes you’ve got in here already! I love spray paint projects because they’re quick and easy and it’s *almost instant gratification. All of the color swatches are beautiful, but I love the red brick, the terra cotta, and the two blues. Would you mind providing the name of those two?
    This year I painted quite a few projects with spray paint. My favorite has to be the vintage outdoor plant stand I scored at a thrift store a few years back…an adorable tricycle, with a basket for the plant, and a large wheel in front with leaves around the spokes. It was a faded shade of green, and I painted it black to match our patio set. It turned out adorable!! I think second in line is the dollar spot basket I sprayed gold for a baby shower I threw in November. Spray paint is so transformative, and your little lamp proves it. Can I just say you have the most amazing luck with found items! So jealous! Cheers to cheap, easy, and fun diys on this lovely Tuesday! Have a great day Sarah!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! There are so many good colors these days… I feel like color choices have come such a long way in that market. The two blues are: Matte Pale Sage and Chalky Finish Anvil Gray. Their names make it seem like they are different colors than they actually are, but those are the two blues! All of your projects sounds amazing. You really did tackle a lot of spray painting this year :) It really is a quick and easy transformative makeover. Here’s to hoping my luck continues at the thrift store today for my next painting project- the tablescape ;) haha! Have a great Tuesday! xo

  4. Spray paint has saved the day for me over and over. From thrift stores finds with great shapes to baskets that once worked in my babies nurseries that now look great in our living room, repurposing really works if you can change the color.

    Multiple thin coats is essential. You really can not over emphasize that enough. It makes all the difference. I feel like that process is something everyone “knows”, but in reality never quite achieves which leads to problems.

    1. Same here, Paige! I totally agree that the key to a good paint job is multiple, thin coats. I think it really just requires a little patience :) Emmett is actually better at spray painting than I am because he has more patience. I like instant gratification and have been guilty of laying it on too thick. Haha! I eventually learned over the years, but slow & steady wins the race when it comes to spraying. Happy Tuesday!

  5. Good morning Sarah, I used Krylon oil rubbed bronze just last week – to paint a variety of initials for Christmas stockings. I hadn’t used spray paint for years, but it was quick and easy and worked beautifully. I sprayed 5 thin coats, 35 minutes apart and the finish was perfect. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your guest room!

    1. Hi Kari! Your Christmas stocking initial project sounds beautiful. What a fun idea :) I’m so happy the paint turned out well for you. Thank you for sharing and happy holidays! xo

  6. Hi Sarah!
    Looking forward to the guest room reveal😍! I basically spray painted my way through quarantine earlier this year. No joke. Like you, I had an excess about of spray paint (“Discovered” while cleaning up the garage) ! I thought “well, it’s here and I have the time“…lol! I painted many sun-faded plastic outdoor planters black (cohesive color did wonders + made them not look so plastic 😊) , painted an outdoor metal bistro table & metal base of glass-topped table, painted some things from my thrifting stash…a great pair of bamboo Chippendale end tables that I painted a beautiful putty shade, painted all 3 outdoor umbrella bases that needed refreshing. As you can tell from my list, everything was for outdoor living …so nice to freshen things up a bit and then enjoy them too! Thanks for being a source of inspiration ! Wishing you &Emmett (&your fur babies) a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thank you, Lori! I love that you spray painted your way through 2020. Ha! All of your pieces sounds gorgeous. Paint is such an easy and impactful way to update furniture and decor. It’s really an awesome resource, I turn toward often. I bet your outdoor living space is beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to share. Happy Holidays :) xo

  7. The color you chose perfectly matches your space, but the original color actually matches the vibe of my space & Dansk Kobenstyle that I’ve been collecting. Would you mind sharing the source?

    1. Thank you, Lori! I have the lamp linked in the post… if you scroll to the supply list, you’ll find it linked there. I’m not sure of the exact color, but it’s available at World Market.

  8. Kristin Richardson says:

    Spray paint is a lifesaver when done correctly. I searched high and low for reasonably priced end table lamps for our family room. That also went with our aesthetic and decor. Reasonably priced made it a really tall order. So I found two ginger jar shaped lamps at an auction for $4. Yes, $4 for both. Unfortunately they were 1980’s mauve. Spray paint to the rescue! They are now a nice deep navy with white, linen shades. All in under $60 for the pair when I couldn’t even find one for that price new. And this was the second time we’d done this. Years ago we spray painted silver toned lamps the ubiquitous oil rubbed bronze, which lasted for years! It can be done!

    1. It really is! Your pair of lamps sound absolutely beautiful. What an amazing project and transformation. Well done, Kristin! Thank you for sharing :)